Former Titanfall, Apex, And Call Of Duty Devs Form Wildlight Entertainment

The new studio pledges to create an "epic shooter" and is fully funded.

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  • Former devs of top FPS games formed Wildlight Entertainment.
  • The studio is headed by the former head of Apex Legends at Respawn.
  • The company’s next game is fully funded.

Former developers of the Call of Duty, Titanfall, and Apex Legends franchises recently announced the creation of their new video game studio Wildlight Entertainment.  

The studio is headed by Chad Grenier, who was at Respawn Entertainment for nearly 12 years and was head of the Apex Legends team as game director. Chad has 20+ years of game dev experience across Activision and Respawn. He announced the creation of the studio last week on Twitter and Linkedin.

Today I am proud to announce Wildlight Entertainment. We are a new, fully-funded entertainment studio creating a new shooter IP. We’re made up of many of the creators from IPs such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Titanfall. We’ve been at it for over a year already so it’s great to finally poke our heads up and say hello to the world!” – Chad Grenier

Wildlight is developing a AAA shooter game with full financial backing. Since the studio began the development of its title around a year ago, it will be a while until we get to see what the studio is working on. Video game development can take years.

Concept art from the company’s website could indicate the new game is a 3-person squad-based shooter, similar to Apex. This would make sense since the company has its DNA from Respawn Entertainment.

Developers at the studio have had much experience developing high-quality FPS games. The company developers have had experience not only in Titanfall/Apex and almost every COD title, but have experience working on other games such as Halo 4 and 5, Overwatch, PUBG, and more.

In recent years, we have seen multiple new video game studios open up shop from former directors at top publishers. Archetype Entertainment is one example, created by former Bioware developers and houses Drew Karpyshyn. Embark Studios from former EA boss Patrick Sodurlund is another. 

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