Apex Legends New Legend And Battlepass Leaked

Long Rumored Ash from Titanfall Joins Apex Legends!

Apex Legends’ upcoming Season 11 Battlepass has just been leaked. The leak gives a sneak peek at a lot of the cosmetic weapon and legend skins that will be present in Season 11. The biggest addition to the Season however, is the latest Legend to join the game’s roster. Ash from the Titanfall series will be joining the world of Apex as a playable Legend.

The Battlepass for Apex also shows additional skins for characters like Wraith, Revenant and Loba.

The leaked video shows a little snippet of Ash’s gameplay and how her abilities work. Her standard ability is a small electric shuriken with an AoE effect, meanwhile her ultimate lets her use her sword to slash through space and time to instantly travel long distances across the map. In that respect Ash seems somewhat similar to another Apex Legend, Wraith, and its likely that she’s going to attract a similar set of players. Most of whom will probably get blasted for a week and then give up and go back to whoever they usually play as.

Ash can slash a rift between space and time and almost instantaneously travel large distances.

Ash is one of the many new Legends to be added to Apex Legends. The last addition to the game was only a few months ago with the powerful Valkyrie who was released alongside the game’s incredibly fun 3v3 mode. Ash also isn’t the first character to be a straight homage to the Respawn’s very own Titanfall series, with the previous Valkyrie being the daughter of a certain character from Titanfall. The full in-depth character of Ash can be seen here before it is removed.

Apex has also been experiencing incredible growth over the years. Server issues aside, it is a very fun, polished battle royale experience that has a lot of focus on fast skillful play and good reflexes. I still believe that aside from the issues with the servers, Apex is one of the best multiplayer shooters available in the market alongside Rainbow Six Siege. 

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