Apex Legends Tier List – All Legends Ranked [Season 20]

Who makes it into the S-tier, and who's pushed down to the F-Tier? Find out on our Apex Legends Tier List!

Apex Legends features loads of different Agents or Legends that players can pick during their run in the Battle Royale game. Each of these legends comes with different abilities and specialties, which cater to varying playstyles. Today, we will rank each Legend on our Apex Legends Tier List.

Update: This tier list reflects the latest changes from the February 13, 2024 patch update.
Key Takeaways
  • Apex Legends features 24 Legends in its roster.
  • The Apex Legends Tier List ranks characters based on reliability, overall offense, and defense execution in high-level competitive play.
  • Top-tier Legends with optimal abilities, usage convenience, and style include Bloodhound, Wraith, Crypto, and Gibraltar.
  • Legends like Loba and Octane are considered weaker due to compromised abilities.
  • Choosing higher-ranked Legends is crucial for success in high-level competitive play and should not be overlooked.
Apex Legends Tier List Legends Ranking Table 
Tiers Legends
A+ Tier  Bloodhound, Wraith, and Newcastle
A-Tier  Crypto, Gibraltar, Horizon, Valkyrie, Ash, Pathfinder, Ballistic.
B-Tier  Rampart, Wattson, Caustic, Lifeline, Revenant, Fuse, and Mad Maggie
C-Tier  Banglore and Catalyst
D-Tier  Mirage, Seer, and Vantage
F-Tier Octane and Loba
NameTierClassTactical AbilityPassive AbilityUltimate Ability
BloodhoundA+ ReconEye of the AllfatherTrackerBeast of the Hunt
WraithA+ SkirmisherInto the VoidVoices of the VoidDimensional Rift
NewcastleA+ SupportMobile ShieldRetrieve the WoundedCastle Wall
CryptoAReconSurveillance DroneNeurolinkDrone EMP
GibraltarASupportDome of ProtectionGun ShieldDefensive Bombardment
HorizonASkirmisherGravity LitSpacewalkBlack Hole
ValkyrieASkirmisherMissile SwarmVTOL JetsSkyward Dive
AshAAssaultArc SnareMarked for DeathPhase Breach
PathfinderASkirmisherGrappling HookInside KnowledgeZipline Gun
RampartBControllerAmped CoverModded LoaderMobile Minigun “Sheila”
WattsonBControllerPerimeter SecuritySpark of GeniusInterception Pylon
CausticBControllerNox Gas TrapNox VisionNox Gas Grenade
LifelineBSupportD.O.C Heal DroneCombat ReviveCar Package
RevenantBAssaultSilenceStalkerDeath Totem
FuseBAssault Knuckle ClusterGrenadierThe Motherlode
Mad MaggieBAssault Riot DrillWarlord’s IreWrecking Ball
BangloreCAssaultSmoke LauncherDouble TimeRolling Thunder
CatalystCControllerPiercing SpikesBarricadeDark Veil
MirageDSupportPsyche OutNow You See MeLife of the Party
SeerDReconFocus of AttentionHeart SeekerExhibit
VantageDReconEcho RelocationSpotter’s LensSniper’s Mark
OctaneFSkirmisherStimSwift MendLaunch Pad
LobaFSupportBurglar’s Best FriendEye for QualityBlack Market Boutique

Tier A Plus

Tier A Plus Legends WHY A PLUS TIER?
Wraith Highly popular with a powerful tactical ability and ultimate. Low profile makes her hard to hit. Recently buffed with reduced cooldown on tactical ability.
Bloodhound Potent legend with scanning abilities and a powerful ultimate. Can scan more frequently with recent changes, making them effective in tracking enemies.
Newcastle Fun to play legend with high utility and defensive capabilities. Excels at supporting the team with defensive abilities. Ultimate ability deploys a large wall shield for team protection.

Tier A

Tier A Legends WHY A TIER?
Gibraltar Balanced legend offering both offensive and defensive options. Ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, is effective for pushing enemies. Drawbacks include being easily spotted and limited duration of gun shield.
Crypto Increasingly popular legend with versatile abilities. Can now remotely revive teammates and scan beacons. Ultimate ability, EMP Blast, damages shields, disables traps, and slows enemies.
Horizon Superior positioning legend with quick vertical mobility thanks to Gravity Lift. Passive ability, Spacewalk, allows her to move freely in the air. Ultimate ability, Black Hole, pulls enemies toward its center.
Valkyrie Recon legend with a jetpack for quick mobility. Passive ability, VTOL Jets, allows aerial scanning. Ultimate ability, Skyward Dive, launches team into the air for strategic repositioning.
Ash Versatile and aggressive legend suitable for hit-and-run tactics. Passive ability, Marked for Death, helps locate nearby enemies. Ultimate ability, Phase Breach, opens a one-way portal for strategic movement.
Pathfinder Previously dominant legend now balanced with longer grapple cooldown. Unique abilities now less distinctive compared to other legends. Still useful for fast map traversal and scanning.
Ballistic Newest legend with versatile kit including three non-attachment guns, party-wide buffs, and the ability to create a golden weapon. Designed for skirmishing and gunfights with various buffs enhancing combat effectiveness.

Tier B

Tier B Legends WHY B TIER?
Revenant Stealthy legend with abilities focused on disabling enemy abilities and transforming into a shadow using Death Totem. Notable for fast crouch walking.
Lifeline Support legend specializing in healing with tactical ability Heal Drone and Ultimate ability Care Package, which drops high-quality loot.
Caustic Defensive legend suited for close-quarters combat with Nox Gas Traps to block doors and Nox Gas Grenades to poison and obstruct enemies. Vulnerable in open areas due to size.
Wattson Defensive legend reliant on Ultimate Accelerants but excels in securing areas and trapping enemies with Electric Fences. Effective in later circles.
Rampart Passive and team-oriented legend able to deploy Amped Cover shields and use Sheila, a powerful mounted machine gun. Best utilized with good teammates.
Fuse Explosives specialist with Knuckle Cluster tactical ability and Motherload ultimate ability, both focused on dealing damage and trapping enemies.
Mad Maggie Offensive legend with Warlord’s Ire passive ability highlighting damaged enemies and increasing movement speed with a shotgun equipped. Ultimate ability, Wrecking Ball, deals damage and knocks back enemies.

Tier C

Tier C Legends WHY C TIER?
Bangalore Unchanged since season 2, excels in providing support with smoke grenades for reviving teammates or escaping enemies. Ultimate ability involves dropping missiles but may feel outdated.
Catalyst New defensive legend with unique abilities. Passive ability, Barricade, reinforces doors to lock out enemies. Ultimate ability, Dark Veil, creates a wall of fluid that slows and blinds enemies passing through it. Provides battlefield control and flexibility for long-range combat.

Tier D

Tier D Legends WHY D TIER?
Mirage Offers little value to team play despite abilities to revive teammates faster, control decoys, and create clones. Better suited for solo play.
Seer Recon legend focused on precise enemy detection. Passive ability detects enemy heartbeats within 75 meters when aiming down sight. Ultimate ability, Exhibit, generates a sphere revealing enemy footsteps and gunfire for 30 seconds.
Vantage Fun and powerful legend with movement capabilities. Passive ability, Spotters Lens, provides extra information when aiming down sight with mid- to long-range scope. Ultimate ability, Sniper’s Mark, marks targets for extra damage, with subsequent hits dealing doubled damage and resetting the timer.

Tier F


Apex Legends Season 6 Tier List

If you are a loba main, which I think you won’t be. Loba is now the most useless Legend in the game. Her movement is slow, rigged, and unacceptable. Other than this, her ability to see loot through walls is not exceptional because, these days, the majority of players are aware of loot spawns.

The ultimate is pretty decent, but once again, there is nothing impressive that would convince you to choose her over other legends. Loba hasn’t been nerfed or buffed over the past few seasons. I think she needs a complete overhaul.


Apex Legends Season 6 Tier List

Although Octane has a very sharp and excellent movement, his other abilities are a complete wreck. If we talk about the speed boost that happens with the reduction of health, it is unnecessary. Moreover, his ability to jump high and make a better tactical position isn’t any impressive. A lot of other legends can climb high ground without needing any capabilities.

In my opinion, Octane is excellent for solo, as his aggressive movement will allow you to get rapid kills. Subsequently, for team play, I think Pathfinder is a better fit.


With Season 20, the total number of Legends in Apex Legends has now grown to 24. This is great news for both casual and competitive players. I’m afraid that that much variety will have a slight disadvantage on the competitive side. For example, the majority of competitive FPS games have a simple meta. That is to say, there aren’t a lot of unique abilities, and the game is the same for all users.

With so many Legends and individual skills, I think the Competitive side of Apex Legends will become very inconsistent. Some Legends are simply better than others. The best way to win games right now would be to find the right balance in your team. I’m sure everybody knows what Legend is mostly being used for solos.

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