Apex Legends Valkyrie [Abilities, PlayStyle, Skins]

For all Apex Legends nerds, why not get more info about Valkyrie and her skins, more than you could ever own.

Apex Legends has a pretty solid collection of legends, including Valkyrie. Her abilities allow her to be one of the unique units in the game, and her playstyle precedes that of the other legends, making her an absolute must-have teammate.  

Key Takeaways
  • Valkyrie is a Recon legend in Apex Legends, excelling at gathering crucial information, including enemy locations.
  • Introduced in Season 9, Valkyrie was accessible for 12000 tokens.
  • Valkyrie’s real name is Kairi Imahara, aged around 30.
  • Her ultimate, Skyward Dive, is activated with Z on PC or LB + RB on a controller.
  • Tactical skill, Missile Swarm, is triggered by Q on PC or LB/L1 on controllers.
  • Valkyrie’s passive skill is VTOL Jets.
  • She boasts 60+ skins, including legendary, epic, rare, and common variations.


Overview (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s take an overview of how she is and what exactly her playstyle consists of:

  • Valkyrie is a recon legend excelling at gathering crucial information, such as enemy locations and the next ring’s position.
  • Valkyrie’s unique abilities make her adept at honing in on enemy positions and strategic map awareness.

How To Get Valkyrie

  • Apex Legends Valkyrie debuted in Season 9, running from May 4th to August 3rd, 2021, alongside the Bocek Compound Bow and the Olympus map.
  • The season featured a Japanese-themed battle pass and a quest called “The Legacy Antigen.”
  • Players acquired Valkyrie using Legend Tokens earned by leveling up, costing 12,000 tokens.
  • Skin recolors could be obtained for 10,500 or 6,500 tokens, and daily challenge rerolls cost 200 or 500 tokens for the second and third attempts, respectively.

Basic Details

Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the base information that players might want to know more about Valkyrie:

ClassSkillsStatsWeaponBest Pair
SkirmisherSkyward Dive
Missile Swarm
Difficulty: 3/5
Viability for Battle Royale: 5/5
Viability for Arena: 2/5
R- 301


Abilities (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s start discussing the different abilities offered by players, with 4 abilities that players can expect Valkyrie to have. 

Skyward Dive 

Let’s kick things off by introducing players to her Ultimate Ability, known as the Skyward Dive. Players can cast out the ultimate abilities after fully charging up, and they can click on  if they are playing on a PC setup. 

  • Controller users can activate Valkyrie’s ultimate by pressing LB and RB or holding down on L1 and R1.
  • The Skyward Dive is initiated with a single press, taking 3 minutes to charge fully.
  • Teammates can interact with Valkyrie during setup to join the launch.
  • The ultimate involves a 2-second setup mode before launching Valkyrie into the air.
  • She reaches heights exceeding 130m during the 6.5-second flight, transitioning to a skydive position afterward.

Missile Swarm 

Next up, we have the Missile Swarm skill. All players need to do if they are playing on a PC is to click on Q, and if they are playing on a controller, then they can click on LB or L1, depending on the type of controller that you end up using. 

  • Ability: Launches a barrage of 12 targeted mini-rockets, dealing damage and temporarily disorienting enemies, limiting their ability to counterattack.
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds.
  • Impact: Inflicts ongoing damage and reduces enemy movement briefly.

VTOL Jets 

Now, when it comes to the passive ability, players can use the VTOL Jet, and to use it, players need to hold down on space if they are playing on PC, or they can go ahead and use A or X if they are using the controllers. 

  • The passive skill is described as having the player press down on the spacebar while airborne to use the jetpack. 
  • One thing that payers should keep in mind is that whenever they use the VTOL Jets, they will continue to use up a little bit of fuel simultaneously, and players can see how much fuel they have left on their screens. 
  • While the jets have been activated, players need to know that they are not able to make use of any of their weapons, 


Last but not least, we have a perk that players can take a look at, which is the Recon that Valkyrie has. It is described as having the ability to allow players to scan the Survey Beacons, which reveals the circle’s next location. It ends up taking a total of 7 seconds to make any sort of interaction with the survey beacon, during which players can take damage. 

My Thoughts On Valkyrie’s Potential

As a hardcore FPS player grinding Apex Legends after the latest patch, I’d advise not using Valkyrie if you are new to Apex. Valkyrie’s abilities may not seem to be that complex, but there is more to it.

naqib apex hours
My concurrent progress on Apex Legends

It is obvious that players won’t be able to use weapons while using the VTOL jets, but if you drop down in order to take duels with enemies, then there will be a slight delay before you can equip your weapons; as a result, you will be making a fatal mistake, and you will be sent back to the lobby immediately. I’ve seen several newcomers overestimate the delay, and as such, most of them quickly change to another hero for the next match.

With all of the information provided above, my guide comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned every single detail regarding Valkyrie in Apex. Players can use Valkyrie’s Ultimate, “Skyward Dive,” for multiple purposes, such as chasing down enemies or flying into a circle.

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