A Quick Guide On Unlocking The Invoker Archetype In Remnant 2

Learn about the complete procedure to unlocking the Invoker, the newest archetype that harness the elements around it.

The Invoker is the newest and only archetype introduced in the second DLC of Remnant 2, The Forgotten Kingdom. Like the Ritualist from The Awakened King DLC, it comes with a certain theme—elemental mastery and skill buffs. However, it’s arguably one of the toughest archetypes to unlock because it’s so difficult to find.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2’s Invoker Archetype is a Skill-based class that primarily does AoE damage, healing, and buffing Skills.
  • Players can unlock this archetype by getting the Spirit Flute Engram, which requires the Old Flute.
  • The Old Flute is located underneath the sand-filled room in The Abandoned Citadel; players must stand on the quick for 3 to 5 minutes to reach the Flute. 

How To Unlock The Invoker Archetype

The Invoker Archetype (Screenshot by eXputer)

Players can unlock the Invoker Archetype after giving Wallace the Old Flute, an item found in the sand room at the bottom of the circular staircase in The Abandoned Citadel.

Like most archetypes, you need an Engram to unlock the Invoker, and this Engram is called the Spirit Flute. Starting from the Glittering Grotto, the first area, you’ll find a large circular staircase near the first checkpoint. As you progress through the DLC, you’ll eventually reach The Abandoned Citadel World Stone, where your journey begins.

After reaching The Abandoned Citadel, follow these steps to unlock the Invoker Archetype:

  1. Reaching The Sand-Filled Room: From the World Stone, go forward and pull the lever to lower the aforementioned circular staircase. Go through the door on your left and descend the elevator. After the descent, head straight and follow the staircase and ladders down to the bottom. At the bottom, find the doorway that leads to a sand-filled room with arrows shooting from the cannons on the side.
  2. Enter A Secret Area Underneath The Sand: On the right, you should see two spots of piling quicksand, of which you must get to the second pile at the far end. To reach this pile without dying from the arrows, I recommend first sticking close to the cannon’s heads and slowly making your way through the room. Once you’re standing parallel to the second quicksand pile, simply go back without moving left or right.
  3. Getting The Spirit Flute Engram: After roughly 3 or 5 minutes, the quicksand will consume you and drop you into a new room, where you’ll find the Old Flute. Give the Flute to Wallace at Ward 13 to craft the Spirit Flute Engram, and you should now have the Invoker Archetype.
  • lever abandoned citadel
    Lever near The Abandoned Citadel World Stone (Image Credits: eXputer)
Important: Don’t forget to grab the Invoker’s armor at the end of the room. That’ll complete the archetype’s set and ready you for your journey!

Perks And Abilities Of The Invoker

invoker skills remnant 2
The Invoker’s Skills and Other Abilities (Screenshot by eXputer)

As I mentioned, the Invoker’s abilities mainly enhance your Skills, like Skill Damage and Skill Cooldown, and its Skills center around elemental ranged attacks.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the Invoker’s abilities, including Skills, Perks, and more: 

Prime PerkVisionaryDoubles Base Skill Charges for all Archetypes. Skill activation reduces all Skill Cooldowns.

For Heavy Weapons, doubles Heavy Weapon Base Ammo instead.
SkillWay of KeulaCast a Tidal Wave, dealing Elemental Damage and conjuring a Rainstorm.

Allies within Rainstorm gain HASTE while enemies within Rainstorm gain DRENCHED.
Archetype TraitGiftedIncreases Skill Duration1
Damage PerkEntrancedIncreases Skill Damage and Elemental Damage1
Team PerkCommunionReduces Skill Cooldown for allies while an Invoker Skill is active.2
Utility PerkMind and BodyIncreases Movement Speed while an Invoker Skill is active.3
Relic PerkSoothsayerOn Relic Use, extend the duration of active Invoker skills.4
SkillWay of MeidraHeal all allies and conjure a Forest Growth. After fully blooming, allies in Forest Growth gain HP and base damage taken as Lifesteal.

Enemies within Forest Growth gain GLOOM.
SkillWay of LydusaInfuse Ranged and Melee Damage with the power to apply BRITTLE, allowing the Invoker to generate Sand Devils through damage and kills.10

My Recommended Synergies With The Invoker Archetype

using invoker
Using the Invoker Archetype on enemies (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

After thoroughly testing it out, I noticed how the Invoker is a unique but powerful archetype in Remnant 2. It’s clearly a must-have when doing co-op because of its widespread buffs to your allies, which could give you an edge in life-and-death scenarios. However, if you truly want to find out its full potential, there are some archetypes and weapons that go along with it.

  • Ritualist (Archetype): The Ritualist’s ability to take advantage of buffs and nerfs makes it an ideal secondary archetype to the Invoker. Working in tandem, you can get some insanely effective and overpowered like increasing damage done to opponents and reducing damage taken.
  • Invader (Archetype): If you don’t have the Ritualist, this is a great alternative secondary archetype. Most of the Invoker’s abilities revolve around Skills, so I advise picking up the Invader since I believe it has some of the strongest Skills in Remnant 2. Additionally, if you haven’t beaten The Forgotten Kingdom DLC or plan on doing several rerolls, the Invader will help you in many situations.
  • Dervish (Melee Mutator): Dervish feels like it’s designed for the Invoker as it increases Melee Damage when activating a Skill. Upgrading this Mutator to Level 10 also reduces Skill Cooldown. Needless to say, if you love using melee weapons with the Invoker, this is a must-have add-on.
  • Jester’s Bell (Amulet): The Jester’s Bell increases all damage after casting a Mod or Skill, and it also increases Casting Speed. This is extremely helpful if you intend on using the Invoker’s Way of Keula as your main Skill on the battlefield.
Jester's Bell remnant 2
The Jester’s Bell Amulet (Screenshot by eXputer)
Important: For the optimal rings, I suggest mainly considering your secondary archetype’s pros and cons since I didn’t find any specific ring that significantly helps the Invoker.

That wraps up my brief guide on unlocking the Invoker archetype in Remnant 2’s Forgotten Kingdom DLC. As an AoE powerhouse, this archetype is great for support and offense and can easily clear arenas with hordes of enemies. Besides my recommendations, you can also check out this YouTube video, which combines the Invoker with another powerful archetype, Gunslinger.

While you’re here, consider checking out my review of The Forgotten Kingdom DLC, where I’ve given my fair share of praises for this incredible expansion.

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