Remnant 2: Dendroid Set [How To Get]

Learn how to find the Dendroid set in Remnant 2 through a hidden path in Ashen Wasteland, along with some other collectibles as well.

The Dendroid Set Remnant 2 is a lightweight armor set that gives a root-infested villain look to your character. You can find it by following the hidden part in Ashen Wasteland on Root Earth. Along the way, you will also find other collectibles too. Also, the armor may not be good for defense, but it is superb for quick movement and dodging.

Key Takeaways
  • The Dendroid armor set includes a head, body, gloves, and leg pieces.
  • It can be found at Ashen Wasteland on Root Earth in Remnant 2.
  • However, Root Earth is swarming with a lot of foes.
  • After defeating the foes, players will have access to a Katana.
  • Once players have obtained the Katana, access Dendroid Armor from the root-infected body.
  • The Dendroid set emphasizes agility over defense.

Dendroid Set Overview

The Dendroid Set
Dendroid Set (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The Dendroid Set is an aesthetic armor set that gives your character a Root-Infested look. Although it does not have excellent stats, it is suitable for swift dodging. It consists of a head, body, gloves, and leg armor. You can find it in Ashen Wasteland on Root Earth, but getting access to the area might take some time, as it is towards the end of the campaign. 

How To Find Dendroid Set In Remnant 2?

Steel Katana
Finding Steel Katana (Picture Credits: eXputer)

To find Dendroid Set Remnant 2, you must find the hidden path that leads to the Walled-off area in Ashen Wasteland on Root Earth.

Follow the sequence of steps I have mentioned below get the Dendroid Armor Set:

  1. As you reach the wasteland, go to the large car dump yard from the first checkpoint. 
  2. Defeat all the enemies there and come to the back wall side of the area.
  3. Now, you must look for a small opening highlighted by a faint red glow.
  4. Crouch into this room and kill all the enemy mobs.
  5. Go to the top level through the stairs.
  6. To your left, you will find the Reaping stone, an accessory granting immunity to elemental status incurred.
  7. Then, you have to jump to your right side towards the stone ledge. Be careful not to fall off.
  8. At your left, the back of Walled off section will be visible, where you will find the Steel Katana.
  9. After picking up the Katana, go to the root-infected body and get access to the Dendroid Armor Set.

Dendroid Set Stats

Dendroid Set
The Dendroid Set (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The Dendroid set is ideal for a Gunslinger or a Hunter class, as it does not affect your movement speed. The stats are not good for defense, as the armor prioritizes swift dodging and agility.

The Dendroid Set Stats are:

  • Weight: 27
  • Armor: 45
  • Blood Resistance: 12
  • Fire Resistance: 0
  • Blight Resistance: 5
  • Toxin Resistance: 8
  • Shock Resistance: 2

So here is how you can find the Dendroid Set. Finding the path that leads to the walled boundary can be tricky, but you can easily find it using the steps above. Speaking about locations, know the location and effect of the best rings in Remnant 2.

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