Assassin’s Creed Codename: Jade’s Gameplay Leaked Online

Assassin’s Creed codename: Jade, which was a mobile port of the Assassin’s Creed franchise just had its gameplay leaked, and it could've looked better.

Assassin’s Creed games are among Ubisoft’s best franchises; they have changed the spectrum of all things gaming. Combining parkour, stealth, and realistic stories, each Assassin’s Creed title has brought a new experience to the table. However, recent installments such as Valhalla and Odyssey were not loved by all.

The new RPG formula divided the community into two spectrums. Some liked the new innovative approach, while most of the community craved the old Assassin’s Creed formula, one-hit assassinations were one of the more missed features.

The latest confirmed title, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, is seemingly returning to its olden roots to deliver the nostalgic Assassin experience. If it will provide what it has promised, is yet to be seen.

Ubisoft has been working non-stop on this franchise as it is the golden goose of the studio. With something that spans an entire decade and a fan base more significant and more contested than ever before, it only makes sense that the studio would want to put all its chips into a franchise such as this, one that will succeed safely.

Ubisoft is supposedly developing a total of 5 Assassin’s Creed titles behind the scenes, and Mirage is one of them. The Ubiforward event showed us new and unique stances on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We will see a Japanese intro, new sequels, and surprisingly, a mobile game.

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Since most of the titles are slated for a release in 2025 or further than that, this shows that these projects are most definitely in the development stage, and the latest leaks show that in great detail. Seeing as all Ubisoft is working on is the AC franchise, this was more or less expected.

The original leak was posted on Facebook with no real context when someone on Reddit randomly came across it. This is how first exposure to the game was found. The credit goes to OP from r/assassincreed u/dattuu for being the person to find the leak.

Now the actual leak felt like the game was still deep in development because at times it felt very clunky with frequent frame drops. This is expected from a mobile port of the game, but what was surprising was the graphical fidelity and how it was actually pretty decent.

Surprisingly the cutscenes were on point and were a sign of relief that at least the game is taking some right path in a slur of mediocre gameplay. Some may remember the chronicles mini-franchise that Ubisoft made some time ago. A 2D adventure where assassins would survive against different ethnicities across the globe. Well, it is safe to say that this game won’t be taking an approach such as that.

Unfortunately, the game is moving for an RPG approach which was expected because mobile games like these are filled with pay-to-win microtransactions, forcing players to buy the best weapons and items to even have a chance of progressing. Although none of that was seen here, it is always a possibility.

There were also many audio cuts suggesting the voice actors may not be final or they just didn’t do their part of the acting here, but that’s a minor hiccup in the grand scale of things. 

And with this, the gameplay abruptly ends leaving us with a slight glimpse of what we can expect from this game. It had the Prince Of Persia vibes siding with it, but the overall oversaturated nature of the franchise is really starting to affect the overall uniqueness of the series as a whole, and we can see that here as well.

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