9 Best Bows in AC Valhalla And How To Get Them

We take a look at the Best Bows In AC Valhalla explained through features, types, and most importantly How To Get that Bow.

When it comes to weapons, AC Valhalla comes with a wide variety. Explicitly talking about bows, you can get any type that can further be upgraded to buff their abilities and perks. With many variations and a vast range of options, players often get confused about which bow is best for them and where to find that specific weapon. So, the best bows in the AC Valhalla guide discusses top-tier bows stats and abilities that will surely help you select the right choice that suits your play style.

Key Highlights
  • Bows in AC Valhalla are split into three categories, Hunter Bows, Predator Bows, and Light Bows.
  • Among these, the Hunter Bows are used the most by players in AC Valhalla.
  • Some of the Best Hunter Bows in AC Valhalla include Norden’s Arc, Death Speaker, and Hunnish Bow.
  • Nordens Arc benefits it for being a ranged weapon as the further you are from your enemy, the more damage you deal.
    • Nordens Arc is found on the northern side of Eurvicscire near a lake.
  • Death Speaker heals 25% of your health every time you hit enemies’ weak points, such as headshots.
    • Death Speaker can be bought for 360 gold from any local merchant.
  • Hunnish Bow is suitable for long-ranged fights, as every time you hit weak points from far away, you deal +15 damage.
    • Given to you at the beginning of the game.
  • Some of the Best Predator Bows are Shadow-Strike, LongBow,  and The Mark of Sol.
  • Some of the Best Light Bows are Death-Skald, Hunbeorht’s Bow, and Skadi’s Wrath.

AC Valhalla Bows Types

Assasin’s Creed Valhalla comes with three main categories of bows, and each type has a broad range of variations. The three main categories are mentioned below.

  • Hunter Bows
  • Predator Bows 
  • Light Bows

First, let’s go over the stats of the best bows in AC Valhalla: 

Bow NameTypeAttackHeadshot DamageSpeedStunCritical ChanceWeight
Norden's Arc BowHunter Bow126.896.847.0138.4107.811.1
Death Speaker BowHunter Bow60.
Hunnish BowHunter Bow90.077.041.0110.092.011.0
Shadow-Strike BowPredator Bow120.0103.031.0113.0101.014.0
Long BowPredator Bow104.
The Mark Of Sol BowPredator Bow119.3103.332.0117.3101.814.1
Death-Skald BowLight Bow111.161.154.0150.095.08.1
Hunbeornht's BowLight Bow90.050.053.0121.083.07.0
Skadi's Wrath BowLight Bow94.

Best Hunter Bows In AC Valhalla

Hunter bows are no doubt the best bow category in the game. It gives you a third-person view while using them against foes, unlike the Predator Bows, which reduces the sight due to the first-person perspective while shooting. Their stats are balanced between the Light Bows and aggressive Predator Bows, which makes them a perfect fit for most players. There are a total of nine Hunter Bows in the game with distinctive abilities. Below are the best hunter bows in AC Valhalla.

Norden’s Arc

Norden’s Ark is a Mythical Hunter Bow and is undoubtedly one of the best bows in AC Valhalla. If you want to take out your foes without attracting too much attention, this weapon will suit you as it keeps off the attention of the guards and keepers. This firearm has one of the most beneficial abilities a bow can have, as its attack power will continue to increase with the increase in distance from your enemy. This fatal ability of Nodens’ Arc makes it dominant in the long range.

Noden's Arc bow and arrow
Stats and features of Noden’s Arc

Due to its exceptional abilities, this Bow is a rare type, and you need to put in some effort to get your hands on it. This fourth-tier Hunter Bow comes with seven upgrade bars. The upgrading feature helps increase the weapon’s stats to make it more effective against enemies.

Stats of Norden’s Arc

  • Max Attack: 126.8
  • Headshot damage: 96.8
  • Max Speed: 47
  • Stun: 138.4
  • Critical damage: 107.8
  • Weight: 11.1

How to get Norden’s Arc

Nodens’ Arc is a secret weapon that is hard to find, but hunting this weapon is worth the time. In order to get hands-on with this lethal weapon, you have to travel to the north end of Eurvicscire and find a specific lake located there. The most convenient way to travel to this location is to fast-travel to Brunton Turret or head north from any nearby synchronization point.

Death Speaker

AC Valhalla best hunter bows
Stats and features of Death-Speaker

The Death-Speaker is another one of the best bows in AC Valhalla. It is a fatal Hunter Bow in the game, and it has some unique perks with destructive damage. However, the aim of this Bow is not perfectly precise, so you need some practice to get used to it in order to make this your primary weapon. If your aim is impressive, this weapon will become a perfect match for you due to its high damage and a distinctive increment in your health bar when striking enemies’ weak points. The hit, stun, and headshot damage are also adequate.

Stats of Death Speaker

  • Max Attack: 60
  • Headshot damage: 70
  • Max Speed: 45
  • Stun: 82
  • Critical damage: 84
  • Weight: 11

How to get Death Speaker

The Death-Speaker is a Mythical Hunter Bow, but it is pretty easy to acquire as you can buy this Bow from local merchants located around the map. It is sold for 360 gold which is quite reasonable according to its features.

Hunnish Bow

Hunnish Bow and arrow
Stats and features of Hunnish Bow

Hunnish Bow is a single-handed bow and is suitable for players who want to go for a lighter weapon with an increased speed in the character’s movement. Although its damage might not be the highest, the speed and stun damage are impressive. It comes with a perk of increased ranged damage after hitting an enemy’s weak points. This Bow is easy to wield and use and comes free of cost to your inventory. So, if you are low on silver, you can always equip this weapon and face your enemies.

Stats of Hunnish Bow

  • Max Attack: 90
  • Headshot damage: 77
  • Max Speed: 41
  • Stun: 110
  • Critical damage: 92
  • Weight: 11

How to get Hunnish Bow

You don’t need to do anything to get this weapon, as it automatically gets added to your inventory at the beginning of the game.

Best Predator Bows In AC Valhalla

The Predator Bows are the only bows that let you experience first-person view while shooting. It is recommended for players who like to use weapons from the first-person perspective. This category type comes with a distinctive ability to zoom in and out on your enemies from a distance, increasing your precision and maintaining your stealth. These bows make a perfect fit for ranged damage and are suitable for long-range fights when you don’t want to get spotted. Here is the list of the best predator bows in AC Valhalla.


Shadow-Strike is a Predator Bow with long-range that allows the player to use this weapon from a far distance and hit the desired target with its special zooming ability. The distinctive Zoom Mechanics in this Bow makes it unique and allow it to creep on enemies from a distance without being noticed or grabbing a lot of attention.

Ac Valhalla best Predator Bows
Stats and features of Shadow-Strike

This weapon is only suitable for players who know how to handle and use it properly as it is a bit bulkier, which slows down the character’s speed to some extent. It is also a bit more sluggish with adequate stun damage. Its stats are offensive-oriented and suitable for long-range combats.

Shadow-Strike Stats

  • Max Attack: 120
  • Headshot damage: 103
  • Max Speed: 31
  • Stun: 113
  • Critical damage: 101

How to get Shadow-Strike

This destructive weapon is easier to obtain as it can be purchased with Helix Credits from any microtransactions store.


Longbow ranged bow and arrow
Stats and features of Longbow

The Longbow is a two-handed Predator Bow-style weapon that deals massive damage to the enemies within its range. This deadly Bow has a special ability that makes it different from other bows as it throws a smoke bomb toward the enemies after a close-range shot. This ability has a cooldown timer of 30 seconds, after which it can be used again. Although Longbow has high damage points, it is heavy to wield, and the movement speed of the character slows down while equipping this Bow.

Longbow Stats

  • Max Attack: 104
  • Headshot damage: 88
  • Max Speed: 25
  • Stun: 96
  • Critical chance: 88
  • Weight: 16

How to get Longbow

The Longbow can be found in the Lincolnshire area. After reaching the location, explore the Old Lincoln Sewers, where you can find this unique weapon.

The Mark of Sol

AC Valhalla best Predator Bows
Stats and features of The Mark of Sol

The Mark of Sol is a two-handed Predator Bow that allows the player to target distant enemies effectively from long range without creating much mess. It has a special perk of increasing your ability damage when Eivor’s health is low, so it could prove beneficial when fighting off sturdy bosses, including some of the tough ones. This weapon is one of the best bows in AC Valhalla, and it will not disappoint you when you are low on health as it unlocks a special ability with increased damage to let you escape from a difficult situation and change the battle outcomes.

Stats of The Mark of Sol

  • Max Attack: 119.3
  • Headshot damage: 103.3
  • Max Speed: 32
  • Stun: 117.3
  • Critical damage: 101.8
  • Weight: 14.1

How to get The Mark of Sol

When your settlement reaches Level 6, You can purchase this Bow from the local merchants. This Bow costs 700 silver, but the perks and abilities are worth the price.

Best Light Bowsn In AC Valhalla

The Light Bows in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are weapons with less damage than the other two categories, but they have their unique perks, such as firing arrows and more speed. Lights bows are most suitable at close to mid-range fights as they are not very effective in long-range. These bows come with great accuracy to hit the bull’s eye, and they are comparatively easier to carry and use. Some worth mentioning light bows are discussed below.


Death-Skald bow and arrow
Stats and features of Death-Skald

Death-Skald is one of the most used Light Bow as it has fairly high damage in its category and is equal to most of the predator bows and nearly all hunter bows. It is a light bow with faster firing speed and more with the highest DPS and stuns points in the game. This powerful Lightbox has an interesting ability to have a higher critical chance when low on health. The arrows shot through this bow penetrate through enemies, and deal considerable damage, making Death-Skald a reliable bow in tight combat situations.

Stats of Death-Skald

  • Max Attack: 111.1
  • Headshot damage: 61.1
  • Max Speed: 54
  • Stun: 150
  • Critical damage: 95
  • Weight: 8.1

Where to find Death Skald

This weapon can be obtained by exploring the underwater world in the Roman Ruins of Hamtunscire.

Hunbeorht’s Bow

AC Valhalla best Lightbows
Stats and Features of Hunbeorht’s Bow

Hunbeorht’s Bow is also one of the best bows in AC Valhalla and a great weapon for adequate damage points and massive stun points along with increased movement speed. This Bear-aligned weapon also has one of the highest stats among Light Bows and proves handy in close to mid-ranged fights because of its stunning special ability. It comes with an impressive perk as hitting enemies’ weak points will increase its stun damage by 20. It is easy to carry and one of the lightest bows to equip in the game.

Stats of Hunbeorht’s Bow

  • Max Attack: 90
  • Headshot damage: 50
  • Max Speed: 53
  • Stun: 121
  • Critical damage: 83
  • Weight: 7

Where to get Hunbeorht’s Bow

This weapon is a fine product of Lincolnshire trees. And it is granted to you as a gift from Aelfgar after completing The Thegn of Lincoln quest.

Skadi’s Wrath

Skadi's Wrath bow and arrow
Stats and Features of Skadi’s Wrath

Skadi’s Wrath is one of the fastest Lightbows you can equip in the game. This weapon serves the function of a melee weapon as well as you can use it to hit the enemies when in close range. It deals massive damage to enemies due to its high damage and stun points. Moreover, the critical hit chance gets an extra boost when hitting enemy weak points. This is one of the go-to weapons for archery playstyle in AC Valhalla.

Stats of Skadi’s Wrath

  • Max Attack: 94
  • Headshot damage: 88
  • Max Speed: 30
  • Stun: 86
  • Critical damage: 88
  • Weight: 14

Where to find Skadi’s Wrath

This deadly weapon can be found by exploring the Ledecestre area, located in Ledecestrescire, where it is secured inside a chest inside the cellar of the building.

Final Verdict

The list of bows in Assasin’s Creed Valhalla is never-ending, but it is crucial to select the one which suits you the most according to your play style and strategies you adopt. So, choose the one that suits you the most and conquer the battlefield. Till then, this is our take on the best bows in AC Valhalla

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