ImperialHal Apex Legends Settings: Gear, Video, Keybinds [2023]

ImperialHal Apex Legends settings guide gives you information about keybinds, mouse, video settings, and gear information of ImperialHal.

Strategic games like Apex Legends require proper tactics to win and survive until the end. Many factors help in improving your gameplay and playing at the best settings is one of them. If you are in search of the best settings for Apex Legends, then consider yourself lucky as we have put our best foot into curating ImperialHal’s latest Apex Legends settings. You can either make your settings from it by taking it as a reference or entirely copy it if you want to become the next ImperialHal.

Key Takeaways
  • ImperialHal plays on a low sensitivity setting of 400 DPI and 2.0 in-game sensitivity. This allows him to be more accurate with his aim, but it also means that he has to move his mouse more to look around.
  • He uses a polling rate of 1000 Hz, which means that his mouse is sending updates to the game 1000 times per second. This helps to ensure that his aim is as smooth and responsive as possible.
  • He uses a linear mouse acceleration curve, which means that the speed at which his cursor moves is directly proportional to how much he moves his mouse. This helps to keep his aim consistent.
  • He uses a field of view of 100, which is a relatively high setting. This gives him a wider view of the battlefield, which can be helpful for situational awareness.
  • He uses a low V-Sync setting, which prevents the game from being capped at a certain frame rate. This allows him to get the most frames per second possible, which can improve his performance.

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ImperialHal Apex Legends Settings

Apex Legends comes with plenty of in-game settings. These include mouse settings, video settings, sensitivities, and keybinds. Doing your experiments is not bad unless you don’t know what you are doing. Changing some particular settings you have no idea about might worsen the situation. In that case, you can take suggestions from the game setting of ImperialHal as he is considered one of the best Apex Legends players.

It would be best never to forget that you can always take an idea for the best aim, video, and control settings from famous pro players such as Genburten, ACEU, and ImperialHal. Still, they can be further customized according to your preference to get quality change in your playing style.

ImperialHal Gaming Gear

Just like game settings, your setup also plays an essential role in enhancing your performance in Apex Legends. If you have a powerful system that runs the game at extreme fps without any lag, then you are indeed at an advantage. Similarly, having pretty confident skills but a less-than-average system will compromise your skills, and there are pretty much chances that a player with a better setup but fewer skills might beat you up. 

Apex Legends can run on the average system too, but it is recommended to have upgraded gear with a better graphics card to avoid any frame drops or lags. Here is the gaming gear of ImperialHal.

  • Monitor: Imperialhal uses the AW2518H model of Alienware as its personal setup.  
  • Keyboard: He is currently using a Logitech G Pro X Mechanical gaming keyboard as it has a high response rate as well as an attractive appearance.
  • Mouse: He likes to use the Logitech G Pro X gaming mouse due to its high DPI response.
  • Mouse pad: Imperialhal personally likes to use Logitech gears, so his mousepad is also from the Logitech series, G640 model.
  • Headset: He uses the Logitech G Pro X headset.

ImperialHal Video Settings

Here’s a quick look at all the optimal video settings that ImperialHal uses for Apex Legends:

Imperialhal Video SettingWhat to set it to
Display and Resolution1440x1080
Aspect Ratio4:3
Field of View110.0
Color Blind ModeOff
Adaptive Resolution FPS TargetDisable
Texture Streaming BudgetNone to Inasane (8GB)
Texture FilteringBilinear
Ambient Occlusion QualityDisabled
Sun Shadow CoverageLow
Sun Shadow DetailLow
Spot Shadow DetailDisabled
Dynamic Spot ShadowsDisabled
Volumetric LightingDisabled
Model DetailHigh
Effects DetailLow
Impact MarksDisabled

Display and video settings play a vital role in improving your gaming skills as you can focus better on detecting sudden movements. In video settings, framerate and graphics come side to side. If you want better visuals and precise details, you might have to lower your FPS. 

If you like to experience smooth gaming without lags, then you might have to compromise on graphics a bit as increasing both settings will increase the load on GPU and eventually will lead to frame drops. 

Pro players like to play at better FPS than graphics, as performance is more important than aesthetics. There are thirteen different video settings that you can adjust. Most of the players use Standard resolution, but the video settings of Imperialhal for Apex Legends are unique. Here are the detailed settings currently used by him.

The basic video settings are generally used to set the screen size and resolution of the game. It focuses on the graphics and visuals of the game. Here are Imperialhal’s Apex Legends Video settings.

Display and Resolution

Imperialhal uses a full-screen display but does not use the standard resolution of 1920×1080; instead, he uses his custom settings of 1440×1080 to get a more stretched view.

Aspect Ratio

He also uses a customized aspect ratio rather than the standard ratio set by the game. The aspect ratio of 4:3 gives him a more stretched view that fits more area into the screen.

Field of View

Field of view is the size of the screen’s viewing angle, and higher FOV gives a better viewing angle. Imperialhal has set it to 110, which is the highest setting offered by the game.

Color Blind Mode

Imperialhal does not use colorblind mode and keeps these settings off.

Apex Legends Video settings
Imperialhal’s Basic Video Settings

Advanced Video Settings

Advanced settings are more complicated than basic ones, as changing them will significantly affect your visuals and framerate. If you have a high-end PC, you can copy these settings of Imperialhal to get the best graphics and extreme FPS. Otherwise, you can change them according to your system capacity.


Imperialhal has disabled the V-Sync settings as it is used for medium to low-end PC that provides 60Hz display. He has the latest additional desktop that provides an impressive refresh rate of 240Hz.

Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

This setting is used to adjust your resolution according to your framerate as it makes your graphics blurry to provide better FPS. As, Imperialhal has the latest equipment that can support the game easily even at high graphics, he keeps Adaptive Resolution FPS Target to 0 to disable it which keeps the game at preset resolution.


Anti-Aliasing is used to make the texture even more smooth. Imperialhal has set it to None as it does not affect the gaming experience much. The options available in Anti-Aliasing are None and TSAA (Temporal AA). It is preferred to keep this setting to none; otherwise, it puts an unnecessary load on RAM.

Texture Streaming Budget

Texture Streaming Budget focuses on image quality and in-game textures. It can be set anywhere between None to Insane (8GB) as texture quality is not the primary focus of Imperialhal while playing, so it does not play an important role. Imperialhal has kept the setting at high. Keep in mind that You should only increase this setting if you have an advanced setup with custom Ram; otherwise, it will reduce your game performance.

Texture Filtering

Texture filtering is used to increase the sharpness details of in-game textures. Keeping it to Bilinear will enhance the gaming performance. Imperialhal has also set it to Bilinear.

Ambient Occlusion Quality

Ambient Occlusion Quality adjusts the shadows and their details. Imperialhal does not use this setting as keeping them disabled will significantly improve your framerates.

Sun Shadow Coverage and Sun Shadow Detail

Sun Shadow Coverage adjusts the setting of shadows impacting due to sun and Sun Shadow details enhance or lower its effect. Imperialhal has set both the settings to Low as decreasing them improves the gaming performance.

Spot Shadow Detail

Spot Shadow Detail is also used to adjust shadow settings. Imperialhal has kept these settings Disabled.

Imperialhal's Video settings for Apex Legends
Imperialhal’s Advanced Video Settings
Volumetric Lighting And Dynamic Spot Shadows

Volumetric lighting and Dynamic shadows change the light effects and sunbeams. Imperialhal has disabled these settings as well.

Model Detail

Model Detail is used to set the exposure and details of objects and characters. These settings are crucial to spot any sudden movements. Imperialhal has set it to High to get the best details out of it.

Effects Detail

Effect detail adjusts the graphics of visual effects such as explosions and fire. Imperialhal has set it to Low as these details are not so necessary.

Impact Marks

Impact marks detect the details of bullet marks and appear where bullets hit. Imperial has disabled these settings.


Ragdolls affect the accuracy of physical animations such as dead bodies and movable objects. Keeping them on affects the GPU and increases the load on the system. Imperialhal has set this setting to Low.

Imperialhal's Video settings for Apex Legends
Imperialhal’s Advanced Video Settings

ImperialHal Apex Legends Mouse Settings

Mouse settings cannot be ignored when you need to show impressive gameplay and quick movements. The majority of skills depend on mouse movements as it is used to aim down enemies to shoot. Players often spend hours and even days doing experiments to find the perfect mouse sensitivity for them so that they can perform those quick scopes and flicks.

There is a common misconception that higher sensitivity will give you a better aim, but it is not true at all. Sensitivity is set according to personal preference, and even some famous players play at lower sensitivities. It is best to spend some time finding the best sensitivity for yourself by taking some ideas from the pro players. Here are the detailed Mouse sensitivity settings of Imperialhal.

Mouse Sensitivity1.8
Mouse AccelerationOff
Lighting EffectsOn
Polling Rate1000
ADS Multiplier1.8
Mouse InvertOff

Overall, the sensitivity settings of Imperialhal are lower but precise. 400 DPI is the lowest setting that could be set. Most players go for higher Dots Per Linear Inch settings up to 800 DPI, but these low settings allow ImperialHal to be accurate in his mouse movements and get the best aim. If lower sensitivity does not suit you, then you can try increasing it by 100 DPI until you find the perfect one for you.

ImperialHal’s Keybinds

Here’s a quick preview of ImperialHal’s Keybinds for Apex Legends:

JumpSpace Bar
SprintLeft Shift
Crouch HoldLeft Control
Crouch ToggleC
Ultimate AbilityY
InventoryTab Key/I
AimRight Mouse Button
Shield ToggleH
Equip GrenadeG
Health Item4
Equip Weapons1/2/Mouse Scroll
Inspect WeaponN

Apex Lend is a Multiplayer and competitive game. You have to be quicker and more responsive than him to beat your rival. For that, you must have quick reflexes and a firm grip on your Keybinds so that your fingers can land on the perfect key when required.

One wrong move and you will be sent back to the lobby by your enemy. So, you must create one keybinds setting and stick to it in order to make muscle memory that will help you in tackling the difficult encounters in-game. Here are the Keybinds set by Imperialhal.

  • Movement: Imperialhal uses “W” to move forward, “S” to move backward, “A” to move left, and “D” to move in the right direction.
  • Jump: He uses the Space Bar key for the jump.
  • Sprint: He uses the Left Shift for sprinting.
  • Crouch Hold: He uses Left Ctrl for Crouch (hold) and C for Crouch (toggle).
  • Ultimate Ability: He uses the “Y” key for ultimate ability.
  • Inventory: He uses Tab Key or sometimes the “I” key to open the inventory.
  • Interact: He uses the “F” key to interact with objects.
  • Aim: Imperialhal uses the right click of the mouse to aim at objects.
  • Melee: He uses “V” key for the Melee weapon.
  • Shield Toggle: He uses “H” key for Shield toggle.
  • Equip Grenade: He uses “G” to use hand grenades.
  • Health Item: He uses the “4″ key on the keypad to use the health item.
  • Reload: He uses “R” key to reload the weapon.
  • Equip Weapons: Imperialhal either uses “1” and “2” keys to switch between primary and secondary weapons, or he just uses the mouse scroll button to change it.
  • Inspect Weapon: He uses the “N” key to inspect the weapon he is carrying. 

Who is ImperialHal?

Phillip Dosen, famously known as ImperialHal, is undoubtedly one of the famous players of the Apex Legends gaming community. He is a rising talent and is titled the highest-earning player as of 2020. He also has a strong reputation in other competitive games, such as Fortnite and CS: GO. He has participated in global gaming tournaments and managed to secure a rank in the top three positions, which is quite an achievement. 

Imperialhal is watched on Twitch and YouTube all over the world. People love his playstyle, especially when he plays aggressively with Lifeline and Bloodhound. Players often get curious about his settings to deliver such flawless gameplay with fast reflexes and quick headshots.


TSM superstar ImperialHal plays Apex legends with customized settings and how he likes to play. Copying in-game settings of pro players do help you in improving your gaming skills, but one thing to remember is that having similar settings as Imperialhal does not mean that your gaming skills will become exactly like him as settings and gears only play half of the role, the rest is your skills. So, take an idea from these settings and keep improving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Impeprialhal?

TSM ImperialHal, a.k.a Phillip Dosen, is a 22-year-old Apex Legends player and IGL for Team SoloMid.

Does Imperialhal have the best Apex Legends settings?

Imperialhal has customized the game settings according to the playstyle that suits him well, and his win-streaks give an impression that he has the best apex legends settings.

Will copying Imperialhal’s settings make me a pro at Apex Legends?

Copying the same settings will improve your gaming experience, but it will not make you the instant pro as practice is the core element here

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