AC Valhalla Best Shields & How To Get Them

The AC Valhalla Best Shields guide entitles the best Shields available in the game and also describes their features and stats.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an open-world video game that comes with a broad range of playing styles and gear customization. Players can progress throughout the gameplay with unique strategies. Among many things with plenty of variety at disposal, using a shield in AC Valhalla is essential while going out in hot battles. With many variations, players often get confused about which Shield is best for them and from where you can get it. Our AC Valhalla best shields guide mentions each shield type in the game along with their stats and abilities so that you can choose the perfect one according to your playing style.

Key Highlights
  • In games like AC Valhalla, defense is as important as offense and for that, AC Valhalla has shields for protection.
  • Shields in AC Valhalla are separated into two categories, Light and Heavy and both have their own pros and cons.
  • The Best Light Shields to have are Winged Shield, Briton Shield, Morrigan’s Guard, Celtic Cross Shield, and Spartan Shield.
  • The Best Heavy Shields to have are Sarcophagus Shield, Royal Guard, Rune Shield, and Kite Shield.

Let’s first quickly compare the stats of these Best Shield from AC Valhalla:

ShieldBest ForAttackSpeedBlockStunCrit-ChanceWeight
Winged ShieldBest Shield For Defense118.050.0148.0179.089.010.0
Briton ShieldBest Extra HP-Stun Inflicting Shield120.048.0150.0179.089.010.0
The Morrigan’s GuardBest Crowd Control Shield82.052.0101.0143.075.09.0
Celtic Cross ShieldBest Offensive Shield120.048.0150.0179.089.010.0
Broken WingsBest Versatile Survival Shield106.052.0151.0137.073.011.0
Spartan ShieldBest Shield For Multiple Enemy Combat Scenarios78.044.090.0126.068.013.0
Drekar ShieldBest Stun Inflicting Shield74.045.089.0134.071.029.0
Plank and BucklerBest Shield For Confronting Tough Enemies91.024.0116.0135.062.017.0
Sarcophagus ShieldBest Fire-Based Offensive Shield88.028.0115.0136.064.015.0
Royal GuardBest Shield For Turning Defense Into Offense88.028.0115.0136.064.015.0
Rune ShieldBest Defensive Heavy Shield87.025.0113.0143.066.016.0
Kite ShieldBest Highly Offensive Heavy Shield87.025.0113.0143.065.016.0
Oaken Kite ShieldBest Shield For Long Range Combat90.032.0120.0150.069.014.0

AC Valhalla offers a vast range of shields to equip and use. The game comes with two main categories, which are:

  1. Light Shield
  2. Heavy Shield

Best AC Valhalla Light Shields 

Light Shields are ideal for players who prioritize agility in combat, allowing for swift movements and quick attack combos. They pair well with axes, flails, and daggers, providing versatility in battle without sacrificing speed. Here are some of the top Light Shields available in AC Valhalla.

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Winged Shield

Best Shield For Defense
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Winged Shield 118 50 148 179 89 10
  • Why I Chose This: The defensive capabilities this shield provides are really good. Is able to tank damage, provides extra hp, and restores fire/poison damage.

Winged Shield is a Mythical Light Shield that boosts your attacking power after a parry. When fully upgraded, this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Shield becomes a beast as it can take heavy attacks from opponents and block any kind of severe damage. It comes with the perk of granting extra health and restoring the damage caused by fire or poison.

AC Valhalla best Light Shields
Stats and Features of Winged Shield

The perk has a cooldown duration of ten seconds which is not that much compared to its abilities. So it might be worth it to take this mighty Shield in combats and deadly fights.

How to get Winged Shield

Getting this deadly Shield is not as hard as you can purchase it in the Reda’s Shop. Make sure to buy this Shield before going on a challenging mission, as it proves a reliable guard on your side may change the outcomes of the battle.

  • Has high attack and stun capabilities.
  • Great defensive capabilities.
  • Grants extra HP and restores fire/poison damage.
  • Provides moderate speed.

Briton Shield 

Best Extra HP-Stun Inflicting Shield
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Briton Shield 120 48 150 179 89 10
  • Why I Chose This: The extra HP this shield provides and being lightweight makes a deadly combo with an axe/hammer.

Briton Shield is a unique Light Shield that gives you bonus health while engaging in combat. Carrying this Shield in one hand along with an axe or a hammer in the other makes a deadly combo. Along with an extra health bar, Briton Shield also packs an impressive stun bonus.

Briton Shield abilities
Stats and Features of Briton Shield

The Shield performs similar to the Spartan Shield, but it is lighter to wield, making you swift and more mobile in battles. The High Stun damage makes it perfect to use against serious enemies. It is also an ideal choice while completing the Blood Bond storyline in Wrath of the Druids.

How to Get the Briton Shield:

Briton Shield can be found in The Temple of Mithras in Lunden. This location is in the southeastern corner of the map.

  • Has a high attack.
  • Provides bonus HP.
  • Grants different stun bonuses.
  • Moderate speed compared to other stats.

The Morrigan’s Guard

Best Crowd Control Shield
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Morrigan’s Guard 82 52 101 143 75 9
  • Why I Chose This: The increased mobility it provides because of the lightweight and the crowd control it provides with poison flumes.

Morrigan’s Guard is one of the strongest Light Shield in AC Valhalla, which unlocks later in the game. You have to wait for the storyline to progress, but the Shield is worth the wait. The Shield is much lighter to carry and has pretty decent stats, making it challenging in battles.

AC Valhalla best Light Shields
Stats and Features of The Morrigan’s Guard

With an impressive perk, this shield boasts a 33% chance of casting a poison flume when blocking enemy attacks. This perk proves highly beneficial in critical situations, targeting multiple enemies and facilitating combat. It’s particularly effective against Legendary Animals, swiftly depleting their health while blocking their attacks

How to get Morrigan’s Guard

To obtain Morrigan’s Guard shield, head to the Belas Knap area east of Cleeve Hill in Glowecestrescire. Locate a large tree secured by three heavy locks and explore the area to find the keys. Use these keys to unlock the locks and access a mythical chest containing the shield.

  • The low weight increases mobility.
  • 33% chance of inflicting poison flume which targets multiple enemies.
  • Is acquired later on in the game.

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Celtic Cross Shield 

Best Offensive Shield
Celtic Cross Shield Abilities
Stats and Features of Celtic Cross Shield
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Celtic Cross Shield 120 48 150 179 89 10
  • Why I Chose This: Does wonders against powerful enemies and is an ideal choice for aggressive playstyle players.

The Celtic Cross Shield in Valhalla stands out for its unique ability to increase Ability Damage, allowing players to deal significant damage to enemies. Unlike other Light Shields that focus on health regeneration after blocking, this shield empowers offensive gameplay while remaining lightweight for easy handling.

How to get Celtic Cross Shield

Like most Light Shields, Celtic Cross Shield is available for purchase in any Store of the game. You can buy it with Helix Credits.

  • Has high attack, stun, and block stats.
  • Grants a boost in ability damage.
  • Low-speed stat.

Broken Wings

Best Versatile Survival Shield
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Broken Wings 106 52 151 137 73 11
  • Why I Chose This: The affordability factor and the extra HP it provides for greater survival chances.

Broken Wings is one of AC Valhalla best shields for many players due to its high stats and affordable price. If your rations are not enough to keep you going in the battle, then this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Shield will come into the role to save your life as it grants you extra health when you need it.

AC Valhalla best Light Shields
Stats and Features of Broken Wings

The Shield can take heavy attacks and makes a great match in tough fights. It is light in weight, making it easy to wield and move swiftly in fights to dodge enemy attacks. The Stun and Critical damage are impressive as well. 

How to get Broken Wings

Broken Wings can be bought from any purchase store if you have enough Helix Credits. It can also be bought with Opals from Reda’s Shop.

  • High attack and block stats.
  • Provides extra HP.
  • Is cheap and provides great mobility.
  • Low crit chance stats.

Spartan Shield

Best Shield For Multiple Enemy Combat Scenarios
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Spartan Shield 78 44 90 126 68 13
  • Why I Chose This: The versatility this build provides. The effectiveness that this shield provides against multiple enemies.

The Spartan Shield in Valhalla is renowned for its balanced stats and striking design. It excels in crowd combat, empowering your attacks after successfully blocking enemy strikes. This unique perk redirects opponent damage, enhancing your ability to confront aggressive foes like guards or berserkers.

Spartan Shield Abilities
Stats and Features of Spartan Shield

Although the Shield is not that fast, being a Light Shield, it is more challenging than any other light shield and can bear heavy attacks to block severe damage. It is also much durable in stunning your foes. So, use this AC Valhalla Shield to your advantage and block as many hits as you can.

How to get Spartan Shield

You can obtain this Superior Light Shield beneath the Old Gravesham Bridge, situated between Cent and Essex. Use a powder trap or oil jar to destroy a concealed wall and gain access to the shield. Acquirable early in the game, it remains a viable option throughout, offering consistent performance for those who favor its style.

  • Has an attractive design.
  • Provides an increase in attack after blocking.
  • Higher weight than other shields.
  • Low-speed stat.

Drekar Shield 

Best Stun Inflicting Shield
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Drekar Shield 74 45 89 134 71 29
  • Why I Chose This: The HP restoration ability increases survivability and impressive stun damage.

Drekar Sheild is also worth mentioning Light Sheild due to its valuable perks and stats. It is suitable in light to moderate fights when facing common guards or bandits. 

AC Valhalla best Light Shields
Stats and Features of Drekar Shield

Keeping this Valhalla Shield Drekar by your side will give you a significant advantage as it restores your health by 15% after successfully blocking five attacks from your enemies. The cooldown timer is 35 seconds which is slightly high. It also packs impressive stun damage to assist you in hot situations.

How to get Drekar Shield

To obtain the Superior Light Shield, you have two options. Firstly, you can purchase it from the Tamworth Fortress in Ledecestrescire for 500 silver, or from the merchant in Ravensthorpe once you’ve upgraded your settlement. Alternatively, you can explore the Cavella Outpost in Hamtunscire, where you’ll find a chest hidden under the stadium. Open the chest to obtain the Drekar Shield.

  • Provides 15% HP restoration after blocking 5 attacks.
  • Great stun damage.
  • Can be quite expensive to buy.

Best AC Valhalla Heavy Shields

Heavy shields are bigger and sturdier, slowing your movement but offering superior protection. They pair well with heavy weapons for a slow and steady combat style. Here are the top heavy shields in AC Valhalla.

Plank and Buckler

Best Shield For Confronting Tough Enemies
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Plank and Buckler 91 24 116 135 62 17
  • Why I Chose This: A great weapon for fighting against tougher enemies with increased heavy attack damage and defensive capabilities.

The Plank and Buckler is a formidable Flawless Heavy Shield, boasting robust design and performance. It enhances heavy attack damage upon successful blocks, making it ideal for intense battles

AC Valhalla best Heavy Shields
Stats and Features of Plank and Buckler

It has the ability to absorb heavy damage from your foes to save up your health and counterattack in return. The ability has a cooldown duration of ten seconds, after which you can use it again. Although it is a bit heavy to wield, it is not a burden on you.

How to get Plank and Buckler

Once you progress through the game, you can buy this Flawless Shield from the Shield stores located around the map. Investing in this Assassin’ Creed Valhalla Shield is worth it before going out for heavy fights and battles.

  • Enhances heavy attack damage.
  • Has the ability to absorb heavy damage.
  • Has a cooldown for its special ability.
  • Low-speed stat.

Sarcophagus Shield

Best Fire-Based Offensive Shield
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Sarcophagus Shield 88 28 115 136 64 15
  • Why I Chose This: The fire damage this shield does is great for high HP enemies. Depleting their hp over time.

The Sarcophagus Shield in AC Valhalla boasts a fire-based build, turning defense into offense. While its stats aren’t the highest, its offensive perk creates a fiery circle upon blocking, damaging enemies. Enhance its effectiveness with runes to increase fire activation and damage.

Abilities of Sarcophagus Shield
Stats and Features of Sarcophagus Shield

Equipping the Sarcophagus Shield may slightly slow down Eivor due to its size, but its advantages outweigh this drawback. Offering significant stun and fire damage, it’s ideal for battling formidable bosses with ample health.

How to Get the Sarcophagus Shield

To find the Sarcophagus Shield, head to Dhustone Quarry in Sciropscire. Descend to the bottom of the quarry and enter the passage next to the prisoner’s cage. Cross the pond to reach a secret chest containing the shield. Open the chest to obtain it.

  • Balanced stats.
  • Great offensive capabilities.
  • Deals fire damage.
  • Restricts movement capabilities.

Royal Guard

Best Shield For Turning Defense Into Offense
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Royal Guard 88 28 115 136 64 15
  • Why I Chose This: An ideal pick for an offensive playstyle player as you stay at close range and deal great heavy attack damage.

The Royal Shield is a Superior Heavy Shield suitable for players who like to play more on the offensive side while wielding a shield. It is often paired with a Dane axe or a heavy hammer to maximize the outcome.

AC Valhalla best Heavy Shields
Stats and Features of Royal Guard

The Royal Guard Shield boasts an impressive offensive perk, enhancing the damage of your heavy attacks after blocking successive hits. This ability enables you to absorb heavy enemy blows and counter with increased power, making it invaluable in close combat against formidable foes, especially sturdy bosses.

How to Get the Royal Guard:

You don’t have to worry about getting this Heavy Shield if you have enough silver coins, as it is available for purchase at a Shield Store in Tamworth Fortress. You can also obtain it from a trader in 500 silver, which will save you the long trip to the Fortress of Tamworth.

  • Great offensive capabilities.
  • Enhanced heavy attack damage after several enemy attack blocks.
  • Weight may lead to reduced mobility.

Rune Shield

Best Defensive Heavy Shield
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Rune Shield 87 25 113 143 66 16
  • Why I Chose This: A gem for players with defensive playstyles. Great at tanking enemy damage and has an ability damage boost on top.

The Rune Shield sports a classic design with solid base stats, which are further enhanced upon upgrading, turning it into a formidable asset in combat. Paired with heavy axes, it becomes a deadly combination. Ideal for defensive players preferring a cautious approach, it offers excellent protection against heavy enemy assaults, making it one of the top shields in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Rune Shield abilities
Stats and Features of Rune Shield

You might want to be close to total health while welding this Shield as it gives a +20 bonus to Ability Damage when the health bar is almost complete. This Shield is a bit heavy to carry as well but saves you from sneaky attacks and severe damage from your foes.

How to get Rune Shield

The Superior Rune Shield can be obtained by completing the ‘Viking for Hire’ quest, which appears after completing ten contracts from Reda after being established in Ravensthorpe. After you complete the quest and fulfill his terms, you get this Shield as a reward upon completion.

  • Great defensive capabilities.
  • +20 ability damage boost when on almost full hp.
  • A heavy shield that reduces mobility.

Kite Shield

Best Highly Offensive Heavy Shield
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Kite Shield 87 25 113 143 65 16
  • Why I Chose This: The ability to tank damage from enemies while boosting your own power made it a must-have on my list.

Kite Shield is a Superior Heavy Shield in AC Valhalla that does a pretty good job absorbing heavy hits from your opponent without damaging you. The perk of this Shield is pretty unique as it will boost your heavy attacks based on how long you can resist enemy attacks. The more hits you block, the more power you will get in your attacks.

AC Valhalla best Heavy Shields
Stats and Features of Kite Shield

The basic variant comes with good stats, which can be further increased by upgrading the Shield. The Heavy attack bonus can range from +4 to +40 attack points. The perk has a cooldown duration of only three seconds, making it a highly offensive Shield. Like other Heavy Shields, it also affects the character’s movement speed.

How to get Kite Shield

Located in Wandrie settlement near Grantedbridgescire, south of Melbourne along the Great Ouse River, the Rune Shield rests inside a large hut with red accents. Claim this formidable shield to gain an advantage in battles.

  • Great defense.
  • Increase heavy attack power based on the hits blocked.
  • Higher weight leads to low mobility.

Oaken Kite Shield

Best Shield For Long Range Combat
Shield Name Attack Speed Block Stun Crit-Chance Weight
Oaken Kite Shield 90 32 120 150 69 14
  • Why I Chose This: The superiority this shield provides in long-range combat scenarios is second to none.

This Superior Heavy Shield has great stun, block, and attack damage. This Shield is suitable in long-ranged fights due to its exceptional perk, as it gives a boost to your range attacks after successfully blocking one. The Shield has a hybrid nature, so you can also use it in close-range combats.

AC Valhalla best Heavy Shields
Stats and Features of Oaken Kite Shield

Oaken Kite Shield is a bit lighter than other Shields of its kind, but it is still heavy to Wield and affects the character’s movement to some extent. It has a cooldown duration of only 5 seconds and boosts your ranged attacks up to +15 pretty impressive points.

How to get 

Oaken Kite Shield is not so hard to obtain as you can find it by exploring the Maeldun region located in Essex. Once reaching the location, find a tavern by the pools. There, you will find a breakable wall. Destroy it and loot the mighty Shield from there.

  • Ranged attack increases after a successful block.
  • Excels in long-range combat.
  • Reduced mobility due to heavy weight.

Final Verdict

While Valhalla offers tons of shields, finding the perfect match for your playstyle is key. Don’t just use any shield – experiment and choose wisely to dominate the battlefield. Remember, the “best” shield depends on how you play, so try them out and make one your ultimate weapon!

That wraps up our AC Valhalla best shields guide. If you want to enhance your gaming experience in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and want to play without any lags with maximum FPS, then make sure to check our best Assassins Creed Valhalla PC Settings.

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