Best Dying Light 2 Builds: Ranger, Brawler, Medic, Tank

We have listed the best Builds containing medic, ranger, tank and brawler build alongside proper instructions guide.

Techland’s class system returns in Dying Light 2. Players can mix the outfits, weapons, and skills to optimize their playstyle for a build. There is no class tab or option in Dying Light 2, just in case you are wondering. However, you get the outfits or gear in four unique roles, rarities, and armor ratings. That is why we have curated Best Builds that contain ranger, brawler, medic, and tank builds so you can stick to a playstyle that favors you the most.

Key Takeaways
  • Dying Light 2 only has one character to play with, and it is named “Aiden,” you can only customize the builds on him.
  • Creating a unique build will help you adapt a certain playstyle in Dying Light 2.
  • You can use different combinations of outfits, weapons, and skills to create a custom build.
  • Some of these builds are Ranger Build, Precise Aiming, Medic Build, and Tank Build.
  • Author’s Note: After going through Dying Light 2 for several weeks on PSN, I feel confident going into the topic with thorough experience.

Best Builds Compared

Here’s a brief look at the Best Builds in Dying Light 2:

Ranger Build- Archer Wrappings
- Firm Shoes
- Camo Breeches
- Neck Gaiter
- Sniper Mitts
- Plain Hoodie
- Precise Aiming
- Power Shot
- Serial Shot
- Stab
- Wall Run
- Bow or Crossbow
- Sharp Melee Weapon
Brawler Build- Leather Guards
- Solid Shoes
- Baggy Sweatpants
- Dust Filter
- Fighter Mitts
- Rocket Jacket
- Perfect Parry
- Dropkick
- Head Stomp
- Smash
- Far Jump
- Slashing Weapon
- Blunt One-Handed Weapon
Medic Build- Comfy Trainers
- Light Sweatpants
- Nurse Mitts
- Field Mask
- Paramedic Vest
- Slide
- Far Jump
- Crowd Runner
- Stab
- Dropkick
Melee Weapons of choice
Tank Build- Solid Shoes
- Bully Sweatpants
- Protective Glasses
- Quarterback Jersey
- Solid Guards
- Power Attack
- Windmill
- Block Charge
- Smash
- Crowd Runner
- Two-Handed Weapons
- Engine Bludgeon
Dying Light 2 builds
four builds dying light 2

In Dying Light 2, you can pretty much change the entire build on the fly. So, without further ado, let us dive right into the four roles you can use to create unique builds in Dying Light 2.

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Ranger Build

The Dying Light 2 ranger build is designed to give you a playstyle that blends ranged damage and stealth approach. Of course, you can get this sort of playstyle without the Ranger gear outfits, but it’d be better if you equipped the gear that suits more to the playstyle you want.


Here is a list of outfits using which we created a mid-game level ranger build in Dying Light 2. You can create a similar build as shown here by wearing the headgear, gloves, chest piece, bracers, joggers, and sneakers having a Ranger tag.

ranger gear dying light 2
ranger gear bracers
Dying Light 2 builds
ranger gear sneakers
joggers ranger build
joggers gear ranger build
Dying Light 2 builds
ranger headwear gear
Gloves ranger gear
Gloves ranger build
Dying Light 2 builds
chestpiece ranger build


A ranger build needs just the right skills suitable for the playstyle. Of course, you can pick basic skills, but you can not skip the ones mentioned here. You must purchase these combat and parkour skills to enhance the gameplay of a ranger build:

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  • Precise Aiming
  • Power Shot
  • Serial Shot
  • Stab
  • Wall Run


I recommend keeping a bow or crossbow along with four to five-arrow ammunition type as your primary weapon of choice for Ranger build. You should also keep a blunt or sharp melee secondary weapon with the best mods should you find yourself in a pickle with the crowd of renegades or surrounded by infected indoors.

Brawler Build

Unlike the ranger build, which prioritizes taking out targets from a distance, the brawler build in Dying Light 2 makes you fight infected and renegades head-on. Most of the outfits or gear pieces tagged with the Brawler role will have increased one-handed melee weapon damage and damage resistance from the infected.

Additionally, most gear will also contain reduced stamina consumption when it comes to using melee weapons. The best part about equipping brawler gear outfits is getting a combat XP boost, which you can use to your advantage while farming combat XP. Since your primary weapon of choice will be a melee weapon, you will also get faster stamina regeneration via brawler role outfits.

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We don’t have very high-level outfits or gear items as of now. However, I think a quick look at these armor pieces will give you an idea regarding the perks you will get while using a brawler build. If you have headgear, gloves, chest pieces, bracers, joggers, and sneakers with a Brawler tag on them, you must try and check if it improves upon your playstyle.

Dying Light 2 builds
bracers gear
brawler build gear
brawler gear dying light 2
Dying Light 2 builds
brawler joggers gear
headwear brawler build
headwear brawler gear
Dying Light 2 builds
gloves brawler build
brawler chestpiece build dying light 2
brawler chestpiece gear


We know the brawler build is all about brutal melee attacks. However, head smashes and blood splatters make this build even more fun. That is why we have suggested the five must-have skills if you are wearing brawler class outfits or gear.

  • Perfect Parry
  • Dropkick
  • Head Stomp
  • Smash
  • Far Jump


Dying Light 2 builds
1handed waepon hi-tech dying light 2

Since one-handed weapons will get a massive damage boost the more Brawler build items you equip, you must keep a slashing and blunt one-handed ready. Modding these weapons to the max limit will also give you an edge while fighting hostile NPCs and infected zombies. Also, using the Korek Charm will allow you to increase the durability of weapons significantly.

Medic Build

For a pure stealth build in Dying Light 2, equip gear with Medic tags. This offers bonus parkour XP, extended survivor duration, quicker enemy detection, day/night damage resistance, and lower stamina consumption.

The Medic build excels in parkour-related attacks, such as jump attacks, slide kicks, and wall runs. It emphasizes maximizing parkour time and executing stealth kills. If detected, retreat to regain opportunities for stealth takedowns. Note that this playstyle may not suit all situations, especially during story-related missions with reduced stealth opportunities.


We have very few outfits or gear items related to writing this guide. However, all you need to see here are the stats or attributes the medic role or build has to offer potentially.

snearker medic gear
snearker medic
Dying Light 2 builds
joggers medic gear
gloves medic gear build
gloves medic gear
Dying Light 2 builds
medic headwear gear
medic chestpiece gear
medic chestpiece


I found a medic class or build suitable for play during co-op mode. You can increase your speed to heal and get more health and other benefits related to this class. Other than that, you don’t get to charge head-on, and you can rely on your co-op mates to do that for you while you engage in other crowd-dispersing and parkour-oriented skills.

The following are the skills I recommend:

  • Slide
  • Far Jump
  • Crowd Runner
  • Stab
  • Dropkick


The beauty of medic build is that you get a faster stamina regeneration and consume less while doing parkour moves or parkour-related attacks. This means you can use whatever melee weapon type you want while rocking a medic build in Dying Light 2. You can use a one-handed machete or engine bludgeon if need be.

However, the only downside, I believe, is that you take more damage from infected and hostile human NPCs. It is because medic gear pieces do not offer you damage resistance. It is a trade-off that can be worth your while if you know how to integrate parkour into combat properly.

Tank Build

Tank build is exactly what you think it is. Aiden survives longer after receiving various damage resistance from infected, hostile human, and fire status effects. The best part about equipping the tank class of outfits is that the infection progression of Aiden is slowed down. It allows you to stay longer at night and rely less on UV Mushrooms or Boosters.

Additionally, equipping a complete tank build will also give a buff to two-handed weapons instead of one-handed weapons from the Brawler build.


Here are a few outfits related to tank class in the game that we think are making a decent mid-game tank build. Look at images and start equipping similar items to see how good your tank build gets.

Dying Light 2 builds
tank build sneakers
joggers tank build dying light 2
joggers tank build
Dying Light 2 builds
headwear tank build
chestpiece tank gear
chestpiece tank build
Dying Light 2 builds
bracers tank gear


The tank build is the only one we think should be 100% combat-skill-oriented. Of course, parkour is one of the two core elements of the game, and you can’t just dish it out. That being said, you can invest in parkour skill points and purchase skills however you like; we have no reservations or preferences in the parkour skill tree.

However, the following are the must-have combat skills you should prioritize unlocking first:

  • Power Attack
  • Windmill
  • Block Charge
  • Smash
  • Crowd Runner


Dying Light 2 builds
Engine bludgeon 2handed weapon dying light 2

You get the most out of tank build while using two-handed weapons. So, pick something that gives you the highest power attack damage bonus so that you can swing enemies and knock them back when their stamina runs out. We are currently using the Engine Bludgeon weapon, and we absolutely love it while rocking the tank build in tandem.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about builds in Dying Light 2 . Have you created a build so far in the game? Which one of these four roles do you think suits your playstyle more in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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