Apex Legends: In-Depth Guide on Lifeline

From War Profiteers to Frontier Corps, Lifeline has been around for as long as you can imagine. She is a combat medic, with dozens of unique abilities circled around her support role. Lifeline used to the main for a lot of players. However, with better support legends like Gibraltor and Wattson, she hasn’t been that popular until now. Apex Legends Season 6 has brought a bit of change to her character, transforming her from average to the best.

In this article, we aren’t going to compare Lifeline’s ability with other legends. Instead, we will look at her abilities, season 6 changes, and how to use her efficiently. Other than that, we’ll also discuss various scenarios In which you will have to be cautious with a lifeline.

Key Highlights
  • Lifeline is a great Legend that is available right when you start playing the game.
  • Her Tactical Ability deploys a healing drone. It attaches to the teammates nearby and heals them for 20 seconds at a rate of 7.5 health per second
  • The Passive ability is used to revive fallen teammates. It also deploys a drone alongside a shield.
  • Lifeline’s Ultimate is unique. It calls in a Care Package that is dropped by a spaceship. This contains all medical equipment that can be used to heal yourself.
  • Lifeline is mostly used as a Support Player among teams in Apex Legends.
  • Using Lifeline Aggressively is relatively easy. She has a low hitbox, just like a wraith, which makes her difficult to kill for your opponents. 
  • Unlike other Legends, Lifeline cannot run away if she gets stuck. Ensure you are playing safe and don’t get stuck between opponents. 

Lifeline’s Tactical

Apex Legends Lifeline
Apex Legends Lifeline

Her tactical remains the same. You can call the D.O.C Heal Drone to heal all the players nearby. The D.O.C heals 7.5 health per second and lasts 20 seconds. The hovering drone won’t follow you around, so you will have to stick close to it. Further, it can be pushed, so you can move it while getting healed in some scenarios. It’s not easy, but it certainly proves the drone is versatile. Lastly, her drone won’t heal Revenant’s Death Totem, so do not waste time on that. Lifeline’s tactical can be used in three common scenarios.

  • Heal teammates
  • Save resources and heal yourself
  • Call for the drone in the middle of a fight and get instantly healed

Lifeline’s Passive

Apex Legends Lifeline
Lifeline in action

In Season 6, her passive has gotten a buff. Now she can revive teammates without being even close to them. Players call for the D.O.C drone, and afterward, Lifeline deploys a shield. The drone revives the teammate, while the protection saves the teammate from any incoming attacks. During all this automated process of getting revived, Lifeline herself can do anything she wants. Most of the time, you will be busy defending your teammates. In season 6, there is no cooldown on her passive.

There are a few things you should note about her passive. Firstly, if the D.O.C is shot, the revive is automatically cancelled. And secondly, she can only revive one teammate at a time. Here are two cases, where you might be needing her passive.

  • Reviving knocked teammate
  • Blocking enemy fires through the shield

Lifeline’s Ultimate

Another strong ability of Lifeline to further enhance her support character is the Care Package. Lifeline can call for a three-slot care package. The care package has numerous items, ranging from medic to weapons and attachments. The cooldown for her ultimate is 360 seconds, which I think is fair given that it requires no effort.

The care package is primarily used in three common scenarios

  • You haven’t got the best loot, so why not call care package for extra goodies
  • Getting your newly revived teammate some items
  • Lastly, it can be used to distract enemies and retreat from fights.

How To Efficiently Use Lifeline

Apex Legends Lifeline
Package Drop

Now that you know what Lifeline traits are. It’s worth looking forward to how you can use her. Every player has set a different bar on how they use Lifeline. From my personal experience of playing Apex Legends both casually and competitively. These are some of the ways you can use her.


Without a doubt, the best way to use Lifeline would be as supportive. All you can do is stick back, allow your teammates to engage in fights naturally. Whenever they need heals or revive, you can jump in, support them, and stay relaxed. Just make sure, you are always there when needed. Secondly, try to communicate thoroughly and do not go as far as leading the team in fights. If you are support, you shall play properly as support.


Lifeline can also be used for aggressive playstyle. One of her traits that makes a positive impact is her low profile. In case you don’t know what low profile is, well, we used this term to describe a character that’s not easy to hit and has a low hitbox. Lifeline’s profile is similar to Wraith’s.

The best way is to push enemies consistently, take cover, and heal yourself through the DC Drone. The DC Drone is impeccably fast, so you can always heal up in few seconds. Other than this, you can also use her shield and block enemy fires while playing aggressively. Just focus on not getting trapped, since she has no counter ability to escape from traps.

Apex Legends Lifeline Tips

Like all the good things, Lifeline also has few problems, which aren’t easy to tackle. Firstly, whenever you are using her passive.

Always focus on placing the shield and drone in the right direction.

This comes with experience, but soon you will figure its direction.

Never revive your teammates in front of the enemy.

Just because you have the shield and drone, doesn’t necessarily mean you will revive a teammate in the open right in front of everybody. As your teammate gets revived in most scenarios, he is 1 HP and gets knocked out again. This will only escape further problems.

Avoid Requesting Care Package in populated places

Another armature mistake that most new players make is that they request care packages in hot places. This can cause problems because many of the time, enemies will spot the package and push you from random sides. The best way to request a care package is on high ground and far away from the centre.

Unnecessary use of shield can get you caught, easy to find

Once again, you don’t always have to use Lifeline’s passive to revive teammates. I know a lot of lazy players use her passive and do not bother going through the manual revive process. The problem is that in some scenarios where you use the shield. Enemies can easily spot it from a distance and attack you. Therefore, revive manually when you don’t want to expose your position.

Communicate with teammate and do not waste heal resources and revive first

Most players make this common mistake of wasting heals while they have a lifeline on the team. Consequently, In the long term, as the match closes in, they are low on heals and ultimately die. The fix for this is that, whenever you have Lifeline on the team (which you should). Always communicate thoroughly and use her passive to tactical to heal yourself.

In the same vein, whenever your teammate is knocked out. Call out, and go for the revive. Lifeline’s passive, which we discussed in the second paragraph, can revive teammates in a much better fashion. There is no point in using Lifeline, If you aren’t using her properly.

Be the last person in the team to push

I’ve mentioned in paragraph that Lifeline’s most abilities are circled around support. Therefore, do not bother playing aggressively. By any means, if a situation like that happened, and you were most certainly required to push. In that scenario, play aggressively following the technique mentioned in the first paragraph.

Don’t get yourself stuck

The last and most important note you should take from this guide is that, never get yourself stuck. Unlike other legends in the game, who have various abilities that permit them to escape from fights. Lifeline is helpless when it comes to that. The best she can do is impersonate a shield and run away. Still, it won’t do much, considering how powerful the likes of Wraith and Crypto are.

My Experience With Lifeline

As someone who likes to play aggressively and try to rack up as many kills as possible, I barely play support characters. But when I do, of course, my first pick is Lifeline due to her easy-to-use abilities. Lifeline’s abilities not being complicated can keep a player’s mind at ease.

naqib apex hours
My concurrent progress on Apex Legends

While playing Lifeline, I don’t have to focus on gathering healing items, as I have the healing drone and can fill my backpack with other required items. During fights with enemies, the healing drone can prove to be a lot more useful than you think. Deploy the healing drone during fights, and it will keep healing you, which makes it hard for other players to kill you.

After explaining all the abilities in detail, my guide on Apex Legends Lifeline comes to an end. This guide contains my unbiased opinions regarding Lifeline and how she can prove to be one of the best Support characters in Apex. Apart from that, Lifeline’s Ultimate Ability calls in a Care Package that contains first-rate healing items along with shields and high-level backpacks.

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