Apex Legends Season 21’s Solos Fixes Everything That Made It Flop In Season 2

Take a break from Trios and go play Solos.

Story Highlights

  • Respawn reduced the number of players and added revive tokens in Season 21 Solos.
  • They tweaked the ring system to make the match more fun.
  • Guns come pre-kitted so players don’t waste time looting.

If there’s any battle royale game that’s taken 3000 hours of my life, it’s Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment knows how to keep its fans entertained, and a major part of it is adding new legends, game modes, maps, and guns.

Since I’ve been playing Apex Legends from day one, I know about every game mode they introduced, temporary or permanent. In Season 2, they added an extremely hyped Solos game mode, but Respawn dropped the ball on that one. For the two weeks that it stayed for, it flopped badly. Thankfully, the developers were taking notes and in Season 21, they reintroduced Solos and fixed almost everything that was wrong with it before.

Respawn Tried To Control Third-Partying Players

For a long time, Respawn has been working on making solos a permanent mode in Apex Legends just like what they did with duos in season 4.  Respawn first released Solos in season 2 of Apex Legends, and it was an instant hit. However, Respawn noticed that players were gradually losing their interest in the mode as they were constantly being third-partied.

Back then in Solos, a player had only one life. With 60 players in a single match, it meant that more players could jump in on the opportunity to get a free kill after another fight had just ended, easily killing the winner of the previous 1v1 skirmish due to their low health. This problem made the solo mode fail miserably in season 2 due to which Respawn removed it entirely.

On May 7, 2024, Apex Legends received its Season 21 update in which developers once again added the Solos mode. But this time, it was totally reworked. Respawn decreased the player count from 60 to 50 per match to reduce the number of third parties and added a revive token for each player. The token can be kept around till round 4 of the ring and can only be used before that. So if you died early on in the match due to no fault of your own, instead of rage-quitting, you could redeem the revival token for an extra life.

Respawn also fixed this issue by awarding a 1v1 winner with full health recovery and a quick shield swap of the enemy they won against. This allowed them to be better prepared to face any opponents trying to catch them off-guard on low health.

Another feature they came up with is an indicator that tells you if there is an enemy within a radius of 50 meters to help you avoid getting ambushed.

Apex Legends solos mode introduced in-game | Source: eXputer
Apex Legends solos mode introduced in-game | Source: eXputer

The Ring System Was Altered To Make Solos More Fun

Previously in Solos, there were 6 rounds of the ring. The first round was almost always slow and boring since players were scattered all over the map, trying to gather as much loot as they could.

To fix this, In Season 21’s Solos, Respawn altered the ring-closing system. As soon as the match starts, there is already a part of the map under the zone, cutting it off and making the playable map area a bit smaller. They also reduced the overall radius of every ring, ultimately making the game faster and more interesting.

Solos is the most fun I’ve had in Apex since launch
byu/l7arkSpirit inapexlegends

They Reduced The Downtime Of Looting Gun Attachments

We can all agree that Apex Legends is all about action and strategizing. In all this chaos, having to look for gun attachments such as extended mags takes a lot of time and bogs down the action. 

So in Season 21, Respawn introduced a new system where every gun comes with its attachments installed, but their level is limited to the level of the gun. For example, attachments on a basic gun will have all-basic white attachments, and a legendary gun will have all legendary attachments. This reduces the downtime in a match where the players have to spend unnecessary time roaming around the map looking for gun modifications and makes Season 21’s Solos much more fun.

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