Best Dying Light 2 Faction [Perks + Rewards]

Our best faction guide lists benefits Aiden gets by either siding with Peacekeepers or Survivors.

Your choices in Dying Light 2 revolve around two factions, the Peacekeepers and the Survivors. Today, I will talk about both factions so that you can choose to side with the Best faction In Dying Light 2.

Key Takeaways
  • Dying Light 2 comes with a new feature, Factions, and there are two of them to choose from.
  • One of the factions is called the Peacekeepers, and the other is called Survivors. 
  • Anything that comes in Peacekeepers will be dealt with, and this is due to them having high firepower and weapons.
  • Survivors are more on the side of peace, and they mostly avoid trouble.
  • In the game, when you find different facilities, you can either give them to the Survivors or the Peacekeepers.

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What Are Factions In Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 Best Faction

Now, before I get into the best Dying Light 2 faction, let’s talk about these factions. The Peacekeepers and the Survivors are the two factions that you’ll encounter in Dying Light 2. Here’s a quick overview of these two factions:

IdeologyAdvocates using force to achieve goalsPrefer peace and avoidance of conflict
Member BackgroundMostly ex-soldiers with combat trainingOrdinary people with limited combat experience
EquipmentState-of-the-art weapons and gearRelies on basic weapons and crafted mods
Rewards and PerksCar Traps, PK Razon Cannon, Electrical Traps, Crossbow Pack, Molotov Lanterns, Pendulum Traps, UV TrapsZiplines, Airbags, Landing Bags, Survivor Revival, Air Vents, Upgraded Airbags, Two-Way Ziplines
Playstyle and BenefitsFocused on combat and dealing with infectedPrioritizes movement and mobility in the city
Personal PreferenceMay suit players who prefer combat and are okay with limited mobilityAppeals to those who prioritize mobility over combat
Influence on StoryFacility choices impact gameplay rewardsStory progression influenced by in-game decisions
Recommended ChoiceIdeal for players who favor combat and face infected regularlySuitable for players who prioritize movement and exploration

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Meet the Peacekeepers, the no-nonsense defenders armed to the teeth. Ex-soldiers with a mission, they fear nothing and stop at nothing. Whether facing the infected or Renegades, these guys handle it all with top-notch weapons and skills.

On the flip side, I have the Survivors—a peace-loving bunch shaped by tragedy. Disliking fights, they’re regular folks who banded together after losing homes to the virus. While they can defend themselves when needed, they lack high-tech gear and rely on crafted or scavenged weapons.

As you navigate the city, you’ll encounter facilities like Water Towers and Windmills. Capture one, and you decide: hand it to the powerhouse Peacekeepers or the resilient Survivors. Your choice influences the story, making the faction decision a pivotal point in the game. Ready to explore which faction suits your Dying Light 2 journey?

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Survivor Faction Perks And Rewards

As discussed before, the Survivors group is filled mostly with ordinary people who have no prior combat experience. They don’t even have the proper equipment to defend themselves, let alone launch an attack on someone. When things get tough, they come together to defend themselves by using whatever they have. 

Dying Light 2 Best Faction

The main goal of the Survivors is to establish a society that is free from any kind of threat. They sure know how to move around and if you side with them, you will get to see more things, such as ziplines and landing bags. Following are the types of rewards you get if you decide to choose the Survivor’s side. Keep in mind that these rewards will unlock as you start handing over facilities to them.

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  1. Ziplines: Ziplines installed on rooftops provide a quick means of traversal between different points in the city.
  2. Airbags: Ground-based airbags allow players to bounce high into the air, aiding in reaching elevated positions quickly.
  3. Landing Bags: These cushions mitigate fall damage, enabling safe landings when jumping from rooftops.
  4. Survivor Revival: Survivors send an NPC to revive players who fall in Survivor-controlled zones, preventing immediate death.
  5. Air Vents: Found throughout the city, air vents replenish the player’s stamina while using the paraglider, facilitating longer flights.
  6. Upgraded Airbags: Similar to regular airbags but launch players even higher into the air.
  7. Two-Way Ziplines: Unlocks the ability to use ziplines for both ascending and descending, enhancing traversal options across the city.

Peacekeepers Faction Perks And Rewards

The second faction on my best faction guide is the Peacekeepers. Unlike the Survivors, the Peacekeepers aren’t a big fan of “peace.” Although their name might indicate that they are the kind of people who would avoid a fight, they aren’t. In fact, the group is known for achieving its goals by using whatever methods it can. If they set their eyes on something, they will get it, no matter how difficult the task is. 


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If you decide to side with them, then you’ll get to see things around the map that will help you with fighting the infected in a much better way. Following are the rewards that you unlock as you start handing over things to the Peacekeepers:

  1. Car Traps: Explosives placed inside cars create noise to attract nearby enemies before exploding, eliminating threats within its radius.
  2. PK Razon Cannon: Mounted turrets found in the streets that players can use to efficiently eliminate infected, including larger threats.
  3. Electrical Traps: Traps that electrocute enemies upon activation, dealing damage over time and providing an effective means of crowd control.
  4. Crossbow Pack: Unlocks the PK Crossbow and blueprints to craft special bolts, providing players with a powerful ranged weapon to dispatch enemies from a distance.
  5. Molotov Lanterns: Lanterns that, when shot down, ignite and burn enemies beneath them, inflicting damage or outright eliminating them.
  6. Pendulum Traps: Traps capable of taking down entire groups of infected simultaneously, offering a highly efficient means of clearing areas of threats.
  7. UV Traps: Increases the presence of UV Traps throughout the city, providing players with safe zones during nighttime to deter or repel infected attacks.

Dying Light 2 Best Faction To Side With

Now, coming down to the best Faction In Dying Light 2. As you can see, both factions come with their own rewards, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to go with the Survivors, then you’ll be able to move around the city quickly and easily, but you won’t be getting something that will help you in combat. And if you choose the Peacekeeper’s side, you’ll get a bunch of stuff that will help you against the infected, but you’ll miss out on the stuff that can make movement easier. 

If you ask about me, I went with the Peacekeepers because of two reasons. First, I was not happy with the fact that the Survivors decided to hang me the moment I entered their area. All they cared about was hanging me without even asking me questions. On the other hand, the Peacekeepers interrogated me nicely and decided to let me go after asking a couple of questions. 

Dying Light 2 Best Faction

The second reason was that I could already move around from here to there easily without the need for extra stuff, so I couldn’t see a reason to go with the Survivors. 

Siding with the Peacekeepers, on the other hand, rewarded me with things that helped me take down the infected easily, especially during nighttime. There was a time when I was being chased after the Howler decided to call his buddies, and my life was saved thanks to one of the UV Traps. Furthermore, the PK Crossbow you get after reaching level 4 with the Peacekeepers is totally worth it. In fact, it is one of the best Dying Light 2 weapons and everyone should try it. Therefore, for me, the Peacekeepers are the best Faction In Dying Light 2. 

It’s important to note that assigning facilities to either faction won’t significantly impact the story. The storyline is primarily shaped by your dialogue choices with characters. Thus, siding with a faction mainly affects gameplay and the rewards you receive.

For players seeking a balanced approach, assigning facilities to both factions can offer a mix of combat advantages and mobility benefits. Ultimately, the choice is subjective and varies from player to player based on their individual preferences and experiences.

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