Best Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs & Secret Weapons

Our Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs guide is here to help you get your hands on all the Easter Eggs and secret weapons present in the game.

It’s difficult to find video games these days that have no Easter Eggs in them, and Techland’s Dying Light 2 is no different. You can find several secret weapons and Easter Eggs throughout the map in the game. And our Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs guide is here to help you get your hands on these items. Some of the Easter Eggs are weapons, while others are just items you can keep in your inventory. There are also some hidden items that you can keep for a specific time, which we’ll discuss later. 

Key Highlights

  • Dying Light 2 developers are known for adding many fun easter eggs in their game for players to find and experience.
  • Some easter eggs in the game give you very powerful weapons, and there are a total of 10 of them.
  • Although not all of them are that powerful, some are just for players to have fun.
  • Gaining these weapons is also no easy task. Most of these can take a lot of effort and time, but later, it becomes worth it.

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Dying Light 2 All Easter Eggs

The following list is based on the Easter Eggs and secret weapons I found while playing the game. I managed to discover a total of 10 hidden items. However, you can expect to see more of them if you further explore the game. So without any further ado, let’s look at all the Easter Eggs and secret weapons in Dying Light 2. 

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Korek Charm

The first, and perhaps one of the most useful hidden items in Dying Light 2, is the Korek Charm. This is a one-of-a-kind weapon charm that you can use to increase the durability of your weapons by 500. That’s right, with the Korek Charm attached to your weapon, you won’t have to ever worry about losing it again. We have already curated a detailed guide on how to get Korek Charm in Dying Light 2, and you can follow it to acquire this amazing item.

Flying Broom

Techland couldn’t hold themselves back from adding a Harry Potter easter egg in Dying Light 2. For those who don’t know, there exists a Flying Broom in the game, thanks to which you can around the city, just like how you saw it in the Harry Potter film series. Acquiring is not a difficult task, so there isn’t any reason for you not to get it or try it. It is also one of the two Easter Eggs on our Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs guide that you can not keep in your inventory forever. 

To get the Flying Broom in Dying Light 2, head to the top of the VNC Tower. It is the same tower we mentioned at the beginning of the guide. You’ll need to use a lift to go to the top and once you’re there, look down the roof from the east edge of the building until you spot another rooftop with a crane on it. It is where you’ll be able to get the Flying Broom.

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Use your glider to reach the rooftop and then climb up the crane. You can easily do this by using the grappling hooks, but make sure not to fall during the process, as getting killed will have you repeating the entire process from the beginning.

After you get to the top of the crane, you’ll come across a bunch of mushrooms. Start collecting as many of them as you can, and keep on collecting until a pop-up on the screen confirms that you have unlocked a new Parkour Challenge called the “Baba Yaga.” Keep in mind that the challenge will take a while to appear, so stay patient. 

During the Baba Yaga challenge, you’ll be able to use the Flying Broom to fly around the city. However, the most unfortunate part is that you won’t be able to keep the Flying Broom outside of the challenge. You can only use it as long as the challenge is active, and right after it ends, the broom will disappear. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid trying it. 

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Mistress Sword

The Mistress Sword might sound like a high-damage output from its name, but it isn’t. There are many lies attached to this weapon. First, the weapon isn’t even an actual sword; it’s a machete. Second, unlike every other weapon in the game, the Mistress Sword can do 0 damage with each hit. Yes, you read that right, 0 damage. 

The only purpose of this weapon is to trigger your enemies and nothing else. Some players even decided to use it at night, thinking that it might be the kind of weapon that works only at nighttime. Unfortunately, they were also able to only tickle their enemies with it.

If you ask why this weapon’s worth getting, it’s because the Mistress Sword is an easter egg from The Legend of Zelda. I don’t know about you guys, but if there’s an Easter Egg related to Zelda in the game, then that’s enough for me to go after it.

Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs
Mistress Sword

To get your hands on the Mistress Sword in Dying Light, you will need to access the DOOM Room. We have explained in our mistress sword secret weapon guide how you can access the hidden Doom Room, start the Hangar Challenge, and then get this secret weapon. Also, there is a Doom shotgun in Dying Light 2 that can be obtained if you know where to find it. 

Overall, the Mistress Sword isn’t the kind of weapon that you can trust in combat, but if you’re someone who likes to collect and see every Easter Egg, then you should go after it. 


Back to the Future 2 is one of the most popular films of all time, and how could Techland avoid adding an Easter Egg for it in their latest game? To pay tribute to the popular movie, the developers have added a Hoverboard in the game. Unfortunately, just like the Flying Broom, you won’t be able to keep this item in your inventory forever. You’ll only get access to it during a specific challenge, after which it will be gone forever.

Dying Light 2 Hoverboard

While you won’t keep the Hoverboard forever, it’s still a fun experience nonetheless. You will first need to head to the right corner of Saint Paul Island to get it. 

As you can see, getting the Hoverboard in Dying Light 2 is a pretty time-consuming process. In fact, it is one of the most difficult secret items to get in the game. By following the location seen in the image below, you will need to get to the top of the church, next to a building with a military airdrop on its rooftop. 

After you make your way into the church, you first need to get the power back on by connecting a wire. To do this, grab the power cord from the Electric Outlet and then take it to the top. Make sure to follow the route that involves climbing up the metal structures, as the cable won’t reach its destination otherwise. After you get to the top, you’ll be able to locate the Electric Outlet right next to the giant bell. 

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Left Finger of gloVA

Next up in our Dying Light 2 secret weapons guide, we have the Left Finger of gloVA. For those who don’t know, this secret weapon happens to be a finger gun that you can use to take down your target quickly. After acquiring the blueprint for this weapon, you can craft it for 369 Scrap. Furthermore, the weapon comes loaded with 16 shots only, which is few considering you need a lot of scraps to craft this weapon.

Still, if you’re interested in getting this weapon, you’ll need to visit the Developer Room. The first thing you need to do is reach the top of the VNC tower. As we mentioned above, you’ll be able to use a lift for this purpose after you complete the Broadcast story mission. After you get to the top, you will once again need to make your way to the building southwest of the VNC tower with the antenna popping out of its rooftop. 

South Tower
South Tower – Left Finger of gloVA

At the top of the building, you’ll come across an Electric Terminal. Take the cable out from it, and then look for a plank. Jump down two floors from here, but make sure to use your grappling hook for this purpose. Otherwise, you’ll fall and meet your death. And trust me, you won’t want to die while completing this task as if you get killed, then you’ll need to start the entire process from the start, which involves getting to the top of the VNC tower as well from the ground. Sometimes, you might even spawn far away from the VNC tower, which will consume a lot of your time.

After you reach the below floors, connect the power cord to the Red Electric Terminal and then turn around to find the second Electric Terminal. Take the cable out from it, and this time, you’ll need to jump down four floors before you. Again, use your grappling hook for this one too. Once you’ve successfully gone down four more levels, find the second Red Electric Terminal and connect the power cord with it.

Turn around and look for the third Electric Terminal for the final time. Take the cable out from it and make your way down. There, you’ll come across the third and final Red Electric Terminal. After connecting the power cord to it, the door right next to it will open, granting you access to the Developer Room. 

Make your way inside and head to the second room, where you’ll be able to find a bed with a couple of Teddy bears sitting on top of it. Sit down with the Teddy bears and wait for the animations to finish. In the end, the blueprint for the Left Finger of gloVA will appear in front of you on the wall. 

If you already haven’t, then make sure to go back to the first room to get the Korek Charm as well. We have already written a detailed guide on how you can acquire this weapon-saving charm in the Developer Room. 

Pan of Destiny

The Pan of Destiny is a pretty fun weapon to use. To get it, you will need to head to the Renegade complex you visit during the 2nd last story quest of the game. This means that you won’t be getting this weapon until you reach complete or at least reach the very end. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid getting this weapon, as it will help you out while you’re enjoying the post-game content. 

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To get your hands on the Pan of Destiny, make your way to the Renegade complex. During the Now or Never mission, you’ll encounter many enemies there. However, during your second visit, you won’t have to worry about facing them anymore as you will now only find Peacekeepers there. 

Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs
Pan of Destiny Dying Light 2

Once inside, look for a room with an orange tent inside it. You won’t have any trouble finding it as the room will be barricaded by wood and can be spotted from far away. After you go inside the room, you’ll come across the chicken trapped in a cage. Yes, a chicken. Now, this isn’t any ordinary chicken. Unlike the ones you find wandering around in the streets, this one is from space. After talking to the chicken, you will receive a new side quest called “Space Cock.” You will need to help the chicken find the parts for its ship in it.

To do that, make your way to the location that appears on your map and look around for the part. After successfully picking up the part, make your way back to the chicken. Give the part you found to him, and he will teleport away. To thank you for your help, the chicken will leave behind a blueprint, thanks to which you’ll be able to craft the Pan of Density for 369 craps. Yes, I know. The crafting requirement seems a little too much for a pan. But since the weapon will return to you after you throw it towards your target, you won’t regret your decision.

Everyone Can Play

Another interesting secret weapon that I would like to mention is the Everyone Can Play Soccer Ball. Just like the Pan of Destiny, this isn’t the kind of throwable item that can do wonders in combat, but it is still fun to use. Furthermore, the Soccer Ball also happens to have the ability to stun its target upon hitting them, which is a great plus point.

To get your hands on this throwable weapon, you will first need to look for a Soccer Field swarming with zombies in the Trinity area. After eliminating all the enemies in the area, look for a soccer ball and score a goal with it. Once done, immediately leave the place using the fast-travel option and return to the field to score another goal. You will need to keep on scoring goals, leaving the area, and returning to it. After you have done this nine times, a dancing zombie will appear in front of you. You don’t need to be afraid of it as you’ll be able to take it down easily.

Football Field Location
Football Field Location

After you kill the threat, it will leave behind the “Everyone Can Play” blueprint, thanks to which you’ll be able to craft the Soccer Ball for 369 scraps. Yes, the entire process is time-consuming, and some of you might not find it worth going through all the troubles to get a throwable soccer ball. But let me tell you, once you start using the ball and see how fun it is, you won’t regret any of the nine goals you scored to get it. 

It’s Me… Marian! Sneakers

This is easily one of the best items in our Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs guide. This is because the “It’s Me… Marian!” shoes are not only made to make you look good. After you wear them, you will get the luxury to jump even higher. Furthermore, the shoes also allow their owner to perform a special triple jump, something that even some of the best skills in Dying Light 2 can’t help you do.

Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on these fantastic shoes during the early stages of the game. This is because you’ll need to access the Lower Dam Ayre area, a place you won’t be able to unlock until you complete a significant part of the story. If you already have, then make your way to the dam and look around for a crane with a giant crate lifted in the air. Inside it, you’ll find the sneakers.

To get inside the crate, you will need to unlock its door using a lockpick. After you successfully open the door, you’ll be able to access the room inside it. This is going to be an emotional moment for the die-hard Dying Light fans, as the room has been designed to pay tribute to Kyle Crane, the main character of the 2015 Dying Light. 

Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs
It’s Me… Marian! Dying Light 2

After you have made your way inside the room, you will need to interact with many items to get the blueprint, just like how it happened for the Left Finger of gloVA. Look around for a music player and activate it. Then, there will be a cousin nearby that will allow you to sit on it. After you sit down and wait for the music to end, the “It’s Me… Marian” blueprint will appear in front of you out of nowhere. 

Getting these sneakers is worth it. Considering parkour is a huge part of the game, and you’re always jumping around from here to there, it’s nice to have something to help you reach bigger heights. Furthermore, you also get to see the special tribute for Kyle Crane. All of this makes the trouble worth it. 

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Once you have successfully connected the power cord to the outlet, head to the very top of the church, where you’ll find a room with a radio inside it. Interact with the radio and listen to the audio. After it ends, you’ll see the Hoverboard in front of you. However, it would be best not to start celebrating after seeing it as there is still a lot to do. 

When you go over to the Hoverboard and interact with it, it magically disappears. You’ll then see footprints using your survivor senses, and you’ll then need to follow them to get the Hoverboard. Following the footsteps will have you cover a reasonable distance, so make sure you’re prepared to fight some infected on the way. You can see the location where the Hoverboard teleported itself to below.

Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs
Location 1

After you interact with the Hoverboard, it will again disappear. You will again need to use your survivor senses to follow another set of footprints to acquire it. This time, you will need to cover a short distance, and at the end of your journey, you’ll find the Hoverboard in the trunk of the car. Don’t worry, and it won’t disappear for the third time. 

Upon interacting with it, you’ll be able to start the Hoverboard Parkour Challenge, in which you’ll need to ride it over water. Sadly, you won’t be able to keep it outside the challenge. However, a bug allows you to keep the Hoverboard even after completing the challenge. It involves returning to the menu while doing the challenge. However, I don’t know if this works anymore, as the developers might have patched it through a recent update. 

Dying Force

If you’re a Star Wars fan and were wondering where the developers have added an Easter Egg from it or not, then you’re sure in for a treat. This is because the Star Wars Easter Egg in our Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs guide comes in the shape of a weapon that allows you to lift your enemies in the air and choke them, thus making it a perfect tribute to the famous villain, Darth Vader

Dying Force Star Wars Easter Egg
Dying Force Star Wars Easter Egg Dying Light 2

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To get your hands on this hidden weapon, you will again need to head to the DOOM Room, the same room you needed to access for the Mistress Sword blueprint. But this time, instead of going inside the room, you will need to go to another secret area. Once you’re in the DOOM level, look around for a room filled with green liquid. At the end of the room, you’ll be able to access another secret place by interacting with the wall. And right in the middle of the secret area, you’ll find Dying Force blueprint on a cushion surrounded by a lot of green liquid.

Cyber Hands 2177

The final weapon that I would like to mention in our Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs guide is the Cyber Hands 2177. If you’ve played CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, then you’ll instantly recognize this weapon. It’s because Cyber Hands 2177 is a complete ripoff of Cyberpunk 2077’s Matis Blades. However, while they are fun to use, you shouldn’t expect them to be as powerful as the Mais Blades.

They deal a decent amount of damage with each hit and help you take down regular enemies. But it isn’t something that I will suggest you use against a group of enemies. Furthermore, the weapon has only 40 durability points, meaning you can expect it to break quickly. 

Still, it’s great to have something like them in the inventory. To get the Cyber Hands 2177, you will need to first make your way to the top of the VNC Tower. This is the tallest Dying Light 2 building, and you’ll access it during the Broadcast mission. After you complete this mission, you’ll be able to reach the top by using an elevator.

Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs
Cyber Hands 2177 Dying Light 2 Easter egg

After you have reached the top, go to the southwest side and look for a building that has a giant antenna and moss at its top. Use your glider to make your way to this building. Once you land there, look around for ventilation ducts and then use them to reach the rooftop. Then, you’ll be able to see another building in front of you, and you might be able to spot an NPC standing there. You will need to use your glider once again to make your way to this NPC.

After you land, interact with the NPC, something that will start a conversation. And at the end of the conversation, he will give you the blueprint for the Cyber Hands 2177. You won’t need to worry about gathering some unique crafting materials for it, as you’ll be able to craft this secret weapon by using 1x Scrap. 

This was all regarding our Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs guide. As you can see for yourself, acquiring all of them will be a time-consuming task, and some of them might not even look worth getting. But if you like to collect all Easter Eggs, we hope that our guide will help you acquire them easily and quickly. 

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