Remnant 2: How To Unlock Starkiller Rifle

Learn about the exact procedure to unlocking the Starkiller rifle in Remnant 2, its weapon mod and upgrade levels.

The Remnant 2 Starkiller rifle is your best bet in-game for long-range and extremely high-damage output weapons. This is one of the few primary guns with a built-in scope, incredible accuracy, and a surprisingly good Fire Rate for a sniper-like weapon. However, out of all the Long Guns, the Starkiller is arguably the hardest to unlock, but considering its stats and benefits, the work is certainly worth it.

Key Takeaways
  • The Starkiller is a long-range rifle weapon in Remnant 2 with a 2.5x magnified scope, and an exclusive weapon mod, Gravity Core, that summons a sphere, pulling in objects and enemies.
  • Players can obtain this weapon for 1500 Scraps from Brabus’s Shop at Ward 13 after a full playthrough of Remnant 2’s Campaign in Apocalypse mode, the hardest difficulty level.
  • Alternatively, beating Annihilation, the final boss, in co-op at Apocalypse difficulty also makes the Starkiller available at Brabus’s Shop.
  • After that, players can upgrade the weapon to Level 10 for Scraps, Lumenite Crystals, and Iron from Rigs at Ward 13.

How To Unlock The Starkiller In Remnant 2?

To get the Starkiller rifle, you must first need to do a complete Remnant 2 at Apocalypse difficulty. You can only perform this task in Campaign Mode at any time, but doing so will reset your in-game progress.

Apocalypse mode Remnant 2
Apocalypse Difficulty when rerolling Campaign Mode (Image by eXputer)
  1. When ready to start your Apocalypse run, head to the World Stone at Ward 13 and select the Reroll option in Campaign Mode.
  2. Next, select the “Apocalypse” difficulty, beat Remnant 2 from start to finish, and then meet Brabus at his shop at Ward 13.
braber remnant 2
Brabus’s Shop at Ward 13 (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
  1. You can find Brabus’s Shop from your map, and once you see and interact with him, you’ll now have the option to buy the Starkiller for 1500 Scraps.
  2. Another way to find the Starkiller from Brabus without doing a complete playthrough of the game is by simply joining someone’s game and beating the final boss encounter at Apocalypse difficulty.
Important: Starting a new playthrough in any difficulty will only block your access to other locations. This means you’ll still have your weapons, upgrades, resources, and other character and inventory progress.

Features And Upgrades Of The Starkiller

As mentioned, the Starkiller is a late-game alien rifle Long Gun with incredible damage and accuracy paired with respectable Ideal and Falloff Range. It’s the perfect weapon for areas like the Eon Vault in N’Erud or the Ironborough in Losomn with long-range encounters and enemies with specific weak spots.

Starkiller weapon remnant 2
Starkiller’s base stats and Weapon Mod (Image Credits: eXputer)
    1. Like the Huntsman M1, the Starkiller comes pre-equipped with a 2.5x magnification scope, putting it just behind the Widowmaker for the most magnified scope in-game.
    2. Besides that, the weapon’s modification, Gravity Core, is an exclusive weapon mod that fires a sphere that draws in objects, dealing constant damage until colliding with a target, after which it opens a Gravity Well that pulls in enemies for a few seconds.
    3. The Starkiller also comes with a Mutator slot, so you can inspect the weapon to equip a Mutator, like the Harmonizer, onto it for further versatility.

Upgrading the Starkiller up to Level 10 significantly improves its damage output and accuracy, and you can find its upgrade requirements from the list below:

1Scraps: 300 | Iron: 5 | Lumenite Crystals: 2
2Scraps: 400 | Iron: 10 | Lumenite Crystals: 2
3Scraps: 500 | Iron: 15 | Lumenite Crystals: 2
4Scraps: 600 | Forged Iron: 15 | Lumenite Crystals: 2
5Scraps: 700 | Forged Iron: 20 | Lumenite Crystals: 3
6Scraps: 800 | Galvanized Iron: 15 | Lumenite Crystals: 3
7Scraps: 900 | Galvanized Iron: 20 | Lumenite Crystals: 3
8Scraps: 1000 | Hardened Iron: 15 | Lumenite Crystals: 4
9Scraps: 1100 | Hardened Iron: 20 | Lumenite Crystals: 4
10Scraps: 1200 | Simulacrum: 1 | Lumenite Crystals: 5
Important: You can upgrade Starkliller at any time from Rigs’ workshop at Ward 13.

That wraps up this brief on the Remnant 2 Starkiller rifle, covering its unlock procedure, features, and upgrade path. All things considered, this is arguably the best Long Gun when it comes to a mix between damage output, accuracy, and magazine management, so getting it feels extremely rewarding in the end. Thus, once you have the weapon, check out this Subreddit Post where the community suggests some optimal builds for the Starkiller.

Pair your Starkiller with some of the best in-game melee weapons, like the Spectral Blade, with a powerful close-range weapon mod. Besides offense, boost your defensive capabilities with the proper armor set to accompany your build. And while you’re having a blast with the title, consider reading up on the best games like Remnant 2 to indulge in similar experiences.


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