Apex Legends Valkyrie [Abilities, PlayStyle, Skins]

For all Apex Legends nerds, why not get more info about Valkyrie and her skins, more than you could ever own.

Apex Legends has a pretty solid collection of legends, including Valkyrie. Her abilities allow her to be one of the unique units in the game, and her playstyle precedes that of the other legends, making her an absolute must-have teammate.  

Key Takeaways
  • Apex Legends has a total of 4 legend types, with them ranging from Offensive, Defensive, Support and Recon-type legends. 
  • Valkyrie falls into the Recon legend type, through which she is able to get her hands on important information, which also includes the opponent’s location and more. 
  • Valkyrie herself was introduced during the 9th season of Apex Legends, during which players were able to pay up a total of 12000 tokens in order to get their hands on her. 
  • Valkyrie’s real name is Kairi Imahara, and her age rounds up to be about 30 years old. 
  • Her Skyward Dive ability is her ultimate ability which can be triggered after clicking on Z on your PC but using the LB + RB on controller. 
  • The Missile Swarm is her tactical skill, and can be triggered by clicking on Q on PCs, while players can also click on LB or L1 on controllers. 
  • As for the passive skills, Valkyrie can make use of the VTOL Jets
  • She has a total of 60+ skins, ranging from legendary, epic, rare as well as common skins


Overview (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s take an overview of how she is and what exactly her playstyle consists of. 

  • Valkyrie is considered a recon legend, where the legends are considered to be the characters that are playable and obtainable in the Apex Legends series, and each legend is unique to the way they operate, the way that they can hone abilities and more. 
  • As a legend, there are four main types of legends that players can get used to: Offensive, Support, Defensive, and Recon legends. 
  • When it comes to being a recon legend, Valkyrie is from the legends who can easily gather usable information, including information regarding where the enemy or target is located or where the next ring is present and can be pretty useful for various reasons. 

How To Get Valkyrie

Regarding the introduction of  Apex Legends Valkyrie, she was introduced back when the 9th season was introduced. The ninth season was introduced on May 4th, 2021, and lasted until August 3rd, 2021. 

  • Alongside the Valkyrie, another weapon was introduced in the season known as the Bocek Compound Bow. Apart from that, players were also introduced to the new featured map, which was known as Olympus, while there was a second map called World’s Edge.
  • Other than that, the theme of the battle pass in the season was of the Japanese culture, and the season’s quest was called The Legacy Antigen

Players could get access to her by using currencies like the Legend Tokens, which can be accessed by leveling up, and players can get their hands on at least 600 tokens for every level they end up leveling up. These tokens can come in handy mostly if players are to unlock any kind of legends, but other than that, players are also able to make use of them to get access to a few skin recolors that are present in the store. 

  • To unlock legends with the legend tokens like the Apex Legends Valkyrie, players need to have at least 12000 of the legend tokens in their arsenal, and it will cost them no less to access any legend. 
  • As for the skin recolors, players can either go ahead and spend 10,500 tokens, or they can even go as far as to spend only 6500 tokens. 
  • Other than recolors, players can also use the tokens to reroll the daily challenges they have been offered. For the second roll, players need to part with a total of 200 tokens. Rerolling the daily challenge for the 3rd time costs even more, costing a total of  500 tokens

Basic Details 

Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the base information that players might want to have at their fingertips whenever they want to get to know more about Valkyrie. 

  • The real name of the Valkyrie is Kairi Imahara, and she is around 30 years old, making her an adult. 
  • She belongs to the world of Angelia, which is described as one of the planets present in the Frontier area, and the Angel City in it is one of the first areas in the Frontier. By the time 2734 rolled around, the Angel City was practically gone and dusted off, and while it is the planet where Viper and Valkyrie used to reside, it is anything but an abandoned city. 
  • When it comes to the Valkyrie Apex Legends voice actor, she has been voiced by Erika Ishi. 


Abilities (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s start discussing the different Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities offered by p t players, with 4 abilities that players can expect Valkyrie to have. 

Skyward Dive 

Let’s kick things off by introducing players to her Ultimate Ability, known as the Skyward Dive. Players can cast out the ultimate abilities after fully charging up, and they can click on  if they are playing on a PC setup. 

  • Apart from that, players can also carry out the same ultimate if they are using a controller, but to do this, the only thing that players have to do is to click on the LB and RB buttons together. Players can also cast out the ultimate by holding down on L1 and R1 together
  • The skyward Dive has been described as being pressed once to prepare the player for the launch, and during the setup, players are also able to have their teammates interact with Valkyrie herslef so they can join up in the launch. It takes a total of 3 minutes to fully charge up the ultimate before it can be used. 
  • During the ultimate, players can expect her to enter her setup mode, which will first take 2 seconds to quickly charge after it will instantly allow the player to fire up to launch Valkyrie into the air. 
  • While she is launching up, players can expect her to reach heights of more than 130m high into the atmosphere, and the total time during which she will continue to stay in the air will be 6.5 seconds to reach the highest length, after that, she aims to go back down into a skydive position. 

Missile Swarm 

Next up, we have the Missile Swarm, a tactical Apex Legends Valkyrie skill. All players need to do if they are playing on a pc is to click on Q, and if they are playing on a controller, then they can click on LB or L1, depending on the type of controller that you end up using. 

  • The Ability is described as firing out a herd of mini-rockets targeted toward any certain enemy, and it will continue to deal a certain amount of damage. Alongside that, it also can cause the opponent to feel disoriented, not letting them attack back instantly. 
  • The skill itself has a total cooldown of 30 seconds; after that, players can use their tactical Ability again. 
  • Once the skill is active, players can expect the Missle Swarm to launch out a total of 12 rockets that will continue to cause damage to be taken in by the enemies, and it will also cause their movement to be decreased for a few seconds before the enemy end up returning to their normal moves. 

VTOL Jets 

Now, when it comes to the passive Apex Legends Valkyrie ability, players can use the VTOL Jet, and to use it, players need to hold down on space if they are playing on PC, or they can go ahead and use A or X if they are using the controllers. 

  • The passive skill is described as having the player press down on the spacebar while airborne to use the jetpack. 
  • One thing that payers should keep in mind is that whenever they use the VTOL Jets, they will continue to use up a little bit of fuel simultaneously, and players can see how much fuel they have left on their screens. 
  • While the jets have been activated, players need to know that they are not able to make use of any of their weapons, 


Last but not least, we have a perk that players can take a look at, which s the Recon that Valkyrie has. 

  • It is described as having the Ability to allow players to scan the Survey Beacons, which reveals the circle’s next location. It ends up taking a total of 7 seconds to make any sort of interaction with the survey beacon, during which players can take damage. 


Skins (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to Apex Legends Valkyrie skins, there is an insane amount of legend skins that are present for the Valkyrie, ranging from common skins, rare skins, epic as well as legendary skins. 

Common Skins 

There are a total of 16 common skins that players can get their hands on. Let’s take a look at which of these skins are as follows. 

  • One of the first skins is the Yellowjacket, which sets back players’ 30 crafting metals. 
  • The second skin is the Vino, which costs the players 30 metals. 
  • Another skin is the Sahara, which also costs players 30 crafting metals. 
  • The next skin is known as the SKyward, which costs 30 crafting metals. 
  • As for the next skin, is it the rage skin which costs 30 crafting metals? 
  • For the 6th skin, players can look at the Midnight skin. 
  • The other skin is a common one, too; it is called the Mandarin skin
  • Another skin that will cost back the player 30 crafting metals is going to be the Flamingo common skin
  • Witht eh hydro skin, it has an aqua blue skin color and costs 30 crafting metals. 
  • With the Limelight skin, the base color is a lime-green color. 
  • When it comes to the cardinal skin, players can see the color to be a light red/ orange on the suit. 
  • As for the Clearwater skin, as the name suggests, the color will be a watery blue. 
  • The evergreen skin is of an emerald/dark green color that costs the players 30 metals. 
  • With the amethyst skin, the color is going to be a light purple color. 
  • As for the Arctic skin, it will have a grey color. 
  • The final skin is the default skin

Epic Skins 

When it comes to the epic skins, there are a total of 10 skins that are made available to the player. 

  • One of the first skins is the Blockchain reaction, and the base color of the skin is a deeper purple, and it will cost players 400 crafting metals. 
  • As for the second skin for the Valkyrie in Apex Legends, it is the Fiber Optics, and when it comes to the base color, it is a beautiful blue color. 
  • For players that desire to have a deeper orange color, the Daemon Hunter skin is the way to go. 
  • Another skin is called the Heat Sync, which is a golden/deeper yellow color, with the cost of the skin being 400 crafting metals. 
  • The next skin is a lime/green called Hack The System, and players need to pay up the 400 crafting metals. 
  • As for the Spatial Anomaly suit, it costs 400 crafting metals, but the color is a muted yellow. 
  • As for the Aligned Vectors, it is an orange color. 
  • For the Deep Dive epic skin, players are able to attain it with a green/yellow color. 
  • The Hypnotic Nightmare, it is going to be a pink/red color. 
  • The final skin is called the Sky Drifter, which is a deeper blue. 

Rare Skins 

As for the rare skins, which end up costing players 60 crafting metals and they are as follows: 

  • Arachnophobia  
  • Bcollider 
  • Backdraft 
  • Disruptor 
  • Ornamental Nature 
  • Fishsticks 
  • Throwback
  • Electric Synapse 
  • Unicornucopia 
  • Midnight Charm 
  • Scribblers 
  • Desert Scorpion 
  • Sweet 16 
  • In Bloom 
  • Running Fatigues 
  • Punk Rocket 
  • Intricate Detail 
  • Retro Pop 
  • Callous 
  • Turquoise Sun 

Legendary Skins 

With the legendary skins, they range in cost but are typically 1200 crafting metals

  • Titan Tested 
  • Golden Opportunity 
  • Military Grade 
  • Slingshot 
  • Birthright 
  • Azure Blessing 
  • Omatsurl Fury 
  • Aerial Evolution
  • Air show 
  • Blue Bomber 
  • Cloud Marauder 
  • Air Orchid 
  • Ultra Legend 
  • Fluorescent Tech 
  • High Learning 
  • Frozen Blossom 


And there we have it! All abilities, skin, and info regarding Apex Legends Valkyrie, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! While you’re at it, why not check out our Apex Legends Mobile Tier List, which goes into quite a bit of detail in regards to all the characters, and ranks them from best to worst! Other than that, you might also like to read our Apex Legends Mobile Guns so that you are able to see which one might suit you best! 

As a complete beginner, you will definitely find our Apex Legends Walkthrough guide helpful since it covers everything from tier lists best-selection guides and covers all that you need to know and more!

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