8 Ways To Fix Apex Legends Crashing [2023]

Recently, Apex Legends has been far from perfect. It has a plethora of Bugs and Glitches that can cause issues. These issues are Party Leader being Unable to quit as well as the Game Engine malfunctioning. Today we will focus on the random crashes that occur in Apex Legends.

Key Highlights
  • Crashes in Apex Legends can occur due to many possible reasons such as Missing Game Files, Outdated Drivers, Network Connections, Graphical Settings, or many others.
  • Fortunately there are a few possible fixes that players can try out while facing the “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG” and “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED” error.

    • Keep the Game Up-to-date with the Latest Patch: Updating your game can possibly remove these that can stop your crashing issue.
    • Verify Game File Integrity on Steam: You can verify if all of your files are correct by using the steam Verify Game File Integrity feature. This can clear out any corrupted file and replace it with the correct one.
    • Updating the System & Graphics Card Drivers: Graphic Drivers are really important to ensure a proper connection with the Graphics Card and the OS, these are also not perfect and can have issues with the OS or the Game Version.
    • Close Background-Interfering Apps: Although this is rare, sometimes apps running in the background can interfere with the game’s components such as the Anti-Cheat. You can close unnecessary apps to fix your crashing issue.
    • Limit the Total VRAM Usage: Sometimes, high settings can cause an overload of VRAM usage which can cause a crashing issue. You can lower a few graphic settings or Limit your VRAM in the settings to be safe from this issue.

What are Crashes in Apex Legends?

In-game crash Apex Legends
Crashes can occur in the game’s start-up and most commonly while playing matches.

The ecosystem and gameplay loop is constantly evolving every season in Apex Legends. The developers spare no effort in dishing out seasonal updates to the game to make it feel fresh every single time. These updates also bring a multitude of balancing changes to the game. These large updates can drastically impact the game.

However, in due time the game may occasionally send you down a rabbit hole of trying to solve its crashes. These are essentially multiple problems of the game, whether it has to do with the core engine or its systems. Most of the crashes can range from Infinite Loading screens to the Data Centre Servers not Showing up.

Apex Legends can randomly crash on every platform, whether it’s Xbox and Playstation, or even PC. Multiplayer games like it are chock full of huge assets and textures that will make the game suffer from crashes.

We will examine most of the common causes for some of these various odd crashes. The reasons behind these problematic crashes are gathered from feedback from multiple players from the communities of Apex Legends.

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Why Does Apex Legends Crash

Currently, the game has reached its 13th seasonal update, which also brought along some issues too. The player base on Discord and Reddit has been consistently facing numerous crashes ever since the new update’s arrival. Let’s discuss some of the major causes we have managed to uncover behind these crashes in Apex Legends:

  • Missing Game Files: Ever since launch, this issue has remained to be persistent throughout the life-cycle of Apex Legends. It is a recurring issue in most large-sized multiplayer games. So corrupt and or missing game files which are vital for functioning can cause these crashes in the game.
  • Outdated Drivers: Most newer games of the modern era require you to have the best of the best hardware to play them properly. Keeping those hardware components is a must since games like Apex Legends can run smoothly on minimal PC specs, while keeping the drivers to support those specs becomes mandatory.
  • Network Connection: You may sometimes happen to face crashes during matches. Videogames like Apex Legends do not tolerate weak network connections. It is done to prevent hacking or lag-switching. So the game may present error codes and minor crashes as it forcefully boots you out of matches.
  • Graphical Settings: It is quite simple yet should be noted specifically to newer PC players. Improper graphical settings can mess up your in-game fidelity so much so that it disrupts the main engine of the game. This will cause Apex Legends to crash at random periods without you knowing about it.

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Best Ways to Fix Crashes in Apex Legends

There are a total of 8 different ways you can use to solve the varied crashes found throughout the game. The data of all these methods is mostly provided thanks to the hardcore community of Apex Legends. It is also worth mentioning you can check our more detailed crashes or errors at the Official Support Forums of the game.

Players have reported multi-faceted crashes with codes like “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG” or similarly, you can get prompted with “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED”. We will be discussing how you can easily resolve these with just a few simple steps and procedures. So most players can do it by themselves with ease.

The various methods will highlight and correlate with their respective crashes in the game. So let us briefly discuss the best ways you can resolve most of the issues of these random crashes in Apex Legends.

Keep the Game Up-to-date with the Latest Patch

How to update apex
Keeping Apex Legends up-to-date is the first step to clearing the many crashes in it.

Updates in live-service videogames like Destiny 2 & Call of Duty maintain the balance of the ecosystem and gameplay progression. The aspects in Apex Legends are constantly shifting & evolving with almost every new patch added to the game. These patches provide a healthy updated system for your files.

The numerous patches will keep Apex Legends up-to-date with the latest software as well as prevent any existing errors or crashes that were present before the existence of the update. You can check the patch notes of updates by navigating toward the Official News and Updates site about the game from EA Games.

You can update the game easily by just enabling Auto-updates on the game in your Library on SteamThe launcher will manage the rest of the work, and you won’t have to check for updates manually. You will only need to wait for your update files to finish downloading so that the game can apply the patch files to it.

Verify Game File Integrity on Steam

In case of any power outage or corrupted filesSteam has an excellent feature to restore any lost files. It is incredibly useful because, in some cases, there are crashes where the game may fail to start up properly. If it happens to you, the best-case scenario is to check for “Verify File Integrity” on the steam launcher.

Properties of Apex Legends
How to open properties menu on steam launcher
  • Locate Apex Legends in your Steam Library and right-click on it, and select the “Properties” option.
  • It should open another menu on your screen.
apex legends verify integrity
How to verify the integrity of files of Apex Legends on the steam launcher
  • Browse to the local files option and click on “Verify Integrity of game files…” to begin the process
  • The files will then undergo verification, and depending on the game size, it could take up to several minutes, so we highly advise having patience for this procedure.
  • After which, players should check if any start-up or launching crashes still exist in the game.

Updating the System & Graphics Card Drivers

How to update drivers
How to update your system and graphics drivers in Windows 10

Most of the hardware in high-end PCs comprises valuable components. These are essentially your system’s main building blocks that determine its overall capabilities. But it is also just as important to make sure their drivers are updated with the latest firmware. The drivers are the crucial binding units of your PC devices and hardware.

The performance will differ immensely in Apex Legends depending on your Graphics Driver versions. It is highly suggested that you keep these updated as some crashes can often occur due to outdated device drivers.

We recommend downloading Driver Booster 7 to manage your system drivers. For the graphics drivers, it will depend on whatever graphics card you have, so it will either be Gefore Experience for Nvidia cards. While on the other hand, AMD cards have access to Radeon Software to manage their graphical driver updates.

It is worth pointing out that driver managers will not notify you when a new device driver is released. So you will manually have to visit the managers and simply scan or check for any new updates, as shown in the image above.

Close Background-Interfering Apps

How to disable overlays
How to disable Steam & Discord overlays on your desktop

There are some rare occasions where apps on your desktop that run in the background can cause some interference with your games. These end up discreetly causing a crash in your currently running games.

The most notable background apps most gamers certainly use are the overlays for Discord and Steam. These apps can sometimes surge a spike in your overall RAM usage, so they can randomly register crashes to Apex Legends gameplay. Knowing how to disable these overlays are pretty simple to explain:

  • Steam Overlay: The steam overlay can be disabled by opening the “steam” menu in the top right of the screen and selecting the settings option. Click on the “in-game” menu and simply uncheck the first option.
  • Discord Overlay: The discord overlay can be safely toggled off by going into the main settings. You will spot the “Overlay” option under the App settings. Here just simply turn off the “Enable in-game overlay” action.

Repair the Easy Anti-Cheat Software

Apex Legends Easy anti cheat
How to find and repair the Easy Anti-cheat software of Apex Legends

There have been further reports of a few players having their crashes fixed by repairing the Easy Anti-Cheat software that coincidentally comes along with the installation of Apex Legends. This is a very famous anti-cheating software used in games like Fortnite and the critically acclaimed Elden Ring.

The software essentially negates any hacking procedures or cheating techniques in multiplayer games. You can learn more in-depth about it from the Official Easy Anti-Cheat Software Guide by SteamDB.

  • Easy Anti-cheat is located in the storage drive where your game is installed, so keep that in mind.
  • Make sure no games or important apps are running in the background.
  • The direct location is steamapps> common> Apex Legends> Easy Anti-Cheat.
  • Double click on the EasyAntiCheat_Setup file to initiate the repairing process of the software.
  • Once it is done, head back into the game and check if it made any improvements to your gameplay.

Do not Overclock your Processor

This is a recurring mistake most players make when they try to boost their PC components past their limits. The most specific being the CPU or Processor. It is a crucial element of your system, one that can be put at extreme potential risk if modified past its initial clocking speed.

You have the option to overclock your Graphics card, but that too should only be rarely used to avoid reducing its overall lifetime. However, there are complaints from players that indicate that only overclocking your CPU tends to cause severe issues and instantly crashes your game at the main menu.

We highly recommend avoiding overclocking your processor when playing Apex Legends. The game is optimized enough to run on minimum requirements smoothly. You do not have to increase the clocking frequency. So you will want to wait until Respawn Entertainment can roll out an update to stabilize the overclocked CPUs.

Limit the Total VRAM Usage

Apex Legends VRAM
How to limit the total amount of VRAM usage in Apex legends

Apex Legends has a sprawling map full of innovative level design and unique architecture. Most players make the mistake of assuming they can crank their graphic card’s video memory to the max settings for the game.

We highly advise against using 8GB VRAM in the game. Preferably, every player should be using at least 4GB or even 6GB at best for high-end graphic cards. By doing that, you will not only avoid reducing your GPU’s life expectancy but also reduce the chances of the game crashing due to texture streaming errors.

Most graphic cards come with only 8GB of Total VRAM, like the AMD RX 580. Of course, people with higher budget cards do not have to worry about it, but we still recommend only using half of your GPU’s video data. VRAM can be easily adjusted in the Display Settings menu of Apex legends, so you don’t have to face any issues.

Check your Network Connectivity

Last but certainly not least, it is worthwhile to check and improve your network connection. Apex Legends constantly requires every bit of bandwidth transmission to register your second-to-second gameplay. Without stable network connectivity, you will end up lagging all over the place with your bullets hitting nothing but air.

Unstable and inadequate bandwidth will cause all sorts of random issues in Apex Legends, not just for other players, but you also might end up having crashes due to poor connectivity.

So we highly recommend you invest in an ethernet cable connection. It will boost your bandwidth transmission significantly and also provide the best stable connection without any sort of network error or game crashing.


Apex Legends is progressively becoming one of the best free-to-play supported games. The developers are surely but slowly pumping out various updates each season to stabilize the core experience.

We have discussed the eight unique ways through which you can repair some of the repeating crashes and issues arising in the game for many players across the world. It is worth noting that switching servers and not tinkering with the graphical settings can honestly provide a simple and clean experience.

The mobile version of the game is a mixed bag with its progression, but the gameplay is just as satisfying and exciting as the original port. So you can check that out, too, if you ever feel like it.

We hope these methods will help you rest the case of the annoying crashes found within the game. Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment and EA will address more of the technical issues of the game soon.

This concludes our in-depth error fix for the inconvenient random crashes occurring in Apex Legends. If you have any more fixes to add or questions regarding the guide, let us know down in the comments box below!

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