Best Dying Light 2 Builds: Ranger, Brawler, Medic, Tank

We have listed the best Dying Light 2 Builds containing medic, ranger, tank and brawler build alongside proper instructions guide.

Techland’s class system returns in Dying Light 2. Players are free to mix the outfits, weapons, and skills to optimize their playstyle for a build. There is no class tab or option in Dying Light 2, just in case you are wondering. However, you get the outfits or gear in four unique roles, rarities, and armor ratings. That is why we have curated Best Dying Light 2 Builds that contain ranger, brawler, medic, and tank builds so that you can stick to a playstyle that favors you the most.

Key Takeaways
  • Dying Light 2 only has one character to play with, and it is named “Aiden,” you can only customize the builds on him.
  • Creating a unique build will help you adapt a certain playstyle in Dying Light 2.
  • You can use different combinations of outfits, weapons, and skills to create a custom build.
  • Some of these builds are Ranger Build, Precise Aiming, Medic Build, and Tank Build.

Here’s a brief look at the Best Builds in Dying Light 2:

Ranger Build- Archer Wrappings
- Firm Shoes
- Camo Breeches
- Neck Gaiter
- Sniper Mitts
- Plain Hoodie
- Precise Aiming
- Power Shot
- Serial Shot
- Stab
- Wall Run
- Bow or Crossbow
- Sharp Melee Weapon
Brawler Build- Leather Guards
- Solid Shoes
- Baggy Sweatpants
- Dust Filter
- Fighter Mitts
- Rocket Jacket
- Perfect Parry
- Dropkick
- Head Stomp
- Smash
- Far Jump
- Slashing Weapon
- Blunt One-Handed Weapon
Medic Build- Comfy Trainers
- Light Sweatpants
- Nurse Mitts
- Field Mask
- Paramedic Vest
- Slide
- Far Jump
- Crowd Runner
- Stab
- Dropkick
Melee Weapons of choice
Tank Build- Solid Shoes
- Bully Sweatpants
- Protective Glasses
- Quarterback Jersey
- Solid Guards
- Power Attack
- Windmill
- Block Charge
- Smash
- Crowd Runner
- Two-Handed Weapons
- Engine Bludgeon

Best Dying Light 2 Builds

Dying Light 2 builds
four builds dying light 2

You can pretty much mix and match all the gears or outfits, unlock all skills, and get the best weapons and legendary bows in the game to overpower Aiden. However, creating a build that serves particularly a single narrative of how you control your character in a different situation really puts you in Aiden’s shoes.

Moreover, unlike most RPGs where you are stuck with a single gear, in Dying Light 2, you can pretty much change the entire build on the fly. So, without further ado, let us dive right into the four different roles that you can use to create unique builds in Dying Light 2.

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Ranger Build

The outfits or gear items that you get with Ranger role tag on them are suitable for a bow as a primary weapon playstyle. Yes, you can use a sharp or blunt melee weapon; However, considering the bonus ranged damage you get by equipping individual Ranger gear pieces makes using a bow or crossbow a primary weapon of choice.

Additionally, most of the Ranger gear outfits in Dying Light 2 also give you more parkour XP and less stamina consumption. Enemies will take some time to detect you because most of your ranger gear will come with a reduced recognition time. Moreover, the survivor sense also gets more range and duration.

Overall, if you think about it, the Dying Light 2 ranger build is designed to give you a playstyle that is a blend of ranged damage and stealth approach. Of course, you can get this sort of playstyle without the Ranger gear outfits, but it’d be better if you equipped the gear that suits more to the playstyle you want.


Here is a list of outfits using which we created a mid-game level ranger build in Dying Light 2. You can create a similar build as shown here by wearing the headgear, gloves, chest piece, bracers, joggers, and sneakers having a Ranger tag.

ranger gear dying light 2
ranger gear bracers
Dying Light 2 builds
ranger gear sneakers
joggers ranger build
joggers gear ranger build
Dying Light 2 builds
ranger headwear gear
Gloves ranger gear
Gloves ranger build
Dying Light 2 builds
chestpiece ranger build


A ranger build needs to have just the right skills suitable for the playstyle. Of course, you can pick basic skills, but you can not skip the ones mentioned here. You must purchase these combat and parkour skills to enhance the gameplay of a ranger build in Dying light 2.

Precise Aiming

You want your bow and crossbow to have an increased aim; otherwise, it is a missed opportunity to use ranged weapons. That is why Precise Aiming is the go-to skill for ranger build or class in the game, and you should not skip this.

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Power Shot

“Underwhelming damage” may be the first thought to pop in your head when you use bows and crossbows in Dying Light 2. Sure, first impressions last longer, but you can fix it and increase the base damage of your arrows or ranged weapons by purchasing the Power Shot combat skill. It provides piercing damage as well besides buffing the damage in Dying Light 2.

Serial Shot

While running with the ranger build, you must also be prepared to handle multiple zombies at once or crowd control if you call it. Luckily the Serial Shot combat skill does just about that, and you can pretty much attack at least three zombies simultaneously.


The normal takedown is underwhelming, generates noise, and sometimes does not kill the target if they are higher level. Stealth is important, and when your silent takedowns don’t work, nothing breaks stealth immersion more than this. That is why Stab skill is a must-have for ranger class or build in the game. You will consume one knife with each stealth kill, but the takedown will be smooth, silent, and quick.

Wall Run

Sometimes in the heat of battle with renegades or escaping chase during night, Aiden jumps vertically and just runs short of climbing the edge of the wall. It frustrates the players and breaks the immersion. However, the ranger build with wall run skill is a must because Aiden can pretty much scale vertical surfaces which were earlier out of reach. This is a very helpful skill, especially in the Central Loop.


We recommend keeping a bow or crossbow along with four to five-arrow ammunition type as your primary weapon of choice for Ranger build. You should also keep a blunt or sharp melee secondary weapon with the best mods should you find yourself in a pickle with the crowd of renegades or surrounded by infected indoors.

Brawler Build

Unlike the ranger build, which prioritizes taking out targets from a distance, the brawler build in Dying Light 2 makes you fight infected and renegades head-on. Most of the outfits or gear pieces tagged with the Brawler role will have increased one-handed melee weapon damage and damage resistance from the infected.

Additionally, most gear will also contain reduced stamina consumption when it comes to using melee weapons. The best part about equipping brawler gear outfits is that you get a combat XP boost, which you can use to your advantage while farming combat XP. Since your primary weapon of choice will be a melee weapon, you will also get faster stamina regeneration via brawler role outfits in Dying Light 2.

Overall, the brawler build demands you to become an ultimate zombie head smasher or swinging machetes at renegades. The brawler build in Dying Light 2 is pretty much the opposite of what you can get Aiden to do while using a Ranger build.

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We don’t have very high-level outfits or gear items as of now. However, I think a quick look at these armor pieces will give you an idea regarding the perks you will get while using a brawler build. If you have headgear, gloves, chest pieces, bracers, joggers, and sneakers with a Brawler tag on them, you must try and check if it improves upon your playstyle.

Dying Light 2 builds
bracers gear
brawler build gear
brawler gear dying light 2
Dying Light 2 builds
brawler joggers gear
headwear brawler build
headwear brawler gear
Dying Light 2 builds
gloves brawler build
brawler chestpiece build dying light 2
brawler chestpiece gear


We know the brawler build is all about brutal melee attacks. However, head smashes and blood splatters make this build even more fun to play in Dying Light 2. That is why we have suggested the five must-have skills if you are wearing brawler class outfits or gear in the game.

Perfect Parry

I just hate it when enemies start blocking my attacks, and parry allows me to land a few consecutive hits but still, enemies guard just like that. That is why Perfect Parry combat skill gives more time to land more hits before the slow-motion effect runs dry. It is the perfect skill for early-game brawler class, or late-game builds in Dying Light 2.


Your melee weapon is your best friend in Dying Light 2. You can pretty much take out renegade brutes and volatile with it. However, sometimes the kick does wonders and saves you the trouble of beating enemies to death with slow weapon swings. That is why after unlocking the Dropkick skill, you can pretty much kick enemies on the fly and send them into environmental traps such as spikes, which almost instantly kill enemies.

Head Stomp

No skill rivals the overpowering feeling of the Head Stomp combat skill in Dying Light 2. It just makes you one-shot a zombie or hostile human NPC, after; of course, the target is on the ground, otherwise no one-shot. In any case, the blood splatter and brain-bashing Head Stomp skill just suit a brawler build so well that you must have it as early in Dying Light 2 as possible.


Talk about one-shotting targets, and Smash is by far the best combat skill to achieve that goal. However, you can’t just jump onto enemies and take them out with one hit. Executing this combat skill requires you to be on top of an unaware enemy; otherwise, the skill does not trigger. In any case, smashing heads while jumping onto a hostile NPC from a height is always a satisfying experience, which is why Smash is a must-have combat skill for brawler build in Dying Light 2.

Far Jump

Not all skills we mentioned above will have a significant impact if you don’t purchase the Far Jump parkour skill. Unlocking this skill has no direct impact on dealing damage to enemies per se. However, Far Jump basically increases the parkour immersion, which is also of significant importance while you are running around with one-handed slashing weapons in Dying Light 2 –Aiden also needs agility. Also, using the paraglider takes the parkour game to another level. However, you will need lots of military tech to update the equipment.


Dying Light 2 builds
1handed waepon hi-tech dying light 2

Since one-handed weapons will get massive damage boost the more Brawler build items you equip, you must keep a slashing and blunt one-handed ready in your inventory. Moding these weapons to the max limit will also give you an edge while fighting hostile NPCs and infected zombies. Also, using the Korek Charm will allow you to increase the durability of weapons significantly.

Medic Build

If you had to play a pure stealth build in Dying Light 2, then equipping the outfits or gear items with Medic tag on them should be your first step. The stats or attributes you get from this role mostly favor bonus parkour XP, increased survivor duration and range, decreased recognition time by enemies, damage resistance during day or night, and very less stamina cost.

Additionally, one of the best aspects of using a medic build in Dying Light 2 is the buff you get on parkour-related attacks. Swinging weapons using jump attacks, slide kick, wall run, and then dropping on enemies with a hammer and other skills that incorporate parkour plus combat are to be used while using a medic build.

The way I understand from my time playing Dying Light 2 is that you equip medic role gear outfits for two reasons: maximum parkour time and stealth kill. This also applies that you run away whenever you are spotted so that you can rack in more Parkour XP and get another chance of dropping down on enemies via stealth. Of course, this playstyle is not suitable in every situation, not especially while playing many story-related missions that take away the stealth element. 


We have very few outfits or gear items related to writing this guide. However, all you need to see here is the stats or attributes the medic role or build has to offer potentially.

snearker medic gear
snearker medic
Dying Light 2 builds
joggers medic gear
gloves medic gear build
gloves medic gear
Dying Light 2 builds
medic headwear gear
medic chestpiece gear
medic chestpiece


I found a medic class or build better suitable to play during co-op mode in Dying Light 2. You can increase your speed to heal and get more health and other benefits related to this class. Other than that, you don’t get to charge head-on, and you can rely on your co-op mates to do that for you while you engage in other crowd-dispersing and parkour-oriented skills.

As always, you can basically unlock the whole skill tree to make Aiden overpowered in Dying Light 2. However, that is only possible if you pour in tons of hours in the game or do XP farming. Regardless of the method, these are the must-have skills for a medic class in Dying Light 2.


The slide parkour skill has no significant advantage in combat; however, you can disrupt an enemy’s attack if you connect the slide. This skill suits a medic class because you can use it to streamline parkour movements and break an enemy’s attacks. The practicality of Slide parkour skill in Dying Light 2 is huge if you know when and how to utilize it in the best way.

Far Jump

Medic class or build in Dying Light 2 heavily focuses on parkour and stealth gameplay playstyle. That is why purchasing the Far Jump skill very early in the game will be the first step towards making this class. After unlocking this skill, Aiden can pretty much spring like a bird and reach objects that previously were not possible.

Crowd Runner

As mentioned earlier that as a medic class in Dying Light 2, you don’t have to engage directly. Regardless of playing in co-op or single-player mode, you will come across situations where you’d need to escape an infected horde or group of hostile renegades. This is where you’d appreciate the practicality of Crowd Runner parkour skill in Dying Light 2, as Aiden can just cut through the crowd and run away or maintain distance.


Stealth playstyle will be the way to go if you equip medic gear outfits. That is why Stab combat skill is the perfect skill to purchase in the early game if you have got outfits tagged with Medic class. You can pretty much take out enemies faster and silently.


Even though Dropkick is a very aggressive and offense-oriented combat skill in Dying Light 2, you can also use it defensively as well. This skill’s usage is entirely up to you when it comes to running a medic class in Dying Light 2.


The beauty of medic build is that you get a faster stamina regeneration as well as consume less while doing parkour moves or parkour-related attacks. This means you can use whatever melee weapon type you want while rocking a medic build in Dying Light 2. You can use a one-handed machete or engine bludgeon if need be.

However, the only downside, I believe, is that you take more damage from infected and hostile human NPCs. It is because medic gear pieces do not offer you damage resistance. It is a trade-off that can be worth your while if you know how to integrate parkour into combat properly.

Tank Build

Tank build is exactly what you think it is. Aiden gets to survive longer after receiving various damage resistance from infected, hostile human, and fire status effects. The best part about equipping tank class of outfits in Dying light 2 is that the infection progression of Aiden is slowed down. It allows you to stay longer during the nighttime and rely less on or, say, UV Mushrooms or UV Boosters.

Additionally, equipping a complete tank build will also give a buff to two-handed weapons as opposed to one-handed weapons from Brawler build in Dying Light 2. Besides the weapon buff and damage resistances that come with tank class, you also get combat and parkour XP. However, the increase in XP gain is meager.

Overall, Tank build in Dying Light 2 suits a reckless playstyle the most. If you want to become an unstoppable killing machine in the game, equipping tank-class role gear will help you achieve it pretty easily.


Here are a few outfits related to tank class in the game that we think are making a decent mid-game tank build in Dying Light 2. Take a look at images and start equipping similar items to see how good your tank build gets.

Dying Light 2 builds
tank build sneakers
joggers tank build dying light 2
joggers tank build
Dying Light 2 builds
headwear tank build
chestpiece tank gear
chestpiece tank build
Dying Light 2 builds
bracers tank gear


The tank build in Dying Light 2 is the only one that we think should be 100% combat skill-oriented. Of course, parkour is one of the two core elements of the game, and you can’t just dish it out. That being said, you can invest in parkour skill points and purchase skills however you like; we have no reservations or preferences in the parkour skill tree. However, the following are the must-have combat skills that you should prioritize unlocking first in the game.

Power Attack

Tank-build players love to show off the massive damage of two-handed weapons in Dying Light 2, and there is no better way than doing a power attack. Purchasing the Power Attack combat skill should not be an issue as it can be unlocked in the early hours of the game. Aiden can pretty much charge for a powerful attack that disrupts the enemy’s block and incoming attacks if the hit connects.


Out of all the crazy combat-oriented skills, Windmill is the only one that I think is overpowered and at the same time has limited usability in the game. It is only good when you are surrounded all of a sudden by infected zombies while fighting renegades or vice versa. This is basically a more advanced version of Power Attack, but Aiden spins like a wrecking ball and deals with a sort of AoE attack.

Block Charge

You don’t have to always rely on your two-handed weapon and fancy skills to break an enemy’s block stance. That being said, the Block Charge skill does exactly as its name suggests. Aiden charges at an enemy and knocks a single target to the ground, breaking his block stance and opening for potential follow-up attacks.


Smash is a mid-to-late game powerful combat skill in Dying Light 2, and it has its uses. You can pretty much one-shot enemies as Aiden directly lands on an enemy’s head after jumping from a height.

Crowd Runner

As mentioned earlier, the importance of the Crowd Runner combat skill in the medic build of Dying Light 2, you can use this to your advantage to break the crowd and then launch your brutal two-handed attacks. This skill also serves as an offensive and defensive playstyle, so it is entirely up to you how you play out with it.


Dying Light 2 builds
Engine bludgeon 2handed weapon dying light 2

You get the most out of tank build while using two-handed weapons in the game. So, pick something that gives you the highest power attack damage bonus so that you can swing enemies and knock them back when their stamina runs out. We are currently using the Engine Bludgeon weapon in the game, and we absolutely love it while rocking the tank build in tandem.

Techland has mentioned several times that Dying Light 2 will get five years of support and that the developers will release post-launch content. As of this writing, we have four roles in creating builds, and as we get more roles, the playstyle in the future Dying Light 2 versions of the game will be diversified and versatile. However, for now, this is all you have in the game.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Dying Light 2 builds. Have you created a build so far in the game? Which one of these four roles do you think suits your playstyle more in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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