Remnant 2: Malefic Palace [Card Puzzle & Questline]

Malefic Palace in Remnant 2 can be visited after completing Beatific Palace; the Faerin Mural Piece is found after solving the puzzle here.

Malefic Palace is an entirely different palace than the Beatific Palace. However, you need to explore both in order to open the main gate. Malefic Palace has a tricky puzzle where you might have some trouble. Also, getting to the Malefic Palace is quite tricky. However, you won’t have to worry about that as I will tell you about Malefic Palace Remnant 2 in detail.

Key Takeaways
  • Explore the Beatific Palace completely in order to excess the Malefic Palace of Remnant 2 to find the second Mural Piece.
  • When you have reached the Malefic Palace, you will have to solve a tricky puzzle.
  • You will encounter a Jester who will shuffle 5 cards. You will have to keep your attention on the card with a two-faced mask.
  • After that, the cards will turn into golden doors, so you will choose the right one.
  • Upon choosing the right one, you will find the Faerin Mural Piece that you need in order to open the Ornate Door in the Malefic Palace Courtyard.
  • Now open the door, and an amazing boss fight is right before you in Remnant 2.

Explore The Beatific Palace

The first step is to explore the Beatific Palace, as you will find the first Faelin Mural Piece you need in order to open the main gate. Find that, then get the Magic Quill from Jester. It won’t be hard as he will just show you his performance, and after that, he will give you the Magic Quill.

Malefic Palace

Now use Magic Quill to reach Ironborough. After that, get to the great sewers and then kill the Bloat King. Now you have to reach Malefic Palace by exiting the sewers. This is how you get to Malefic Palace, so you must first explore the Beatific Palace. As you have reached the location to find the Faerin Mural Piece, you will have to solve the Jester’s Card Puzzle.

How To Solve Jester’s Card Puzzle In Malefic Palace

The Jester You Will Encounter For The Puzzle

The Jester’s Card Puzzle could be a little annoying, but if you are paying enough attention, you can easily complete it.

You have to follow the following steps in order to solve the puzzle:

  1. The first step is to pay close attention to the position of the two-faced mask.
  2. The Jester will shuffle the five cards for some time. 
  3. The cards will now transform into golden doors, so if you are attentive enough to know where the two-faced mask card is, you will get it right.
  4. To see if you chose the right card, you will need to head over to the end of the room to see if the statue has a glowing red light on its head. If there is, then go and claim the Faerin Mural Piece.
  5. But if you were wrong, go back.
Faerin Mural Piece

Now that you have solved the puzzle and as you needed to explore the Beatific Palace before coming to Malefic Palace, you must have both mural pieces you needed to unlock the main door. 

The Mural Questline In Remnant 2

Faelin and Faerin Mural pieces are necessary to enter the throne room in the Palace Courtyard. By inserting both pieces, you will be able to enter the throne room and finally complete the Mural Questline.

Upon entering the room, you will encounter two bosses named Faelin and Faerin. Defeat them and complete the questline you have spent hours on. The choice to defeat Faelin or Faerin will depend on you, as there will be different outcomes.

This walkthrough was based on the Malefic Palace, so that is why I didn’t go into detail about the boss fights and Beatific Palace. Upon finding the two mural pieces, you will find the rest of the questline pretty interesting. The bosses might be difficult, but they are not impossible. So, that’s almost everything you would need to know about Malefic Palace Remnant 2.

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