AC Valhalla Odin’s Armor Set Location And Stats

Our guide on the infamous AC Valhalla Odin's Armor Set Location entails everything you need to know about the item and its location.

Dawn of Ragnarök is the third and final DLC to Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Now you may explore the game on your own, but all the new shields, weapons, and armors additions can be overwhelming if you are looking for something specific. Such as the new Odin’s All-Father Armor Set, and that is where we come in. This guide will give you Odin’s Armor Set Location in AC Valhalla.

Key Highlights
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with its new Dawn of Ragnarok DLC comes with a new set of armor known as Odin’s Armor.
  • Odin’s All-Father Armor can be bought from Kara’s Domain, where each armor piece will cost you 1200 Tokens.
  • Odin’s All-Father Armor Set is known for its amazing perks, providing increased Adrenaline Gain rate, Headshot Accuracy, and Damage.

Here are the stats you’ll see in the Odin Armor set: 

Armor PieceArmor EvasionLight ResistanceHeavy ResistanceWeight
All Father Trousers54.
All Father Eyepatch58.
All Father Bracers55.
All Father Cloak51.
All Father Tunic59.

AC Valhalla Odin’s Armor Location

AC Valhalla Odin's Armor Set Location
Kara’s Domain to buy the Odin’s Armor Set.

You can purchase all the Odin’s Armor set pieces, also known as the All-Father armor set in AC Valhalla, from Kára’s domain in the game. Kára is a Valkyrie that runs a fighting arena in the new expansion.

Similar to the Legacy of Ivaldi weapon, unlocking the Armor set is easy. It is not scattered across the map, and you can find all the pieces at one location. It is not difficult to unlock this Armor set, but it is certainly time-consuming. The details are as follows:

Kára’s Domain

As mentioned before, all the Armor set pieces are in one location, and you can get there easily. You can use the above image to see the exact location of Kára’s Domain.

Heroic Scholar Quest AC Valhalla
Location for the Heroic Scholar Quest AC Valhalla.

Once the Heroic Scholar’s quest starts, you must speak with Kára the Valkyrie. The arena is the Valkyrie trials, where you can fast travel to at any point in the game.

These trails vary in difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward will be. As a reward for completing these trials, you will get a certain amount of in-game currency. Each part of the Odin’s All-Father Armor set costs about 1200 units of this in-game currency. Collectively you will need 6000 units to unlock the full set. After collecting Odin’s armor set, you can make a great AC Valhalla build out of it.

All-Father Trousers

Here are the stats for the All-Father Trousers

Stat. Name Odin’s Armor Set Stat.
Armor 54
Evasion 30
Light Resistance 36
Heavy Resistance 35
Weight 6

All-Father Eyepatch         

These are the Armor stats on the Odin’s All-Father Eyepatch

Stat. Name Odin’s Armor Set Stat.
Armor 58
Evasion 30
Light Resistance 36
Heavy Resistance 35
Weight 6

All-Father Bracers

The third item on the list is the All-father Bracers. Here are their Armor stats.

Stat. Name Odin’s Armor Set Stat.
Armor 55
Evasion 30
Light Resistance 36
Heavy Resistance 35
Weight 6

All-Father Cloak

Now moving on to our main source of attraction in the whole Armor set, which is the All-Father cloak, here are its stats.

Stat. Name Odin’s Armor Set Stat.
Armor 51
Evasion 30
Light Resistance 36
Heavy Resistance 35
Weight 6

All-Father Tunic

The last item in the Armor set is the All-Father Tunic. The stats are mentioned below:

Stat. Name Odin’s Armor Set Stat.
Armor 59
Evasion 30
Light Resistance 36
Heavy Resistance 35
Weight 6

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Odin’s Armor Set (All-Father Armor Set)

Before Dawn of Ragnarök, Ubisoft heavily promoted the All-Father Armor Set across all platforms. Now that the DLC is out, players can try it out for themselves and see how good it is. In the following paragraphs, we have listed the overview, in-game description, components, and perks for the Armor set itself.

This Armor set focuses on the mechanical aspect of the New Odin’s abilities and maximizes their use. As far as the appearance is concerned, the Ubisoft designers and developers did a great job designing something befitting Odin. The blue robes, the green ornaments, and the gold on top are all subtle indicators of royalty. The feathers on the shoulders emphasize his status as a god and a Raven Lord.


The Odin’s All-Father Armor set includes the All-Father:

  • Trousers.
  • Cloak.
  • Bracers.
  • Eyepatch.
  • Tunic.


Once you have all five components for the Armor set, you can now get the following perks:

  • Chance to increase Adrenaline Gain on Headshots and Weak Point hit.
  • Chance: 50%
  • Bonus 2-3x Adrenaline Gain Rate (Max Stacks).
  • Additional Increase to Headshot Damage.
  • Bonus: +25.0 Head Shot Damage.

From an initial standpoint, these perks don’t look like something truly outstanding. However, as we mentioned before, this Armor set emphasizes the maximum use of Odin’s mechanical abilities. Since we haven’t played with these abilities or tested their limitations, it isn’t easy to pinpoint the importance of this Armor set.

The adrenaline gain bonus might be incredibly beneficial when you use the new abilities that will eventually become available in this DLC.

That concludes our guide on Odin’s Armor set location, along with the details of how you can get this Armor set and its stats. Will you be trying this Armor set? Do let us know in the comments below.

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