Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Best Weapons in 2023 [Top 20]

Our Best AC Valhalla Weapons guide lists 20 top-tier weapons in 2023 from the base game & DLC you should have in your arsenal to fight foes.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes players in the barbaric Viking era when fighting with an axe, bow & arrow, and long swords was the norm of the day. This culture is also reflected in the game very well, and every now and then, players will come across weapons that were once used by Norse mythology gods. That is why it is imperative to learn which weapons in the game are the Best AC Valhalla Weapons in 2023 so that you can always stay one step ahead of the curve and surprise your enemies with top-tier hammers, swords, axes & more.

Key Highlights
  • Jotnar Cleaver: Defeat Riekr boss after defeating all five of Suttungr’s Outriders.
  • Fenrir’s Incisor: Requires Power of Joutunheim to teleport inside a house in Gimsteinhus and find it in a chest.
  • Aesir Eye: Purchase from Kara’s Domain shop for 2800 Tokens.
  • Carolingian Pike: Exclusive for Amazon Prime members.
  • Sarcophagus Shield: Inside Sciropescire, accessible through a fissure where prisoners are kept.
  • Mournful Cry: Purchase from Reda’s shop in Ravensthorpe with 120 opals.
  • Hemming’s Axe: Available for pickup at Ravensthorpe after completing the Snotinghamscire storyline.
  • Varin’s Axe: Found in Rygajfylke, obtainable after freeing your clan from the longhouse.

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We have listed 20 top-tier AC Valhalla weapons ranging from hammers, swords, long swords, and the best hunter bows & arrows to small-sized daggers. Our curated list also takes into account the DLCs and the base game, and that is why some of the weapons you see in the list may not appear for you in-game if you do not have the DLC.

Here’s a comparison table created by us, between the Best Weapons in AC Valhalla:

WeaponsTypeAttackSpeedStunCritical Chance
Jotnar CleaverBearded Axe152.554.0193.0123.5
Fenrir’s IncisorDagger128.578.0164.5134.0
Aesir EyeHunter Bow132.046.0152.0119.0
Yngling SeaxDagger31.
Blodwulf ShieldShield118.050.0179.089.0
Carolingian PikeSpear142.056.0160.0117.0
Sepulcher AxeDane Axe144.039.0175.092.0
Sarcophagus ShieldHeavy Shield139.028.0189.085.0
The Morrigan’s GuardLight Shield115.052.0179.089.0
Arc Of ElanHunter Bow55.
All-Father’s GuardLight Shield121.055.0175.098.0
Bloodied ScytheScythe182.044.0174.099.0
Mournful CryHammer59.
Petra’s ArcBow80.
Gae BolgSpear133.052.0142.0104.0
Hemming’s AxeAxe122.036.0136.073.0
Varin’s AxeAxe115.048.0130.072.0

Jotnar Cleaver

Best axe AC Valhalla
Jotnar Cleaver AC Valhall

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This unique axe comes along with a trait that, once you land a critical hit, there is a fifty percent possibility that the Andreline bar will be filled to its maximum. Although it has a cooldown of 15 seconds, it has the potential to be incredibly helpful in a wide variety of circumstances.

If combined with the appropriate skills, such as the Riposte, the Jotnar Cleaver is capable of assisting you in swiftly and effortlessly dispatching even the most formidable of foes. You just have to choose an ability that works the best with the way you intend to play the game.

Critical Chance123.5

Fenrir’s Incisor

AC Valhalla Best dagger
fenrir’s Incisor AC Valhalla

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Unless you’re the type of person who enjoys using a large number of special attacks in battle, it is strongly suggested that you acquire Fenrir’s Incisor without squandering even a single second of your time. This is due to the fact that the perk of the weapon lowers the amount of stamina that is used by special attacks. 

In addition to that, the overall cost of stamina has decreased by twenty percent. You will be able to turn the weapon into a devastating death machine with the assistance of the perk that comes along with Fenrir’s Incisor. You could, for instance, affix a rune to it that causes the weapon to self-ignite after taking a critical blow with it. 

Critical Chance134

Aesir Eye

AC Valhalla Best bow weapon 2022
Aesir Eye AC Valhalla

The All-Guard Father’s and the Aesir Eye Hunter Bow are both parts of the same equipment set; therefore, their aesthetics are complementary to one another. The Aesir Eye Hunter Bow is the unique bow included in the downloadable content pack. If the ranged battle is your thing in the game, then you need to get your hands on this Best AC Valhalla bow Weapon and make hunting seamless.

The perk of the bow grants you an additional bar of adrenaline whenever you execute a headshot while it is completely charged. Because of this, it is an excellent option for players that take pleasure in coordinating the use of their ranged armaments and skills with one another.

Critical Chance119

Yngling Seax

AC Valhalla top-tier dagger
Yngling Seax AC Valhalla

The Raven Skill Tree is connected to this particular weapon in some way. The Yngling Seax dagger may be used with either hand and however, in order to use a weapon that requires two hands with either of your hands, you will need to have the Heavy Dual Wild skill.

You may pair the Yngling Seax with other swords such as the Suttungr’s Claw or the Kopis Dagger if you have the Heavy Dual Wild talent. The ability requires you to have already obtained it.

Critical Chance66

Blodwulf Shield

AC Valhalla Best shield weapon 2022
Blodwulf Shield AC Valhalla

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For a multitude of purposes, Blodwulf is often considered to be the best early-game shield weapon in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The passive ability of Blodwulf to scorch Eivor’s weapons whenever the latter parries an oncoming strike is of the utmost importance.

Even while the specification of Eivor’s weapon states that there is a chance that it will catch fire, you can take our word for it that this actually occurs very regularly. Any weapon Eivor grabs will likewise catch fire as soon as he does.

While shields are not the go-to assault weapon types in the game, we still consider Blodwulf Shield as the Best weapons of 2023 in AC Valhalla. 

Critical Chance89

Carolingian Pike

Carolingian Pike AC Valhalla

An Animus alteration was performed by Layla Hassan, an Assassin who accessed Eivor Varinsdottir’s memories, making it possible for the shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan to have access to the long spear during the time of the Viking invasion of England.

The Carolingian Pike is a mythical-class weapon because it was aligned with the ‘Way of the Raven’ skill path. Because the skill of this spear concentrates on enhancing the damage done by your own abilities after evading in combat, it makes it more appealing to employ your skills that are oriented toward attacks. 

Critical Chance117

Sepulcher Axe

Sepulcher Axe AC Valhalla

The Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan got this dane axe at Offchurch’s crypt, which is known as Ledecestrescire, while she was traveling around the world.

The large and powerful Sepulcher Axe, which requires both hands to wield, is the ideal weapon to see you through to the center of the game. The fact that it self-ignites after its cooldown and sets itself ablaze when it takes a critical blow is one of my favorite aspects about it.

Critical Chance92

Sarcophagus Shield

Sarcophagus Shield AC Valhalla

The Sarcophagus Shield was a variety of heavy shield that was used in England during the 9th century. It was built from wood that had been broken from the sarcophagus that contained a young Mercian king at the time.

The Sarcophagus Shield has a 33 percent chance to activate and a cooldown of 30 seconds when it is of Superior Quality.

In order to obtain the Sarcophagus Shield, you will need to travel below the Dhustone Quarry and slide through a gap in the wall that is close to the entrance to the subterranean area.

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Critical Chance85

The Morrigan’s Guard

The Morrigan’s Guard AC Valhalla

The Shield is far easier to carry than other armor, and its statistics are above average, making it a formidable tool to fight an opponent in combat.

It features an outstanding perk that has a chance of 33 percent of releasing a poisonous torrent on your enemies in reaction to blocking their strikes. The perk may be activated in response to blocking an opponent’s assault. This specific perk is quite useful in stressful times since it targets many foes at once and makes it simpler for you to engage in combat with them. 

Critical Chance89

Arc Of Elan

Arc Of Elan AC Valhalla

Because of both its statistics and its bonus, the bow is often considered to be among the very best ranged weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The bow’s skill damage is increased by a small amount for each successful hit it lands on an attacker. Because it allows you the opportunity to deliver more damage, it comes in useful while you are facing the deadliest bosses in the game.

Critical Chance57.5

All-Father’s Guard

All-Father’s Guard AC Valhalla

The All-Father’s Guard is the single new shield that can be acquired through the Dawn of Ragnarok downloadable content pack. It features an appealing and sophisticated aesthetic that is befitting of the mythological king of Asgard. You will receive an extra +20.0 Ability Damage whenever you deflect, thanks to this perk.

Critical Chance98

Bloodied Scythe

Bloodied Scythe AC Valhalla

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The Bloodied Scythe has a fantastic design, and strangely like a straight razor in appearance, it is safe to say that it is deserving of its name. When you loot the Gear Vault in the Pontem Esera location in Amienois, you will have the opportunity to acquire the weaponry. During the course of the Honor and Enemies quest, you will have the opportunity to visit this area.

Critical Chance99

Mournful Cry

Mournful Cry AC Valhalla

The Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla game features a wide variety of weaponry, and the Mournful Cry is considered to be among the most effective and best hammers available. It is common knowledge that hammers do significant harm to foes, and the vast majority of them indeed do.

The Mournful Cry is a hammer that may be used in either the right or left hand by players. It’s possible that some Assassin’s Creed players have a preference for a different kind of weapon, but the bonuses that come with Mournful Cry make it too valuable to forego.

Critical Chance53


Mjolnir AC Valhalla

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Mjolnir is by far the best hammer in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and if you intend on playing the next downloadable content (DLC) for this game, then it is worth your time to track it down. Because of the perk it possesses, each strike has a chance to provide stunning damage to all adjacent foes, and the effect is always present when the weapon is used in a finishing combo.

Critical Chance104


Spinning Death AC Valhalla

The Heavy Finisher Hit allows you the opportunity to unleash a Fire Bomb on the foes who are still alive. Therefore you should utilize it if you are a lover of engulfing enemies into flames since it gives you that opportunity. The sole drawback of the armament is that it is difficult to handle, and it is not unusual for Eivor to get desynchronized as a result of murdering an excessive number of innocent spectators.

The speed of the Spinning-Death flail makes it perhaps the best flail weapon in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It is due to the fact that its speed enables attacking combinations to get to the excellent portion of the assault more quickly, which is important considering wind-up may be a bit of an issue with this sort of weapon.

Critical Chance77

Petra’s Arc

Petra’s Arc AC Valhalla

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Petra’s Arc is among the best predator bow weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla since it is the only archery weapon you could need, particularly when it comes to accomplishing multiple side missions. This makes it one of the best predator bow weapons overall in the game.

Even if the attack speed is a little bit sluggish, the damage nearly ensures that it will always result in a kill. Because it also makes critical strikes more damaging while the user is at full health, it is the ideal item for any player who excels at stealth.

Critical Chance63

Gae Bolg

Gae Bolg AC Valhalla

The Gae Bolg is a new Spear that was included in the Wrath of the Druids downloadable content pack. It is possible to get it by going to Deidre’s Hut in Connacht, wherein Eivor will be given the task of eliminating all 10 of the Druid leadership.

It is an excellent spear in general because none of its statistics are particularly poor. In addition, the weaponry possesses mythological powers, such as the fact that hitting three hits in a row on an enemy would trigger lightning to stun them.

Critical Chance104

Hemming’s Axe

Following the conclusion of the narrative known as “The Tale of Two Jarls,” players will be able to obtain the powerful Dane Axe known as Hemming’s Axe. The two-handed weapon has respectable numbers overall, but what stands out most is its high level of immobilization.

Furthermore, the perk that activates whenever players are in need of assistance is what gives this melee weapon its impressive level of power. When the player’s health bar goes too low, the axe causes them to take significantly more heavy damage. When facing bosses who do a lot of damage, like Fenrir or Balor, having that additional strength might lead to significant combat improvements.

Critical Chance73

Varin’s Axe

Varin’s Axe AC Valhalla

The Sarcophagus Shield, which might boost a player’s defensive skills while still keeping a reasonable attack speed, is an excellent complement to the item and is recommended for use with it. The fact that Varin’s Axe can easily survive until the late game is a huge benefit for players who wish to specialize in a single weapon and use it throughout the whole game.

Even though Eivor’s father was the previous owner of Varin’s Axe, the fact that it formerly belonged to Eivor’s father is not the only factor that makes it so awesome. It has great attack damage and a speed that many other weapons would kill for, not to mention the fact that it can be acquired quite early on in the narrative.

Critical Chance72


Excalibur AC Valhalla

The actual sword that King Arthur wielded, known as Excalibur, is one of the fabled and best swords in AC Valhalla. In order for players to be eligible to take this item from Myrdinn’s Cave, they must first complete a challenging voyage around the British Isles in search of numerous riches. Most of these artifacts are located in areas that require players to battle Zealots, which is not an easy task in all of these instances.

Excalibur is one of the very best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla since, when you do get it, it has the power to blind foes surrounding you following completing massive finishers and criticals making it one of the best weapons overall in the game. In addition to this, as it is already of Mythical Quality, you have three rune slots available to enhance its destructive potential further.

Critical Chance82


This sums up our guide regarding everything related to the best weapons in AC Valhalla in 2023. Which is your favorite weapon in the game, and why? For us, it is Excalibur and Mjolnir. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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