Apex Legends Mobile Ranking System: Tiers & Rewards

Confused about how the Apex Legends Mobile ranking system works? Check out this in-depth guide about the ranks in the game.

Apex Legends Mobile, now available for iOS and Android, is a Battle Royale-style shooter where you select a unique legend character to land on an island and aim to be the last team standing. As you progress, you’ll climb ranks using the game’s ranking system. Here are some key points:

  1. Legend Unlocking: Legends unlock as you level up in the game. Alternatively, you can use real money to purchase legends before unlocking them through leveling up. Each legend possesses unique abilities crucial for your success.
  2. Legend Classes: Legends are categorized into different classes based on their abilities. Most legends are similar to those in the PC/console version of the game, with one exclusive addition, “Fade,” for the mobile version.
  3. Ability Utilization: Effective use of your legend’s abilities is essential for ranking up and survival in Apex Legends Mobile.
  4. Tier List: Understanding each legend’s performance can be helpful. Consider checking out our Apex Legends Mobile Tier List for more information.

This knowledge will aid you in mastering the game’s ranking system and progressing in Apex Legends Mobile.

What is Apex Legends Mobile Ranking System?

Apex Legends Mobile introduces a ranked mode that allows players to compete and showcase their skills in a competitive environment, similar to other popular mobile battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. This ranked mode has been well-implemented and polished, benefiting from the success of the PC/console version of Apex Legends.

Here’s how the ranked mode works in Apex Legends Mobile:

  1. Unlocking Ranked Mode: To access the ranked mode, players must first play normal unranked matches and earn experience points. When a player reaches level 8, they can unlock the ranked mode.
  2. Starting Rank: Every player begins in the Bronze rank, the initial rank in the game. No RP (ranked points) is required at this level, and there is no limit to the number of players in each rank, except for the highest rank, “Apex Predator,” which is limited to the top 750 players.
    apex legends mobile ranks
  3. RP and Match Entry: Players use RP to initiate ranked matches. The amount of RP required depends on the player’s current rank. Higher ranks demand more RP. If a player performs poorly in a match, they lose the RP used to start the match. Conversely, strong performances yield more RP.
  4. RP Earnings: RP earned in a single battle royale match can go up to a maximum of 250. RP gain depends on the player’s survival, kills, assists, and revives during the match.
  5. Rank Demotion: Unlike some other mobile games, players in Apex Legends Mobile cannot be demoted to a lower rank until the seasonal reset. Even if they perform poorly, they remain in their current rank, potentially falling to the lowest tier they’ve previously reached.
  6. Season Resets: Seasonal resets in Apex Legends Mobile occur approximately every 2 to 3 months, ushering in a fresh start for ranked play.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranking System Rewards

Ranked matches in several games hand out rewards to the player when they reach a new rank.

  1. Rank-Based Rewards: Players receive rewards as they reach new ranks in the game. The quality of these rewards improves as you climb higher in the ranks.
  2. Seasonal Changes: The rewards for reaching new ranks may change with each new season. This keeps the rewards fresh and provides players with new incentives to play.
  3. Seasonal Resets: At the end of a season, players may experience a rank reset, moving down a few ranks. However, they do not lose the rewards they have already earned in the previous season. This allows players to keep the rewards they’ve unlocked and strive for higher ranks in the new season.

Ranking System and Reward List 

The list of all ranks available in the Apex Legends Mobile is as follows:

  • Bronze Rank: Unlocked at level 8, reward is a Bronze rank holo spray.
  • Silver Rank: Requires 1200 RP, reward is a Silver rank holo spray.
  • Gold Rank: Requires 2800 RP, reward is a Gold rank holo spray.
  • Platinum Rank: Requires 4800 RP, reward is a Platinum rank holo spray.
  • Diamond Rank: Requires 7200 RP, reward is a Diamond rank holo spray, match trail, and Avatar Frame.
  • Master Rank: Requires 10,000 RP, reward is a Master rank holo spray, match trail, and Avatar Frame.
  • Apex Predator Rank: Top 750 players worldwide, reward is an Apex Predator rank holo spray, match trail, and Avatar Frame.

Tips & Tricks To Rank Faster In Apex Legends Mobile 

apex legends mobile characters

Apex legend Mobile has a ranked mode that is quite different from other games. It’s possible that you can play in an unproductive way where you end up being stuck in one rank for a long time. You need to use every advantage available to earn some extra points in the ranked matches. Here are some tips and tricks to help you rank up faster in Apex Legends Mobile:

  • Begin with normal matches to learn maps and weapons. Familiarity with the terrain and gear locations will give you an edge in ranked matches.
  • Team up with friends for ranked matches. Playing with friends enhances communication and teamwork, reducing the risk of losing.
  • Ensure your team has diverse character classes to cover offense and defense. Aim for at least two different classes if you can’t have all three.
  • Prioritize survival in battle royale matches. Staying alive and reaching the top teams earns more RP than chasing kills and dying early.

For more tips and tricks regarding the game in general, check out: How To Play Apex Legend Mobile guide.

My Thoughts on Apex Mobile’s Ranking System

After 70+ hours of experience in Apex Legends Mobile, I can confirm its ranking system differs highly from its competitor games, such as Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile. It is also a good thing that, unlike other Battle Royale games, players are not demoted to the lowest rank. However, this advantage to players is also one of the biggest flaws in the ranking system.

naqib apex hours
My concurrent progress on Apex Legends

Players with low mechanical skills or low game sense will end up climbing to the higher ranks. As a result, it might ruin the experience for other competitive players who are trying their level best to reach higher ranks, such as Master or Apex Predator.

Final Thoughts

Apex Legends Mobile ranking system is a pretty fun experience for players fan of the genre. If you were unfamiliar with how the ranking system worked before, hopefully, this article resolved your confusion with that. In the end, it all depends on your abilities as a player to achieve higher ranks in the game. But you can always use certain tricks to get an edge in the matches and push through the ranks.

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