AC Valhalla Thorgrim’s Dying Breath: Location & Stats

Our guide on AC Valhalla Thorgrim's Dying Breath Location gives you everything you need to know about the weapon location & stats.

Along with many other weapons and Armor sets such as Odin’s armor set, Thorgrim’s Dying Breath is a Mythical Atgeir added to the game with the release of AC Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök DLC. The DLC gives its players a chance to explore Norse Mythology in a world filled with fire and ice. This guide will give you all you need to know about the location of Thorgrim’s Dying Breath.

Key Highlights
  • In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s new DLC Dawn of Raganork content comes with a series of new weapons.
  • One of those new weapons is the Thorgrim’s Dying Breath found near a Dam in Svaladal placed inside a house.
  • It is placed in a Chest inside the house, however, players will first need to locate the Key.
  • When you arrive at the location of the weapon, there will be Two houses.
  • The house on the left holds the key to Thorgrim’s Dying Breath Chest.
  • Here are some of the major stats for the weapons:
    • Attack: 111
    • Speed: 50
    • Stun: 85
    • Weight: 20
    • Crit Chance: 84
  • Being such a hefty weapon, it has a perk where when enemies take critical hits, they get knocked down, making them vulnerable.

Thorgrim’s Dying Breath Location

Thprgrim's Dying Breath Location
Map Location for Thorgrim’s Dying Breath AC Valhalla

Unlike the Fiery Warsong (an Atgeir added in the new DLC), Thorgrim’s Dying Breath is relatively easy to unlock. Since you don’t have to wander across the whole map to collect components, you can get the whole weapon from one individual location. 

On a side note, if you are interested in knowing more about the Fiery Warsong, here is our guide on AC Valhalla Fiery Warsong Atgeir Location. Or you can try the correct answers to the Flyting challenges in AC Valhalla by reading our guide.

Coming back to the main subject of this guide, even though the weapon is not spread across the map, the developers have found a way to hide it away creatively. The details of the location are below. 

The weapon is near the dam, in the swamp area at the north edge of the map in Svaladal. Use the above image as a reference to see the item’s exact location on the map. Once you get to this location, you will see two houses that have been partially submerged in water. 

The weapon is in one of the houses in a chest that is protected by a locked door. The door can be unlocked using a key obtained from the other house. The details are as follows.

Getting The Key 

The two houses with the key and weapon
Screenshot from the game showing the two houses with Thorgrim’s Dying Breath.

Once you reach the map location, position yourself to see the houses in front of you while facing northwest. The key is in the house to your left and the weapon is in the house on your right. Move towards the house on your left and dive inside the swamp. If you ping, you can see a key upstairs. Now the tricky part is getting inside the house. Although it might seem unconventional, you can enter the house through a path that is submerged in water.  

Find a Way Into The First Building 

Dive straight down between the two houses, and you’ll see an opening in the house’s base to your left. Turn to the left, swim inside the building, and go upstairs. Once you resurface inside the building, head to the upper floor using the next set of stairs. The key to the chest will be on top of a box right in front of you. Take the key and make your way outside. Now move on to the next building. 

The Locked Door 

Once you have the key, turn around and jump outside from the door behind you. When you come out facing east, head to the next building. When you approach the building, you will notice an open window. Head inside the building by climbing through that window and then turn right. Here you will see a locked door. You can now use the key to unlock this door. Now all you need to do is find the chest with the weapon. 

Finding The Treasure Chest 

AC Valhalla Thorgrim's Dying Breath Location
Screenshot from inside the second house that shows the pully system to reveal the weapon.

As you enter the locked room, you will notice some hanging weights on your right. Shoot the pully that is supporting the weights. This will cause the weights to fall on the floor and make an opening as they fall. All you have to do now is drop into that hole and ping. This will show you the location of the treasure chest. 

Even if you get disoriented in the water, remember that the chest will be in front of you if you face southwest. Once you open the chest, it will give you the weapon as a reward. 

Now that was all that you needed to know about Thorgrim’s Dying Breath Location. 

Weapon Stats

Now that we have covered the weapon’s location let’s look at its in-game description, perks, and stats, and master the usage of this weapon with other skills in AC Valhalla.  

The weapon stats for Thorgrim’s Dying Breath are below 

Stat. Name  Thorgrim’s Dying Breath Weapon Stat. 
Attack  155.0 
Speed  54.0 
Stun  178.0 
Critical Chance   140.0 
Weight  15.2 

Remember that these stats are for the mythical form of this Atgeir. You can further improve these stats by upgrading the weapon. In addition to that, the weapon also has three rune slots. This last heading concludes our guide on AC Valhalla Thorgrim’s Dying Breath Location. 

The in-game description of the weapon reads “Cursed by the dying breath of its creator who was felled by its sharp kiss.” 

From its looks, the weapon has a nice dwarven feel to it. The weapon looks robust and sturdy. The image above shows an in-game screenshot of the actual weapon.  

Compared to the other Atgeirs, Thorgrim’s Dying breath is relatively normal-sized. However, the blade on this Atgeir is huge, giving it its dwarven touch. 

Weapon Perks 

The Atgeir only has a single perk on it, which is quite befitting for a weapon that deals heavy damage. The description of the perk is as follows. 

  • Heavy Critical hits knock enemies on the ground. 

The single perk on this weapon may not seem like much. However, when combined with ist extraordinary stats and the unique fighting style of the Atgeir, it can deal some serious damage. For players that prefer damage-based play over stealth, then Thorgrim’s Dying Breath is the perfect weapon choice.

As we shall see in the next section, the critical chance in this Atgeir is quite huge. So, this means that you will knock down enemies if you perform heavy swings using this weapon. 

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