AC Valhalla Fiery Warsong Atgeir Location

Released on 10th March 2022, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök is the third and final DLC to the game. Although it resembles the original game in terms of game elements and gameplay, the new DLC has its fair share to add to quests, storyline, and exploration. One of the new additions to the game is new weapons. The Fiery Warsong is one of the new weapons added in this DLC. In this guide, we shall give you all the information about the Fiery Warsong Atgeir Location in AC Valhalla. 

Key Highlights
  • Getting Fiery Warsong Atgeir is not complicated as you have to defeat three bosses: Throttigr, Rammar and Trawll.
  • These bosses will progressively get harder, Throttigr being the easiest compared to the other two.
  • Each boss also has its own kind of attack patterns and special abilities to avoid.
  • Each of these bosses will drop different fragments which will then be used to craft the Fiery Warsong.

The Fiery Warsong is an Augier. According to its in-game description, the blade sings when tasting the blood of one’s enemies. The Fiery Warsong has one perk that makes this blade so special. The weapon is set on fire when surrounded by more than three enemies. Also, note that this perk has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

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The Fiery Warsong Atgeir Location In AC Valhalla

To unlock Fiery Warsong, you must defeat three different bosses to unlock this weapon: Throttigr, Rammr, and Trawll. These bosses are located in the three main regions of the map. Each boss drops one broken blade piece. You may take these pieces to any Dwarven Blacksmith in one of the shelters. Talking to the blacksmith will give you an option to smelt the three broken blade pieces together into the Fiery Warsong.

In the next following paragraphs, we shall now go through each boss one by one and discuss their locations, attack patterns, and how you can defeat them.

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Throttigr, Rammr, And Trawll Bosses

There is no fixed order in which you must defeat these three bosses. You may start with any boss that feels the most convenient to reach and defeat. Each boss will drop the Broken Blade Fragment once they are defeated. However, we would recommend that you defeat them in the order of increasing difficulty. This way, you can always judge if you can defeat the next boss or not.


Although Throttigr is not an easy boss, she is the easiest to defeat than Rammr and Trawll. The details of her locations and attack patterns are below.


Throttigr Location in AC Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok
Throttigr’s map location for the Fiery Warsong Broken Blade piece.

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Throttigr can be found in Savaladal patrolling around on the roads. Since they move around a lot, you might not find them in the exact location as the image above, but they will be in that area.

Attack Patterns

Throttigr uses a long sword, but her main weapon is the bow. She can throw fire flames at you through her mouth, and her bow attacks are deadly. Know that if you try to chip away her health from a distance, she will also be doing the same.

A bow is a good option to take out her weak spots to deal more damage. Once you hit the two weak spots, it reduces her health a lot, but she will not have any more weaknesses after that. We recommend that you sneak up on her if you can spot her from a distance. If you catch her off guard, you can start the fight by dealing significantly more damage.

Special Attacks

Throttigr’s unstoppable attack involves a lunge followed by an uppercut, so look out for that. All these bosses will perform a special attack when low on health. This attack can deal considerable damage if you don’t dodge or kill them before making their move. However, you can stop them from attacking if you are fast enough to kill them before they can attack you.

Once you defeat her, you get one piece of Broken Blade, a few runes, Magma blood, Living Spark, and a lot to experience.


Now, let’s move on to our second boss, Rammr, which is also a little challenging but we’ve listed movesets and attack patterns to defeat easily.


Rammr Location in AC Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok
Rammr’s map location for the Fiery Warsong Broken Blade piece.

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Rammr is seen patrolling around the northern parts of Gullnámar near the mining area. You must be careful when you approach him because there are many guards in this area, and they will attack you simultaneously.

Attack Patterns

Rammr is a mid-range attacker that uses a shield and long sword. Like Throttigr, you should start the fight with an ambush at a suitable spot where you don’t see many guards. Since they are bosses, you can’t assassinate them, but an ambush can still catch them off guard, and you can get a chance of dealing some damage from the start.

Special Attacks

Rammr also has a special attack that is unstoppable: a lunge and uppercut. Make sure that you dodge her once she tries to make a move.

Once she is below a certain level of health, he will perform a special attack that can deal heavy damage. Then again, if you are fast enough, you can stop her mid-way by draining her remaining health. Apart from the Magma Blade, Living Spark and the Broken Blade Rammr also drops a Grate Rune of Perfection.


Trawll is the last boss you must defeat to get the third Broken Blade piece for the Fiery Warsong. He is the most difficult to defeat compared to Rammr and Throttigr. The details of his locations and attack patterns are below:


Trawll location in AC Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok
Trawll’s map location for the Fiery Warsong Broken Blade piece.

Technically speaking, this is the third Fiery Warsong Atgeir Location in AC Valhalla. The third boss is to the west edge of the map in Vangrinn. The location of the boss is in the image above. Remember that these bosses do move around to patrol the area, so you will have to look around for them, but they definitely will be nearby.

You will not be seeing this boss until you are almost done with the game. However, you can always go there if you want this weapon early.

Attack Patterns

Trawll uses a Great axe as his main weapon. Although he is the hardest boss to defeat among the three bosses on the list, he is a bit slow and does not have a lot of range. You will be fine if you keep moving around.

Special Attack

Towards the end of his health, Trawll uses a special technique to create a cloud of dust and dirt, making it a lot harder to fight and see. Then again, you will be fine if you keep moving around.

After defeating Trawll, he drops the final Broken Blade piece required for the Fiery Warsong. Once you have all the three broken Blade Pieces, take them to any Dwarven Blacksmith, and they will craft the Fiery Warsong for you.

Fiery Warsong: Weapon Stats

Remember that once you craft the Atgeir, it will come in Mythical Form, so you will have to upgrade it to take full advantage of its stats. Once the weapon you fully upgrade the weapon its stats will be as follows:

Weapon Stat. NameFiery Warsong Weapon Stat.
Critical Chance126.7

The Fiery Warsong has more attack and critical chance stat than the other atgeirs. You will need at least three enemies around you before the Atgeir catches flames. The weapon will do even more damage when it is on fire.

It is even better if you have something that stacks or multiplies with fire damage. The added damage will surely make you more efficient in battles. On the subject of effectiveness in combat, also check the top 10 Best AC Valhalla Builds.

Now that was all that you needed to know about Fiery Warsong Atgeir Location in AC Valhalla. If you found this guide helpful, please let us know in the comments below.

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