Remnant 2: Should You Revive Or Kill The Doe?

Remnant 2 kill the doe and you get the Ravager's Mark Amulet, and reviving will get you the Merciless Long Gun and Red Doe Staff!

In Remnant 2, your decision to kill or revive the Doe on Yaesha influences gameplay outcomes. Killing offers unique benefits with the Corrupted Ravager while reviving yields different rewards post a combat encounters.

Key Takeaways
  • In Remnant 2, you encounter the Doe and Corrupted Ravager on Yaesha, presenting a significant gameplay decision.
  • Reviving the Doe requires defeating the Corrupted Ravager, rewarding you with a Trait Point, Crimson Membrane, and Doe’s Antler.
  • Killing the Doe in Remnant 2 allies you with the Corrupted Ravager, sentencing Yaesha to slow decay but rewards a Trait Point and Ravager’s Mark Amulet.
  • Killing the Doe also triggers the Blood Moon event, increasing Wisp prevalence for farming Blood Moon Essence.
  • Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2, a crucial resource, helps unlock items like Knotted Armor set, Blade of Gul, or the Summoner class.

What Is Doe And Corrupted Ravager In Remnant 2

Doe and Corrupted Ravager remnant 2 kill the doe
Doe and Corrupted Ravager [Image Credit: eXputer]
In Remnant 2, you will encounter a unique situation on the planet Yaesha, a lush, wooded landscape filled with mystique and ancient secrets. Two significant entities that inhabit this land are the Doe and the Corrupted Ravager, both of which play pivotal roles in the lore of Remnant 2. The Doe is the spirit of life and light on Yaesha.

The Outcomes Of Reviving The Doe

Red Doe Staff remnant 2 kill the doe
Red Doe Staff [Image Credit: eXputer]
Reviving the Doe on Yaesha is a decision that directly aligns you against the Corrupted Ravager. This choice signifies siding with the natural order of Yaesha and will trigger a challenging combat encounter with the powerful Ravager.

Upon choosing to revive the Doe, you will need to engage the Corrupted Ravager in combat. This boss fight will test your skills and preparedness, as the Ravager in its corrupted form is an incredibly formidable foe. However, defeating it can yield significant rewards and benefits for your character.


  • Firstly, defeating the Corrupted Ravager will grant you a Trait Point. Trait Points in Remnant 2 are used to enhance your character’s abilities, providing benefits like increased health, stamina, or damage, making them invaluable for character progression.
  • Secondly, defeating the Ravager will give you the Crimson Membrane, a crafting material. This rare item can be taken to Ava McCabe at Ward 13, who can use it to craft the Merciless Long Gun.
  • This potent firearm comes equipped with the Bloodline mod, which allows you to fire a massive energy blast that penetrates any obstacle in its path, dealing substantial damage to enemies.

Finally, you also receive the Doe’s Antler upon reviving the Doe and defeating the Ravager. This crafting material can be used to create the unique Red Doe Staff, a valuable tool in your arsenal. Reviving the Doe and defeating the Ravager also helps maintain the balance of Yaesha, preventing the world from falling into chaos and decay. This choice aligns with preserving life and light in Yaesha, safeguarding its inhabitants, and preserving its lush, vibrant environment.

The Outcomes Of Killing The Doe

Trait Point remnant 2 kill the doe
Trait Point [Image Credit: eXputer]
Choosing to kill the Doe in Remnant 2 is a decision that carries significant weight. This act signifies siding with the Corrupted Ravager and inherently alters the balance of life on Yaesha, dooming it to a slow and gradual decay. However, such a choice also brings specific benefits to your character. If you choose to kill the Doe, you forego a challenging battle with the Corrupted Ravager.

  • This action will result in Doe’s death, allowing the Ravager to continue wreaking havoc on Yaesha unopposed.
  • In return, you will gain a Trait Point, useful for upgrading and strengthening your character’s abilities.
  • Additionally, you will receive the Ravager’s Mark Amulet, a powerful item that increases the damage you deal to Bleeding targets.
  • This amulet can significantly bolster your combat prowess, especially against foes susceptible to Bleeding status.
  • The decision to kill the Doe also impacts the world of Yaesha dramatically. With the spirit of life and light gone, the Corrupted Ravager has free rein to spread chaos and destruction.
  • This change will cause the Blood Moon to rise in the sky, an event that leads to a higher prevalence of Wisps in the Far Woods on Yaesha.

These Wisps, while appearing as enemies, do not attack you. Instead, you can farm them for Blood Moon Essence, a valuable resource in Remnant 2. This essence becomes crucial if you want to acquire items like the Knotted Armor set or the Blade of Gul from the Blood Moon Altar, or if you’re going to unlock the Summoner class with the Faded Grimoire. With the Blood Moon active, gathering this resource becomes significantly easier.

This is it from my side! Remnant 2 kill the doe or not depends on desired rewards i.e. killing aids the Corrupted Ravager, yielding the Ravager’s Mark Amulet, while reviving prompts a battle with the Ravager, rewarding the player with the Merciless Long Gun and Red Doe Staff.


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