10 Best Apex Legends Mobile Guns

Our Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns guide entails some of the best weapons in the mobile game you should use and dominate the encounters.

We’ve curated a list of the top Apex Legends mobile guns that are accurate, have little to no recoil, have decent mag size, and have excellent DPS. So, if you see any of these weapons in the game, make sure you drop the existing loadout and equip the ones I have listed in my guide.

Other than using some of the best legends, the guns are the next big thing you should master, and that is why my Apex Legends Mobile best guns entail the top-tier weapons you should use to dominate fights in the game. Here is a brief comparison of every gun from this list:

Mobile GunsTypeDamage DPSMobility Fire RateAmmo
R-301 Carbine Assault RifleAssault Rifle14.0189.030.0810.0Light Rounds
Volt SMGSub Machine Gun16.0168.029.0630.0Energy Ammo
M600 Spitfire LMGLight Machine Gun18.0162.025.0540.0Light Rounds
Kraber .50-Cal SniperSniper Sniper Ammo
EVA-8 Auto ShotgunShotgun63.0126.024.0120.0Shotgun Shells
VK-47 Flatline Assault RifleAssault Rifle 19.0100.030.0600.0Heavy Rounds
Triple Take Marksman RifleMarksman Rifle69. Ammo
Mastiff ShotgunShotgun104.0135.024.078.0Shotgun Shells
Alternator SMGSub Machine Gun16.0160.0-600.0Light Rounds
Wingman PistolPistol45.0117.025.0156.0Sniper Ammo

R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle

Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
R-301 apex legends mobile

This should not come as a surprise, but the R-301 Carbine is by far the best assault rifle weapon in Apex Legends Mobile. Out of four AR guns in the game, this one shreds the enemies when it comes to engaging in close, medium, and long-range combat.

The best part of using the R-301 Carbine is that the assault rifle has a very fast rate of fire, which is probably the highest in Apex Legends Mobile as well. Other than that, this gun also comes with a faster bullet travel speed as well, which makes it an incredible pick for all ranges of combat engagement in the game. 

One of the many reasons the R-301 Carbine is excellent in any situation is that it comes with two rates of fire modes: full-auto and single fire. The full-auto is the best for close to medium-range combat engagements, while the single fire can be used to fire at enemies at long ranges, should you have a good scope attachment installed on the assault rifle. Also, the weapon has no reoil whatsoever, and it makes this gun the best AR in the game.

Regardless of being the best gun in Apex Legends Mobile right now, the R-301 comes with one drawback, which is a lower base magazine.

  • Damage: 14
  • Fire Rate: 810
  • DPS: 189
  • Base Ammo: 22 
  • Range: 475
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: 55
    Mobility: 30
  • Full Reload Speed [sec]: 3.2
  • ADS Movement Speed [sec]: 0.268
  • Weapon Swap Speed [sec]: 0.75
  • ADS Speed: 0.268

Volt SMG

Volt weapon
Volt SMG apex legends mobile

The best part of using Volt SMG is that it has very low recoil, and nine out of ten shots that you will fire on an enemy in close to medium range will always hit the target, regardless of whether the target is moving or stationary.

Similar to R-301, when you pick Volt SMG, you would notice that the iron sight is very clear and clean, allowing you to paint a target with bullets easily. The hip fire is by far the excellent aspect of this weapon, and it is also one of the many reasons I think Volt is the best SMG in Apex Legends Mobile right now.

Another excellent aspect of this SMG is that it comes with high DPS and damage, which most professionals and beginners would want in an SMG. The only downside that I think this weapon has is you can not rely on it to hit targets who are in the medium range, not at least with the iron sight.

If you have slotted in all weapon attachments: barrel, mag, stock, and optics, then you will have a decent chance of taking out enemies from medium range. Otherwise, having this weapon in stock condition makes it very hard to land shots accurately.

  • Damage: 16 
  • Fire Rate: 630
  • DPS: 168
  • Base Ammo: 23 
  • Range: 290
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: 56
    Mobility: 29
  • Full Reload Speed [sec]: 2.6
  • ADS Movement Speed [sec]: 0.23
  • Weapon Swap Speed [sec]: 0.65
  • ADS Speed: 0.23

M600 Spitfire LMG

Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
M600 spitfire apex legends mobile

When it comes to picking an LMG weapon in the game that offers high damage, easy-to-control recoil, and less bullet spread, there is no parallel to M600 Spitfire LMG in Apex Legends Mobile.

Dropping this weapon from a supply pod is probably the best decision right now at the launch of the game. Otherwise, every single player would have eyed to pick an M600 Spitfire in their loadout.

Overall, the M600 Spitfire is an excellent addition to my list of the best guns in the Apex Legends Mobile guide. However, there are a few drawbacks or cons to using this weapon. For starters, the weapon has an average travel speed, and landing medium-range shots may be a challenge as the combat pacing is really fast in Apex Legends Mobile.

Secondly, if you attach a long mag size, the continuous fire mode will gradually increase the recoil of LMG, making it very hard to hit successive shots on a moving target. Lastly, the current version of Apex Legends Mobile drops this weapon in supply drops only, so finding and using this weapon frequently is out of the question. 

  • Damage: 18
  • Fire Rate: 540
  • DPS: 162
  • Base Ammo: 40
  • Range: 457
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: 38
    Mobility: 25
  • Full Reload Speed [sec]: 3.3
  • ADS Movement Speed [sec]: 0.275
  • Weapon Swap Speed [sec]: 0.85
  • ADS Speed: 0.27

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

Kraber sniper
Kraber .50-Cal apex legends mobile

Kraber .50-Cal is the best sniper gun in Apex Legends Mobile. It has the potential to basically one-shot your target if you land a headshot. Similar to the M600 Spitfire, this sniper also drops from supply drops, which means you need to look out for them whenever you see them dropping nearby. 

If you have played the multi-platform version of the Apex Legends game, then you will understand how good this sniper rifle is in the mobile version of the game.

There are almost no guns in the Apex Legends Mobile that can break your target’s armor or shield and deplete their health in just one shot, and Kraber is by far the only one to do that.

However, the powerful bolt-action sniper rifle that has 6x-10x variable zoom needs to be fired at a greater accuracy to land a headshot, that too on a moving target. Only skilled players who have excellent practice in mobile FPS games will be able to execute this challenging task in the game and one-shot the target. 

The only downside right now is that the rate of fire is very low for Kraber .50-Cal, and if you run out of ammo, you cannot pick its ammo type, and you will need to get rid of the gun in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • Damage: 145
  • Fire Rate: 29
  • DPS: 70
  • Base Ammo: 5
  • Range: 980
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: 95
    Mobility: 29
  • Full Reload Speed [sec]: 4.3
  • ADS Movement Speed [sec]: 0.292
  • Weapon Swap Speed [sec]: 2
  • ADS Speed: 0.291

EVA-8 Auto Shotgun

EVA 8 Shotgun
EVA-8 Auto apex legends mobile

The best part of using the EVA-8 Auto shotgun in Apex Legends Mobile is that the weapon comes with a fast rate of fire, and the bullets land on a target in eight shapes. It means that if you aim at the center part or body of a target, nine out of ten times, the bullet spread will hit the legs, body, and head as well.

Secondly, EVA-8 Auto is very lethal when you use it against one or two enemies at very close range. Since it comes with an auto rate of fire, you can spam the shots and get to break an enemy’s shield or deplete health much faster. Also, the bullet spread in close range hits the target very easily, regardless of hip firing or aim down the sights. 

The only downside I think EVA-8 Auto, the best shotgun in Apex Legends Mobile, has is the mag size is small. You can use this weapon as a primary to break an enemy’s shield, but to deplete the health, you will either need to reload or swap the secondary weapon. 

  • Damage: 63
  • Fire Rate: 120
  • DPS: 126
  • Base Ammo: 10
  • Range: 179
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: 35
    Mobility: 24
  • Full Reload Speed [sec]: 3
  • ADS Movement Speed [sec]: 0.23
  • Weapon Swap Speed [sec]: 0.85
  • ADS Speed: 0.23

VK-47 Flatline Assault Rifle

There are a few features and weapon balances that make Flatline better than the R-301 Carbine. Then again, there are a few downsides attached to this AR that make it an underwhelming AR when compared to R-301. 

For starters, the VK-47 Flatline has slightly higher base damage than the R-301 Carbine. However, the aim of assisting is where the latter AR shines the most than the former. Regardless of the greater damage of Flatline, the weapon has a lower rate of fire than R-301, which makes it a decent pick for mid-range combat and not so great for very close range. 

There are a few downsides of Flatline in Apex Legends Mobile that weigh its ranking down. The first one is that when you fire the initial shots, the recoil is high, and you will need to stabilize it. The bullet travel speed is also a little slow compared to the other three ARs in the game. 

Lastly, you must pick AK-47 Flatline if you think you are a good aim in Apex Legends Mobile or have excellent control in playing FPS games on a touch screen. Otherwise, you will have a hard time learning the little challenging curve of this AR in the game. 

  • Damage: 19
  • Fire Rate: 600
  • DPS: 190
  • Base Ammo: 24 
  • Range: 461
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: 45
    Mobility: 30
  • Full Reload Speed [sec]: 3.1
  • ADS Movement Speed [sec]: 0.268
  • Weapon Swap Speed [sec]: 0.75
  • ADS Speed: 0.268

Triple Take Marksman Rifle

Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
Triple Take apex legends mobile

Using sniper as the main weapon is a playstyle that not many players would prefer on Apex Legends Mobile, as pinpoint accuracy is required. However, if you are that kind of person, then you need to pick this marksman rifle whenever you see it in the game. I already listed the best marksman rifle in Apex Legends Mobile above, but that drops from the Supply drop. However, Triple Take can be found quite easily in random loot crates and inside rooms. 

The best part of using Triple Take sniper is that it fires three spreading sniper shots that can hit more than one target, provided they are adjacent to each other. Also, you do not require the master skills to use sniper rifles as this one has a forgiving aim. Even if you fire a few centimeters off from the target, the spread of the three bullets will likely hit the target anyway. 

The tradeoff of using Triple Take as the go-to sniper rifle in Apex Legends Mobile is the overall lower damage. Yes, out of three marksman rifles in the game, this one has a not-so-great damage output.

However, this shortcoming is easily compensated by excellent hip-fire accuracy. Three bullet-spread sniper rounds fired at a time and the choke comes by default on Triple Take.

  • Damage: 69
  • Fire Rate: 75
  • DPS:86
  • Base Ammo: 8
  • Range: 880
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: 70
    Mobility: 24
  • Full Reload Speed [sec]: 3.4
  • ADS Movement Speed [sec]: 0.292
  • Weapon Swap Speed [sec]: 1.3
  • ADS Speed: 0.291

Mastiff Shotgun

Mastiff Shotgun apex legends mobile

Another excellent shotgun weapon that shreds targets with a very slow rate of fire as compared to most shotgun weapon types in the game. Mastiff is a beast when it comes to dealing a massive amount of very close-range damage per shot. 

Unlike EVA-8 Auto, Mastiff is not an automatic shotgun, and the rounds fired take some time before you can fire again. The insane amount of damage and the horizontal burst spread makes it the second-best shotgun in Apex Legends Mobile right now. 

There are two downsides that I think make Mastiff a very punishing weapon in Apex Legends Mobile. For starters, if you miss a shot, you will need to wait for a half-second or so before you can fire again, as the rate of fire of the shotgun is not great. Missing a shot can prove very punishing, and your enemy can kill you during that time if you keep hitting away from the target. 

Secondly, the damage of Mastiff falls off in the mid-range. For high-damage dealing shotgun, the damage falling will be such a disappointment for many players in close-quarters combat (CQC).

  • Damage: 104
  • Fire Rate: 78
  • DPS: 135
  • Base Ammo: 8
  • Range: 128
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: 36
    Mobility: 24
  • Full Reload Speed [sec]: 4.4
  • ADS Movement Speed [sec]: 0.21
  • Weapon Swap Speed [sec]: 1
  • ADS Speed: 0.21

Alternator SMG

Apex Legends Mobile Best Guns
Alternator SMG Apex Legends mobile

R-99 and Alternator SMG are both my favorite weapons in the multi-platform Apex Legends version of the game. However, the R-99 becomes unstable quickly, and it is very hard to stabilize the recoil control using the touch screen while playing it on Apex Legends Mobile. At least, that is the case with us. 

The best part of using Alternator as your go-to weapon in Apex Legends Mobile is that the weapon is dead-accurate using hip fire. The crosshair is wide enough for you to hover the aim on a target and hip fire. Most of your bullets will land easily on your target in close quarters and will likely give you a kill easily. 

Hitting a target with successive shots is more important when picking a weapon than a gun that has great damage but is challenging to land a shot on a target. 

I think the Alternator SMG is a much better sub-machine weapon in the game than the R-99. The top-tier aim assists a feature that makes hitting a target very easily, is the reason I think Alternator SMG is the second-best sub-machine gun in Apex Legends Mobile.

Wingman Pistol

Wingman pistol
Wingman Pistol Apex Legends Mobile

If you want an impactful hit like a shotgun that breaks shields instantly and a long-range like a sniper, then Wingman is your best friend in the game. This pistol has by far the highest damage-dealing capability and decent rate of fire and is deadly at close, mid, and long ranges as well. 

This kind of raw, damaging firepower in a pistol is absolutely ridiculous, and you must consider using Wingman if you are really good with the touch controls of FPS mobile games in the genre. You will dominate the ring if you master the learning curve of using Wingman in Apex Legends Mobile, as this beast of a weapon shreds its targets. 

The Wingman has high recoil, which makes it not so great to fire consecutive shots if your target is mid to long-range. However, if you are to fire at close range, then the hip fire is pretty accurate as well, and you can easily get a kill, provided all of your shots land or hit a target.

  • Damage: 45
  • Fire Rate: 156
  • DPS: 117
  • Base Ammo: 8
  • Range: 222
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: 28
    Mobility: 25
  • Full Reload Speed [sec]: 2.1
  • ADS Movement Speed [sec]: 0.19
  • Weapon Swap Speed [sec]: 0.45
  • ADS Speed: 0.19

My Experience With Apex Legends Mobile’s Guns

All of the guns mentioned in the guide are top-tier guns, of course, but these guns are highly dependent on a player’s gameplay. I have been playing Apex for quite a while now, and I am confident in my mid-range as well as in long-range duels. So, the gun that I prefer to use is VK-47 Flatline, which is, of course, the best mid-range gun available in Apex.

naqib apex hours
My concurrent progress on Apex Legends

Other than flatline, I prefer having the Kraber as my secondary gun; however, getting the Kraber is hard since you have to hunt the airdrops. If Kraber is not available, then I prefer using the Triple take, as it can be used in long as well as in mid-range. R301-Carbine and Wingman are also a good choice for mid-range duelers.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best guns in Apex Legends Mobile. Which has been your go-to loadout so far in the game? For us, it is R-301 Carbine with Volt SMG. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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