Remnant 2: Give Amulet Or Not [Man in the Sewers Walkthrough]

In The Man in the Sewers event, if you decide to remnant 2 give amulet back to the man, you are rewarded with the Outcast Ring.

The Man in the Sewers event is tied specifically to its corresponding location, the bleak Tiller’s Rest in Losomn. This event tells a spine-chilling tale about a formidable creature hidden in the murky depths. Additionally, there’s a choice that players have to make. If players decide to give the amulet to the man, he will grant them the Outcast Ring in return!

Key Takeaways
  • The Man in the Sewers event occurs in Tiller’s Rest, Losomn in Remnant 2.
  • A man shares a story about a creature in the sewers.
  • Find a light wisp that enters your body.
  • Return to the man, who’s concerned about the light wisp’s power.
  • He offers the Spirit Wisp Amulet in exchange for the light wisp.
  • If players in Remnant 2 give amulet, they get the Outcast Ring.
  • Equipping the Spirit Wisp Amulet reduces skill cooldowns by 3% for every 300 Mod Power spent on Mod abilities.

Encountering Man In The Sewers

Man In The Sewers remnant 2 give amulet
Man In The Sewers

Venturing into the eerie depths of the sewers, the Man in the Sewers event offers a unique challenge that adds to Remnant 2 ‘s intriguing narrative.

Follow my below-mentioned comprehensive walkthrough to complete the event easily:

  1. Find the Man in the Sewers in Tiller’s Rest.
  2. He tells a chilling story about a sewer creature.
  3. Discover a light wisp in the sewers.
  4. The wisp enters you, a crucial event milestone in your quest.
  5. Return to the Man in the Sewers, who worries about the wisp’s power.
  6. He offers the Spirit Wisp Amulet in exchange.
  7. Then, decide to give him the amulet or keep it.
  8. Giving it results in receiving the Outcast Ring will conclude the event.

Spirit Wisp Amulet in Remnant 2

Spirit Wisp Amulet remnant 2 give amulet
Spirit Wisp Amulet Via: eXputer

The Spirit Wisp Amulet is a unique and valuable accessory in Remnant 2 that you can obtain as a reward from the Man in the Sewers event.

As per my Remnant 2 experience, I have listed all of its features below:

  1. Spirit Wisp Amulet reduces skill cooldowns by 3% for every 300 Mod Power spent on Mod abilities.
  2. Enhances combat efficiency and survival.
  3. A versatile accessory, suitable for skill-focused builds.

This is it from my side! Bottom line: If you, Remnant 2,give amulet to the man, he will grant you the Outcast Ring in return! Check out the take on Before you leave, I’d recommend you also read about All Remnant 2 Editions and How To Unlock Adventure Mode In Remnant 2.

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