Dying Light 2: How To Repair Weapons

Our Dying Light 2 weapons repair guide mentions steps to prevent a weapon from breaking quickly. Use your weapon longer now with these tips.

Techland’s Dying Light 2 puts players in a world where they have to fight zombies and humans as well. Just like the prequel, the primary method of taking down enemies is by using melee and ranged weapons. Players get the luxury to choose from a wide range of different weapons, such as swords, machetes, katanas, and much more. However, unlike the first part of the game, there isn’t a clear method of repairing weapons. Therefore, we have curated Dying Light 2 weapons repair guide to explain everything regarding repairing. 

Key Highlights
  • The Repair Weapons option in Dying Light 2 is used to repair any of your weapons, whichever are in their last breaths or about to break. The weapon can be repaired for some time; eventually, it’ll break down later.
  • You can repair the weapon while applying any type of mod on your weapon. That’s why a weapon’s durability increases when you bind a mod to it.
  • Once you have reached the Central loop, you can purchase the Mods from the Craftmasters.
  • The amount of durability of any weapon depends upon its power. You can apply only three mods to your weapon; this will increase your durability points to 150.
  • You can also get the Korek Charm Mod in Dying Light 2, which is capable of adding 500 durability points to any weapon.

Dying Light 2 Weapons Repair System 

Acquiring a weapon in Dying Light 2 can be a time-consuming task. And no, I’m not talking about weak weapons that you found almost everywhere. I’m talking about the ones you need to look for specifically and those you acquire through different quests. For instance, the Enso Katana is a weapon found only in Airdrops. On the subject of weapons, read our Dying Light 2 best weapons locations guide and get your hands on some top-tier weapons in the game.

Furthermore, there isn’t a specific Airdrop that will give you the weapon as it’s different for everyone. Once you get your hands on the weapon, you’ll be able to take down even the toughest of opponents quickly. However, what will happen after its durability hits zero? Will all the efforts of finding the weapon go to waste? 

Dying Light 2 Combat
Dying Light 2 Combat

When you start Dying Light 2 and play it for some time, you’ll instantly notice that there isn’t any weapon repair option. You’ll look here and there, but you won’t be able to find anything. It will leave you confused if you played the first part of the series, considering it had a transparent and easy-to-access weapon repair system that allowed you to repair your weapons by using different materials. As for this game, there is a Dying Light 2 weapons repair system, but it’s more complex and difficult than what we saw in the prequel.

Now, the good news is that there is a way to repair weapons in Dying Light 2. So if you were worried that you’re unable to find the repair option and your favorite weapon is about to break, catch a breath. However, now comes the bad news. While the system does repair your weapon, it will only repair it to some extent, and the weapon will eventually break at some point. 

Mods in Dying Light 2

As some of you might have already noticed, Dying Light 2 allows players to apply different types of mods to upgrade their weapons. Through these mods, you can make your weapon more powerful and grant it new abilities.

For instance, applying the Flame mod on a weapon literally sends out fire towards a target and sets them ablaze as you strike them using the weapon. Another type of mod lets you electrocute your target, which ends up electrocuting nearby enemies as well. 

Dying Light 2 Weapons Repair
Weapon Mods

However, what some of you don’t know is that by applying mods, you are also repairing the weapon in the process. That is why a weapon’s durability increases when you bind a mod to it. A weapon’s durability can be seen by going into the inventory and selecting the weapon. As you hover over its icon, a box will appear in which you’ll be able to see the weapon’s name, its rarity, the bonuses it has attached to it, and its durability.

How To Increase Durability of A Weapon

The amount of durability a weapon has will depend upon how rare and powerful it is. Some of them will have a durability of 100 points, some will have 150, and if you’re lucky enough, then you might even find a weapon that has more than 230 durability points. Also while we talk about points, take a look at our Best Skills in Dying Light 2 article.

In addition to this, each weapon comes with a different set of mod slots, with three being the maximum number of mods that you can apply to a weapon. With each mod, you will be able to increase your weapon’s durability by 50 points. This means that with a total of three mods, you’ll be taking the durability all the way up to 150, almost filling the bar. 

Repair Weapons in Dying Light 2

Where To Get Mods

Mods play a big part in the Dying Light 2 weapons repair system. Unfortunately, those who are at the early stage of the game can not access the customization feature. It will only become available to you after you have reached the Central Loop. Once you’re there, you’ll meet a Craftmaster, after which you’ll be able to purchase mods from him. Later on, you’ll be able to find different Craftmasters wherever you’ll go, especially when you’ll take over new locations. 


One thing to keep in mind here is that not every Craftmaster is going to have all types of mods available. Each one is going to offer you different types of mods. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure to visit each Craftmaster to get your hands on as many mods as you can get. You can also craft a mod yourself if your inventory has its blueprint.

To apply a mod to a weapon, open your inventory and select the weapon you want to customize. Then, click on the mod slot and then choose whichever mod you want to apply. However, keep in mind that after you apply a mod, there isn’t any way to replace or change it.

After you have installed all three mods on the weapon, you won’t able to install any mod again. In other words, you won’t be able to save your weapon from breaking for the second time. You only get one shot at it, so make sure you use the mods only when the weapon is at the point of breaking.

Dying Light 2 Weapons Repair

In the game, there exists a mod called Reinforcement. This is a mod everyone should install on their weapon as it decreases the durability loss by 100% when the weapon is upgraded to its maximum level. However, although the mod claims to prevent the durability from going down, it won’t keep its promise as the durability will go down even when it’s installed. But your weapon’s durability will fall extremely slowly with the Reinforcement mod, so you should get it anyways. 

How To Get The Korek Charm Mod

Another amazing mod that you should get in Dying Light 2 is the Korek Charm. This mod is capable of adding 500 durability points to any weapon you install it on. The best part is that it can be added to the weapon as many times as you want. However, acquiring this charm is a time-taking process. But considering you’ll get to have something that will prevent your weapon from breaking, the trouble is worth it.

To acquire it, go to the top of the VNC Tower. For those who don’t know, this is the very tower that you access during the Broadcast mission. While you climb the tower using the grappling hook during the mission, you can go to the top by using the lifts after completing it. Once on the top, make your way to a tower located southwest of the VNC Tower with a radio antenna on top of it by using your glider. 

Korek Charm
Korek Charm

After you have reached the roof of the second building, look for a generator. Then, grab the cord and drop down to the side of the tower and connect all three power cords. After you have connected all cords, a door will open right next to the final cord spot.

Behind the door lies the Techland Developer Room, where you’ll be able to acquire a bunch of special items. But to get the Korek Charm, make your way inside the room and sit on all four places around the coffee table. After you sit in fourth place, the Korek Charm blueprint will appear.


Now that you have learned about how to repair weapons in Dying Light 2, it’s important to be not careless in this matter. If you have acquired a weapon that you like, then make sure to not install any mods on it until it has reached a low durability level. If you ask about me, I used to apply mods to a weapon only when the low durability text popped up on my screen.

I learned this lesson the hard way as I applied mods to a powerful weapon when it was already in its prime state, and I ended up losing the weapon as I was unable to change or apply other mods to it. Also, keep in mind that only melee weapons need repairing. If you have a ranged weapon in your inventory, such as the PK Crossbow or the Nails Bow, then you don’t have to worry about them breaking as they have no durability levels. 

This was all regarding our Dying Light 2 weapons repair guide. Techland should have introduced a weapon repair system similar to the prequel as that method was much easier and allowed us to keep our weapons for as long as we wanted to. Knowing that you’ll eventually lose your weapon at some point, even after applying mods to it, will constantly keep you on the hunt for other powerful weapons.

For a guy like me who likes to stick with a few weapons, this can become a big headache. In any case, we hope that our guide will help you easily repair weapons in Dying Light 2. While you have read it all, read our best Bows in Dying Light 2 if you feel like going back to the first game after playing the sequel. 

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