Remnant 2: Hidden Achievements & How To Unlock

Learn about all details about Remnant 2 Hidden Achievements and how to get your hands on all of them!

With games as vast as Remnant 2, they are filled with achievements to acquire. While many are easy to get, the game is also filled with a bunch of hidden achievements. To acquire them, players have to perform certain tasks such as defeating a boss which leads to many being missed. This guide aims to provide all information necessary about Remnant 2 Hidden Achievements and how to unlock each and every one of them.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 features a tonne of achievements for players to acquire. 
  • There are a total of 50 achievements, of which 24 are hidden in Remnant 2 and require some extra work.
  • To get the hidden achievements, players have to perform certain tasks such as defeating certain bosses, finding items, or even upgrading weapons!
  • The 26 normal achievements in Remnant 2 can be acquired by playing the game normally since the tasks set for them are fairly easy. 

How To Unlock Hidden Achievements In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is filled to the brim with achievements, having a total of 50 different ones. However, out of the 50, only 26 of them are known, keeping the rest 24 achievements hidden. The below list has made sure to explain details about all 24 of these hidden achievements!

completing hidden achievements in remnant 2
Completing the Red Moon Hidden Achievement.
Hidden AchievementHow to Unlock?
Am I Seeing This?Defeat 10 Aberrations.
Ghost in the MachineDefeat 25 Aberrations.
ChaosDefeat the Ravager Boss in Ravagers Lair located in Yaesha.
Gleaming the CubeDefeat the Labyrinth Sentinel, the boss of the Labyrinth.
TraitorDefeat either the Faelin Boss or the Faerin Boss in the Imposter Quest.
Forever is a Long Time ComingDefeat the Final Boss of the game.
Power SurgeDefeat Sha’Hala; Spectral Guardian of N’Erud in Senteniel’s Keep after collecting all Seeker Keys.
The Killing JarDefeat Root Mantis in the tutorial.
The God GambitDefeat the Many Faces Boss, also known as the Corrupter, in the Great Bole Location within Yaesha.
Dark DesignsDefeat Nightweaver, the boss of Losomn located in the Toremented Asylum.
Madman’s ParadiseDefeat the Tal’Ratha Boss located in the Forgotten Prison in N’Erud.
The AgendaDiscover Leto’s Stash within the Labyrinth
Not a JanitorFind the NPC Custodian in the Phantom Wasteland near the Ascension Spire Waypoint.
Red RoomFind the Blood Moon at the Imperial Garden Location in Yaehsa.
Familiar FaceFind and meet the NPC Flautist during the Playthrough of Yaehsa.
Tall TalesFind and talk to Mudtooth in Ward 13 till he tells you all his stories.
Blue GoddessFind a Goddess by the name ‘Nimue’ in Losomn at the Nimue’s Retreat.
The WebFind Nightweaver’s Web in Morrow’s Parish and get an item from it.
Equal MeasuresGet an Alignment Reading from Meidra located in Yaehsa. 
Shhh… It’s a SecretUnlock one of the Six Secret Archetypes.
Bad Moon RisingUse the Blood Moon Alter in Yaesha to craft an item.
Carnage in C MinorPlay a song on the Water Harp located in the Lost Temple.
Maxed Out!Get the maximum number of Trait Points in Remnant 2.
TransmutateUpgrade the Weapons Mutator 10 times.

Getting the 26 known achievements is quite an easy task, as they all include actions that players will most definitely have to use throughout the game. The Remnant 2 Hidden Achievements are slightly more complex, as they require more work. Make sure to follow the How To Unlock portion exactly as written, and there should be no issues!

While on the topic of Remnant 2, check out other guides such as the Best Secondary Weapons In Remnant 2 or the Best Archetype Class Combos. These guides and countless others can provide a helping hand in making the gaming experience more memorable and fun! Make sure to leave a comment down below for any queries there may be.

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