AC Valhalla Legacy of Ivaldi: Location, Stats, Perks

Our guide on the AC Valhalla Legacy of Ivaldi Location tells you every thing tthere is to know about the weapon location and stats.

Dawn of Ragnarök was released on 10th March 2022 as the third and last DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. After its release, players continuously explore the endless additions made to the game in this DLC. Many of these new additions include new weapons, skills and Armor sets. However, finding something specific can be quite tiresome with all these additions, like the Legacy of Ivaldi. That is where we come in. This guide will give you all you need to know about the Legacy of Ivaldi Location in AC Valhalla. 

Key Highlights
  • Getting Legacy of Ivaldi weapon is relatively simple as you don’t have to grind for it and can find it hidden at a specific location.
  • This weapon can be found at the top of the mountain where lies Hreidmar Palace, and the Legacy of Ivaldi will be inside a chest.
  • The palace will be full of guards, so you can be either stealthy or go on a rampage.
  • You will need a key to open the chest, which can be found in a cave at Hredmar Palace.

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AC Valhalla Legacy of Ivaldi Location 

After covering the basic information about the weapon, let’s move on to its location in the game. Unlocking the weapon itself is relatively straightforward. Unlike other items in the game, the pieces of this weapon are not spread across the map, and you can get it from one specific location. Speaking of weapons that are spread across the map check out AC Valhalla Fiery Warsong Atgeir Location.

Hreidmar Palace 

Image that shows the map location for Legacy of Ivaldi
Legacy of Ivaldi Map Location.

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You can see the image above to see the item’s exact location as a reference. The Legacy of Ivaldi is in a treasure chest at Hreidmar Palace in Gullnamàr. To get to the treasure chest, you must first clear the palace or use stealth since there will be a lot of guards around.  

Before you even try to get your hands on the treasure chest, remember that Hreidmar Palace is on top of a mountain. So, you must climb the whole mountain in classic Assassin’s Creed fashion before you start exploring the area on top of it. 

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Cave With The Key 

Cave location for Key
Outside view of the cave in Hreidmar Palace.

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After scaling the mountain, you have the option of either killing all hostiles or using stealth. Once you do that now, it is time to get to the treasure chest. However, the treasure chest is locked and requires a key to unlock. You will find the key in the vicinity of the palace.  

Once you climb the mountain, you will see a staircase that leads to the front of the Hreidmar Palace. If you look towards the left of that staircase, you will see lava coming out of a cave. The exact location of the cave is in the image below.  

The key that is required to open the chest is inside the cave. To avoid the lava covering the entrance of the cave, you must have the Power of Muspelheim. The Power of Muspelheim disguises you as a Muspel. When equipped, lava and fire will not do any damage. It will allow you to walk in the lave and enter the cave. The key can be seen on a rock as soon as you enter the cave. 

The Treasure Chest 

Once you have acquired the key, make your way to the palace. The treasure chest is outside the palace, right outside one of the locked entrances next to a huge pit of lava. Get to the treasure chest and unlock it. Once unlocked, it will give you the Legacy of Ivaldi. 

Now that was all you needed to know about the Legacy of Ivaldi Location in AC Valhalla. Before we wrap up this guide, let’s look at the base stats of the weapon. 

Legacy Of Ivaldi Weapon Stats In AC Valhalla 

Image that shows Stats for Legacy of Ivaldi
The deatils of the weapon stats for Legacy of Ivaldi.

Once obtained, the Legacy of Ivaldi will be in Mythical form and need an upgrade. Once you have the weapon, its base stats in Mythical form are listed below. 

Name of Stat.  Legacy of Ivaldi Stat. 
Attack  140 
Stun  184 
Speed  50 
Weight  9 
Critical Chance  114  

The Legacy of Ivaldi Weapon In AC Valhalla

The Legacy of Ivaldi is a great weapon choice for players who primarily use a hammer for combat. The stats on this weapon are significantly higher than other hammers available in the game. Legacy of Ivalto is the game in the new Dawn of Ragnarök DLC. Many players have now been searching for the hammer to try it out for themselves. The details of the Stats and perks of the weapon are given below. 

The in-game description of the hammer reads as follows “Ivaldi’s old battle hammer. Just as blunt as its owner, still good for bashing heads in.” Since the prime focus of the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC was exploring the world of Norse Mythology, Ivaldi has the character of a mythical figure who is a blacksmith who worked and lived in Asgard to repay his debt to Odin. 

Ivaldi made his first appearance in AC Valhalla, where Carl Andersson portrayed him. Ubisoft again introduced the character for the second time in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC. The namesake of this hammer, the “Legacy of Ivaldi”, is a befitting name since it is portrayed as a blacksmith tool.  

Weapon Perks 

Now that we have covered the lore around the weapon, let’s check its Perks to see if it’s good. The weapon perks on the Legacy of Ivaldi are as follows. 

  • Stagger enemies in an area after hitting an enemy with a special attack. 

As you might have noticed, the Legacy of Ivaldi has only one perk. Although it may not seem like much, the basic stats on the weapon allow it to be used with more versatility. Although the main theme of all Assassin’s Creed games is stealth, many players like to engage in confrontation. Even in scenarios where facing multiple enemies is unavoidable, you must have a weapon that can handle many targets simultaneously. So, this weapon is well suited for players looking for a direct fight. 

Now that wraps up our discussion on the AC Valhalla Legacy of Ivaldi Location. Did you find this guide helpful, and will you be trying the weapon out for yourself? Let us know in the comments below. 

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