Remnant 2: How To Unlock Archon Class [All Requirements]

Here is how you unlock the Archon class in Remnant 2 and make a good build out of the class through our guide

There are many classes provided by Remnant 2. All of them are difficult from each other, but the most challenging class of all to unlock is known as The Archon class. The developers make it a deep secret for the players. If players need to unlock the Archon class, they need to know the location and prerequisites for it. 

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 Archon Archetype is a secret class.
  • Archon Class is located in Labyrinth in Fractured Ingress.
  • Players have to go through multiple portals to reach Archon Class.
  • Use the Biome Portal Key for one of the portals in Remnant 2.
  • Then, find the item called The Strange Box, which will act as the Engram of the Archon class.
  • 12 pieces of equipment are needed in loadout when looking for Archon Archetype.
  • Players will get multiple skills, which will also boost the damage you’ll give to the enemy.
  • Players will also receive perks that will increase the mod power level. 

How Do You Unlock The Archon Class?

Archon Class In Remnant 2
Archon Class – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

To unlock the Archon Class, you will need a specific loadout consisting of specific weapons, rings, and amulets.

The other two classes in Remnant 2 should also be unlocked before unlocking the Archon Archetype. You will also be required to have a particular outfit for your character, as all of it is mentioned below, to unlock Archon Class.

Equipment Required

I recommend you find the following equipment and classes, as they are required to unlock the Archon Archetype:

  • Invader class (it should be selected with the wormhole skill, and it should be at level 5).
  • Explorer class (it should be selected with fortune hunter class skill and should be at level 10).
  • Leto’s Amulet.
  • RealmWalker outfit (it is Explorer class default armor).
  • Amber Moonstone Ring.
  • Void Heart Relic.
  • Ford’s Scattergun.
  • Labyrinth staff.
  • Black Cat Band Ring.
  • The Cube Gun.
  • Zania’s Malice Ring.
  • Anatasija’s Inspiration Ring.

Way To Red Glitch Portal 

Red Glitch Portal in R2
Red Glitch Portal in R2– Image Captured by eXputer
Before You Start: You have to gather all the required equipment and have it in your current loadout so you can now unlock The Archon Class.

An explanation of how I unlocked the Red Glitched Door is given below:

  1. Travel back to Labyrinth.
  2. Find the shifting portal.
  3. Head to the Fractured Ingress, where the first checkpoint is located.
  4. Wait for the right moment at the shifting portal.
  5. You’ll see a clear sky and a ledge on the other side.
  6. Walk through the portal, appearing to fall, but a platform forms below.
  7. Land on it.
  8. Defeat the enemies on the platform.
  9. Continue moving to find the Red Glitch Portal, located on your back right.
  10. Ensure you have all the required equipment from the list.
  11. Use the Biome Portal Key to unlock the Red Glitched Door.

Unlock The Archon Class

  1. After the door opens, you’ll walk past it and you will enter a new place, which will be named the Back Rooms.
  2. The Back Rooms will be just like the maze.
  3. You will find an item called The Strange Box.
  4. The Strange Box will be located at the back left of the room.
  5. Then, you will need to take The Strange Box and bring it to Wallace in Ward 13.
  6. He will build the HexaHedron that will then act as the Engram of The Archon Class.

Perks Of Archon

Following is the list of Perks available for the Remnant 2 Archon Class:

Tempest1. Tempest automatically generates two(2) Mod power in one(1) second
2. If you cast a mod it will increase all Mod generation by 50% for six(6) seconds.
Spirit Within1. It unlocks at level 3
2. It will reduce the requirement of all the mod power by 15%
3 Its upgrade will be unlocked at level 8
4. After that if you cast a mod you will instantly regain 15% of the Mod power.
Power Leak1. It is unlocked at level 4
2. If you are using a relic you will be grant with 200 mod power for both the equipped Mods.
3. Its upgrade will be unlocked at level 9
4. And if you cast a mod you will instantly gain back the 200% of the spent Mod power.
Power Creep1. It is unlocked at level 2
2. After you cast a Mod,5% of the mod power which you had spent will be regenerated by all the allies over the time of ten(10) seconds
3. You can start upgrading it at level 7
4. While it is active your allies will also gain 55 of the Mod power
Amplify1. Amplify is unlocked at level 1
2. It increases Mod damage by 5%.
3. It's upgrade will be unlocked at level 6
4. It increases Mod damage by 30% and grants 10% Mod Critical Chance.

Skills Of Archon

Skills Of Archon Class in Remnant 2
Skills Of Archon Class– Image Captured by eXputer

Aside from the perks, you will also be getting some skills when you unlock the Remnant 2 Archon Class and make a build through this guide. 

Reality Rune

  • The Reality Rune will give you a 7m protective dome, which could help slow down enemies. Allies can heal themselves and could get a 25% damage reduction.
  • It lasts 15s.
  • The cooldown time will be 85 seconds.

Chaos Gate

  • Chaos Gate provides a 7m unstable zone. Its benefits are that it will grant your allies 15% of all the damage they will deal.
  • The mod generation will be increased by 25%
  • The only bad thing is that it will increase the damage your allies will deal by 15%.
  • It lasts only 20 seconds.
  • The time to cool down is 85 seconds.

Havoc Form

Havoc form is also another special form of skill. It unleashes the power of the Labyrinth to give new abilities. Its duration is normally 30, depending on whether you use Havoc Form’s special abilities.

  • One of the special abilities is that it Blast Lightning Tendrils from Archon’s hand. It gives 84.2 Shock Damage in just one second and has a damage range of almost 15m.
  • The second Ability is that it raises a 3m energy shield. Its best part is that it reduces the damage from enemies to your allies by 50%. It deals 35% Shock Damage every second.
  • The last special ability you have is that you can perform Blink Evades. It can deal 100 shock damage to enemies with a range of 3m.

Finding the Remnant 2 Archon class is really difficult because the developers made it a deep secret. The Dataminers somehow managed to unleash the secret. If you have the right guide and information about the Archon Class, It is possible for you to unlock and build The secret Archon Class. Do check out our recent guide on the Faelin or Faerin choice and what you should pick. 


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