Apex Legends Mobile Ranking System: Tiers & Rewards

Apex Legends Mobile has officially been launched for iOS and Android phones. For those who are new to the game, it is a Battle Royale-style shooter. In it, you pick a legend (character) of your choosing to land on a huge island and try your best to survive as the last team standing. You slowly climb up the ranks amongst the other players using the game’s ranking system. To help you on your quest to rank up, we will be exploring all there is about the Apex Legends Mobile ranking system.

Each legend/character in the game unlocks as you progress through your levels. You can also spend real money to buy the legends before you can unlock them through leveling up. All of these legends are unique and have abilities that only they possess. While you’re at it, consider going through our Apex Legends Mobile Best Legends guide.

Using these abilities will be very important in your quest to rank up in the game and survive. Depending on the abilities a legend is categorized in respective classes. Most of the legends are similar to the ones on the PC/console version of the game. However, there is a legend called Fade that was released exclusively for the mobile version recently. Learn more about each legend’s performance by reading our Apex Legends Mobile Tier List

What is Apex Legends Mobile Ranking System?

Similar to its competitive rivals, such as PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty Mobile, this game also brings an exciting ranked mode. In the ranked mode players can play competitively and reach new ranks to show their skills in the world of Apex Legends Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile’s new ranked mode has unexpectedly been polished very well since the start.

This can be attributed to the game being a huge success on the PC/console platforms already. So they already have their homework done when it comes to the game itself.

The first rank in the game is Bronze, where every player starts off when he joins ranked matches. Just like Call Of Duty mobile uses XP, Apex Legend Mobile uses RP (ranked points). This ranked mode slightly differs from the ranked mode of the original Apex Legends on the PC/console platforms. This is because in the mobile app version of the game you have to unlock the ranked mode.

How to Unlock the Ranked Mode

As mentioned above the Ranked mode in Apex legends Mobile is not unlocked from get get-go. For unlocking the ranked mode, a player has to start playing normal unranked matches in order to earn experience points. After playing for a while when a player reaches level 8 in the game, he can unlock ranked mode. 

Every player must start rank matches at the Bronze ranking which is the first rank of the game. Bronze rank does not require you to stack up RP as it is the starting rank. There is no limit to how many players can be in a single rank. The exception of the last and topmost rank “Apex Predator”, which only the best 750 players can achieve at a time.

Ranking Mode Mechanics

apex legends mobile ranks

As we mentioned earlier when a player reaches level 8 and unlocks ranked mode, they start at Bronze Rank. Playing in the ranked matches a player needs to use his earned RP to start the match. The amount of RP needed to start a ranked match depends on the overall rank of the player.

The higher the rank, the more ranked points (RP) are needed. If a player does not do well in the match they lose the RP that they used to start the match. If the player ranks high in the match he can gain more RP. The maximum amount of RP possible to earn through a battle royale match is 250. The amount of RP earned is determined through the ranked survival, kill, assists, and revives of the player. 

In similar mobile games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, if u lose your touch you can go down to the last possible rank after losing a great number of games. But in the ranked mode of Apex legends mobile, a player can not be demoted to a lower rank until the seasonal reset.

Even if the player keeps on not doing well in any matches they still don’t get demoted. At most a player can fall to, is to the same rank he has already achieved. They will stay there for as long as they do not earn more RP. The season resets of Apex Legend Mobile should occur every 2 to 3 months.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranking System Rewards

Ranked matches in several games hand out rewards to the player when they reach a new rank. Games, such as Valorant for PC, give you gun buddies that you can attach to your personal weapon. In Call Of Duty Mobile the game gives you skins and Avatar frames, which can only be obtained through reaching that rank. 

Similar to that, Apex Legends Mobile also gives rewards to the player when they reach new ranks in the game. You get better rewards the higher the rank you obtain through playing ranked matches. These rewards for reaching new ranks are different every new season.

After the season is reset a player goes down a few ranks and loses his place in the rank he had. Though he does not lose the rewards he has already earned in the previous season. Though the player has to climb up the ranks once more.

Ranking System and Reward List 

The list of all ranks available in the Apex Legends Mobile ranking system is as follows:

  • Bronze rank is a starting rank that a player can unlock after they reach level 8 by earning exp through normal battle royale matches. The reward for reaching Bronze rank is a Bronze rank holo spray which the player can use in the matches.
  • Silver rank requires 1200 RP for rank up. The reward for reaching Silver rank is a Silver rank holo spray.
  • Gold rank requires 2800 RP for rank up. The reward for reaching the Gold rank is a Gold rank holo spray.
  • Platinum rank requires 4800 RP for rank up. The reward for reaching Platinum rank is a Platinum rank holo spray.
  • Diamond rank requires 7200 RP for rank up. The reward for reaching Diamond rank is a Diamond rank holo spray, but unlike the previous ranks you also get a Diamond ranked match trail and a Diamond Avatar Frame
  • Master rank requires 10,000 RP for rank up. The reward for reaching Master rank is a Master rank holo spray, Master ranked match trail, and a Master Avatar Frame
  • Apex Predator rank can only be reached by the top 750 players in the whole world. The reward for reaching Apex Predator rank is an Apex Predator rank holo spray, Apex Predator ranked match trail and Apex Predator Avatar frame.

Tips & Tricks To Rank Faster In Apex Legends Mobile 

apex legends mobile characters

Apex legend Mobile has a ranked mode that is quite different from other games. It’s possible that you can play in an unproductive way where you end up being stuck in one rank for a long time. You need to use every advantage available to earn some extra points in the ranked matches. Here are some tips and tricks to help you rank up faster in Apex Legends Mobile:

  • The first thing you need to do as a new player to Apex Legend Mobile is to play normal matches so you can be familiarized with the maps and weapons. Getting used to the map gives you an idea of where to find loot, camp, or an escape if you get ambushed. Knowing what weapons to choose in a situation, the best can also give you quite an advantage in ranked matches.
  • Befriend teammates to play ranked matches with. Unlike playing with random players, when you play with a friend as your teammate you can understand them better and have better communication. This improves overall teamwork and significantly reduces the chances of you losing a match.
  • Make sure your team has a variety of classes, so it can fill the gaps in your team’s offense or defense. If you can not go for 3 different classes, try to at least go for 2 different ones in every game.
  • It is best if you prioritize survival more than getting kills in the battle royale. If u get into the top teams to survive you can earn more RP than getting more kills but dying early on into the game. 

For more tips and tricks regarding the game in general, check out: How To Play Apex Legend Mobile guide.

Final Thoughts

Apex Legends Mobile ranking system is a pretty fun experience for players fan of the genre. If you were unfamiliar with how the ranking system worked before, hopefully, this article resolved your confusion with that. In the end, it all depends on your abilities as a player to achieve higher ranks in the game. But you can always use certain tricks to get an edge in the matches and push through the ranks.

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