Remnant 2: The Huntress Boss Fight [Both Methods]

Explore the strategic fights and rewards with The Huntress in Remnant 2, a fast and fierce boss in the game's mesmerizing Losomn world.

In Remnant 2, you will encounter a strong enemy boss, The Huntress. She is a deadly boss not only by looks but also by her moves. The Huntress is a skilled dran rider, and you can find her in the enchanting world of Losomn.

Key Takeaways
  • The formidable Huntress in Remnant 2 is a boss known for lethal looks and swift combat moves. A skilled dran rider in Losomn’s Brocwithe Quarter.
  • Her attack patterns include spear attacks, spectral ravens, Goat Jump, Horn Attack, Cyclone Slash, and Tri Swipe.
  • Defeating her requires strategic dodging and planning.
  • The essential melee weapon is the Dreamcatcher.
  • Hitting the sleeping Huntress with the Dreamcatcher grants the Huntress a Dream item.
  • The Huntress Dream allows teleportation to Briella’s Reverie.
  • An optional boss, players can choose to face her for potential rewards.
  • Rewards include the Venerated Spearhead (physical world) and the Sacred Hunt Feather (Dream World).
  • These items enable the crafting of the Huntress Spear and Familiar mod.
  • If players defeat The Huntress without the Dreamcatcher, they can still obtain the Huntress Dream via a new Adventure Mode run from Morrow Parish Losomn.

Who Is The Huntress In Remnant 2?

Huntress Boss Fight is located in the Brocwithe Quarter area [Image Credits: eXputer]
The Huntress is a formidable boss in Remnant 2, residing in the mesmerizing world of Losomn. Known for her lethal appearance and swift moves, she commands a mighty dran, adding an element of rapid mobility to her battles.

Found in the Brocwithe Quarter, the Huntress boss presents a challenging fight, using fast-paced spear attacks, spectral ravens, and other sophisticated attack patterns. To take her down, players must master dodging and strategic planning. The right approach, aided by the Dreamcatcher weapon and a class-specific tactic, could earn you impressive rewards like the Venerated Spearhead or the Sacred Hunt Feather.

Getting Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2 [Image Credits: eXputer]

Where To Find The Huntress?

In Remnant 2, The Huntress is located in the Brocwithe Quarter area, a part of the enchanting world of Losomn. She can also be discovered during the Nightweaver quest in the Forsaken Quarter location in Remnant 2. Interaction with the character Nimue initiates this quest, automatically transporting you to this area where you encounter The Huntress.

Huntress Boss Fight In Remnant 2

Huntress boss fight scenario 1 – shoot her to trigger the boss fight [Image Credits: eXputer]
You should watch out for her fast moves, spear attacks, and spirit ravens. Huntress rides a big stag or goat, which makes her move around quickly during the fight. Her spear has a long reach, so be careful if you get too close to her. To defeat the Huntress boss using the alternate method, you will need to have good dodging and strategic skills.

Huntress Attack Patterns

The Huntress has several different attacks with specific ways to counter them: 

  • Goat Jump: The Huntress jumps forward to attack you. Quickly move to the left or right to avoid getting hit.
  • Horn Attack: The Goat steps back and attempts to attack players with her horns in a forward move. Dodge as fast as you can.
  • Spectral Crows: The Huntress summons three crows that fly towards you. Shoot down the crows before they can harm you. 
  • Cyclone Slash: The Huntress spins in a circle and delivers a powerful slash with her spear, creating a strong gust of wind. Dodge to either side to escape the attack. 
  • Tri Swipe: The Huntress performs three sweeping attacks that move forward. You can dodge backward three times in a row to stay out of range, but if you’re too close, you must time your dodges carefully to avoid getting hit. 
  • Horn Attack: The Huntress starts with what looks like the Tri-Swipe but changes it into a delayed Horn Attack after the first swipe. This move can be more challenging to handle, and it might need more testing to determine the best way to deal with it. Trying to dodge the Tri Swipe and accidentally getting hit by the Horn Attack is possible, so be careful. 

Best Strategies To Fight Huntress Boss 

Huntress boss’s weak spot is head [Image Credits: eXputer]
Dreamcatcher is one of the most important melee weapons in Remnant 2 that you will require to fight against Huntress, So if it is your first time encountering her. You see that she is sleeping and you don’t have Dreamcatcher you better not engage in a fight, just move on to the next area and continue playing until you obtain the Dreamcatcher weapon.

Once you have it, come back to where the Huntress is in the Forsaken Quarter and use the Dreamcatcher on her while she is still asleep

Huntress’s Dream consumable item in Remnant 2 [Image Credits: eXputer]
When you manage to hit the Huntress with the Dreamcatcher while she is sleeping, you will receive a special item called the Huntress Dream. Put it on one of your item hotkeys so you can use it to teleport to an area called Briella’s Reverie.

Huntress In The Briella’s Reverie 

Use Dreamcatcher on Huntress [Image Credits: eXputer]
The Huntress will appear at the other end of the street, giving you a little time to find a safer place. To make the battle easier, you can choose a specific class. The Handler class is good because its dog companion in Remnant 2 can distract enemies or revive you. The Explorer class has a skill called Plainswalker, which boosts your movement speed. Lastly, the Invader class has a skill called Void Cloak, which lets you do a perfect dodge. 

Find a ladder or high spot where the Huntress can’t reach you. This way, you can make the battle easier because she cannot hit you with her spear up close. And remember, if you get hit by her Spirit Spear attack, make sure to heal up. You can also target her goat’s head and the rider’s head. If you beat her, you will get extra rewards and an exciting adventure! You can take down the Huntress and win the battle with these strategies!

How To Get Huntress Dream Without Dreamcatcher

With your good combat skills, if you manage to beat the Huntress before getting the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2, you will not get the reward of Huntress Dream. Do not worry. There is another way to get it. You need to start a new Adventure Mode run and make sure to begin in Morrow Parish Losomn. This way, you will get the Nightweaver main quest. Keep playing Remnant 2 normally until you find the Huntress sleeping under an archway. 

Also, one thing to note is that Huntress is an optional boss in Remnant 2, which means you can skip her before engaging in any battle, but you will miss out on the rewards. 

Rewards For Defeating Huntress In Remnant 2 

Defeating The Huntress offers two exciting rewards, depending on how you defeat her. If you defeat her in the physical world, you will receive the Venerated Spearhead, a powerful item used to craft the mighty Huntress Spear

Venerated Spearhead crafting item in Remnant 2 [Image Credits: eXputer]
This incredible weapon boasts damage of 63%, a 6% critical chance, and deals 100% extra damage to weak spots. Additionally, its unique mod, “Javelin,” lets you use 25 stamina to throw the spear, returning to your hand for more attacks!

Sacred Hunt Feather item in Remnant 2 [Image Credits: eXputer]
However, if you manage to defeat The Huntress in the Dream World, you will earn the Sacred Hunt Feather, which grants you the ability to craft the amazing Familiar mod. When activated, a charming Faerie Familiar will join you in battle. It selects a random enemy and swiftly slashes them, dealing 25 damage with each attack.

Crafting Familiar Mod in Remnant 2 [Image Credits: eXputer]
If the target is defeated, the Familiar finds another enemy to engage. This helpful companion remains active for a duration of 15 seconds, aiding you in your adventures. So, whether you choose to conquer The Huntress in the physical or dream world, great rewards await you for your battles! 

In conclusion, The Huntress in Remnant 2 is a tough boss to beat. She’s found in the Losomn world, particularly the Brocwithe Quarter. She’s known for her swift moves and scary looks. She rides a drain, which makes her move very fast. The Huntress is optional, meaning you can choose not to fight her, but you get good rewards if you win. 

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