Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Tier List: Best & Worst Characters

Having played Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising for 45+ hours, here is my take on all fighters in the game!

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising is a 2.5D fighting game where each character comes with a unique playstyle, strengths, weaknesses, and toolkit for certain advantages. With a 28-character roster in the game, not all fighters perform equally, nor is every single one easy to control or master. That is why I have curated the Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Tier List to help players narrow down the best fighters and avoid the worst ones!

Update: Our tier list is designed to help you understand which characters are the best as per the latest Update 1.21.
Key Takeaways
  • There are 28 characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.
  • S-Tier: Some of the best fighters with exceptional tools and versatile gameplay.
  • A-Tier: Strong options, amazing in specific aspects but slightly less versatile.
  • B-Tier: Balanced choices with effective strategies requiring more specific setups.
  • C-Tier: Face challenges, demanding careful play and strategic consideration.

All Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Characters Ranked

Here is the complete roster ranked based on playstyle in the game and what these fighters are best at.

1SiegfriedS-TierVersatile Swordplay, Defensive Counters.
2YuelS-TierAggressive Mixups, Mobile Striker.
3GrimnirS-TierAerial Dominance, Lightning Strikes.
4NierS-TierResource Management, Burst Damage.
5KatalinaA-TierBalanced Fundamentalist, Versatile Combos.
6ZetaA-TierLong-Range Precision, Rushdown Options.
7BeelzebubA-TierUnpredictable Offense, Dark Power Unleashed.
8ZooeyA-TierElemental Mastery, Aerial Control.
9BelialA-TierStylish Aggressor, Unleashed Abyss.
10NarmayaA-TierElegant Mixups, Versatile Stances.
11FerryA-TierZoning Perfection, Trap-Laden Defense.
12DJeetaA-TierBalanced Protagonist, Versatile Moveset.
13AnilaA-TierFire Enchantress, Aerial Control.
14Avatar BelialA-TierDestructive Powerhouse, Dark Majesty.
15GranA-TierBalanced Protagonist, Fundamental Fighter.
16AnreB-TierElusive All-Rounder, Tactical Defense.
17VaseragaB-TierHigh Damage Bruiser, Hard Knockdowns.
18ViraB-TierMid-Range Offense, Sword Mastery.
19SorizB-TierRelentless Pressure, Commanding Strikes.
20CharlottaB-TierRushdown Menace, Defensive Counters.
21SeoxB-TierAgile Strike/Throw Mixups, Close-Range Dominance.
22EustaceB-TierFirearms Specialist, Corner Control.
23PercivalB-TierStock-Based Powerups, Fiery Offense.
24CagliostroB-TierSetplay Zoner, Trap-Centric Offense.
25LadivaC-TierGrappling Powerhouse, High Health.
26LancelotC-TierHigh Mobility Rushdown, Versatile Movement.
27LowainC-TierGimmick-Heavy Disruption, Bros' Shenanigans.
28MeteraC-TierProjectile Zoning Expert, Aerial Mobility.


Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising S-Tier List [Image by Me]
In the top cream of the game’s roster, I have listed characters like Siegfried and Yuel dominate the S-Tier of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. Siegfried’s versatile playstyle, solid normals, and powerful mechanics contribute to his well-rounded strength. Yuel, with mix-up potential, stands out as a force to be reckoned with. All in all, I believe these characters possess powerful tools, making them formidable choices for players seeking top-tier performance.


Siegfried, a heavy-hitting fighter in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, wields a colossal blade, applying relentless pressure in close quarters and midrange. Sacrificing health for increased power through Manigance, he delivers punishing damage, compensating for the sacrifice.

  • Massive blade for formidable close and mid-range attacks.
  • Activatable Manigance enhances attack power significantly.
  • Adaptable playstyle with numerous offensive choices.
  • Health sacrifice for increased damage.
  • Vulnerable during Manigance activation cooldown.
  • Requires precise timing for optimal performance.


Yuel is a close-range rush-down specialist who leverages Foxflame powers and Third Dance stance for relentless pressure, excelling in agility and mix-up strategies.

  • Great walk speed, dash speed, and unique options.
  • Strong Foxflame specials, advantageous Third Dance stance.
  • Safe, forward-moving attacks for effective poking.
  • Low grounded damage output, especially in corner combos.
  • Struggles at range against strong pokes or projectiles.
  • Corner combos yield mediocre damage.


Grimnir, a fast-paced and agile fighter in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, dominates the battlefield with wind manipulation, unique mobility, and strong set play, making him a formidable but challenging character to master.

  • Utilizes Gale Crests and fireball for powerful okizeme.
  • Alters fireball trajectory for preemptive and reactive zoning.
  • Agile rush down with attacks from multiple angles.
  • A longer time to land can be uncomfortable.
  • Limited coverage and lack of invincibility.
  • Short or slow against 7-8f mid-range pokes.


Nier is a puppet character who wields Death through Love’s Redemption, offering great combo conversions and oppressive Okizeme. Her unique resource management is crucial for unleashing formidable sequences.

  • Converts hits into high-damage combos across the screen.
  • Meaty M Fatal Waltz allows for impactful follow-up mixups.
  • Meterless reversal leads to full combos, providing strong defensive options.
  • Crucial for maintaining combo potential.
  • Struggles against long-ranged, meterless moves.
  • Nier’s effectiveness relies on synergy with Death.


Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising A-Tier List [Image by Me]
Within the A-Tier list of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, I couldn’t help but list fighters like Katalina and Zeta showcasing strong capabilities. Katalina’s unparalleled mobility and versatile pressure grant him a solid spot, while Zeta’s mid-range control and mix-up potential make her a formidable contender. These characters offer effective tools and strategies, but may have more specific strengths or limitations compared to S-Tier characters.


Katalina is a Shoto character that boasts a well-rounded moveset with versatile options and beginner-friendly gameplay. Her longer normals and powerful damage make her a formidable adversary, but she faces challenges with big hurtboxes and a basic projectile.

  • 2H, 623H, and f.H intercept jumping opponents easily.
  • Top-tier buttons and 2M for effective poking and whiff punishing.
  • Strong damage and anti-air make corner escapes perilous.
  • Vulnerable to low pokes, lacks easy counter options.
  • Each skill has significant downsides and lacks abuse potential.
  • 214L move is prone to getting low-profiled, risking losing turns.


According to my 30+ hours of experience in the game, Zeta is a versatile fighter with strong pokes like f.M and 2M, excelling in corner carry. The Spear of Arvess provides her excellent mobility and impressive damage potential, though she faces challenges with slower mediums and a parry-based reversal.

  • f.M, 2M, and f.H with above-average range.
  • Defines her mobility, enabling hit-and-run playstyle.
  • Long-range check with full-screen, instant-traveling beam projectile.
  • Inconsistent, loses to throws, and has slow follow-ups.
  • Relying on basic universal options without strong defensive tools.
  • Zeta struggles to maintain continuous offensive pressure.


Beelzebub is a little complicated fighter that exceptionally excels in space control and pacing. Employing a hybrid style of zoning and pressure, he adapts fluidly, cornering foes with ranged attacks, a strategic teleport, and an oppressive command grab.

  • Enhances mobility and adds unpredictability to movements.
  • Adapts to match state, switching between aggression and defense.
  • Requires mastering range, timing, and adaptive mindset.
  • Win condition centered on pressuring opponents.
  • Mastery of attack range and adaptable playstyle are needed.
  • Demands an understanding of when to switch between aggression and defense.


Zooey dominates the neutral game as a long-range character with powerful tools, utilizing her wyvern gauge and excellent normals to apply pressure and lock down opponents. Her potent okizeme and oppressive pressure force opponents into extended defensive situations.

  • Exceptional projectile with a monstrous frame advantage.
  • Direct control over H Thunder enables combo extensions.
  • Plus frames from Summon Dragon and 66L force prolonged blocking.
  • 214H scales for both hits and follow-up.
  • Limited damage from the main combo extender.
  • Lack of options without expending meter.


Belial is a master of exceptional neutral play, utilizing long-range zoning and pressure strings. His comprehensive toolkit, including a powerful projectile and strong defensive options, allows him to dictate the flow of matches and maintain oppressive pressure.

  • One of the best projectiles redirects to counter common answers.
  • Tools like 2M, 66M, and EX Goetia maintain lockdown.
  • F.H and backdash provide effective neutral control.
  • Optimal use demands solid fundamental skills.
  • High execution demands for optimal effectiveness.
  • Reliance on opponents’ mistakes for high-damage combos.


If you want an amazing stance-based character in the game, then take my word and pick Narmaya. She relies on her Dawnfly and Freeflutter stances for ranged and close-quarters combat. While challenging to master, her high versatility and substantial corner damage make her a formidable choice, although she struggles against strong zoners.

  • Kagura stance boasts range, + on block 2M, and throw baits.
  • Fast dash with high acceleration for approach and threats.
  • Sideswitches and surprise Ultimate skills for round-stealing opportunities.
  • Struggles with fireballs and zoning due to slow walk speed.
  • Difficult confirms with high punishment risk require precision.
  • Difficulty against corner escapes and characters with a strong neutral game.


Ferry is one of the best zoning characters I have found during my 30+ hours of experience in the game! She utilizes her whip and ghostly companions for long pokes. While boasting powerful okizeme and great air mobility, she struggles with slow normals, poor defense, and lower health.

  • Geegee enables hit/throw mixups and 50/50s.
  • Spectral Dive alters momentum, Ghostswing for maneuvering.
  • Ghostswing and Spectral Dive for baiting and evasion.
  • Slower normals and no meterless reversal options.
  • Below-average health requires careful play to avoid mistakes.
  • Dependency on Geegee for optimal okizeme and mixups.


Djeeta has a very good, well-rounded shoto-style gameplay, relying on rekka pressure and diverse projectiles. While possessing excellent grounded pokes and corner carry potential, she faces challenges in midscreen routes and subpar Ultimate Skills.

  • f.M, 2M, and f.H are excellent normals.
  • Reginleiv with slow, fast, and charge versions.
  • H Vorpal Blade provides significant corner launch and carry.
  • Limited usefulness beyond enhanced counter hit and anti-air damage.
  • Relatively poor damage potential off whiffs, especially without a meter.
  • Similar setbacks as Gran: Shared weaknesses with the male counterpart


Anila is one of those characters that I have found to have a variety of options, featuring decent ranged and spacing tools with her pole-arm and sheep. While her normals and fireballs excel at controlling space, she suffers from low combo damage and struggles with rushdown and approach options.

  • Excellent long-range pokes for mid-range control.
  • Multiple fireballs and special moves for diverse neutral control.
  • Beginner-friendly character with straightforward mechanics.
  • Midscreen, struggles with strong hit conversion without resources.
  • Requires winning more exchanges compared to others.
  • Struggles when behind in a match.

Avatar Belial

A high-risk, high-reward character with rapid cooldowns and infinite combos is something I found Avatar Belial a perfect fit for. He also has a unique mechanism of depleting his health to empower his attacks. While excelling in aggressive and dominant playstyles with continuous block pressure, his vulnerability lies in a lower health pool, demanding precise management.

  • Invincible Pact Kick deters mashing, approaching after ranged options.
  • Unique mechanic requires strategic health management for optimal performance.
  • Continuous block pressure, combo strings create overwhelming offensive momentum.
  • Lower health pool at 9,000 with health cost for special moves.
  • Aggressive playstyle demands precise execution and decision-making.
  • Well-rounded but may require tactical and aggressive gameplay.


Gran, a versatile Shoto, combines reliable tools with simplicity, excelling in footsies. He is not an excellent fighter by any stretch, but his toolkit makes him a reliable character; hence I have listed him in the Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising A-Tier List. 

  • Strong corner game with advantageous moves.
  • Effective tools for intercepting jumping opponents.
  • Reliable supers with powerful counter hit potential.
  • Quick normals lack reach compared to the cast.
  • Limited ways to cycle cooldowns during combos.
  • Slow supers with short invulnerability frames and situational use.


Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising B-Tier List [Image by Me]
I found curating the B-tier list of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Characters as they are tricky and very good at control! Still, fighters like Seox and Eustace find themselves in the B-Tier. Seox’s gimmicks and set-play style can overwhelm opponents, but he faces challenges in defense. These characters require skillful execution and face more situational advantages compared to higher tiers.


Anre, also known as Uno, is a versatile all-rounder who uses the Spiral Spear and Arm the Bastion to disrupt opponents and establish his own offensive strategies. With an extensive toolkit, incredible range, and defensive parries, Anre excels in controlling the pace of a match.

  • Utilizes parries effectively for a reactive, defensive playstyle.
  • Capable of setting the pace of a match with unique abilities.
  • Less frequently picked, leading to opponent knowledge checks.
  • Unconventional defensive choices can be unpredictable.
  • Struggles in close-quarters combat, especially against delayed attacks.
  • Requires careful understanding of a large toolkit for optimal play.


Vaseraga is a mid-range powerhouse, and if you ask me, then I’d just say that he delivers overwhelming damage and hard knockdowns. With a patient playstyle, he utilizes heavy armor and massive buttons to control the pace, but his slower movement and lack of defensive options require strategic decision-making.

  • Multiple ways to secure hard knockdowns for advantageous setups.
  • High-reward frame-trap offense and command grab for mixups.
  • Has the game’s highest health, providing durability and risk-taking
  • Slowest walk/run speed demands patient, strategic engagements.
  • Slow speed requires careful positioning and movement planning.
  • Needs to take bigger risks on defense compared to others.


Vira is another balanced mid-range offensive character that I play every now and then. She excels at controlling space with her long-reaching normals and specials. Employing a dual approach of zoning and close-quarters pressure, she executes highly layered offenses and powerful okizeme setups to keep opponents on the defensive.

  • Safe frametraps, high-low mixups, command grab, pressure reset.
  • High-range normals, Scarlet Oath for strong neutral, pressure.
  • Controls space with specials, Scarlet Oath, summoned swords.
  • Requires Skybound Art or slow grab for enhanced transformations.
  • Luminiera disappears if Vira blocks or is hit; zoning limitations.
  • Keen-eyed defenders nullify mixup threats, reducing pressure.


I love rushdown characters, and Soriz is one of my top picks in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. His unique advantage lies in a set of plus-on-block special moves, ensuring never-ending pressure and some of the game’s best comeback potential with his Macho Ultimatum install super.

  • Advantaged special moves for continuous pressure, mix-ups.
  • Solid long-range pokes, versatile attacks for effective footsies.
  • Converts various options into pressure, initiating knockdowns
  • Limited meterless defensive options; 50 meters for true reversal.
  • Relies on Impact Knuckles for neutral, vulnerable to pokes.
  • M Impact Knuckles, main approach, can be spot-dodged.


Charlotta is a rush-down powerhouse with a mix of advancing attacks. Her fast-falling jumps and invincible Flash Kick make her both a relentless offensive force and a solid defender.

  • Fast jumps, and burst range force defensive play.
  • Street Fighter-like moves (Shining Onslaught, Holy Ladder).
  • Königsschild parry, invincible Flash Kick options.
  • Limited reach affects neutral play.
  • Relentless pressure, good damage
  • Lacks projectile for ranged attacks.


Seox is another one of my favorite rushdown characters specializing in strike/throw mixups, leveraging close-range normals, plus-on-block special moves, and unique movement options. His kit enables him to dominate neutral with high mobility, using air fireballs and fast normals.

  • Fastest walk/run speed, versatile movement, air fireballs.
  • Quick startup/recovery, enhances pressure, counter hit opportunities.
  • Versatile options for throws, frame traps, and turn resets.
  • Optimal play needs precise mixup sequence execution.
  • Relies more on offense, and lacks strong defensive tools.
  • Requires understanding of mixup setups for maximum effectiveness.


Eustace wields Flamek and is a master of locking down opponents with projectile gunfire and command dash follow-ups. While rocking a strong offense with simplified inputs, his lack of a meterless reversal and relatively low damage output require good reads and awareness.

  • Excellent pokes, diverse projectiles, and advancing moves for fantastic neutral.
  • Top-tier 2L, fast projectiles, offensive moves for block advantage.
  • Flamek Thunder, Slow Kill ease challenging block strings, combos
  • Rat Race+ cooldown weakens high-damage conversions and pressure.
  • May spend meter compensating for cooldowns, limiting options.
  • Optimal use demands good reads and skill-dependent offensive prowess.


Percival is a footsies-based fighter, gaining power-ups to buff specials throughout the match. With long-range normals, fire waves, and devastating combos, Percival dominates through royal pokes and relentless pressure.

  • Zerreissen converts pokes to great damage, and corner pressure.
  • Long-reaching normals, Macht, corner options for oppressive sequences.
  • Above-average damage, potent with Träumerei stocks, counter hits.
  • Träumerei stocks essential; damage, pressure suffer without.
  • Anzünden projectiles lack range without stocks, challenging against zoners.
  • Proper corner launch needs Träumerei stocks, limiting combo potential


Cagliostro is a set play character who masterfully uses traps for control. Swift movement, aerial projectiles, and teleportation contribute to her versatile playstyle.

  • Strong, versatile normals for various situations.
  • Mehen provides diverse wake-up setups.
  • Effective harassment with Collapse, Mehen, Calculated.
  • No meterless reversal, struggles without meter advantage.
  • Requires in-depth lab work for optimization.
  • ‘Spare Body’ teleport exploitable in pressure


Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising C-Tier List [Image by Me]
I highly suggest you do not pick characters from C-tier list of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Tier List, such as Ladiva and Metera. Ladiva’s powerful corner presence and high health offer advantages, but her sluggish movement and lack of a meterless reversal pose challenges. Metera’s set-play style and long-range options are balanced by reliance on resources and defensive vulnerabilities. These characters demand careful play and may face more pronounced weaknesses.


Ladiva, even though I have listed this as a C-tier fighter, excels at closing the distance for powerful grabs, leveraging increased health to absorb hits and retaliate with high damage. While dominating in the corner, Ladiva faces challenges in neutral due to sluggish movement.

  • Corner dominance, setups for throws, advantageous frame traps.
  • Ladiva’s high health used strategically in neutral.
  • Punishes quickly, potent offensive capabilities.
  • Slow movement, delayed normals, vulnerable to footsies, zoning.
  • Lacks meterless reversal, susceptible to pressure.


Even though I love playing with rushdown fighters, Lancelot just won’t cut for a better character in the game. While excelling in mobility and pressure, I found lower damage output and short range posing a big challenge.

  • Unparalleled movement: Turbulenz, Wirbelwind, Delta Leap.
  • 2U: forward-moving low-profile attacks for a hard knockdown.
  • Southern Cross series: advancing frame traps, throw opportunities.
  • Neutral struggles against longer normals and faster projectiles.
  • Lancelot relies on Ultimate Turbulenz for invincible reversals


If there is any unconventional character I found while playing Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, then it has gotta be Lowain. His hit-and-run playstyle relies on the Katbot and Brofams for mixups, while meter usage unleashes a fullscreen projectile. All of this is very unusual for a fighter makes him highly unreliable! 

  • Katbot, Brofams offer potent okizeme for extended pressure.
  • Rapid meter build through pressure, zoning, and recovery using 5U.
  • Pressure scenarios, SBA, and SSBA pose significant chip damage threats.
  • Main defensive tool is a counter, a more reliable option.
  • Supers and setups become less effective against experienced opponents.
  • Short-range normals (excluding f.M and 2U) limit defense and neutral.


Metera boasts a floaty jump and a unique short hop functioning as a double jump. Her playstyle revolves around chipping away at opponents from a distance, but her lower health and lack of a reliable anti-air leave her vulnerable.

  • Controls the match’s tempo with versatile projectile options.
  • Floaty jump, Zephyr, and Aetherial Seal provide aerial flexibility.
  • Unusual mobility options with floaty jumps and a double jump.
  • Lower health and poor defense make her vulnerable when cornered.
  • Metera suffers significantly when cornered by opponents.
  • Below-average health puts her at a disadvantage.

GBVSR Tier List Criteria

This tier list is curated after carefully considering the overall playstyle each character offers. Besides that, each fighter in the game has strengths and weaknesses, and I evaluated those and listed the pros and cons of the entire character roster to justify the overall ranking!

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