Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List [All Ranked]

Like legends, making the best weapon choice for your next combat is important. Here's our Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List for that!

If you are pondering about how to play Apex Legends Mobile, know the game’s best legends and the best weapons. And given that our Apex Legends Mobile tier list must have solved most of your character-related issues, here’s an ultimate Apex Legends Mobile guns tier list to help you get an edge over weapons, too! 

Key Takeaways
  • The total number of Legends is 14 currently (thanks to the latest season of battle royale content!). 
  • The Apex Legends Tier List ranks the entire roster based on each pick’s reliability and overall offense+defense execution in high-level competitive play. 
  • Legends with the most optimum abilities, usage convenience, and style include Bloodhound, Wraith, Crypto, and Gibraltar. 
  • Loba and Octane should be avoided due to their compromised abilities.
  • Legends ranked higher up will pave your way toward the endgame easily and must not be overlooked, no matter the circumstances.

Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List Ranking Table 

Tiers Guns 
S-Tier Spitfire, EVA-8 – Shotgun, Kraber, Volt, and R-301 Carbine
A-Tier R-99, Alternator, Triple Take , VK-47, G7 Scout, HAVOC, L-Star, R-99, and Alternator
B-Tier  Peacekeeper, Longbow, Prowler, Hemlock, Sentinel, RE-45, and Devotion
C-Tier P2020, Mozambique, Wingman, and Charge Rifle 

Our tiered list grading all the Apex Legend Mobile weapons from best to poor was constructed based on each’s overall potential in the current meta. To make your gun selection criteria an easy task, our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list will also give insight into each gun.

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All Apex Legends Mobile Guns ComparisonApexLmobile gun ranked

Our Apex Legends guns tier list will show you how each weighs with the rest regarding versatility, effectiveness, and ease of use. Here’s how we think all the weapons of the Apex Legends’ mobile version rank in tiers.

Checkout the stats for all the guns in Apex Legends Mobile: 

GunsTierDamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time
R-301 CarbineS14816190202.5 sce
VoltS15780195212.1 sec
KraberS145307354 sec
EVA-8 – ShotgunS7 x 9 120108102.8 sec
SpitfireS18546164602.7 sec
G7 ScoutA34200113142.8 sec
VK-47A18600180222.8 sec
Triple TakeA69(23×3)7890213.05 sec
R-99A111092200222.2 sec
L-StarA18600180Inifinity2.1 sec
Mastiff A-----
HAVOCA18672202262.9 sec
SentinelB70364263.5 sec
HemlockB22414164212.6 sec
ProwlerB15669167252.2 sec
LongbowB55787283.15 sec
PeacekeeperB10×11488873.3 sec
DevotionB18300~80480~214403.1 sec
RE-45B12780156181.75 sec
Charge RifleC3×15+45 2629104.75 sec
WingmanC4616212281.9 sec
MozambiqueC15×3 132972.5 sec
P2020C1851655181.05 sec


The S-Tier of our guns tier list ranks the most dominating weapons of the current meta with the best damage output. Given the awesome features and controls these guns pack, they are handy for any user. The S-Tier guns might even help beginners rank faster in Apex Legends Mobile, as they can turn a battle anytime. 

S – R-301 Carbine The R-301 Carbine is incredibly balanced and is the primary pick of most gamers. It offers high damage output, great covering range, and rate of fire. Players can modify it to gain a substantial magazine size, making it a versatile all-rounder pick.
S – VoltE xcellent choice for players who prefer close to mid-range combat. It boasts minimal recoil, a fast fire rate, and packs enough damage to rival the R-301 Carbine in ranged combat. It’s easy to control and ideal for newcomers to the game.
S – KraberB est sniper rifle in Apex Legends Mobile, although it’s rare to find. It can be located in supply drops/care packages and is incredibly powerful in the hands of skilled players. It has the potential to turn the tide of a match with well-landed shots.
S – EVA-8 Shotgun The EVA-8 Shotgun offers consistent firing and great damage despite being a shotgun. It excels in close-range combat and is particularly handy for new players. It also boasts excellent hip-fire accuracy, making it a reliable choice.
S – SpitfireI deal for players competing in tournaments. It provides high damage output and accuracy, allowing skilled players to mow down even large squads without needing to reload frequently. It’s a powerful choice for those accurate in shooting.


Ranked below are Apex Legends Mobile guns that are considered overall superb for the current meta but are not as overpowered as the S-Tier ones. They are close to becoming a part of the tier before, with some minor lackings related to performance or learning curves.

G7 Scout Semi-automatic Marksman weapon suitable for long-range engagements. Requires decent aim to fully utilize its potential.
VK-47 Assault rifle with high per-shot damage potential, but slow firing rate and impactful recoil make it less suitable for hip fire and may require more control from the player.
Triple Take Marksman weapon firing three bullets simultaneously, excelling at hitting moving targets and suitable for any range.
Alternator Versatile submachine gun with high bullet travel speed, minimizing recoil effect and providing excellent accuracy, making it a good choice for beginners.
R-99 Submachine gun with a high rate of fire but significant recoil. Offers extended magazine options to compensate for recoil, suitable for close to mid-range combat with practice.
L-Star High damage and fire rate submachine gun, deadly in close combat but difficult to control due to recoil until the player gains experience.
Mastiff Shotgun ideal for extremely close-range fights, with a solid rate of fire and damage per shot, along with manageable recoil.
30-30 Mid-range Marksman rifle with precision damage potential, improved charge ability after a recent update.
HAVOC Versatile weapon with the largest magazine size and fastest shot projectile speed, offering high DPS and effective in close to mid-range combat scenarios.


These weapons aren’t the best, but they are not avoidable either. The tier-B weapons of our guns tier list have equally valid strengths as they have weaknesses and can do decent work at times. 

Sentinel Reliable sniper rifle suitable for long-range engagements, offering solid damage when charged adequately. Requires some mastery to fully utilize its potential but can serve as an alternative to the top-tier Kraber.
Hemlock Assault rifle with high damage potential and decent accuracy in close-range fights, delivering 3-round burst shots. Effective for dealing damage but may be challenging to control due to burst fire.
Prowler Burst-style submachine gun effective in close-range combat, boasting a large magazine size and decent per-shot damage capacity. Not suitable for mid to long-range engagements but excels in taking down groups of enemies without frequent reloading.
Longbow Semi-automatic sniper rifle capable of taking down enemies with single shots, but suffers from a slower fire rate. Requires accurate shooting skills to maximize its effectiveness, making it a suitable choice for players who prioritize precision over rapid fire.
Peacekeeper Shotgun effective for close-range combat, offering high damage and accuracy when aiming down sights. Provides an edge in close-quarters battles but has a long reload time, leaving players vulnerable if caught in intense combat situations.
Devotion Light machine gun with a decent fire rate and manageable recoil, similar to an assault rifle. Can be paired with an additional magazine for sustained firepower in intense combat scenarios.
RE-45 Auto machine pistol with decent performance in close-quarters combat, offering high fire rate and suitability as a support weapon. Provides reliable firepower in the pistol category but lacks the versatility and range of other weapons.


The C-tier weapons are lower-class weapons than those we have just discussed above. Some of these are pretty ordinary to be ranked in higher tiers, while others offer unique combative features with comparatively heavier flaws. 

Nevertheless, expert players who know how to get a solid hold might be able to make more from these guns and manage to fight better. Remember, these weapons are not entirely useless. It’s just that this tier doesn’t really have the spark needed to attract players when they already have the star-studded top tiers to consider. 

Charge Rifle A powerful rifle in Apex Legends Mobile, requiring mastery to control effectively. Skilled users can leverage its strength in combat, but it may be challenging for beginners due to its difficulty.
Wingman A pistol suited for close-range combat in Apex Legends Mobile, often used as a support weapon. While capable of dealing damage, it may not be preferred as a primary weapon due to its limitations.
MozambiqueT riple-barrel shotgun effective in the early stages of Apex Legends Mobile, offering decent rate of fire and accuracy. However, its damage output diminishes in mid-range encounters.
P2020S tandard pistol in Apex Legends Mobile with no standout features. Suitable for players lacking better alternatives, but lacks the versatility and effectiveness of other weapons.

Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List Criteria 

In our tier list, we graded all the weapons featured by the Apex Legends mobile-exclusive version based on their utilities and overall output. Following the common trend of ranking in-game elements into tiers, our team placed the most destructive and easy-to-use guns in the top tiers. In contrast, those with hefty learning curves or no sparkling stat were ranked lower.  

Rankings Based On Experience And Research

We at eXputer put forth informative content in front of our readers only after carrying out in-depth online research. Our team does this to ensure that justice is done with every piece of information worth your attention. Our guns tier list isn’t different, either. 

To weigh the various weapons available in Apex Legends Mobile and their versatile abilities, we not only skimmed dozens of internet sources but also took expert players’ experiences into account. 

Why Trust Us

Our team has been formulating the most up-to-date tier lists for a long time. All this time, we have tried to maintain the least amount of bias we could have, and our only intent has been to aid new (and veteran) gamers with a reliable hierarchy.

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