Remnant 2: How To Find & Defeat Abomination

Confront the Abomination, an optional boss in Remnant 2, within the Putrid Domain of N’Erud to get valuable rewards.

Abomination in Remnant 2 serves as one of the initial bosses you encounter. Upon reaching N’Erud, you will face Aberration in your first encounter. It’s important to note that The Abomination is an optional boss, so there’s no need to feel pressured to defeat it during your first playthrough.

Key Takeaways
  • The Abomination is an optional boss in Remnant 2 and can be found in the Putrid Domain of N’Erud.

  • Abomination requires players to remove the armor plates to expose the vulnerable core weak points.
  • Shoot each armor plate and then target the explosives beneath to break the outer shell and reveal the core, which is the weak point.
  • The Abomination has two main attacks: the Possession attack, where it hurls a telekinetic projectile, and the AOE Slam attack, where it jumps and slams down.
  • Use a ranged weapon, like a rifle, to dispatch the minions that the boss summons during the fight.

  • The main weakness of the Abomination is its core, and attacking it inflicts the most damage.
  • Successfully defeating the Abomination rewards players with Lumenite Crystals, Tome of Knowledge, Scrap, and Mutated Growth.

How To Find Abomination In Remnant 2

Abomination – [Image by eXputer]
Abomination Remnant 2 awaits within the Putrid Domain of N’erud. Upon entering the area, a number of enemies stand in your path, including Possesses, Robot Grunts, and, notably, N’erud Zombies.

  • To reach Abomination, you must navigate through the area, encountering adversaries like Possesses, Robot Grunts, and formidable N’erud Zombies.
  • After clearing the region, proceed towards the main hallway, where a fogged wall stands before you.
  • Pass through the wall to access the territory where the daunting challenge of battling Abomination awaits, presenting one of the most formidable boss fights.

How To Defeat The Abomination

When confronting The Abomination, the first step is to carefully observe him. Players will quickly notice that it consists of armor, which makes him immune to firearms. To inflict significant damage on this optional boss, players must first remove Abomination’s armor plates. 

To achieve this, shoot each armor plate and subsequently target the explosives beneath. The detonation of these explosives will obliterate the outer shell, revealing the vulnerable core weak point situated at its center.


Possession Attack Abomination
Possession Attack of Abomination – [Image by eXputer]
  • Possession Attack: At the start of the fight, Abomination employs two types of attacks, one of which is the Possession attack. 
    • During this move, Abomination teleports into the air and employs telekinetic energy to hurl a projectile toward you. 
    • To prevent damage from this attack, seek cover behind the central large pillar.
Slam Attack Abomination
Slam Attack of Abomination – [Image by eXputer]
  • Slam Attack: The second attack in Abomination’s arsenal is the Slam. 
    • This follows Abomination leaping into the air for a high jump, then forcefully descending upon you, dealing damage in the process. 
    • To evade any harm from this attack, quickly change your running direction and avoid the point of impact; as the jump is quite high, you’ll have time to think before moving.


  • As you chip away at the boss’s health and deplete about half of it, the boss will summon its minions to launch an assault against you.
  • Utilizing a ranged weapon, like a rifle, can prove highly effective in dispatching all the minions swiftly with well-aimed headshots.
  • Throughout the encounter, focus on evading the boss’s attacks while making use of your rifle to dismantle its armor.

Main Weakness

Abomination Weakness Remnant 2
Weakness of Abomination – [Image by eXputer]
  • The Abomination Remnant 2 boss possesses a critical vulnerability – core.
  • However, reaching the core requires first breaking the boss’s armor to expose the central core.
  • Once the core is exposed, directing your attacks toward it will inflict the most damage on the Abomination.

It’s important to note that when the boss retreats into the sewerage systems to heal, it presents an opportunity for you to reload your weapon, especially if you find yourself running low on ammunition.


Upon successfully breaking the armor, inflicting damage to the core, and achieving victory over the Abomination Remnant 2 will mark the completion of the quest, and you will get the following rewards:

  • Lumenite Crystal
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  • Mutated Growth

That’s how you can defeat Abomination and claim some valuable rewards. Just know that Abomination is an optional boss, and you can come at it later. You can fight him with powerful Classes and Archetypes such as Gunslinger and Summoner.


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