Remnant 2: 8 Best Secondary Weapons [Expert’s Picks]

With 19 secondary weapons in Remnant 2, one must know about all the best ones that can hold dominance over the others and their stats.

While the Long Guns take most of the glory and the attention in Remnant 2, having the right secondary weapon can also give you an extra edge in battle you never knew you needed. Secondary Weapons include handguns and submachine guns. And with 19 secondary weapons to choose from, one must know about Remnant 2 BEST secondary weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • Secondary Weapons can be considered your backup/ support weapons in Remnant 2.
  • If you are using short-range Primary weapons, the secondary weapons can be ideal for long-range and vice versa.
  • Some of these weapons are found throughout the world of Remnant 2, while others can only be crafted.

Remnant 2 Secondary Weapons

Here is an overview of all the best secondary weapons in Remnant 2, alongside their stats:

Weapon NameBase DamageRPSMagazineWeak Spot Damage BonusCritical ChanceStagger Modifier
Double Barrel1102.32+100%5%10%
Bolt Driver267.424+105%10%-10%
Rupture Cannon423.112+100%5%10%
Cube Gun157.55+85%5%0%
best handguns
Best Secondary Weapons in Remnant 2 [Image Taken by eXputer]
Secondary weapons are mostly ideal for the medium or long range if you use something like a shotgun as your primary weapon in Remnant 2. They are fantastic backup weapons that you can switch to and keep damaging your enemy for the time being if you must reload your primary weapon.

I consider these the top 8 secondary weapons in Remnant 2 that can dominate the rest.

1. Double Barrel

best secondary Weapon Remnant 2
Double Barrel [Image Credit: eXputer]
Weapon NameDouble Barrel
Base Damage110
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+100%
Critical Chance5%
Stagger Modifier10%

Let’s begin with a strong entry: the Double Barrel handgun. It’s not suited for medium or long-range combat but packs a punch up close, boasting the highest base damage in Remnant 2.

This weapon shines when paired with long-range primaries. If foes approach, they’ll meet the Double Barrel’s deadly force.

Obtain the Double Barrel inside the Iron Safe in Morrow Parish at Losomn. Complete the “Head Doctor and the Iron Safe” event for the code, or simply use 2971. It’s also the starting equipment for the Alchemist Archetype.

2. Bolt Driver

best handguns
Bolt Driver [Image Credit goes to eXputer]
Weapon NameBolt Driver
Base Damage26
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+105%
Critical Chance10%
Stagger Modifier-10%

The Bolt Driver is a reliable weapon that also excels in close-range combat, similar to the Double Barrel. However, unlike the Double Barrel, which does heavy damage immediately, the Bolt Driver needs to be charged first and shoots three burst rounds. The recoil of this weapon is pretty much nonexistent, thus making it incredibly easy to aim during shooting.

In order to obtain the Bolt Driver, players would need to play the secret song on the Water Harp of Yaesha: 1, 4, 0, 2, 5, 0, 3, 0.

3. Rupture Cannon

best handguns
Rupture Cannon [Image Taken by eXputer]
Weapon NameRupture Canon
Base Damage42
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+100%
Critical Chance5%
Stagger Modifier10%

The Rupture Cannon is a medium-range handgun with heavy damage and a staggering stagger bonus. Truth be told, this weapon can easily be considered a Shotgun rather than a Handgun. Many players think it is the Double Barrel but better, thanks to its serious damage.

Obtaining this weapon, however, is a lengthy process. The weapon itself is located in the Vault of the Formless in N’Eurd. But to unlock the vault, players must go to the location with the rotating pillars and enter the second pillar. Once the pillar rotates while they are in it, a secret passage will reveal itself. Go straight ahead and enter the room on your left. 

Consider reading the guide- Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless [Walthrough] for a more detailed approach.

4. Nebula

remnant 2 best secondary weapons
Nebula [Image Captured by Us]
Weapon NameNebula
Base Damage12
Weak Spot Damage Bonus-
Critical Chance-
Stagger Modifier-15%

As we reach the top 5, let’s start with the special Nebula handgun. Unlike other handguns that shoot actual bullets, the Nebula spews an acidic gas, dealing corrosive damage. It is a fantastic weapon for middle-range or close-range combat. I personally use this weapon for crowd cloud. There’s nothing like spewing corrosive gas on hordes of enemies.

The Nebula also comes with the Nano Swarm mod. This mod further complements this weapon’s ability of effective crowd control as it releases a swarm of nanomachines that seek enemies within a 20-meter radius and deals ACID damage. It lasts for 15 seconds and has a 750 Mod Power Requirement.

The Nebula is only obtainable by crafting it. Players will need to visit McCabe, and the materials required to craft it are 

  • Spice Bile x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x7
  • Scrap x650

5. Enigma

remnant 2 best secondary weapons
Enigma [Image Credit: Us]
Weapon NameEnigma
Base Damage22
Weak Spot Damage Bonus-
Critical Chance-10%
Stagger Modifier-15%

The Enigma is a rather unique-looking weapon. It casts a stream of electricity and, similar to the Nebula, is the ideal secondary weapon for crowd control in Remnant 2. Aside from crowd control, the Enigma works like a charm in medium-range combat and in tight spaces, thus granting it a worthy spot in the top 5.

The Chaos Driver mod comes complementary with the Enigma, and just like the weapon, it is unique. The Chaos Driver mod allows you to pierce enemies with rods. When multiple enemies are pierced and are within a 10-meter radius, it makes an electric field, and every enemy in range gets 20 SHOCK damage per second. Targets that are pierced by a rod get 50 SHOCK damage per second.

Like the Nebula, players must visit McCabe to craft it. The materials required to craft it are

  • Cipher Rod x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x7
  • Scrap x650

6. Sorrow

remnant 2 best secondary weapons
Sorrow [Image Captured by eXputer]
Weapon NameSorrow
Base Damage45
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+115%
Critical Chance10%
Stagger Modifier5%

The Sorrow handgun is unique thanks to its shooting style and ability. Unlike most handguns, the Sorrow works more similarly to a crossbow, and thanks to its mod, one can consider it the best handgun to use in case you want extra health.

The Sorrow handgun comes with the Eulogy mod, allowing players to recall bolts after shooting them. If the bolt is already pierced into an enemy, 30 damage will be inflicted upon the enemy once it is called back, and players will receive 2% of their maximum health.

Players can obtain this weapon by trading the Tears of the Kaeula at Meidre.

This is one of the Remnant 2 Best Secondary Weapons to use if you are going for a healer support build. Speaking of which, consider reading the guide- Remnant 2 BEST Builds.

7. Cube Gun

remnant 2 best secondary weapons
Cube Gun [Image Taken by eXputer]
Weapon NameCube Gun
Base Damage15
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+85%
Critical Chance5%
Stagger Modifier0%

Thanks to its mod, the Cube Gun can easily be considered the best handgun in Remnant 2. The gun is a powerhouse in close-range and medium-range combat and can turn you into a force to be reckoned with when used properly.

If we were to talk about its mod, the Cube Gun comes with the Cube Shield mod, which can absorb up to 500 damage from incoming enemy projectiles. It lasts up to 15 seconds. The damage of your gun also increases if the Cube Gun has absorbed damage before firing.

In order to obtain the Cube Gun, players would need to visit McCabe and craft it there. The materials required to craft it are 

  • Conflux Prism x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x7
  • Scrap x1000.

The Conflux Prism can be obtained after defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel.

8. MP60-R

remnant 2 best secondary weapons
MP60-R [Image Credit: eXputer]
Weapon NameMP60-R
Base Damage9
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+100%
Critical Chance10%
Stagger Modifier0%

In case you are looking for raw damage and do not care about mods, then I would consider the MP60-R to be the best secondary weapon in Remnant 2 for you. This weapon can absolutely demolish enemies at close range thanks to its fire rate and damage.

However, obtaining this weapon is quite a lengthy task, as players would need first to visit Ward 13. Inside Ford’s office, you will find a locked chest. The code required to open it is located on the base of the flashlight that Ford gives you when you visit the World Stone for the first time. Players will need to inspect the flashlight.

The MP60-R is also a starting equipment for the Summoner Archetype.

My Take On Secondary Weapons

Secondary weapons are perhaps your strongest asset in Remnant 2 besides your Long Guns, and what really makes them special is their uniqueness. These are your go-to items when you’re short on Long Gun ammo, and the benefits they offer make them much more reliable than other secondary weapons in other FPS titles. In my eyes, choosing the best secondary weapon is just as important as choosing your primary, and similarly, maintaining your Handgun ammo is equally as valuable as maintaining your Long Gun ammo.

remnant 2 save
My hours on Remnant 2 (Steam ID: Random_Spectator)

As I’ve mentioned in my other guides, my top weapons have a blend of effective usability and pure style. Given those conditions, the best secondary weapons are the Cube Gun and the Double Barrel. The Cube Gun’s infinite ammo ability and Double Barrel’s time-to-kill put them in a league of their own. And, from my experience, they’re both exceptionally fun to use, encouraging distinct playstyles and allowing players to devise strategies on how to use them.

And with that, my guide on Remnant 2 best secondary weapons ends. I hope my guide helped you out in selecting your next favorite weapon. If you liked this article, then also consider reading the Remnant 2 BEST Melee Weapons and Remnant 2 BEST Weapons guides. Here is a subreddit post that can also give some assurance on the Remnant 2 best secondary weapons.

In case it’s classes that you are interested in, then consider reading the guides Best Starting Class and the Best Solo Class, but that’s all from me. Let me know your thoughts on the game in the comment section below. 


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