Remnant 2: How To Get Decorum Cipher

Unlock Remnant 2 high-tier weaponry with the elusive Decorum Cipher, found in N'Erud's Terminus Station.

Remnant 2 comprises five different world locations containing a lot of quests and quest items that players need to complete to progress through plot & story. Decorum Cipher is a quest item, players need to advance through a major quest. It can be fitted into the Custodian console to get different valuables including a Pulse Rifle and a Core Booster.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 Decorum Cipher, a crucial quest item, is found at N’Erud’s Terminus Station Dungeon after a tough horde fight.
  • Used at Abyssal Rift to unlock Pulse Rifle and Core Booster.
  • Its availability isn’t guaranteed in every playthrough due to procedural world generation.
  • Vital for “Seeker’s Key” mission at N’erud, used in Custodian tower for rewards.
  • Missed Cipher can be obtained in Remnant 2 Adventure Mode.
  • Insert Cipher into a console slot in Custodian’s tower to unlock a secret room.
  • Correct placement rewards 110 Scrap and reveals a room with a Core Booster amulet for a temporary damage boost.

What Is Decorum Cipher In Remnant 2?

Decorum Cipher item

Decorum Cipher is a key item that grants access to powerful weaponry., found at N’Erud’s Terminus Station.

Players complete a challenging horde fight before obtaining the item in the train’s control room. Its use is revealed at the Abyssal Rift, where alongside Memory Core II, it unlocks the Pulse Rifle and Core Booster. However, Remnant 2’s procedural world generation means you might not encounter Decorum Cipher in every playthrough, making each journey unique and the Cipher a sought-after prize.

Decorum Cipher is required to complete the “Seeker’s Key” main mission at N’erud. You can find this item, inside Decorum Cipher, which you can then use in the Custodian tower, to get valuable rewards including the Pulse Rifle and a Core Booster. 

Where To Find Decorum Cipher? 

Proceed through the Terminus Station door

Decorum Cipher is located at N’Erud but is not as easy to get. You need to complete the Train Event inside the Terminus Station dungeon to achieve Decorum Cipher.

I recommend following the below-mentioned steps to acquire the Decorum Cypher easily:

  1. While exploring the dungeon, you will see a train at the end.
  2. You need to jump and get onto the train’s last wagon’s roof.
  3. For the next seven minutes, defeat all the enemies you encounter on a train, which will complete the event.
    Climb up and reach the control room
     Fight the horde and in the given time in the train
  4. Once you beat them, enter the control room upstairs and jump to the room through the window.
  5. You will receive the Decorum Cipher inside this room.
Decorum Cipher item

How To Use Decorum Cipher?

 Interact with the console and collect Decorum Cipher

Once you get Decorum Cipher, it’s time to use it. You have to go back to the Custodian’s tower where you will see a hole to the left side. Through this passage, go downstairs to the room that will lead to The Custodian. You have to insert Decorum Cipher in the console slot to unlock a secret room there to get you to Pulse Rifle.


Once you place the Decorum Cipher at the right place of the console slot for completing the quest, you will earn 110 Scrap. It will also unlock a new room next to this in Remnant 2.

This new unlock room contains a Core Booster amulet, which helps you enhance +50% weak spot damage for 10 seconds once you kill an enemy. This will help you during many tough combat with the enemies in Remnant 2.

The Remnant 2 Decorum Cipher is a big deal. It’s a special item you find at N’Erud’s Terminus Station after you fight off a big group of enemies. You then use this Cipher at the Abyssal Rift to get cool rewards like the Pulse Rifle and Core Booster. But remember, each game is different, so you might not always find the Decorum Cipher. If you’re lucky enough to find it, it can help you move ahead in the game.

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