Dying Light 2 Help Jack And Joe Choices: Moonshine Quest

You have to be careful with your choices as you decide to side with the faction, which has its benefits and disadvantages. Players can also change how the story progresses as the story’s fate is in their hands with the inclusion of story-based choices. In today’s guide, we’ll be talking about whether you should Help Jack and Joe in Dying Light 2 or should they meet their demise.

Dying Light 2 Help Jack and Joe
The Water Tower Mission

Key Highlights

  • In one of the missions in Dying Light 2, you can either help the NPC’s “Jack” and “Joe” or not.
  • If you don’t decide to help them, they will try to detonate the explosives on the watchtower and proceed to fight you.
  • If you decide to help them, they will ask your aid to move them out of town, so they don’t face retribution for their choices.
  • We recommend that you add them as later on, you will find a side quest involving them; this way, you will know them better.

Jack And Joe’s Choices 

During the Water Tower Mission, you’ll face decisions related to Jack and Joe. Here’s a breakdown of the choices and their consequences:

  1. Helping Jack and Joe:

    • After removing the explosives from the water tower, you’ll confront Jack and Joe.
    • You have the option to negotiate with them and help them leave the town.
    • If you choose to assist them and advise them to leave, they will appear in an optional side quest later in the game.
    • This choice provides more insight into their characters and can lead to better loot through side quests.
      prioritize decide fate of Aiden
      Help Jack and Joe in Dying Light 2 – The Choice is Yours
  2. Fighting Jack and Joe:

    • If you decide to engage in combat with Jack and Joe, they will attempt to detonate the explosives.
    • However, you’ve already removed the necessary equipment, so their efforts will fail.
    • You can defeat them in combat, which ends their involvement in the story permanently.
      fight or flight Aiden
      What Happens if you Help Jack and Joe in Dying Light 2?

Ultimately, choosing to help Jack and Joe by advising them to leave is recommended, as it not only spares their lives but also provides opportunities for additional side quests and rewards later in the game.

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Moonshine Side Quest 

The Moonshine Side Quest becomes available after sparing Jack and Joe during the Water Tower quest. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete it:

  1. Finding Jack and Joe:

    • After sparing Jack and Joe in the Water Tower quest in Old Villedor, you can start the Moonshine Side Quest.
    • Proceed with the “Welcome on Board” mission, which leads you to explore the area and go to the bottom of a ship.
    • There, you’ll find Jack and Joe imprisoned and interact with them to trigger the side quest.
  2. Retrieving Moonshine from Water Tower:

    • Jack and Joe will ask you to retrieve some moonshine for them.
    • Head to Horseshoe Water Tower in Villedor.
    • If you have access to the Trinity Metro Station, use fast travel to reach the Water Tower quickly.
    • You’ll need to climb the Water Tower and complete a lockpicking mini-game to access the moonshine stash.
    • The code for the safe is 1-4-9-2.
    • Retrieve the moonshine from the safe.
  3. Return Moonshine and Help Jack and Joe Again:

    • Return to the Wharf, either by fast traveling if you have unlocked the metro station or by other means.
    • Interact with Jack and Joe belowdecks of Missy.
    • Completing the quest rewards you with 1000 XP, which you can use to upgrade your parkour skills.
      Dying Light 2 Help Jack and Joe
      The Moonshine Sidequest in Dying Light 2

While the Moonshine Side Quest may not significantly impact the main storyline, it offers additional gameplay opportunities, loot, and XP based on your choices and actions. It’s a way to further engage with the world of Villedor and its characters.

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Water Tower Choice After Jack And Joe Encounter

Dying Light 2 Help Jack and Joe
The Peacekeepers or the Survivors in Dying Light 2?

You have the option to hand over the Water Tower to either the Peacekeepers or the Survivors. This choice affects the gameplay and perks you receive in Villedor. Here’s some insight into the two factions:


  • Offer advantages in combat, providing access to turrets, bows, crossbows, and traps for dealing with zombies.
  • Focused on combat-related perks and facilities.


  • Enhance traversal and parkour mechanics in the game.
  • Provide perks that make rooftop and aerial traversal easier, such as ziplines and improved parkour.
  • Make the parkour experience more fluid and enjoyable.

The choice between the two factions largely comes down to your preferred playstyle and the gameplay mechanics you find more appealing. If you prioritize fluid parkour and easy traversal, the Survivors may be your preferred choice. However, if you value combat advantages and additional weapons, the Peacekeepers could be a better fit for your playthrough.

Ultimately, your choices in the game, including sparing Jack and Joe or fighting them, may not significantly impact the main story but can greatly influence your gameplay experience and how you navigate the world of Villedor. Choose according to your preferences and playstyle.

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