30 Best Dying Light 2 Skills [Combat & Parkour]

I listed the best combat and parkour skills for early, mid & late game phases in Dying Light 2. Purchase these skills & dominate the open world.

Bashing the zombie skulls with blunt weapons and tearing their limbs apart via sharp weapons rewards combat XP in Dying Light 2. On the other hand, jumping from buildings, climbing poles, and hustling through the rooftops of Viledor rewards parkour XP. You move a muscle, and you earn XP. That is why investing combat XP points properly is crucial to survival in early to mid-game. Therefore, we have curated Best Dying Light 2 Skills based on combat and parkour – listing the top 15 skills in both categories that you must unlock.

Key Takeaways

In Dying Light 2 there are 2 types of XP that players can gain. Combat XP and Parkour XP.

  • Combat XP is received when you use your weapons to kill zombies or any other enemy.. 
  • Parkour XP is received if you do any type of movement whether it be climbing walls, jumping from buildings, etc.
  • A total of 24 skills are available for both combat and parkour but we have chosen the best 15 from each.

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There are 24 combat and parkour skills to unlock in Dying Light 2 from both categories. The first skill, Vault Kick and High Jump gets unlocked during the game's prologue, while the rest of the skill selection is left at the player’s discretion.

You can pretty much unlock all Dying Light 2 combat and parkour skills, provided you unlock their initial branches. However, your selection priority of a skill or skill tree will define how you play out the game. On the subject of making the right selection, here are Dying Light 2 best weapons and locations for early, mid, and late games.

Dying Light 2 Best Combat Skills

We have listed the Best Combat Abilities In Dying Light 2 based on the game’s progression pacing, and unlocking these 15 skills should give you an edge while fighting zombies and human enemies. We played Dying Light 2 on PC so that you will find keyboard buttons mentioned here and there throughout the guide. Here are the Best combat skills In Dying Light 2 that you should unlock in the game.

Here is a summarized look at the comparison between some of the Best Combat Skills in Dying Light 2:

Skill NameTypeCombat PointPrior SkillRequired HealthDescription
Perfect DodgeCombat Skill1.0Vault KickN/ADodge at just the right time to stagger your enemy
Air KickCombat SkillN/AVault KickN/AWhen dropping onto enemies from above, nail them with a powerful kick
Vault Power KickCombat Skill1.0Air Kick140.0Add force to your Vault Kick and send enemies flying
Head StompCombat Skill1.0Vault Power Kick180.0Head stomp enemies that lay on the ground
Drop KickCombat Skill1.0Air Kick180.0Perform a powerful kick while jumping
Power AttackCombat Skill1.0Vaut Kick120.0Perform a powerful attack that deals more damage, interrupts enemy attacks, and blocks
Perfect ParryCombat Skill1.0Vault Kick120.0Perform a perfect block to stagger your enemy for longer and trigger a slo-mo effect
Block ProjectilesCombat Skill1.0Perfect Parry160.0Block incoming projectiles like knives and arrows
WindmillCombat Skill1.0Power Attack 160.0Perform a powerful kick that hits all the enemies around you
StabCombat Skill1.0Vault Kick 160.0Quickly take down an unaware enemy (required a knife)
SmashCombat Skill1.0Vault Kick200.0Smash enemy heads while dropping on them from above
Block ChargeCombat Skill1.0Perfect Parry160.0When blocking, charge at the enemy in front of you and knock them to the ground
Precise AimingCombat Skill1.0Vault Kick160.0Increase your aim with all ranged weapons
Power ShotCombat Skill1.0Precise Aiming200.0Adds piercing and bonus damage to all ranged weapon shots
Serial ShotCombat Skill1.0Power Shot240.0Allows you to fire up to 3 projectiles at the same time

Perfect Dodge

Best Dying Light 2 Combat Skills
Perfect Dodge Skill

Staggering human enemies is a critical combat move you should master early in the game. Even though performing a perfect parry staggers an enemy, the Perfect Dodge skill takes this element up a notch. A perfect dodge in either direction will stagger an enemy, giving you an opening to attack back with a melee weapon or another powerful skill.

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There is no specific condition to unlock the Perfect Dodge skill; however, you will need one combat point to purchase it.

Air Kick

kicking zombies from air
Air Kick skill

Kicking zombies or human enemies have been overpowered since the first Dying Light. Luckily, this element returns again in Dying Light 2 with various types of kick-related skills to unlock. Air Kick will be your early game solution to dropping down on zombies or surprise bandits by landing on one of their buddies. This also saves you from the trouble of repairing melee weapons frequently in Dying Light 2. 

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Aiden can execute this powerful kick after dropping down from a height onto an enemy. You must press and hold down the “E” button to execute the powerful Air Kick skill on a target. There are no specific conditions to unlock this Dying Light 2 skill early in the game. All you need is one combat point to invest in the Vault Kick skill tree.

Vault Power Kick

Best Dying Light 2 Combat Skills
Vault Power Kick Skill

Aiden sure does use lots of kick attacks to bash zombie skulls or throw human enemies off from rooftops. The Vault Power Kick takes kick-related attacks up a notch by increasing its base power. It matters not if you staggered an enemy with a perfect parry or perfect dodge, the kick that Aiden lands after it will now have a higher base power. You can not have Best Combat Skills In Dying Light 2 if you miss this one out.

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While executing a vault kick, press and hold down the Left Mouse button, and Aiden will send an enemy flying away with a powerful kick. To purchase Vault Power Kick combat skill in Dying Light 2, you need to have at least 140 health. Otherwise, you can not invest more combat points to advance this skill tree in the game.

Head Stomp

bash zombies skull
Head Stomp Skill

It is a tad bit frustrating when you knock a zombie or human enemy to the ground and can not use a finisher or powerful hit to put them out of misery. Luckily, the Head Stomp skill solves this issue and makes overall combat a little less exhausting.

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After purchasing this skill, Aiden can head-stomp a downed enemy on the ground to deal massive damage or just bash his brains out. To perform this move, you must get close to a downed enemy and press the “F” button on the keyboard to land a head stomp attack. Right now it is an overpowered skill and probably the strongest Dying Light 2 skill.

You need one combat point, unlock the previous skill, and have at least 180 health to purchase Head Stomp combat skill in Dying Light 2. If you do not have enough health, you will need to find and claim the inhibitors from GRE Containers.

Drop Kick

Best Dying Light 2 Combat Skills
Drop Kick Skill

You must have a clear picture by now regarding the mighty kick-based attacks. However, the lack of performing a kick attack is mostly tied to a perfect dodge or parry. Well, if you want to have more freedom when it comes to kicking enemies, then you must purchase the Drop Kick combat skill in Dying Light 2.

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If you already purchased Head Stomp, that means you must have at least 180 health points, which is also the requirement for Drop Kick skill. This is by far the most recommended Best Dying Light 2 combat skill to have. After unlocking Drop Kick combat skill, run towards an enemy, hold the “spacebar” button, and press “E” twice while Aiden is in the air. This skill is so good in Dying Light 2 that you will spam it in every combat encounter eight out of ten times.  

Power Attack

Slash powerful melee attack
Power Attack Skill

Melee weapons damage feels underwhelming in the early hours of the game. You can always bring a powerful or a modded weapon to deal some serious damage, but still, something does feel left out. That changes when you purchase Power Attack combat skill in Dying Light 2.

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After unlocking this skill by investing one combat point, Aiden can perform an impactful melee attack. Power Attack combat skill is instrumental against human enemies since they block your attacks. By holding and releasing the Left Mouse button, Aiden can deal an excellent amount of damage to a bandit that can interrupt an incoming attack or break a block.

To unlock Power Attack combat skill in Dying Light 2, you need to have at least 120 health and one combat point.

Perfect Parry

Best Dying Light 2 Combat Skills
Perfect Parry Skill

Parrying staggers an enemy, allowing you to perform a follow-up attack in Dying Light 2. However, unlocking the Perfect Parry combat skill in the game takes the staggering element up a notch.

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After purchasing the Perfect Parry skill with one combat point and having 120 minimum health as a requirement, Aiden’s parries will trigger a slow-motion effect. A perfect parry will slow down time around your for a couple of seconds, allowing Aiden to land follow-up attacks pretty easily.

Perfect Parry is an excellent combat skill, especially in early to mid-game in Dying Light 2. It might have little use when you encounter a one-handed melee weapon using enemies. However, it shines the best and acts as crowd control when you face off a two-handed weapon using enemies.

Block Projectiles

block incoming arrows and knife
Block Projectiles skill

The early game world of Dying Light 2 does not throw enough ranged enemy types on you. That being said, Block Projectiles combat skill is beneficial while you are in the mid-game phase. Using the block button, Aiden can pretty much negate the incoming projectile, such as a knife or an arrow, and avoid getting hit by a ranged enemy.

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We believe Block Projectiles is one of the top Dying Light 2 combat skills for mid to late game. Aiden can block incoming arrows or knives easily if you time and press the block button just at the right time. Although unlocking this skill will require you to have at least 160 health points and one combat point.


Best Dying Light 2 Combat Skills
Windmill Skill

Visiting a building indoor while in a daylight setting puts many zombies in the room with Aiden. This can turn out chaotic if you are spotted, and a horde of zombies will rush towards you. That is why in a situation like this, Windmill skill acts as an excellent crowd-controlling skill.

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The skill pretty much turns Aiden into a rotating windmill with a sharp/blunt weapon in hand, damaging zombies and throwing them away on impact. You must purchase Power Attack combat skills before unlocking Windmill. Other than that, Aiden must also have at least 160 health points.


stab enemies using knives
Stab Skill

Stab is a better version of silent takedown in Dying Light 2. After unlocking this skill, Aiden will quickly take an unaware enemy out of its misery by performing a knife takedown. Stab skill also consumes one knife every time you trigger the skill on an enemy; however, you also get to take down an enemy quickly.

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You must have one skill point and at least 160 health to purchase the Stab skill. If you are short on health, you must invest more time in finding inhibitors.


Best Dying Light 2 Combat Skills
Smash Skill

Smash is the powerful version of the Air Kick combat skill, and it can be performed by pressing the “F” button while jumping down onto an enemy from a height. Even though it is an impactful kick-related combat skill in Dying Light 2, purchasing it the early game will not be an easy process. You need to have at least 200 health to unlock this skill, which will require you to roam the streets of Villedor and find as many inhibitors as possible. Arguably, this is one of the Best Combat Skills In Dying Light 2 for the mid-to-late game.

Block Charge

charge like a bull in Villedor
Block Charge Skill

It gets pretty annoying when you are on a hit spree in Dying Light 2, and suddenly the enemy starts blocking your attacks. The Block Charge combat skill allows Aiden to charge at an enemy and pin them down to the ground to make a smooth transition in a one-versus-one fight. You can then easily use a head stomp or a melee hit as a follow-up attack.

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Block Charge combat skill in Dying Light 2 can be unlocked if Aiden has at least 160 health and purchased Perfect Parry. Even though you may not use this skill more often, it feels nice when you have options available at your disposal.

Precise Aiming

ranged weapon high precision Dying Light 2
Precise Aiming Skill

Players will unlock ranged weapons, such as a crossbow or bow, later in Dying Light 2. However, the range may be a problem in the early hours after getting a ranger weapon. Luckily, purchasing the Precise Aiming combat skill enhances the precision while using a ranged weapon in Dying light 2. Here is our complete Article on Dying Light 2 Bows.

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Since this is a mid-to-late game combat skill, you should have at least 160 health to unlock the skill. The best part of purchasing this skill comes after unlocking the next two skill slots of this tree.

Power Shot

Best Dying Light 2 Combat Skills
Power Shot Skill

The ability to deal significantly higher ranged weapon damage, and piercing shots is acquired after purchasing the Power Shot combat skill. This is by far one of Dying Light 2 combat skills under the ranged weapons category. To unlock this skill in the game, Aiden must have 200 health.

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If you feel an underwhelming response from your bow or crossbow, well, then purchasing Power Shot combat skill solves the problem. Using a ranged weapon with this skill feels like a blessing while fighting armored enemies.

Serial Shot

Best Dying Light 2 Combat Skills
Serial Shot Skill

Put an end to your thought if you have wondered if a ranged weapon can also be used for crowd control in Dying Light 2. Purchasing the Serial Shot combat skill allows Aiden to mark three enemies and fire three projectiles simultaneously.

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Serial Shot combat skill in Dying Light 2 is a late-game skill because it requires you to have 240 health. The combat skill surely changes how you play with a ranged weapon in the game, as you will be able to hit multiple enemies pretty quickly. 

Dying Light 2 Best Parkour Skills

We have listed the Best parkour skills In Dying Light 2 that will surely give you an edge while roaming the streets or rooftops of Villedor and Central Loop. 

Let's have a look at the Best Parkour Skills from Dying Light 2 in comparison:

Skill NameTypeParkour PointSkillStaminaDescription
Active LandingParkour SkillN/AHigh JumpN/AReduce fall damage and keep your momentum
Safe LandingParkour Skill1.0Active Landing140.0Increase the height from which you can land without taking any damage
Firm GripParkour SkillN/AHigh JumpN/AMake the last climb on ledges even when your stamina is gone and
briefly maintain your grip when you land on ledges from greater heights
Far JumpParkour Skill1.0High Jump120.0Use any obstacle to spring from it and jump further
Double JumpParkour Skill1.0Far Jump160.0Reach even greater heights while jumping off obstacles
Fast ClimbParkour Skill1.0Firm Grip140.0Move faster on ledges when moving up or to either side
Sleek RunnerParkour Skill1.0High Jump120.0Increase your speed while navigating tricky obstacles like slopes,
balance boards, climbing pipes, wall openings, etc.
SlideParkour Skill1.0Sleek Runner160.0Slide while running to pass through low holes in walls and other passages
Crowd RunnerParkour Skill1.0Sleek Runner160.0Run through a group of enemies without losing any momentum and lowering
the damage you receive
DartParkour Skill1.0High Jump140.0Temporarily increases your movement speed, which allows you to jump across
wider gaps, reach higher ledges and run longer on walls
Enemy JumpParkour Skill1.0Dart180.0Jump off enemies while in Dart/Dash
DashParkour Skill1.0Dart180.0Dash for as long as your stamina lasts
Tic TacParkour Skill1.0High Jump160.0Run alongside vertical surfaces
Wall RunParkour Skill1.0Tic Tac200.0Run upwards on vertical surfaces
Wall ComboParkour Skill1.0Tic Tac260.0Combine Tic Tacs and Wall Runs into longer combos

Active Landing

decrease fall damage
Active Landing

Villedor does not have the tallest buildings as you’d come across in the later game. However, Aiden can still take fall damage if jumping off from a three or four-story building to ground level. It breaks the momentum and immersion of parkour in Dying Light 2. So, to counter this, you must unlock the best early game parkour skill; Active Landing.

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There is no specific requirement of stamina per se to unlock this parkour skill in the game. All you need is just one Parour Point to purchase Active Landing. After that, whenever you jump off from a considerable height, press “C” and Aiden will brace or roll to reduce the fall damage.

Safe Landing

Dying Light 2 best skills
Safe Landing

Safe Landing parkour skill is a lifesaver in Dying Light 2. The skill saves you from dying in situations such as when you mistakenly fall off from a zipline while being chased during the night or jumped in the wrong direction after looting an inhibitor container at a broken bridge.

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You will need to purchase Active Landing and must have at least 140 Stamina To unlock this parkour skill in Dying Light 2. Unlocking this skill takes parkour up a notch, as you’d think twice before jumping off from a building.

Firm Grip

stamina running out Dying Light 2
Firm Grip skill

It gets outrageous when you start climbing a wall and cannot reach the last ledge because Aiden has a lung capacity of a two-year-old in the early hours of Dying Light 2. Firm Grip parkour skill is the one you should unlock very early in the game to counter this problem.

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Once you have purchased this parkour skill, Aiden will maintain the grip on the ledge and will climb up instead of falling down due to no stamina. However, you need to hold the “spacebar” button to keep a firm grip over the ledge.

There are no stamina-related requirements to unlock Firm Grip parkour skill in Dying Light 2. So, get it as soon as you unlock the game’s open-world after the prologue.

Far Jump

Dying Light 2 best skills
Far Jump skill

Far Jump is one of the best parkour skills for two reasons: it can be purchased in the early game and helps Aiden to scale heights like nothing before. After unlocking this parkour skill, you can pretty much jump from building to building which may not be possible earlier.

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However, there is a catch when it comes to using Far Jump parkour skill in Dying Light 2. You will need to use an obstacle to jump and press “E” to get an accelerated forward air-time. To unlock Far Jump parkour skill, you need to have at least 120 stamina.

Double Jump

reach greater height Dying Light 2
Double Jump skill

If you still can’t make that huge jump while running at the rooftops of Villedor, then you should purchase Double Jump parkour skill. If Far Jump does not do wonders for you when grabbing the ledge at the opposite side of the building, then this parkour skill will do.

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After unlocking the skill, use an obstacle to jump and then press the “Spacebar” key twice to perform a double jump in the air. You will need to purchase Far Jump parkour skill and have at least 160 stamina to purchase Double Jump parkour skill in Dying Light 2.

Fast Climb

Dying Light 2 best skills
Fast Climb Skill

Aiden consumes stamina at a faster rate while climbing the ledge or moving in either direction while hanging in the air. He can fall if he runs out of stamina. That is why the Fast Climb parkour skill allows you to move faster on ledges, giving you the liberty to reach a certain which was not possible earlier.

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You will need at least 140 stamina and one parkour point to purchase this skill in Dying Light 2. You will also need to unlock Firm Grip first in the same skill tree. I can’t remember how many times I fell from ledges because Aiden could not hold his breath for long or move faster.  

Sleek Runner

Fast runner Dying Light 2
Sleek Runner Skill

As self-explanatory as the name of this parkour skill is, Sleek Runner allows you to be more fluid in momentum while traversing different obstacles. Parkour in Dying Light 2 is impressive; however, you lose the immersion when Aiden’s speed is reduced.

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Purchasing the Sleek Runner parkour skill allows Aiden to increase his speed while running past slopes, climbing pipes, wall openings, balance boards, and much more.

You need to have at least 120 Stamina and a parkour point to unlock the Sleek Runner skill in Dying Light 2. If you’re short on stamina, then go through GRE Anamoly activities during the nighttime and loot the inhibitors container after beating a boss. This is also one of my favorite Skills.


Dying Light 2 best skills
Slide Skill

The slide is by far one of my favorite Dying Light 2 skills </strong>in the game. You can use it for two purposes in the game; interrupt enemy attacks and slide through holes in walls and other passages. This is probably the only parkour skill that can also be used in combat for follow-up combat skill attacks such as head stomp.

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This is not an early game skill as you will need at least 160 stamina to purchase it. However, you can still unlock the Slide parkour skill early in Dying Light 2 if you go after inhibitors. You will also need to purchase Sleek Runner parkour skill before you can buy this one.

Crowd Runner

run past crowd Dying Light 2
Crowd Runner Skill

Running past a crowded zombies horde may seem an easy task when Aiden is out in the open; however, it’s a different story while you’re indoors. You can not just run through enemies easily without losing momentum or getting frequent hits. Crowd Runner parkour skill is a perfect addition to purchase to counter this problem.

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You can purchase this skill early in Dying Light 2, provided you have at least 160 stamina. However, you’d realize its functionality in a mid-to-late game. Having purchased the Crowd Runner parkour skill, press the “G” key while facing a crowd to run past them without losing the momentum.


Dying Light 2 best skills
Dart Skill

Dart is a mid-to-late game parkour skill in Dying Light 2. For the most part of the game, Far Jump and Double Jump skills will be your go-to skills for parkouring. However, when you unlock the wall run skill or reach the second map of the Dying Light 2, Dart parkour skill becomes a must-have.

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After unlocking this skill, Aiden gets a temporary boost in movement speed, jumps wider gaps, runs longer on walls, and climbs higher on ledges. You will need to have at least 140 stamina to purchase Dart parkour skill in Dying Light 2.

Enemy Jump

Jump over enemy shoulder
Enemy Jump Skill

Purchasing the Enemy Jump parkour skill turns a human or zombie into an obstacle for Aiden to jump off. However, to execute this skill, you must activate the Dart parkour skill. Otherwise, the Enemy Jump skill will not work.

Show Full Text

This is a late-game parkour skill, and you must have at least 180 stamina to purchase Enemy Jump in Dying Light 2. You will also need to unlock the Dart skill prior to this one in the game. Essentially this skill can also be used while Dashing into the game.


Dying Light 2 best skills
Dash Skill

There are moments while running straight in Dying Light 2 where you realize what if there was an actual sprint button that could allow Aiden to run faster until the stamina bar depletes. Luckily, after purchasing the Dash parkour skill you can pretty much run faster until stamina lasts.

Show Full Text

Dash is a mid-game parkour skill, and you can unlock it early as well, but it proves useful when you reach the Central Loop part of the Dying Light 2 map. You will also need 180 stamina to purchase the skill, which should not be a problem considering Dash is actually a mid-game parkour skill.

Tic Tac

run vertically or on wall
Tic Tac Skill

Tic Tac is a mid to late-game parkour skill. You will have a little use of this parkour skill while in Villedor. However, when you get to Central Loop, you will find Tic Tac an essential parkour skill. Aiden can basically run alongside vertical surfaces after purchasing this skill.

Show Full Text

You will need to have at least 160 stamina to unlock Tic Tac. If you want the Best Dying Light 2 parkour skill for the mid-to-late game. All you need to do is press “spacebar” while making a jump towards a flat surface, and Aiden will run along with it briefly from one side to another.

Wall Run

vertical wall run to escape zombies
Wall Run Skill

The late-game throws Aiden to scale tall buildings and many indoor settings where you need to climb vertical surfaces. Wall Run parkour skill is a must-have once you step into the Central Loop map of Dying Light 2. Unlocking the skill will allow Aiden to run upwards on vertical surfaces if you press and hold the “spacebar” key.

Show Full Text

Since Wall Run is a late-game parkour skill, you will need to have at least 200 stamina to purchase it. If you are still short on inhibitors, you must immediately search and find them using various activities in Dying Light 2.

Wall Combo

Dying Light 2 best skills
Wall Combo Skill

Wall Combo is the last skill in the parkour skill tree that has the highest amount of stamina requirement. It is also one of the top parkour skills you can get that allows you to do some crazy traversal. After unlocking the Wall Combo skill, you can combine Tic Tacs or Wall Runs to create a combo parkour move and scale a decent distance in no time. However, you will need at least 260 stamina to purchase Wall Combo parkour skill in Dying Light 2.


You can pretty much become overpowered in combat and agile in traversal at the end of Dying Light 2. However, as you progress through the game's story, you need to acquire the Best Abilities in Dying Light 2 for combat and parkour in order to make the gameplay experience smooth. That is why our listed combat and parkour abilities are the best when it comes to dominating melee and on-foot aspects of Dying Light 2.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about <strong>Dying Light 2 skills&lt;/strong&gt;. Have you been playing the game? Which combat or parkour skill has been your favorite? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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