The BEST Hunter Bows In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Best Hunter Bows guide entails the finest Hunter Bows in game and ranks them according to their stats and perks.

If we talk about the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla weapons, there is a vast range available with different categories and numerous selections. If we specifically talk about bows, you can find one of each type that can further be upgraded to buff their abilities and perks. With plenty of variations and different categories of bows, players often get confused about which Bow is best for them and where to find that specific Bow. That is why we have curated Assassin’s Creed Valhalla best hunter bows guide and mentioned the top picks. 

Key Highlights
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla comes with ranged weapons for players to use in their play style.
  • Although there are many great bow weapons to have, these are some best bows:
      • Norden’s Arc
      • Ona: Kara Bow
      • Magyar Bow
      • Dreka Bow
      • Arc of Elan
  • For Norden’s Arc, you will first need the Excalibur then at sunset, head to Brunton Turret and find the rock that has rays coming out, hit the rock with Exaculibar, and the bow will be obtained.
  • After having 95 ores of iron, 45 pieces of leather, and 2 carbon ingots, Ona: Kara Bow can be traded with any trader in Vinland.
  • Magyar Bow has a whole process to be obtained, that is:
      • Build a “Hunter’s Hut”.
      • Complete all the “Hunter Deliveries”.
      • After completing the final delivery, the bow will be ready to be upgraded and be yours.
  • There are two ways to obtain Dreka Bow, either by buying from Reda’s shop for 120 opals or for 350 Helix credits in the in-game store.
  • Arc of Elan will be available after going to Essex and interacting with a guy named Boston and after a few in-game days, he will send a letter back along with a bow.
  • Other than these bows, the Hunnish Bow, Death Speaker, Saggitarius Bow, and Dokkalfar Bow are also viable options.

Here is a quick look at the statistical comparison between the Hunter Bows of AC Valhalla:

No.Hunter BowsMax AttackHeadshot damageMax SpeedStunCritical damageWeight
1Norden’s Arc126.896.847.0138.4107.811.1
2Ona: Kara Bow103.075.040.0119.087.012.0
3Magyar Hunting Bow94.090.047.0121.0101.011.0
4Dreka Bow98.072.038.0104.086.012.0
5Arc of Elan93.072.040.0108.083.012.0
6Hunnish Bow90.077.041.0110.092.011.0
7Death Speaker74.
8Sagittarius Bow73.
9Dokkalfar Bow83.077.041.0100.090.011.0

Best Hunter Bows in AC Valhalla

Hunter bows are undoubtedly the best bow class you can find in the game. This Bow category gives you a dynamic third-person view while using it, unlike the Predator Bows that provides a first-person view while using them. The stats of Hunter Bows are stabilized between the Light Bows and aggressive Predator Bows, which makes them a balanced and perfect fit for most players. There are a total of nine Hunter Bows in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with distinctive abilities. Here, we will discuss each one and rank them according to their abilities and features.

Norden’s Arc

1Norden’s Arc126.896.847138.4107.811.1

Norden’s Ark is a Mythical Hunter Bow and boasts the highest raw power of any Hunter Bow in the game. With massive Damage and Stun points, you can use this bow in the most challenging missions of AC Valhalla, and the results will not disappoint you. This firearm has one of the most beneficial abilities a bow can have. This weapon is dominant in the ranged fights as its damage will enhance with increase in distance from the target. Although it is a heavy bow to wield, it still has pretty decent movement speed.

Noden's Arc Abilities
Stats and Features of Norden’s Arc

Due to its exceptional abilities, this Bow is a rare type, and you need to put in some effort to get your hands on it. This fourth-tier Hunter Bow comes with seven upgrade bars. The upgrading feature helps increase the weapon’s stats to make it more effective against enemies.

Stats of Norden’s Arc

Here are the Stats of Level 9 Norden’s Arc.

  • Max Attack: 126.8
  • Headshot damage: 96.8
  • Max Speed: 47
  • Stun: 138.4
  • Critical damage: 107.8
  • Weight: 11.1

How to get Norden’s Arc

Nodens’ Arc is a secret weapon that is hard to find but hunting this weapon is worth the time. In order to get hands-on with this lethal weapon, you have to travel the north end of Eurvicscire and find a specific lake located there. The most convenient way to travel to this location is to fast travel to Brunton Turret or head north from any nearby synchronization point.

Ona: Kara Bow

2Ona: Kara Bow10375401198712

Ona:Kara is a Wolf-aligned bow with massive attack points and impressive Crit damage. This Bow is suitable for players who like to play the game offensively. This Superior Bow is very handy when fighting off your foes from a distance due to its increased range. One headshot from this weapon can take out a common enemy.

AC Valhalla best hunter bows
Stats and Features of Ona: Kara Bow

Although it may not have many upgradeable options, it is pretty strong in its basic form. Moreover, its ranged damage is further increased when at full health.

Stats of Ona: Kara Bow

Here are the stats of the basic variant of Ona: Kara Bow.

  • Max Attack: 103
  • Headshot damage: 75
  • Max Speed: 40
  • Stun: 119
  • Critical damage: 87
  • Weight: 12

How to get Ona:Kara Bow

You don’t need to struggle a lot to get your hands on this powerful weapon as it is easily accessible. You can get this Bow through trading with Merchants for 95 iron, 45 leather, and two carbon ingots.

Magyar Hunting Bow

3Magyar Hunting Bow94904712110111

It is a two-handed Hunter Bow that can be used in ranged fights as it has pretty decent ranged damage. Although it has an average base attack, it is pretty impressive in other aspects.

AC Valhalla Best hunter bows
Stats and Features of Magyar Hunting Bow

It offers an increased movement speed compared to other Hunter Bows and pretty decent Crit damage. In addition to that, the stun damage is further increased while striking the enemy’s weak point.

Stats of Magyar Hunting Bow

Here are the stats of Level 6 Magyar Hunting Bow.

  • Max Attack: 94
  • Headshot damage: 90
  • Max Speed: 47
  • Stun: 121
  • Critical damage: 101
  • Weight: 11

How to get Magyar Hunting Bow

This Bow is achieved challenge reward and is added to your inventory after you complete the delivery at Ravensthorpe’s Hunter’s Hut.

Dreka Bow 

4Dreka Bow9872381048612

Dreka Bow is also an excellent choice for offensive players as this Bow comes with various warrior abilities. This weapon is suitable when you want to go on stealth mode without being noticed and want to take down enemies without getting too close to them. It is a bit heavy to wield and will decrease your movement speed to some extent.

Abilities of Drekar Bow
Stats and Features of Dreka Bow

After being fully upgraded, it becomes a beast on the battlefield. Using this weapon from a range is more beneficial as its damage increases with the distance from the target. If you are wearing heavy armor, then the capabilities of this deadly Bow are further increased.

Stats of Dreka Bow

Below are the stats of Semi-Upgraded Dreka Bow.

  • Max Attack: 98
  • Headshot damage: 72
  • Max Speed: 38
  • Stun: 104
  • Critical damage: 86
  • Weight: 12

How to get Dreka Bow

This deadly Bow is available in the game store for 350 Helix Points from where you can purchase it. Although it seems a bit over-prized, however, its impressive stats and confident performance on the battlefield justify its price. 

Arc of Elan

5Arc of Elan9372401088312

Arc of Elan is an offensive beast and a Mythical Hunter Bow with astonishing abilities. Using it will give you many beneficial perks, such as your damage will continue to increase for each successive hit to the enemy, especially if it’s a headshot. These features make it a perfect weapon to fight sturdy bosses when you don’t want to go too close to them and fight from a distance.

AC Valhalla Best Hunter Bows
Stats and Features of Arc of Elan

The weapon comes with three Rune Slots that can be utilized for significant enhancements and another upgrade in the Bow.

Stats of Arc of Elan

Below are the stats of Arc of Elan upgraded to level 6.

  • Max Attack: 93
  • Headshot damage: 72
  • Max Speed: 40
  • Stun: 108
  • Critical damage: 83
  • Weight: 12
Arc of Elan skill
Getting Arc of Elan

How to get Arc of Elan

To get hands-on at this Mythical Bow, you need to complete the Essex story arc and read Birstan’s Letter placed in the longhouse at Raventhorpe after reporting to Randvi.

Hunnish Bow

6Hunnish Bow9077411109211

Hunnish Bow is a single-handed Hunter bow of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and is suitable for players who don’t want to wield heavy Hunter Bows but need an increased speed in the character’s movement. Although its damage might not be the greatest, the speed and stun damage are impressive. After hitting an enemy’s weak points, it comes with a perk of increased ranged damage.

Hunnish Bow Abilities
Stats and Features of Hunnish Bow

The best thing about this Bow is that you don’t have to purchase it, and it comes free of cost in your inventory. So, if you are low on silver, you can always equip this weapon and face your enemies.

Stats of Hunnish Bow

Below are the stats of the partially-upgraded Hunnish Bow.

  • Max Attack: 90
  • Headshot damage: 77
  • Max Speed: 41
  • Stun: 110
  • Critical damage: 92
  • Weight: 11

How to get Hunnish Bow

You don’t need to do anything to get this weapon, as it automatically gets added to your inventory at the beginning of the game.

Death Speaker

7Death Speaker746944917812

The Death-Speaker is no doubt a fatal Hunter Bow in the game. It offers adequate damage with an increased speed in the player’s movement while equipped. Besides its impressive headshot damage and critical damage, the aim of this Bow is not so accurate, so you need to get used to it first before making it your primary weapon.

AC Valhalla Best Hunter Bows
Stats and Features of Death Speaker

If you are already good at aiming, this weapon will become a perfect match for you due to its severe damage. Furthermore, it comes with a unique perk of increasing the character’s health when you hit enemies’ weak points. 

Stats of Death Speaker

Below are the stats of the level 4 Death Speaker.

  • Max Attack: 74
  • Headshot damage: 69
  • Max Speed: 44
  • Stun: 91
  • Critical damage:78
  • Weight: 12

How to get Death Speaker

The Death-Speaker is not so hard to access as it is available for purchase in-game, and you can buy it easily from local merchants located around the map. It can be bought for 360 gold which is quite reasonable according to its features.

Sagittarius Bow

8Sagittarius Bow736139777413

Sagittarius Bow is a one-handed Wolf Bow with pretty decent stats and perks. With an impressive speed and adequate Crit damage, you can use this weapon in light to moderate fights when the number of enemies is low.

AC Valhalla Best Hunter Bows
Stats and Features of Sagittarius Bow

Like other Hunter Bows, it has a valuable perk of boost in damage when hitting an enemy’s weak points. It also increases the character’s speed by 10 points for five seconds which may prove very beneficial to escape critical situations.

Stats of Sagittarius Bow

Below are the stats of level 3 Sagittarius Bow.

  • Max Attack: 73
  • Headshot damage: 61
  • Max Speed: 39
  • Stun: 77
  • Critical damage: 74
  • Weight: 13

How to get Sagittarius Bow

Sagittarius Bow can be obtained by exploring the sewers under Jorvik, located in the northern part of the map near Multangular Tower.

Dokkalfar Bow

9Dokkalfar Bow8377411009011

The Dokkalfar Bow is another deadly Bow in the Hunter Bows category. It has pretty high stats with exceptional abilities, but it is placed last in the list as you cannot get it by completing any quest or going for its exploration. This lethal Bow is quite helpful in combats and serious missions, but you have to purchase it in order to get your hands on it. If you are willing to spend some bucks on the game in order to get better equipment, then it is worth the money.

Dokkalfar Bow abilties
Stats and Features of Dokkalfar Bow

This special item might look a bit expensive, but it offers impressive abilities and massive damage points. It also comes with the perk of increasing the critical chance when the character has a near-complete health bar.

Stats of Dokkalfar Bow

Below are the stats of the basic variant of the Dokkalfar bow. It can further be upgraded by one bar.

  • Max Attack: 83
  • Headshot damage: 77
  • Max Speed: 41
  • Stun: 100
  • Critical damage: 90
  • Weight: 11

How to get Dokkalfar Bow

Dokkalfar is a special Hunter Bow that can be obtained by purchasing the premium DLC starter pack available in the Ubisoft store. It is a bit expensive and costs around forty dollars but you receive other special items with the bow as well. These include 2,300 Helix Credits, an Iron Wolf Ship Pack, Kraken Heavy Shield to wield in hot combats; a Royal Sword that can also be combined with the shield; and a classic Tusk Axe. 

Final Verdict

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla comes with Nine different Hunter Bows, and each has its own perks and abilities, but it is crucial to select the one which suits you the most according to your play style and the strategies you adopt. So, choose the one that perfectly fits you and conquer the battlefield. This wraps up our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla best hunter bows guide.


Which Hunter Bow is Best in Assasin’s Creed Valhalla?

Nordern’s Arc is the best hunter bow in AC Valhalla.

Why Hunter Bow is preferable for beginners?

Hunter Bow is the most preferable for beginners because it is easy to use, gives a third-person view while shooting, and increases the dynamic view for better angles.

What does upgrading a bow do to its stats?

Upgrading a bow increases its overall damage, draw speed, and more


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