ShivFPS Apex Legends Settings: Mouse, Video & Keybinds

This guide provides you detailed description of Settings, Sensitivity and Keybinds set by ShivFPS for Apex Legends game.

ShivFPS Apex Legends settings are popular in the community due to the convenience and ease of their controls. If we talk about Apex Legend, it is a strategic battle royale game with interesting modes and realistic gameplay. It is a free-to-play game, so it is more competitive than other paid battle royale games. The exciting feature of this game is that it has diversity in settings, variations, and versatility. Anyone could play the game according to his preference, but it requires proper tactics to survive until the end. Many factors influence your gameplay, and in-game settings are the most important among them. Today, we will talk about ShivFPS settings that will help you get an idea of the best settings of the game on which you can play.

Key Takeaways
  • ShivFPS, also known as Shivam Patel, is a professional Apex Legends player and popular Twitch streamer.
  • ShivFPS uses a moderate mouse sensitivity setting of 1.25, which allows him to track enemy movements efficiently and improve his aim.
  • He uses a DPI of 400, which is the lowest DPI setting that can be adjusted. Most players prefer to play at higher DPI settings, but ShivFPS finds that playing at lower DPI settings helps him keep his aim steady.
  • His key binds are mostly default, with a few exceptions. He uses the “Z” key for his ultimate ability, the “Q” key for his tactical ability, and the “I” essential to open his inventory.
  • He recommends that players experiment with different settings to find what works best. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to mouse sensitivity and key binds.

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ShivFPS Best Apex Legends Settings

Shivam Patel, famously known as ShivFPS, is no doubt among the best players of Apex Legends. He is a professional gamer from the and has been a favorite streamer of twitch. He has a following of over 200,000 subscribers and never fails to entertain his fans by providing high-quality content and entertaining clips. Shiv has also played other competitive games like CS: GO and Fortnite, but he is well known for his impressive gameplay in Apex Legends. His streams are watched all over the globe, and people love his gameplay.

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One thing the watchers are curious about is the settings that Shiv uses to deliver such impressive gameplay with fast movements and quick reflexes. So, ShivFPS revealed his settings for Apex Legends at the request of his fans. One thing you should always remember is that his settings are set according to personal preferences. So, you can take ideas and references from settings of pro players, but there is always an option for making some slight alterations in it according to your comfort to get more quality in your playing style. And, if you are new to the game, you must check out our tips and tricks for the Apex Legends guide.

ShivFPS Gaming Gear

MonitorAcer Predator XB253Q
KeyboardDucky One 2 Mini
MouseLogitech G Pro X Superlight
MicRode Procaster / Rode PSA1 (Mic Stand)
HeadphonesHyperX Cloud II Red
CPUIntel i9-9900K

The setup on which you play your game also plays a vital role in determining your performance. If you got a heavy system that does not have to struggle much in processing the game smoothly, then you already have a fair advantage. Similarly, if you have good skills, but you play on an average setup, then you might get beaten up by your opponent having fewer skills than you but better playing equipment.

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Apex Legends requires average specifications in order to run on a system. Still, it is recommended to have an updated setup with an advanced graphics card and processor to avoid any lag or frame drops in the game. Here is the gaming gear of ShivFPS.

  • Monitor: ShivFPS uses the Predator XB253Q model of the Acer series as its personal desktop.  
  • Keyboard: He is currently using Ducky One 2 Mini gaming keyboard as it has a high response rate and sleek design.
  • Mouse: He likes to use the Logitech G Pro X Superlight gaming mouse due to its high DPI response. It is a wireless mouse.
  • Microphone: He has a Rode Procaster microphone with RODE PSA1 mic stand.
  • Headset: He uses the HyperX Cloud II Red headsets. They provide high-quality sound and are pretty impressive in appearance.
  • GPU and CPU: ShivFPS has the Palit GeForce RTX 3070 GamingPro GPU combined with Intel i9-9900K that delivers ultra-performance with extreme FPS.

ShivFPS Mouse Settings for Apex Legends

Comfortable mouse settings are necessary when playing first-person shooter games as the aiming and shooting depend on mouse movements. We recommend that you try different mouse sensitivity settings and stick to one that suits you the most, as mastering one setting will improve your accuracy and will surely help you build up those reflexes.

Most players think that having higher sensitivity will give you better aim, but it is not the fact. Sensitivity style varies according to personal choice; some players like to play with extreme sensitivities, while others prefer lower settings. So, in the end, it’s up to the player to choose the settings that enable him to deliver quality gameplay. Here are the Mouse sensitivity settings set by ShivFPS.

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Mouse Sensitivity:3.0
ADS Mouse Multiplayer1.0
Mouse AccelerationOff
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Mouse InvertOff

ShivFPS likes to play at moderate sensitivity settings that enable him to track enemy movements efficiently and improve his aim significantly. 400 DPI is the lowest DPI setting that could be adjusted. Most players prefer to play at increased Dots Per Linear Inch settings (up to 800 DPI), but playing at a low setting does not make the screen shaky, which prevents messing up your aim. In order to find perfect Mouse Sensitivity for yourself, you can start from 400 DPI and increase it by 100 DPI until you find the right one.

ShivFPS Mouse Settings for Apex Legends
ShiVFPS Mouse Settings

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ShivFPS Video settings for Apex Legends

Resolution1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio16:9
Field of View90%
Color Blind ModeDisabled
Adaptive Resolution FPS Target0
Texture Streaming BudgetInsane
Texture FilteringBilinear
Ambient Occlusion QualityDisabled
Sun Shadow CoverageLow
Sun Shadow DetailLow
Spot Shadow DetailDisabled
Volumetric LightingDisabled
Dynamic Spot ShadowsDisabled
Model DetailLow
Effects DetailLow
Impacts MarksLow

Video and Display settings play the most significant role in determining the performance and graphics of the game, so it is crucial to have optimized settings according to your system. Having higher settings than your system can bear will result in lag and frame drops. If you have the latest system with upgraded gear, you can play at better settings, but it is important to adjust them accordingly if you play on an average setup.

Pro players have the best and most updated setup, yet they still prefer to play at standard graphics but high FPS. They don’t want to compromise on the game’s performance for aesthetics. So, it is better to focus more on getting maximum Framerates than getting detailed pictures. ShivFPS has a beast setup, so he uses slightly higher video settings. Here are the details of the settings used by him.

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Basic Video Settings

The basic video settings adjust the screen size, aspect ratio, and resolution of the game. Its primary focus is to set the graphics and visuals of the game. Here are the details of ShivFPS basic video settings for Apex Legends.


ShivFPS has a bright monitor with more pixels, so he keeps his brightness close to 60%. These settings can be adjusted according to personal preference but make sure not to keep it too high as it could affect your eyes.

Display and Resolution

ShivFPS has default settings for Display and Resolution. He plays on Fullscreen mode with 1920×1080 resolution.

Aspect Ratio

ShivFPS has a stretched monitor that provides an elegant landscape view, so he uses the 16:9 (native) aspect ratio as it suits best according to his setup.

Field of View

ShivFPS like to have a narrow FOV as it enhances to maintain your focus on one particular thing, so he has set it to 90%.

Color Blind Mode

ShivFPS has disabled color blind mode.

Advanced Video Settings

These settings are slightly more complicated than basic video settings, and altering them will significantly affect the game’s performance. If you have a high-end system, you can just copy the settings of ShivFPS to get the best graphics and extreme FPS. Otherwise, altering them according to your system capacity is the preferable option.


Shiv has disabled the V-Sync he has the latest setup that supports an impressive refresh rate of 280Hz, so he does not need this setting as it is used for medium to low-end PC that provides display up to 60Hz.

Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

Turning this setting on will change your graphics to lower resolution when needed in order to provide better framerates. The setup of Shiv can support high graphics, so he has set it to 0, which disables this setting and keeps the game at preset resolution.


Anti-Aliasing enhances the picture details and makes the visuals look sharper; Shiv has disabled this setting as keeping them on does not provide any significant benefit but puts extra load on the processor.

Texture Streaming Budget

Texture Streaming Budget is used to set the image quality textures of the game. Shiv has set this setting to Insane (8GB VRAM). It is recommended not to put it too high if you have an average system.

Texture Filtering

Texture filtering enhances the sharpness of details and increases the smoothness of textures. Shiv has set it to Bilinear.

Ambient Occlusion Quality

Ambient Occlusion Quality is just for the game’s aesthetics and focuses on shadows sharpness. You can keep these settings off as they will not affect the visuals of the game. Shiv has also disabled this setting.

Sun Shadow Coverage and Sun Shadow Detail

These settings adjust the shadows of objects cast by the sun. Shiv has kept both settings low as he focuses more on smooth gameplay rather than impressive visuals.

Spot Shadow Detail

Shiv has kept this setting disabled.

Volumetric Lightning and Dynamic Spot Shadows

Shiv has disabled Volumetric Lightning and Dynamic Spot Shadows as they only make the visuals look better and do not play many roles in competitive gameplay.

Model Detail

Model Detail adjusts the sharpness and details of moving objects and in-game characters. Shiv has kept this setting low.

Effects Detail

Effect detail also focuses on visual graphics such as explosions and fire effects. Keeping them high will put an extra load on the system, so Shiv has kept these settings low.

Impact Marks

Impact Marks highlight impacts caused by bullets on walls and other objects. Shiv has kept it low as it is unnecessary to keep this setting on only to see bullet impacts on the wall.


This setting does not play any significant role in competitive gameplay as it only enhances the accuracy of physical animations such as dead bodies. So, Shiv has set it to low.

ShivFPS Keybinds for Apex Legends

JumpSpace Bar
SprintLeft Shift
Crouch HoldLeft CTRL
Crouch ToggleC
Ultimate AbilityZ
Tactical AbilityQ
InventoryTab / I
Interact / PickupE
AimRight Click
Character Utility ActionH
Grenade EquipG
Health Item4
Weapon Equip1 & 2
Inspect WeaponN

Having proper Keybinds significantly helps in improving your gameplay. Apex Legends comes with default Keybinds, but you can optimize it according to your own needs. Preset controls are also convenient for most players, but doing some alterations for your comfort will help you perform better when you need those quick movements and fast reflexes. It is recommended to set a series of keys for each action and then stick to the same controls as it will help in building your muscle memory. When you get used to one control, your fingers build a memory that helps a lot in critical situations.

ShivFPS Keybinds

Shiv has customized his Keybinds and plays the game in his way. Here are the details of the controls used by him. His settings are pretty comfortable and easy to remember. If you are getting confused in building up your own, then you can surely take some help from his settings.


Shiv has default controls for movement as he uses “W” to move forward, “S” to move backward, “A” to move left, and “D” to move in the right direction. 

  • Jump: He uses the Space Bar key for the jump.
  • Sprint: He uses the Left Shift for sprinting.
  • Crouch Hold/Toggle: He uses Left Ctrl for Crouch (hold) and C for Crouch (toggle).
  • Ultimate/Tactical Ability: He uses the “Z” for ultimate ability and “Q” for Tactical Ability.
  • Inventory: He uses Tab Key or sometimes the “I” key to open the inventory.
  • Interact/Pickup: He uses the “E” key to pick items or interact with objects.
  • Aim: ShivFPS uses the right click of the mouse to aim at objects.
  • Melee: He uses “V” key for the Melee weapon.
  • Character Utility Action: He uses “H” key for Character Utility Action.
  • Equip Grenade: He uses “G” to use hand grenades.
  • Health Item: He uses the “4″ key on the keypad to use the health item.
  • Reload: He uses “R” key to reload the weapon.
  • Equip Weapons: ShivFPSeither uses “1” and “2” keys to switch between primary and secondary weapons, or he just uses the mouse scroll button to change it.
  • Inspect Weapon: He uses the “N” key to inspect the weapon.


ShivFPS plays on customized controls, but that is not the only factor that makes him pro. The reason behind his unrealistic reflexes and impressive quick scopes are thousands of hours of grinding. If you love the playing style of Shiv, then you can copy his settings for sure, but practice and consistency are what make you better at the game and improve you. So, pick up your favorite settings, get comfortable with them and rock on the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ShivFPS?

Shivam Patel, is famously known as “ShivFPS” is a British player who plays Apex Legends Tournaments for soloQgoats team and streams for Luminosity Gaming.

Does ShivFPS have the best Apex Legends settings?

Shiv settings are famous in the community, and many players copy his controls.

Will copying ShivFPS settings make me a pro at Apex Legends?

Copying exact settings might enhance your performance in the game to some extent, but you need consistent practice with those settings in order to deliver impressive gameplay

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