Top 20 Best Apex Legends Players [Ranked]

Our best apex legends players guide lists the top 20 world famous Apex Legends players that you should follow to learn cool tips to dominate.

We have listed here the 20 top-tier Apex Legends players that you should follow if you want to learn cool and unique combat tips and dominate encounters in the game. Most of these professional Apex Legend players are too good and carry teams. You must have seen at least half of these Pro Apex Legends players during various championships such as ALGS, Global Series Championship, Apex Legends Summer Championship, and more. So, without wasting more time, let’s get on with the top-tier professional Apex Legends players list.

Here’s a list of 20 top-tier Apex Legends players that you should follow if you want to learn to play the game like a pro:

Ranking Name
1 TSM ImperialHal
2 TSM_Albralelie
3 Aceu
4 Daltoosh
5 Gild
6 ShivFPS
7 NiceWigg
8 Ras Apex
9 Apryze
10 iiTzTimmy
11 SoaR_Jonny
12 Shroud
13 Snip3down
14 Selly
15 Taskmast33r
16 Reptar
17 Reps
18 Sweetdreams
19 Dizzy
20 HusKers


top-tier champions

HusKers is an American player who announced his retirement from Apex Legends. He used to be a great player back in the day and is still a force to be reckoned with. He used to play for the team rogue. HusKers has a total earning of $65,496. Besides Huskers, we think Genburten is another excellent Apex Legends pro player.


Dizzy is a former Apex Competitive player. He only played competitively for a year but still was among the top 50 apex players. Rumors have it that he still plays Apex legends, and if that’s true, then he deserves a spot among our top 20 list. Dizzy has a very accurate in-game sense and can feel his or his enemy’s position and quickly use it to his advantage. In just one year’s span, dizzy managed to earn $88,503, which is enormous. If you want to play more like how Dizzy rolls in Apex Legends, then you must learn all Dizzy Settings in Apex Legends, and learn what makes this professional player one of the best in the league.


top-tier champions

Sweetdreams is an American player and if you have heard about him then you must know he has one of the best aims out of all Apex Players. Give him an LMG, and he can laser opponents 50m away. He plays for NRG. Sweet dreams has high total earnings of about $151,109. Sweetdream’s aim is one of the best out of all best apex legends players.


best apex legends players

Though Shroud may not be the most experienced player on this list, he still happens to be an exceptional player. Starting with a little bit of critique about him, he tends to have bad or moderate movement. His aim may need a little bit of practicing, as he sometimes cannot control his spray when he gets panicked.

Then again, Shroud is not as experienced as other pros on this list so that much is a given. Everything else about him is what you expect Shroud to be, but his only major flaw is his movement which gets him killed on most occasions. He used to be the top CS-GO pro player, but he took a break from it and hopped on to Apex and started streaming it. Read our Shroud Apex Legends Settings guide if you want to learn his keyboard, mouse and other settings in the game.


top-tier champions

Timmy’s gameplay is one of the best, with his reaction time and agility being unmatched. He arguably has the best movement in-game; this earns him a spot among the best apex legends players. iiTzTimmy is also the brother of the famous competitive pro apex legends player, Aceu. Even though Timmy plays a very good game, his only flaw is his aim.  His aim makes him lag to his peers, and he often misses his essential shots, which could have been ending blows to his enemies. 


best apex legends players

Apryze is pretty much the person who set the wraith players being a sweaty stereotype. Without him, this stereotype probably would not have existed. He is the number 2 player with the most kills, totaling about 100,000 with just the wraith. He has about 135,000 kills, including all the legends. Apryze does not get enough credit for the game he plays. For one, he was the first player to achieve 100,000 wraith kills.

His gameplay is tremendously entertaining to watch, and the best part is that he regularly streams his game on the popular streaming platform, Twitch. He can sometimes also be seen on his YouTube channel.

Ras Apex

top-tier champions
Ras Apex

A top-tier player at Apex Predator level, commands respect from opponents, leaving them feeling outmatched. Praised even by ACEU, Ras consistently delivers high-kill games. His gameplay thrives under pressure, with Ras performing at his best when facing multiple enemies. This resilience and determination make his streams captivating, as viewers are drawn to his ability to excel even in challenging situations.


ShivFPS stacks the odds against him for breakfast. Some call him the Solo Queue master, which he may be. ShivFPS plays with absolute trash teammates and still takes the win from his enemies right under their noses. We have covered a detailed guide on ShivFPS settings and the playstyle he goes with while engaging in one versus one combat or complete teams.


best apex legends players

Daltoosh, dubbed the “controller god,” outshines even NiceWigg, cementing his status as the top Apex Legends player on a controller. Renowned for his mastery of the game’s best weapons, he employs a calculated approach, engaging with opponents one-on-one. His precision aiming and flawless combat skills are near perfection. Noteworthy for executing mid-air shots while traversing walls, especially with the Triple Take, Daltoosh’s impeccable accuracy makes him a formidable force in the game.


top-tier champions

Aceu being ranked in the number 3 spot on our list may give a surprise to most people; it may even frustrate some people. Keep in mind, though, Aceu has the best r-99 experience and wields it like he was born to do it. Aceu is fast and vigilant, his aim often un-paralleled. His in-game movement is one of a kind, and his game sense is best of the best. Using all these skills he possesses, he takes out the most of it and claims his victories like a piece of cake.

People can make a pretty great argument that Aceu is the real legend of apex legends community. Even though this may be true, quite unfortunately, Aceu is taking a break from Apex Legends and has moved on to Valorant. Although, when it comes to raw skill, we will not debate that Aceu is NOT the best apex legends player. It would only take Aceu a couple of weeks to take back his crown for being the best.

If you want to know more about Aceu’s settings in Apex, then we have a complete guide on this; make sure to check it out.


TSM_Albralelie, a prominent member of the competitive team TSM, is renowned for his legendary gameplay skills in Apex Legends. Known for his exceptional proficiency with close-range weapons and remarkable mastery of Pathfinder’s grapple, he has earned the title of “G7 warlord” for his unparalleled skill with the G7 Scout. Albralelie’s precision and accuracy with the G7 Scout are so remarkable that some believe it warrants a nerf.

TSM ImperialHal

TSM ImperialHal holds the top spot on our list, primarily due to his impeccable decision-making under pressure. Known for flawless choices in intense combat situations, he, like Albralelie, is a key member of TSM. TSM’s dominance in competitive Apex is undeniable, largely thanks to ImperialHal’s exceptional chemistry with his trio, making them nearly unbeatable. With well-deserved fame and popularity, ImperialHal’s flawless gameplay, precise aim, and exceptional game sense make him a force to be reckoned with.

 Read our Apex Legends ImperialHal’s settings guide, and learn how this professional player goes up and about when it comes to snipping from distance and controlling SMG’s recoil efficently. 

If Aceu came back, his raw skill alone is better than that of ImperialHal, and he would be the number 1 player on our best apex legends player list.

This brings us to the end of our guide, so this is pretty much everything you need to know about these legendary players. If you think we missed a pro player that deserved a spot on the list, then please do let us know. 

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