Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List [2023]

Like legends, making the best weapon choice for your next combat is important. Here's our Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List for that!

Are you thrilled to see the recent launch of Apex Legends Mobile? Well, here’s the first thing you need to consider if you are pondering about how to play Apex Legends Mobile: know the game’s best legends and the best weapons. And given that our Apex Legends Mobile tier list must have solved most of your character-related issues, here’s an ultimate Apex Legends Mobile guns tier list to help you get an edge over weapons too! 

Key Highlights
  • The total number of Legends is 14 currently (thanks to the latest season of battle royale content!). 
  • The Apex Legends Tier List ranks the entire roster based on each pick’s reliability and overall offense+defense execution in high-level competitive play. 
  • Legends with the most optimum abilities, usage convenience, and style include Bloodhound, Wraith, Crypto, and Gibraltar. 
  • Loba and Octane should be avoided due to their compromised abilities.
  • Legends ranked higher up will pave your way toward the endgame easily and must not be overlooked, no matter the circumstances.
Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List Ranking Table 
S-TierSpitfire, EVA-8 – Shotgun, Kraber, Volt, and R-301 Carbine
A-TierR-99, Alternator, Triple Take , VK-47, G7 Scout, HAVOC, L-Star, R-99, and Alternator
B-Tier Peacekeeper, Longbow, Prowler, Hemlock, Sentinel, RE-45, and Devotion
C-TierP2020, Mozambique, Wingman, and Charge Rifle 

The mobile-exclusive version of the Apex Legends is just as fast a skill-based shooting game as the PC/console version. Because it requires very well-planned and precise gunplay, the gun you choose will determine how good you will be able to pull off the game. That said, choosing the best gun in Apex Legends Mobile is crucial and, as expected already—tough. 

Our tiered list grading all the Apex Legend Mobile weapons from best to poor was constructed based on each’s overall potential in the current meta. To make your gun selection criteria an easy task, our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list will also give insight into each gun. So let’s begin the quest! 

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Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List ApexLmobile gun ranked

Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List Explained! While most guns in the Apex Legends Mobile have specific niches that they serve right, they still kind of contest with each other as generalists. Our Apex Legends guns tier list will show you how each weighs with the rest in terms of versatility, effectiveness, and ease of use. Here’s how we think all the weapons of the Apex Legends’ mobile version rank in tiers.

Checkout the stats for all the guns in Apex Legends Mobile: 

GunsTierDamageRPMDPSMgazineReload Time
R-301 CarbineS14816190202.5 sce
VoltS15780195212.1 sec
KraberS145307354 sec
EVA-8 – ShotgunS7 x 9120108102.8 sec
SpitfireS18546164602.7 sec
G7 ScoutA34200113142.8 sec
VK-47A18600180222.8 sec
Triple TakeA69(23×3)7890213.05 sec
R-99A111092200222.2 sec
L-StarA18600180Inifinity2.1 sec
HAVOCA18672202262.9 sec
SentinelB70364263.5 sec
HemlockB22414164212.6 sec
ProwlerB15669167252.2 sec
LongbowB55787283.15 sec
PeacekeeperB10×11488873.3 sec
DevotionB18300~80480~214403.1 sec
RE-45B12780156181.75 sec
Charge RifleC3×15+452629104.75 sec
WingmanC4616212281.9 sec
MozambiqueC15×3132972.5 sec
P2020C1851655181.05 sec


The S-Tier of our guns tier list ranks the most dominating weapons of the current meta that feature the best damage output. Given the awesome features and controls these guns pack, they are handy for any user. The S-Tier guns might even help beginners rank faster in Apex Legends Mobile as they can turn a battle at any time. 

R-301 Carbine

DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

The most potent assault rifle on our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list. Because of being incredibly balanced, R-301 Carbine stands as a primary pick of most gamers. It has a great covering range and rate of fire which is sure to bring a wide smile to every aspiring player who uses it. 

Not surprisingly, R-301 Carbine offers high damage output and also enables players to modify it in order to gain a substantial magazine size. All in all, this gun’s biggest pro is its versatility making it a perfect all-rounder pick for every Apex Legends Mobile player, regardless of niche. 


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Another top dog S-tier weapon in our Apex Legends Mobile guns tier list. It’s an excellent pick for players who like to shower damage while remaining in close to mid-range. Talking about ranged combat, in particular, Volt is undoubtedly the only gun fit enough to go head-to-head with R-301. 

Moreover, this Submachine gun is a breeze to control and packs enough damage rendering skills to summon hell upon your foes. Volt also features minimal recoil paired with a fast fire rate. Players new to this mobile game should definitely opt for Volt SMG, if not the R-301 Carbine gun. 

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DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Though it’s not easy to find this Sniper rifle in Apex Legends Mobile, Kraber is undoubtedly the best of its kind. You’ll most likely find this powerful sniper in supply drops/care packages. For players who are able to land their shots well, Kraber will certainly turn the tides of a match on its own for them. 

EVA-8 – Shotgun

DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time
7×9120108102.8 s

EVA-8 is the first shotgun to rank in our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list clearly due to its consistent firing and inflicting a lot of damage despite being a shotgun. The automatic gun proves particularly destructive in close-range combat. It is incredibly handy for those who are new to the game. EVA-8 also has excellent hip-fire accuracy. 


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Spitfire is another great shotgun of Apex Legends Mobile that is ideal for players who are contesting in tournaments. Those who are really accurate in shooting can mow down even an enormous squad with Spitfire that too, without having to load back again and again.  

The gum has got sheer damage and range coupled with a crazy fire rate and one of the most damaging potential on the list. Spitfire’s clip size is the highest too.


Ranked below are Apex Legends Mobile guns that are considered overall superb for the current meta but are not as overpowered as the S-Tier ones. They are close to becoming a part of the tier before, with some minor lackings related to performance or learning curves. For instance, most A-Tier weapons aren’t great for beginners like S-Tier ones. 

G7 Scout

DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

This is a semi-automatic Marksman-type weapon that will especially attract players whose playstyle is a sniper. You can avail this gun in both mid-range and long-range situations. However, because there are many other fully automatic weapons that offer excellent mid-range performance, we recommend employing the G7 Scout for long-range only. 

Unlike most S-tier dwellers of our Apex Legends Mobile guns tier list, the G7-Scout Marksman weapon is a little difficult to use. Employing the gun to its fullest requires decent aim meaning only players with higher skill levels are git for it.


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

VK-57 is an R-301 Carbine-like Assault rifle that makes it to the A-Tier of our guns tier list because of its evident drawback. After R-301, VK-47 certainly possesses the most per-shot damage potential. This makes the VK-47 nearly a great S-Tier choice for veteran mobile shooters; beginners may not like the gun. 

Also, this Assault rifle is not for players who rely on hip fire as it has a pretty slow firing rate. Moreover, its recoil gives quite an impactful kick, especially for initial shots. All in all, the VK-47 gun is still an incredible pick for players who have perfect aims already.

Triple Take

DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Well, this contestant of the A-Tier of our guns tier list is pretty unique. Triple Take is a fabulous Marksman weapon that shoots three bullets simultaneously to render the maximum possible damage to your foes. Also, this makes Triple take especially great in hitting moving targets. The gun can be employed for any range and has an advanced coke fire mode to make the wielding experience even juicy. 



The alternator is a pretty versatile submachine gun, and this is one of the best choices for beginners of the Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list. It houses a massive bullet travel speed that minimizes the gun’s high recoil effect and provides excellent accuracy to all types of players despite having a relatively small firearm. All in all, the Alternator can easily be handled to get a kill in just a single load of ammo.


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

An Alternator-like yet another submachine gun on the list; however, this time, it has a higher recoil. Nevertheless, it has the most substantial rate of fire with 1000 RPM. Also, R-99 offers an extended magazine which feels even more of a blessing once you get a good grip on the gun’s hefty recoil. The per shot damage amount is great too! 


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

This light machine gun, L-Star, is a useful weapon and that is why we have placed it at a decent position in our Apex Legends Mobile guns tier list. With a high damage and fire rate, there’s no doubt how fatal it can prove for your enemies, especially if you can pull them in close combat. However, L-Star’s magic is revealed at the cost of bearing some of its drawbacks. For instance, L-Star can not resist its irritating recoil pattern until the player learns to control it over time.  


You have already met many Shotgun options in our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list but not any like the Mastiff shotgun right here. Unlike every shotgun, Mastiff is the dopest choice for the extremely close-range fights, those where players often forget to blink given the super thrilling scenes occurring on their screens. It has a great rate of fire on board for that and deals a pretty solid amount of damage on each shot. The recoiling effect is also perfect in Mastiff; neither too long nor unusually short.


30-30 is a decent mid-range companion rifle of the Marksman weapon type that might even prove extraordinarily great if the employer knows how to inflict damage with precision. It has just recently been through a solid update that has improved its charge ability a lot. 


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Havoc is undoubtedly a great weapon with the biggest magazine found (up to 38) and the fastest shot projectile speed. The gun has an amazing DPS of 198 (one of the highest amongst Apex Legends Mobile Assault rifles). The HAVOC gun is best used in close and mid-range quarter fights. 


These weapons aren’t the best but not avoidable either. The tier-B weapons of our guns tier list have equally valid strengths as they have weaknesses and can do decent work at times. 


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

The Sentinel is a reliable B-tier weapon that offers ease of access, enough balance, and decent performance for all types of players in the game. However, it requires a bit of mastering before really proving helpful. The gun is especially good for long-range. When charged up adequately, the Sniper rifle Sentinel can inflict solid damage. It’s pretty bolt-action and can be used as an alternative to the top-tier Kraber. 


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Hemlock is a strong contender for the B-tier of our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list and a good alternative to the VK-57 Flatline Assault Rifle. The gun is known for its high damage dealing potential and adequate accuracy in close-range fights. It gives off 3 round burst shots, which is great in terms of damage but a little difficult to control. 

Only a few Apex Legends Mobile players can manage to handle it, but for them, Hemlock is easily an S-Tier weapon contender! 


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

This burst-style submachine gun can prove extremely brutal in close-ranged quarters. What makes the gun one of a kind is its enormous magazine size relative to other submachine guns in our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list.

Consequently, Prowler packs a decent per shot damage rendering capacity. Meaning players can easily take down a group of enemies without having to reload Prowler again and again. For mid and long-range fighting, though, Prowler is not the pick you should make. 


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Another decent sniper rifle that’s semi-automatic and takes down many enemies by landing just single shots. Nevertheless, Longbow offers a flawed fire rate that may not suit most players. But those who know how to use Apex Legends Mobile weapons accurately will be able to get the most out of this gun hence covering the fire rate issue.


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Don’t go on its name as Peacekeeper won’t certainly maintain peace in your opponent’s ranks. If used properly, this Apex Legends Mobile weapon is a real threat to foes that can bring down even the toughest of them. Being a shotgun, Peacekeeper is especially effective for close-ranged combat. Using this weapon in lobbies also appears to give players a solid edge. 

To our surprise, its damage rate is ridiculously high too. What makes the gun even unique is its ability to maintain accuracy when the user aims down sights. However, players who still miss their aims will have to bear the punishment.

The Peacekeeper Shotgun has a hefty reload time, because of which you might even lose a lot of health if caught in the middle of an intense close battling scene. Perhaps this shortcoming is exactly why the mighty shotgun sits in a lower tier.


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Devotion is one of the light machine guns in the weapon collection of Apex Legends Mobile that works very similar to an assault rifle. It packs an adequate fire rate and has a recoil effect that’s not very frustrating. Players are allowed to pair Devotion with an additional magazine to keep some extra bullets with them for any probable intense combat.

Though it lies in the B-Tier of our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list, Devotion can prove to be a solid armor if coupled with a Turbocharger and some other useful attachments. However, you need to have a great grip on the weapon to really unleash it as a full-auto gun.


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Just an ordinary pistol with decent performance in close-ranged quarters. Particularly, RE-45 is an auto machine pistol and can play the role of a good support weapon thanks to its high fire rate in the pistol category of Apex Legends Mobile. 


The C-tier weapons are lower-class weapons than those we have just discussed above. Some of these are pretty ordinary to be ranked in higher tiers, while others offer unique combative features but with comparatively heavier flaws. 

Nevertheless, expert players who know how to get a solid hold might be able to make more from these guns and manage to fight better. Remember, these weapons are not entirely useless. It’s just that this tier doesn’t really have the spark needed to attract players when they already have the star-studded top tiers to consider. 

Charge Rifle

DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

A robust rifle of the game, we would say; however, controlling it is not a child’s play. The Charge Rifle of Apex Legend Mobile is truly difficult to master, especially for beginners, but once a player is able to do that, the weapon is undoubtedly one heck of a gun to use.


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Wingbon can be your go-to pick in the Apex Legends Mobile pistol category if you wish to have nothing more than support weapons for close range. If you are lucky enough, you might even pull some damage in intense fights; otherwise, it’s not the ideal primary weapon most players want.


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

This triple barrel shotgun is good for the early game where you don’t often come across beast-like opponents. For early game only, Mozambique has a fast rate of fire and nice accuracy. Damage is just fine but severely drops in mid-range.


DamageRPMDPSMagazineReload Time

Just a regular Pistol on our guns tier list with nothing very special. Players with no better alternatives can use the P2020 pistol as it performs just fine. 

To put forth a unique small-screen battling experience, the mobile version of Apex Legends houses a solid range of exciting challenges, nifty weapons, and smart players. For players looking forward to experiencing all this and were curious about what weapons they can pick for themselves, we curated a definitive, most up-to-date Apex Legends Mobile guns tier list

The ranking you just toured through is not more than a suggestion of guns that all types of players can agree on in order to get an edge during combat. Follow the tier list to have the best possible experience of dominating your enemies! 

Apex Legends Mobile Guns Tier List Criteria 

In our tier list, we graded all the weapons featured by the Apex Legends mobile-exclusive version based on their utilities and overall output. Following the common trend of ranking in-game elements into tiers, our team placed the most destructive and easy-to-use guns in the top tiers. In contrast, those with hefty learning curves or no sparkling stat were ranked lower.  

Rankings Based On Experience And Research

We, at eXputer, put forth informative content in front of our readers only after carrying out in-depth online research. Our team does this to ensure that justice is done with every piece of information worth your attention. Our guns tier list isn’t different either. 

To weigh the various weapons available in Apex Legends Mobile and their versatile abilities, we not only skimmed dozens of internet sources but also took expert players’ experiences into account. 

Why Trust Us

Our team has been formulating the most up-to-date tier lists for a long time now. All this time, we have tried to maintain the least amount of bias we could have been, and our only intent has been to aid new (and veteran) gamers with a reliable hierarchy. 

As of right now, the above tier listing is how we think Apex Legends Mobile weapons stand against each other. Nevertheless, a gun that might suit us might not necessarily be the one you are looking for. Therefore, take it with a pinch of salt, keeping in mind that weapon preferences in Apex Legends can vary from player to player!

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