Dying Light 2: BEST Weapon Mods

We have listed five of Dying Light 2 best weapon mods you should use in the melee weapons to bash skulls or tear limbs pretty easily.

A basic understanding of all the Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods in the game is integral for any player who wants to survive in the hostile city of Villedor. In fact, it might not be a stretch to say that playing through the title without this knowledge on hand is sort of the inferior way to play. This isn’t even a controversial opinion, and everyone knows that half the fun in these games is crafting weapons with over-the-top appearances and attacks.

Key Highlights
  • Mods can be attached to players’ weapons in available modification sockets.
  • Regular weapons have only two modification sockets which are ‘Tip’ and ‘Shaft’ whereas rarer artifact weapons have an additional ‘Grip’ socket too.
  • Applying a weapon mod to a weapon will also add 50 durability points to it.
  • The Fling mod (tip) has a ‘Blast’ elemental effect which deals devastating damage to the enemy you are targeting.
  • The Venom mod (tip/shaft) applies the poison effect to your weapon.
  • The Slaughter mod (shaft) applies the Bleed status to the group of enemies in front of the player.
  • The Catapult mod (shaft) hits an entire group of enemies with ‘Blast’ instead of a single one like Fling.
  • The Acid mod (tip) deals great damage on hit and also stuns multiple enemies.
  • The Flame mod (tip/shaft) transforms your weapon into a fire-spreading one.
  • The Puff mod (tip) enables the player to blowback enemies and deal huge amounts of damage.
  • The Slit mod (tip) applies a Bleeding effect on the enemy for 15 seconds and damages them over time.

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Weapon modifications have always been an integral part of the Dying Light series, with a history that stretches all the way back to the Dead Island games. And knowing which mods and weapons are useful in certain situations can be an absolute godsend for players both old and new to the series. If you’re out to get decent weapons to mod, check out our best Dying Light 2 weapons article for more information on how to acquire some.

So with this Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods guide, we’re going to list the most powerful modification in the game, as well as briefly mention the locations and quests you can find them in. If you require a more detailed guide on how to locate these mods, head on over to our Dying Light 2 Blueprint locations article.

Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods

Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods
Weapon Mods.

To start with, let’s begin by mentioning a few important details that might come in handy when applying weapon modifications.

First, each of the mods listed below can be attached to the player’s weapons, provided that the items have available modification sockets. Most regular weapons you will find in the game will only have the ‘Tip’ and Shaft’ slots, but the much rarer Artifact weapons will also have an additional ‘Grip’ socket. So you can add a total of 3 mods to them. 

Secondly, applying any weapon mods to a piece of equipment will add a decent +50 points to its durability. So when looking to enhance any of your axes, machetes, or hammers, make sure only to do so when they have already lost that amount of durability. This small tip will significantly enhance their lifecycle. For a more detailed article on weapons durability, check out our comprehensive Dying Light 2 weapon repair guide here.

And finally, once any mod has been applied to a weapon, you cannot take it out again. So make your choices accordingly, and be sure that you’re fully aware of how a specific blueprint will affect your gear. 

With that all out of the way, let’s jump into our Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods list.

Fling – (Tip Mod)

fling weapon mod screenshot
Blast weapon mod Fling
  • Blueprint: The player can buy it from the Peacekeepers’ Floating Fortress vendor.
  • Crafting: 10 Scraps, 2 Leather, 1 Weight.

Fling is an excellent mod to use on a strong weapon. It has a really strong “Blast” elemental effect which is excellent for taking down tougher enemies. It hits a single enemy in front of you that you were targeting and then does devastating damage to them.

You can acquire its blueprint very conveniently and it requires basic materials to craft. Best of all it is very fun to play around with as it literally sends your foes flying.

Venom – (Tip or Shaft Mod)

Dying Light 2 Venom Weapon Mod
The Venom weapon mod
  • Blueprint: The player can buy it from the Bazaar vendor.
  • Crafting: 10 Scraps, 5 Rags, 1 Pigment.

Next up on our Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods list is Venom. As the name suggests it is a mod that applies the poison effect to your weapon. It is officially known as the “Toxic” status effect in the game and it does damage instantly and over time. The duration time is good and it can be extra useful while taking down human enemies.

Slaughter – (Shaft Mod)

Dying Light 2 Slaughter weapon mod
Bleed mod Slaughter
  • Blueprint: The player can get this from the Fish Eye vendor.
  • Crafting: 10 Scraps, 6 Resin, 2 Blades.

Slaughter is another great weapon mod that we suggest you apply to your fast-swinging weapons. You can craft it with common materials and it does great damage over time. The best thing about it is that it applies the “Bleed” status effect to a group of enemies in front of the player. 

The main downside to the Slaughter is its cooldown. The player will have to wait a bit before they can unleash the mod’s effects. We think it’s fair because it does great damage and would be too overpowered otherwise. 

Catapult – (Shaft Mod)

Dying Light 2 Catapult weapon mod
Excellent Blast mod Catapult
  • Blueprint: The player can buy it from the Peacekeepers’ Floating Fortress vendor.
  • Crafting: 10 Scraps, 2 Leather, 2 Weights.

Catapult is another stellar mod on our list. It is the far stronger version of Fling in our opinion as instead of hitting one enemy with “Blast” it hits an entire group that is in front of the player. The only reason why someone would prefer Fling over this is if they are exploring an area with fewer enemies or with a single boss.

In our opinion, the only thing Fling has over Catapult is that it doesn’t have a cooldown. Catapult has a justified cooldown which goes away fairly quickly so you don’t have to worry about it that much.

Acid – (Tip Mod)

Dying Light 2 Acid weapon mod
Toxic weapon mod Acid
  • Blueprint: The player can buy it from the Fish Eye vendor.
  • Crafting: 10 Scraps, 3 Rags, 1 Cleaning Supplies.

Acid is easily among the very best Dying Light 2 Weapon Mods. It does great damage on hit but what makes it extremely viable is that it stuns enemies. You can literally stun multiple enemies by putting them in a state of torsion when you use this. It is great and opens up so much combo potential and killing variety.

Flame – (Tip or Shaft Mod)

Dying Light 2 Flame weapon mod
The best crowd-control mod Flame
  • Blueprint: The player can buy it from the Bazaar vendor and the Peacekeepers’ Floating Fortress vendor
  • Crafting: 10 Scraps, 5 Resin, 1 Alcohol. 

Next up we have Flame. As the name suggests it is a weapon mod that turns your basic weapon into a badass fire-spreading one. The best thing about Flame which sets it apart from other “Fire” mods is that its effect can actually spread from one enemy to others. 

This alone makes it very deadly and places it among the strongest ones in the game but the best thing is that there is no cooldown. You can literally use it faster than most other mods that are in its league. It is effortlessly one of the best crowd-control weapon mods in the game.

Puff – (Tip Mod)

  • Blueprint: Can only be purchased from the vendor at the Peace Keeper’s Floating Fortress
  • Crafting: 10x Scraps, 2x Leather, and 2x Weights.

Sometimes you don’t require a fancy effect like lightning or fire on a weapon to make it feel powerful and destructive. Sometimes all that is necessary is a weapon capable of blowing enemies away with a single swing and dealing tremendous amounts of damage. If you’ll excuse my Star Wars analogy, think of it as a force push, if you will.

The Puff weapon mod does exactly that by allowing players to deliver a devastating blow with the help of the Power Attack that is available for all melee weapons in the game. First tough, the Puff mod has to charge as you use it in combat and build up the meter. Once that’s done, players can unleash the mod on command and blowback any enemies in their sight. The applications for this are numerous, starting with pushing enemies off rooftops to their deaths.

Slit – (Tip Mod)

Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods
  • Blueprint: This can be purchased from the vendor at the Fish Eye.
  • Crafting: 10x Scraps, 5x Resin, and 1x Blade.

The Slit mod is a powerhouse that applies the bleeding effect on enemies for 15 seconds, damaging them overtime for 4 points per second at the base level. Even without further upgrades, this mod can absolutely rend both human enemies and special infected.

During the early game, I highly recommend carrying at least one weapon on you with this installed at all times. You never know when you’ll be backed into a corner by an especially powerful foe, but you’ll be glad that you have a weapon capable of downing them in a handful of seconds. The Slit is essentially your boss killer mod that will allow you to one-hit kill most normal enemies.

Spark – (Tip Mod)

Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods
  • Blueprint: This can be acquired from the ‘Spark of Invention’ side quest.
  • Crafting: 10x Scraps, 5x Wiring, and 1x Electrical Part.

You’d be surprised how often you can get swarmed by a horde of zombies in this game, especially when exploring cramped hallways in indoor locations. In situations like these, you require Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods like the Spark.

As the name implies, this mod adds an electrical effect to your weapon that deals extra damage and also stuns your enemies, leaving them unable to do anything for a few seconds. But on top of this, the electricity from the attacks also arc to nearby foes, allowing you to damage multiple targets simultaneously. If crowd control is what you’re looking for, then Spark is a highly reliable mod.

Bane – (Shaft Mod)

Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods
  • Blueprint: This can be purchased from the vendor at the Fish Eye.
  • Crafting: 10x Scrap, 3x Rags, and 1x Cleaning Supplies.

Bane and other similar mods that deal toxic damage have a unique effect that you might not otherwise associate with them. Yes, they deal damage over time and essentially poison your enemies, but they also stun them so that you are able to vault over them easier.

Using this, players can stagger their foes and then use their disoriented bodies to jump and deliver aerial attacks like the Vault Power Kick. So Bane is not only useful by itself; it is also complementary to some of the best skills that you can unlock with Combat Points. So while I am tempted to tell players to use this weapon mod, it would be remiss if I didn’t mention that they should wait until they have abilities like the Vault Power Kick unlocked beforehand. It’s still powerful either way, though.

Reinforcement – (Grip Mod)

  • Blueprint: Can only be purchased from the vendor at the Peace Keeper’s Floating Fortress
  • Crafting: 20x Scraps, 2x Weights, and 1x Leather.

So let’s say that there’s this extremely powerful Artifact weapon that you’ve fallen in love with. It looks cool, has decent damage, and even better durability. But at the end of the day, it’s simply another weapon in the game, and it has a predetermined lifecycle that will eventually come to an end. But what if you could make it last a bit longer?

Well, the Reinforcement mod does precisely that by allowing you to decrease the rate at which a weapon’s durability decreases. It doesn’t give your gear any flashy effects like fire or lightning, but it does make great weapons last even longer than they normally would. And trust me when I tell you that there are some weapons you will keep with you as long as possible in Dying Light 2. Most of these are already Artifact class, so they’re the only ones that can have Reinforcement equipped anyway.

Infected Arrows

Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods
Infected Arrows.
  • Blueprint: This can be purchased from the vendor at the Fish Eye.
  • Crafting: 10x Scraps, 1x Feather, and 3x Uncommon Infected Trophies.

This entry on our Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods list is the only ranged modification in our article, and it is an absolutely nasty one at that. Because sometimes, the difference between life and death is knowing when to fight or flight. And when it comes to Infected Arrows, you’ll be glad to keep some distance between you and your foes.

Basically, this allows you to fire projectiles laced with the Zombie virus at human enemies and turn them into Virals. And as they turn, they start attacking their own companions and thin out the herd for you. So you can watch from a distance as allies start tearing each other apart, leaving your hands clean for a moment or two. You’ll obviously require bows for this weapon mod, so check out our Dying Light 2 best bows guide to learn how to find some.

Inferno – (Shaft Mod)

  • Blueprint: This can be acquired from ‘The Rain’ main quest.
  • Crafting: 10x Scrap, 3x Resin, and 1 Oxidizer.

It seems almost blasphemous to make a Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods list without an entry that deals fire damage. After all, flame enhancements are a reasonably common occurrence in any game that allows you to augment your weapons with elemental effects, and that has also been true for every zombie game Techland has published so far.

So Inferno then is a Blast type mod that is capable of burning enemies with a controlled explosion that deals a lot of damage. The fire can also spread to any enemies that happen to come into contact with the original targets of the attack, making it perfect for crown control. Like all Blast mods, Inferno can only be used after it charges up over a short period of time.

Avalanche – (Shaft Mod)

Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods
  • Blueprint: This can be purchased from the vendor at the Fish Eye.
  • Crafting: 10x Scraps and 1x Weight.

The Avalanche is a Blast type mod that charges up over time and can be triggered manually by the player. And as expected, this applies a frozen effect that immobilizes enemies in place for a short time with an excellent little effect that is also nice to look at.

Players can either use this weapon mod as an opportunity to freeze foes in their tracks and then take that time to line up a few perfect power attacks that deal tremendous damage. Or they can optionally also use this chance to ground hostiles in place as you sprint away from them as fast as you can. Avalanche is both a great damage dealer and an escape tool, which is why it’s a must-have for anyone venturing out at night.

Empowerment – (Grip Mod)

Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods
  • Blueprint: This can be purchased from the vendor at the Bazaar.
  • Crafting: 20x Scrap, 2x Blades, and 1x Leather.

There may be times in the game where you find an Artifact class weapon that looks really cool and feels incredible to use, but maybe it’s simply not as strong as some of your other weapons. Or perhaps you already have a weapon that already does decent damage, but you wish that it could do much more.

In situations like these, the Empowerment mod can come in handy by allowing you to increase significantly the base damage dealt by a particular weapon. Empowerment mod instantly boosts the equipment’s usability, allowing it to become more effective in combat. And like previously mentioned, this is a Grip mod, so it can only exclusively be used on Artifact weapons.

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