Apex Legends Mobile Loba Gameplay Trailer Leaked

Trailer for the new skin coming to the mobile version has seemingly been leaked.

Mobile gaming has seen a meteoric rise in the last few years or so. A lot of major studios have brought their big titles, like Fortnite and Call of Duty, onto the platform. Following this trend, EA and Respawn have also launched Apex Legends Mobile recently.

We saw the release of Apex Legends Mobile last month on May 17th. The game came out on mobile platforms with many unique features and got generally positive reviews. Respawn also told fans that they will bring more stuff from the console version as time proceeded.

It did stay true to its word as the legend Loba was officially confirmed to be in Apex Legends Mobile a few days ago. According to a new update Loba will become part of the line up for the mobile version. Now, a gameplay trailer showing the character live in action has come out.

Loba is officially coming to Apex Legends Mobile after a gameplay trailer showing the character has leaked (thanks, @Mr_Rebs_) The leak is from the Cold Snap battle pass of the mobile version and introduces the new character in a grand manner. 

Adding Loba to the Apex Legends Mobile character list is a great move as the character is a fan favorite. Her ability to teleport to unreachable places by throwing her drive bracelet is amazing. You can also view loot from behind walls and other stuff so that is obviously going to come in handy.

Being a professional looter all of Loba’s abilities are related to looting in some manner or the other. She can place a portable device on nearby loot and immediately transfer it to the player’s inventory. Hence, gathering enough loot in Apex Legends Mobile is definitely not going to be a problem with Loba.

We don’t have much info about how Loba will work in the mobile version. As of now, we don’t even the level Loba will become unlockable at. You have to gain certain experience to unlock some characters and that fact is unknown for the Apex Legends Mobile Version of the thief.

The only thing we do know for sure about Loba is her release date on the game. Loba will arrive on Apex Legends Mobile on June 15th so the day is not very far at all. Hopefully, we get the full guide about the character sooner rather than later.

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