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Apex Legends Season 16 has already started. Unlike the past few seasons, where we had seen minor changes. This one has not only updated the entire legends lineup but also added two new entries that we never heard of before.

Apex Legends Tier List Legends Ranking Table 
A+ Tier Bloodhound, Wraith, and Newcastle
A-Tier Crypto, Gibraltar, Horizon, Valkyrie, Ash, Pathfinder.
B-Tier Rampart, Wattson, Caustic, Lifeline, Revenant, Fuse, and Mad Maggie
C-Tier Banglore and Catalyst
D-Tier Mirage, Seer, and Vantage
F-TierOctane and Loba

Firstly the tier list isn’t official. They are strictly opinion-driven by each player. Further, If you like a particular legend and that is below Tier B. There is nothing wrong with that, and you should comfortably use him. Besides, most of the ranks on our list are determined from various polls, and we haven’t subjected any legend personally. This guide will also be helpful for competitive players, who are looking for tier’s to assemble their teams.

Tier A Plus


Apex Legends Tier List

Wraith has always been the first choice legend for many pro and casual players. The legend hasn’t received any significant changes over the past seasons. Recently, she got a buff in which her tactical void cooldown is reduced to 25 seconds. On top of that, she can now also see enemies during her tactical.

Wraith’s passive is the voice from the void. The void tells you if you are close to an enemy, or if there is a trap ahead and a lot of cautious stuff like that. Her tactical is called into the void, which speeds her for four seconds and the screen turns greyscale. During this four-second speed boost, she is invulnerable, and enemies are visible. The tactical can be used to reposition, attack enemies, or defend in tight spaces.

The Ultimate is perhaps the best in the game for me. Players can spawn two portals in 75 meters distance. Once the portal is placed, anybody can enter it and come on the other side. The Ultimate is useful in a lot of scenarios. You can place it to revive your teammates on the other side or use it as bait for incoming enemies. Further, it can also be used to reposition and rotate.

There are just endless things you can do with her ultimate, but to conclude, I’d say it’s still the best in the game. Wraith’s ultimate takes 210 seconds to load, and the portal lasts for 60 seconds. Along with these all special abilities, the best thing about wraith is that she has a low profile. In other words, she has a low hitbox and landing a bullet on someone who is using Wraith is no easy thing to do.


Apex Legends Tier List

One of the most potent Legends in Apex Legends is Bloodhound. Bloodhound can now scan beacons, and this puts pathfinder and crypto to rest. Besides, his ultimate has also gotten a few changes.

Whenever you start “Beast of the hunt”, instead of 25 seconds, you will now be able to scan every 6 seconds. I’ve called out a lot of players for wall hacking, to realise later it was the new 6 seconds scan.

Along with these two, Bloodhound Ultimate now lasts forever. That is to say, If you knock an enemy, your ultimate timer gets an additional 15 seconds. As a result, if you are good at the game and you keep getting kills. The ultimate is just always there.

Bloodhound still has the same tactical. Players can use Eye of the Allfather to highlight enemy traps, loot, clues, and hostiles. Moreover, his Passive tracker is still useful, allowing players to see various markers highlighting enemy tactics.


Newcastle is one of the most fun characters to play in Apex Legends. This legend is viable at all levels of play and can provide the most utility. He can be useful to the squad and his kit truly sets him apart from other defensive legends and in Apex where movement and positioning are vital to your success. Defensive legends commonly play the anchor role meaning they back up the team. Newcastle is the best in the game at supporting his team as a defensive legend. 

Newcastle’s passive ability, which is called Retrieve the Wounded, allows him to pull his allies to safety while reviving them. During this time, he protects them with his knockdown shield. This ability was improved, and Newcastle now has increased movement speed by 25 percent and reduced turn slow by 50 percent while reviving his allies. 

Newcastle’s tactical ability is Mobile Shield in which he throws out an energy shield that can be directed and moved to protect you or your allies as you heal or flank. The mobile shield is on a 15-second cooldown and the shield lasts for 20 seconds. The tactical ability is super good if you are caught off guard in the open and you need some makeshift cover. They doubled the mobile shields’ maximum movement speed and increased their HP from 350 to 500 which is an immense change.

Lastly, Newcastle’s Ultimate ability is Castle Wall in which he sprints forward and deploys down a huge wall shield. This enables team members to conceal themselves behind long parts while firing over the short part. Gunfire will gradually disintegrate distinct portions, but it can withstand quite a battering.

Tier A


Apex Legends Tier List

The giant beast Gibraltar is still worth using in Apex Legends. One of the main reasons why I love Gibraltar so much is the fact that it has a huge armour and he can endure a lot of damage. Although a lot of players will say he is defensive-minded, I think he is the most balanced legend providing options in both attack and defence.

Gibraltar’s primary abilities suitable for passive playstyle is his Dome of Protection. He throws a huge dome shield, that can withstand enemy bullets for 12 seconds. Also, he also has Gun Sheild, attached right next to the gun that will save your upper body from bullets while being inconsistent fights.

The ultimate ability that makes him suitable for the attack is Defensive Bombardment. Whenever you decide to push your enemies, the defensive bombardment will drop dozens of smoke grenades and explosives.

To sum it up, Gibraltar is worth using in both squads and duos. He has slight drawbacks, like being spotted quickly. Further, his gun shield can only last a few bullets, and movement isn’t the smoothest.


Apex Legends Tier List

Crypto is becoming immensely popular. Every game, you will find one crypto in each team. The thing with Crypto is that he is mighty. He can now revive teammates and hit survey beacons without being even close to them. Other than that, his previous ability of scanning nearby enemies, traps, and supply bins are still consistent.

Crypto’s ultimate is still one of the best in the game. Players can charge up an EMP Blast, and not only deal 50 shield damage but also disable various traps and slow down enemies. Last but not least, Crypto can still access the 12 survey beacons around the map and predict the circle without making much effort.


Horizon is one of the superior positioning legends in the Apex Legends. She can go from one height to another very quickly thanks to her Gravity lift. This means that she can take high grounds easily. So, for people who like sniping and camping, this is the best legend for them.

Horizon has 3 abilities. First of her abilities is Spacewalk. This is her passive ability which allows her to be not affected by falling from high places. She can move more freely from other legends in the air. 

The second ability is Gravity Lift. This is her tactical ability which allows her to throw a vertical cylinder that allows legends to go floating on it into the air. Users can hover on top of the gravity lift. The best thing about gravity lift is that your accuracy rate is 100%, so if you are a sharpshooter, This ability is best for you.

The last ability is Black Hole. This is her ultimate ability which drags/pulls users into it. It lasts for 10 seconds. The best way to use her ultimate ability is to throw it at a squad and then throw Grenades, Thermites, and Arc Stars. This will surely knock them, if not their health will be low.


Valkyrie is a recon legend who has a jetpack for maneuvering the whole map of Apex Legends. Because of her jetpack, she is good for every play style. She can take high grounds effortlessly which makes her deadly.

Valkyrie’s passive ability is VTOL Jets. These jets allow her to scan the battlefield from the air. The jetpack has limited fuel which recharges quickly. While flying in the air might seem good, she can’t use weapons while jetpacking so be careful while using them.

Valkyrie’s Tactical Ability is Missile Swarm. This ability of hers fires tons of rockets that are capable of damaging and disorienting the enemy. This ability is useful in flushing out enemies and dealing with some damage. The players hit by this ability are stunned for a short period of time which you can push them and finish them.

Valkyrie’s Ultimate Ability is Skyward Dive which allows her to launch herself and her team into the air and skydive to a new spot. This is one of the best abilities in Apex Legends. Skyward Dive can help you escape if you are in a difficult situation, help you rotate, or help you get into the zone if you are late in going into the zone.


If you are an aggressive player, give Ash a try. This legend is versatile and good for hit-and-run strategies and surrounding enemies and attacking them. She can rush her opponents from any place at any time with her ultimate. She is very deadly if you know how to use her.

Ash’s passive ability is Marked for Death through which she can find recent death boxes and when one is close, she can hack it to spot any assaulter who is still alive. This is helpful for people trying to get high-kill games. 

Her tactical ability is Arc Snare through which she can launch a spinning snare that harms the opponents that come too close, and this allows you the chance to escape them. This ability comes in handy in situations where a player is low and running from you. You can bind them with this ability, catch up to them and kill them.

Ash’s ultimate ability is Phase Breach, which opens a one-way portal to a specific place that may be used by both teammates and opponents. This portal is useful in many circumstances. You can run away from your opponents and when they try to chase you using the portal, you can get jump on them and kill them, and they cannot even run back. You can push the opponents using this ability and catch them off-guard.


Apex Legends Tier List

Pathfinder was one of the best legends in the game. The character was mostly used to travel faster across the map. Other than this, he was also excellent in his ability to scan places, and In short, he was a very decent legend. The character was nerfed pretty severely in Season 6. He is now only a shadow of his past. That is mainly because of the new 35 seconds grapple cool down.

Further, his unique passive ability in the past to scan beacons isn’t unique anymore. Both Crypto and bloodhound are able to do that in a much better fashion. I think Pathfinder is a bit balanced now. In the past, the character was way overpowerful, and If Loba was to be added, Path definitely needed a nerf.

With recent patch updates, Pathfinder has returned back to his former glory, due to helpful buffs, which is why he has moved up on our Tier List as well!

Tier B


Apex Legends Tier List

Revenant made its mark in Season 4 after killing Forge. He is one of the smartest and stealthy legends around. His tactical ability is called silence, which does not mean being silent. It’s a small grenade device that you have to land at enemies.

Once you hit the enemies, the device damages 10 HP and also disables the enemy abilities for 20 seconds. Revenant’s passive ability is stalker, which allows him to crouch walk faster.

On top of that, he can also climb buildings twice as higher as other legends. This can be very useful for picking up sniper spots, or escaping enemies. Revenant’s ability to climb twice as higher is also the primary reason why Octane is ranked so lower.

The ultimate ability of reverent is what separates him from the rest of the characters. He spawns a Death Totem that ultimately transforms the character into a shadow. The shadow can attack enemies and do all the usual stuff, but it only lasts 30 seconds.

To clarify, if the shadow is killed, you simply return to the place where Death Totem was spawned. Revenant abilities are useful in all sorts of format


Apex Legends Tier List

It was pretty hard to rank lifeline, mainly because there’s always so much debate about her. Still, it’s worth noting that B is not a bad rank. Lifeline is a supporting character, having most of the abilities circled medic. Her tactical calls a drone that heals every teammate within 3 meters. This is really handy, because in most scenarios when your team is short on heals. Lifeline’s Heal Drone is always readily available to heal everyone.

Her Ultimate is a Care Package, that drops three high-quality attachments, gears, or other consumables. This package is no joke because it has three slots, and each slot is filled with useful items like body shields, syringes, and various scopes.


Apex Legends Tier List

Not the most mobile legend in the game, but still Caustic gets the job done. He is best suited for close door fights and In my opinion. Caustic is the best legend for interiors. His tactical, Nox Gas Trap can be used to block various doors and hold off enemies.

Other than that, his passive of taking 15% less damage from every attack is handy as well. Similarly, his ultimate, Nox Gas Grenade is also useful. It can be used to poison and block enemies in close range.

The problem with Caustic is that you won’t need him at all times. Players these days have found easy tackle for his tactical. They shoot the barrel from a distance and then run away. Other than that, teammates are never pleased when the Nox Gas Trap triggers and blurs their vision.

Another critical thing to note is that Caustic is very easy to spot. He is enormous like Gibraltor, and in open areas where Caustic is slow. Enemies are easily able to take advantage.

Nonetheless, Caustic is still the best legend for holding interiors and destroying everyone in close range.


Apex Legends Tier List

Despite, Wattson now being highly dependent on Ultimate Acceleration, thanks to the new 90 seconds timer. For me, Watson is still one of the best passive characters in the game. There is always a bit of debate whether Rampant is better than Watson, but In my opinion, Wattson edges Rampant with its fences.

The Fences are still impeccable, once deployed, there is nothing the enemy can do about it. Adequately, not only can you secure places, stop enemy rotations, but also trap enemies. Once the enemies are trapped, they are stunned for an extended period of time. In the later stages of the game, the fences are easily the best ability to secure circles.

One thing’s for sure, whenever you are using Wattson, always have Ultimate Acceleratant. Without that, she is boring.


Apex Legends Tier List

Rampart is one of the latest legends additions to the game. She is another passive and team-oriented character. Rampart can quickly spawn up to 5 amp covers or shields. The shields block all the incoming fires, while nearly doubling the damage of all the outgoing bullets.

Other than this, her ultimate is a machine gun called Sheila, which comes pre-occupied. Sheila is really powerful; it can destroy enemies within seconds. Further, it has a good range, and the recoil isn’t too bad. Rampart is not only good with Sheila, but also with all other LMG’s in the game.

The downside of her passive abilities is that both shield and machinegun take a heck of a time to be ready. Using her in solo is extremely difficult because one shot at the shield wipes out the entire process. Similarly, Rampart is extremely weak against aggressive legends like Crypto.

To conclude, I think Rampart is strictly a passive legend. Her abilities without good teammates are non-existent. Even with good teammates, her services aren’t always required.


Fuse is a legend who specializes in explosives. He has a knuckle cluster in his arm which allows him to shoot cluster bombs that can stick to other legends and damage and slow them. He is an aggressive and supportive character depending on how you are using him. He is the most annoying legend in Apex Legends.

Grenadier is the passive ability of Fuse which allows him to stack up to two grenades per inventory slot, meaning you can have more grenades and leave slots for healings and shields. Grenadier allows you to throw grenades incredibly far and with pinpoint accuracy by showing you the grenade path. This is very helpful in throwing grenades at long distances.

Knuckle Cluster is Fuses’ Tactical ability. This ability allows him to shoot clusters that stick to surfaces and damage the opponents, while this tactical does not affect teammates, it does affect fuse. It is useful in removing campers in corners where you cannot shoot.

The Ultimate Ability of Fuse is called the Motherload. This ability in simple words is a very ominous trap. Fuse can fire this ability onto his opponent which can trap them inside. Once inside the ultimate, Legends inside the ability are marked, if they try to escape the trap by running through it. They will take a lot of damage and will be slowed down after which they will be an easy target.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie is a powerful offensive legend who does have the potential to shake up the Apex scene. Her main equipment is all about movement and aggression, which delivers a quick play. Her three main abilities make her another viable option in place of Wraith and Bloodhound.

Starting with her passive ability we have Warlord’s Ire. This passive gives her the ability to temporarily highlight enemies through walls that you have damaged. The second part of her passive ability is increased movement speed while you have a shotgun equipped. This movement speed is the same as having your weapons holstered which means she can run around with a shotgun without compromising on speed.

Maggie’s tactical ability is Riot Drill. This is a drill Maggie can stick into any object or surface to damage enemies that are on the other side of it. The total amount of damage the drill can do is 160 damage over 10 seconds and this ability has a quick cooldown of 22 seconds. The drill is excellent at keeping individuals away from certain tactical covers that you do not want them to take control of.

Finally, Mad Maggie’s ultimate ability is Wrecking Ball. This works exactly as it sounds; she throws out a spiked ball to rip toward the enemies leaving speed pads behind its path. The ball deals 20 damage if it impacts an enemy, knocking them back.

Tier C


Apex Legends Season 6 Tier List

Banglore hasn’t been changed from I think season 2. Her ability to throw smokes is kind of the best support play in the game. For example. Whenever your teammate gets knocked out, you can throw smoke and revive him. Other than this, the smoke can also be used to get away from enemies. On top of its smoke ability, Banglore’s ultimate of dropping down missiles is also very useful.

In short, Banglore is pretty great with an excellent hitbox. I just feel that she needs a better ultimate. The missile thingy is old, and to be honest, you won’t see a lot of Banglore’s in the game anymore.


The brand-new legend in apex, Catalyst completely shakes up the game. Catalyst is a defensive legend who can control the battlefield with her abilities and because of her flexibility with ferrofluid, she is unique in them all. She is a wonderful choice for players who prefer to battle from a distance.

Catalyst’s passive ability is called Barricade where she can reinforce doors to lock out enemies. Teammates can open and close the doors, and when the catalyst barricades a door, it takes four kicks to knock down versus the standard two. She can barricade a location where a door has already been broken. When utilizing this ability, it is a wonderful way to buy extra time. 

Catalyst’s tactical ability, Piercing Spikes, is an absolute game changer as she throws a ferrofluid patch that transforms into spikes when opponents are nearby, and catalyst is unaffected by her own piercing spikes. This ability can slow and damage multiple enemies and not just one. Its cooldown is 25 seconds.

Catalyst’s ultimate ability is called Dark Veil in which she raises a wall of fluid and enemies who walk through it will be slowed down and blinded. The wall is about 55 meters long and 25 feet high and lasts 15 seconds. The cooldown for her ability is 2 minutes. 

Tier D


Apex Legends Season 6 Tier List

Mirage is still struggling to find its place. Despite his impressive abilities to revive teammates faster, control decoy, and create clones. I think he brings little to no value to team play.

When playing solo, Mirage is one of the best picks, but in competitive games, I don’t think your teammates will benefit anything from him. In my opinion, Mirage is a good supporting legend, but as for his contributions, he won’t bring any value other than reviving teammates invisibly.


Seer is a recon legend that provides precise information on the enemy’s position in a way that no other recon legend can. He has a unique play style with his abilities that is quite different from other surveillance legends such as Bloodhound and Crypto. His abilities are all focused on finding your opponents before they find you. So now let’s look at the ins and outs of his kit.

Seer’s passive ability is Heart Seeker which is one of the best passive abilities in all of Apex. With his heartbeat sensor, he can hear and detect the heartbeats of the enemies within 75 meters when aiming down sight. Now at full health, the heart beats every 1.75 seconds but the lower the health the faster the heartbeat making it easier to track the person who can be eliminated quickly.

Seer’s tactical ability is called Focus of Attention where he sends micro drones that travel through objects to interrupt and reveal the status and the location of the enemies. The cooldown for the focus of attention is 30 seconds. This ability interrupts many actions and even abilities if you have an enemy trying to use a battery or reviving a teammate, Seer can stop it.

Lastly, Seer’s Ultimate Ability is Exhibit that generates a giant orb of micro-drones that reveals and tracks the location of enemies moving or firing their weapons within the sphere. It will toss a device that emits a large sphere that lasts for 30 seconds and will show you the footsteps and gunfire of enemies. The sphere has 135 HP and a diameter of 65 meters. The only way to stay hidden in ultimate is to crouch walk or stay still.


If you are looking for an extremely fun and powerful legend that has movement capabilities, go for Vantage. She can provide intel to her entire team, and she has a sniper that is almost always online and gives you a third weapon to use. With her movement, you can play somewhat of a fragger and aggressive role.

Vantage’s passive ability is set up around snipers and looking at a range, it is called Spotters Lens. This ability gives her extra information when she aims down sight using a mid to long-range scope, this allows her to gather the following information. It shows a bullet drop indicator. After the enemy is tagged in scope, it shows the legends name, distance, and Evo shield level of all teammates.

Vantage’s tactical ability is Echo Relocation which allows you to control Vantage’s bat companion “Echo”. You can position echo onto better vantage points and then launch towards that position and there is also an additional ability that allows the user to double jump. This ability can also be useful for getting out of tight situations. However, echo launch only works if you have a clear line of sight.

Finally, Vantage’s ultimate is Sniper’s Mark. This modified sentinel marks targets for extra damage. It deals 50 base damage with a 1.5 percent headshot multiplier and the mark lasts for 10 seconds. Subsequent hits on the same target deal doubled the damage and reset the timer back to 10 seconds when opponents are marked. This applies a 15-damage increase to any shots for that 10-second period. This Ultimate Ability is great for entry damage.

Tier F


Apex Legends Season 6 Tier List

If you are a loba main, which I think you won’t be. Loba is now the most useless Legend in the game. Her movement is slow, rigged, and unacceptable. Other than this, her ability to see loot through walls is not exceptional, because these days the majority of players are aware of loot spawns.

The ultimate is pretty decent, but once again there is nothing impressive that would convince you to choose her over other legends. Loba hasn’t been nerfed or buffed over the past few seasons. I think she needs a complete overhaul.


Apex Legends Season 6 Tier List

Although Octane has a very sharp and excellent movement, his other abilities are a complete wreck. If we talk about the speed boost, that happens with the reduction of health, is unnecessary. Moreover, his ability to jump high and make a better tactical position isn’t any impressive. A lot of other legends can climb high ground without needing any capabilities.

In my opinion, Octane is excellent for solo, as his aggressive movement will allow you to get rapid kills. Subsequently, for team play, I think Pathfinder is a better fit.

Recent Patch Notes

Latest Version: Revelry Update

Here are some worth-knowing buffs and nerfs the Legends faced in recent updates in Apex Legends.


  • As for his passive ability, the Audio is louder than before which means opponents can hear it more clearly now. The ability activates when aim down sight has been completed.
  • His tactical does not show the scanned enemy’s full body.
  • The time limit of Seers ultimate has been decreased to 25s from 30s. The cooldown time limit has been increased to 180s from 120s. It does not reveal enemies on activation.


  • Bloodhound has been given a new ability in his passive ability. That is the White Ravens. These Ravens occasionally spawn near Bloodhound when enemies are not close by. Bloodhound can scan them and they will guide him to the nearest enemy.
  • Full body scan time has been reduced from 3s to 1s.
  • The ultimate ability of Bloodhound no longer speeds up the cooldown of his Tactical. White Raven is also launched that flies toward the nearest enemy. A new white Raven is launched if an enemy is killed in the ultimate.


  • Now Mirage, after reviving his teammates remains invisible for 3 seconds with his teammate, which remains until you draw out a weapon. 
  • As for Mirage’s Tactical ability, Enemies who get bamboozled by his decoys get notified and are now tracked by Mirage for 3.5s which was 2.5s beforehand.


  • Pathfinders Passive benefits are now obtained through scanning Care Packages instead of scanning survey beacons.
  • The range of his ultimate – Zipline Gun has been increased by approximately 60% and its speed of it has also been increased by 66%. 


  • Wraith Ultimate – Dimensional portal maximum distance has been doubled at the cost of its duration getting reduced to 45s from 60s.


  • Weapon spread has increased while users are in the Gravity Lift. 
  • Gravity Lifts Climbing speed has been increased by 10%.


  • Now Lifeline can initiate a revive without having to suffer the slow speed penalty. 
  • The speed at which the care package drops now has decreased. The range in which Care Package can be deployed has been increased.

Classes In Apex Legends

Season 16 introduced a new system called classes. Every legend is placed in one of the classes. These classes have their own abilities. There are five Classes introduced: Skirmisher, Assault, Controller, Recon, and Support.

SkirmisherHorizon, Mirage, Pathfinder, Octane, Wraith, and Valkyrie
AssaultAsh, Bangalore, Fuse, Mad Maggie, and Revenant
ControllerCatalyst, Caustic, Rampart, and Wattson
ReconBloodhound, Crypto, Seer, and Vantage
SupportGibraltar, Lifeline, Loba, and Newcastle


With Season 16, the total Legends in Apex Legends have now grown to 23. This is a kind of great news for both casual and competitive players. I’m a bit afraid if that much variety will have a slight disadvantage on the competitive side. For example, the majority of competitive FPS games have a simple meta. That is to say, there aren’t a lot of unique abilities, and the game is the same for all users.

With so many Legends and individual skills, I think the Competitive side of Apex Legends will become very inconsistent. Some Legends are simply better over others. The best way to win games right now would be finding the right balance in your team. For solo’s, I’m sure everybody knows what Legend is mostly being used.

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