Why Respawn Might Never Make Another Legend As Good As Horizon In Apex Legends

The bar has never been higher.

Story Highlights

  • Horizon’s all three abilities complement each other perfectly well.
  • Her small hitbox and quick finishers make her an indomitable force in a skirmish.
  • She isn’t all about stats, her heart-wrenching backstory brings an emotional factor into play.

Apex Legends, a free-to-play first-person shooter battle royale game, has amassed a loyal fanbase in the five years since its launch. Every season, Respawn adds new content to the game, including “Legends”, which is the game’s jargon for a playable character.

I’m sure you have your preferences regarding what Legend does the job for you, but in my humble opinion, there’s quite no figure like Horizon in the game, thanks to her enthralling backstory, terrific skillset, and special abilities that allow the player to tap into her sheer potential like a charm.

Special Abilities That Pair With Nearly Any Playstyle

Horizon's black hole ultimate ability pulls all enemies into it | Source: Respawn
Horizon’s black hole ultimate ability pulls all enemies into it | Source: Respawn

There are three promising abilities of Horizon that align with the gameplay preference of most players who pick Horizon as their main Legend.

Her passive ability is called Spacewalking. It grants Horizon better air control and even reduces fall impact which comes in handy when dropping onto an enemy.

Her second ability is Gravity Lift, which allows players to get a vertical lift by giving them a boost when they exit. This is specifically advantageous for the players who want to get upper ground on their enemies.

Horizon’s ultimate is called Black Hole. When used, she deploys N.E.W.T, which creates a mini black hole. This ultimate ability is perfect for dealing damage quickly to a group of enemies who are trapped in the Black Hole by tossing a grenade at them.

Such a versatile combination of abilities makes Horizon a very reliable Legend. For instance, Horizon’s Spacewalker negates fall impact. Usually, there’s a 3-second delay after dropping from a height, which is negated by her passive ability, allowing for smoother movement, perfect for players who prefer mobility in their Legends.

Most players utilize her Gravity Lift in two scenarios: either to attain a higher position or to heal while maneuvering side-to-side, thereby making themselves a more elusive target.

Horizon’s tactical is for getting you and your team to high places. It shouldn’t be an escape + free battery in an open field.
byu/RoadtoVR_Ben inapexlegends

Best Strategies For Benefits Offered In Season 20

While the perks introduced for Horizon at the start of Season 20 weren’t particularly strong, they offered some benefits. At level 2, she could choose between either seeing shield batteries inside death boxes or seeing ordnance through death boxes or walls. At level 3 of the Evo shield, she could either reduce 5 seconds from her tactical cooldown or choose to decrease her ultimate cooldown by 30 seconds.

Since Horizon’s ultimate ability is all about dealing damage to a group of enemies, many players including myself chose to see ordinances through walls.

Furthermore, at level 3 of EvoShield, every rookie should choose to reduce the tactical cooldown because her Gravity Lift ability is the most useful for gaining an advantage over enemies. And being a Skirmisher class Legend, Horizon can reveal the contents of the care package before even opening them, potentially avoiding risk for less rewarding care package items.

Small Hitboxes And Quick Finishers

The best part is that Horizon has a smaller hitbox, making her a more challenging target compared to Legends like Gibraltar or Vantage who have a larger and easier-to-hit profile.

Horizon hitbox
byu/luxascola inapexlegends

Thanks to her smaller hitbox, people who used Pathfinder as their main legend, who is known for having a small hitbox, could transition to Horizon easily. In addition, not only was her hitbox smaller than even Pathfinder’s, but her abilities also focused on mobility, making Horizon a very difficult target to hit.

In addition, Horizon’s finisher “First Law” is no slouch when it comes to eliminating a knocked-down enemy quickly. This speed is crucial in this fast-paced and highly competitive game.

This finisher can be purchased for 1200 Materials, making it a worthy investment for any player who needs to make quick work of their enemies. Since Materials can’t be purchased for real money, you have to spend time in-game to get this currency. So anyone who purchases this finisher knows what they’re doing.

Emotionally Touching Backstory Of Horizon

The astrophysicist, Dr. Mary Somers, AKA Horizon, in the outlands | Source: Shacknews
The astrophysicist, Dr. Mary Somers, AKA Horizon, in the outlands | Source: Shacknews

Horizon’s backstory is touching; she was the Astrophysicist chosen to find the solution to the cataclysmic energy crisis going on in the outlands. Dr. Mary Somers and Dr. Reid were appointed to this mission.

Dr. Mary Somers discovered Branthium – an element that was theoretically a source of endless energy. However, Branthium could only be found in the accretion disk of a black hole. So both doctors departed on this dangerous mission to prove this theory.

Mary promised her son NEWT that she would return safely. But Dr. Reid betrayed her and stole Branthium, sending Dr. Mary Somer’s shuttle into the black hole’s orbit. Using her wits, Mary modified her robotic vacuum companion N.E.W.T. to escape. But since time moves slowly in the outskirts of the black hole, when she came back to her son, she was 87 years too late.

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