Remnant 2: Generating Band [Location And Uses]

In this Remnant 2 Generating Band guide, we discuss this ring's utility, location, and the best possible build to use it with.

Remnant 2 offers several trinkets, namely Amulets, and Rings, that a player can find or earn through specific quests. Rings of this type are special items players can equip to grant themselves a skill or a particular perk. Our Remnant 2 Generating Band guide will focus on the Generating ring, which may be helpful in several situations. 

Key Takeaways
  • A player can choose from approximately 144 different rings in Remnant 2 for their character.
  • The Generating Band is a ring that heals the player based on max health when shielded.
  • The Ring is found in the Hatchery after it has started to flood.
  • The Generating Band in Remnant 2 is best used with the Challenger tank build.

What Is The Generating Band In Remnant 2?

Generating Band Remnant 2
Generating Band (Image Credits Exputer)

Generating Band is one of the ~144 rings in Remnant 2 that a player can find. As the name suggests, the Generating Band is used for regenerative purposes. However, it will heal the player for 3% of their max health, but only if they have an active shield.

Some important things to note before we proceed.

  1. In Remnant 2, a player can concurrently equip 4 rings at a time.
  2. If you are not going for a specific build and have shielding at your disposal, it is probably a good idea to equip this ring on your character. 

Generating Band Lore

Each item in Remnant 2 has its own lore that adds more character to them and ultimately to Remnant 2. Dryzr Engineers used this Band to avoid heavy radiation whenever they would work near the artificial star at N’Erud’s center.

Where To Find The Generating Band In Remnant 2?

Hatchery Remnant 2
Hatchery: Generating Band (Image Credits Exputer)

Before we proceed to the Remnant 2 Generating Band location, it is essential to note that it is not a sure shot that you can find this Band in your playthrough. You may have to reset your world many times to obtain this trinket. It will largely depend on how good your luck is. However, the steps we discuss will maximize your chances of finding this Band for each reset.

You must complete the following steps to obtain the Generating Band ring.

  1. Start a new Adventure mode world (N’erud) with Hatchery as your starting location.
  2. Clear the dungeon and navigate to the control panel spot.
  3. Interact with the Dungeon control panel to trigger “The Flooded Room Event.”
  4. After the event starts, navigate to the machinery door on the lower level and enter the new area.
  5. Continue moving towards the upper level in the new area until you come across a broken path.
  6. Leap across the gap and continue along the ladder to your right to obtain the Generating Band.

You will have to start a new world if you do not get the Generating Band at any point during these steps. The ring is a Hatchery-exclusive loot item, so obtaining it any other way is impossible.

Best Generating Band Build

Remnant 2 Challenger Class
Challenger Archetype (Image Credits Exputer)

We have discussed almost everything about the Remnant 2 Generating Band. This last section will cover the uses of the Generating Band with a particular build. The build we will discuss is perhaps the most popular among the Remnant 2 community because of its utility. We will only discuss the utility of the ring and avoid going into too much detail about the build itself.

You can opt for the Challenger or the Engineer class and equip the Generating Band alongside Alchemy Stone, Amber, and the Ring of Grace. Due to the naturally close-range playstyle of the archetypes, this ring, paired with shielding skills, accounts for a devastating and immovable force that can easily take down hordes of enemies. It eliminates the risk of a swift death and allows you to farm easily, unlike some of the more known builds.

With that discussed, we finally conclude our Generating Band guide. To boost your character’s strengths in alternate ways, consider reading up on how to get Relic Fragments. And remember to uncover other mysteries in N’Erud by learning how to solve the Souls Sparks mission in Remnant 2. We hope you found this article more than helpful, but if there is something you wish to let us know, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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