Dying Light 2 Korek Charm Location

Through our Dying Light 2 Korek Charm location guide, we will help you get your hands on the best weapon mod in the game.

Dying Light 2 allows players to choose from a wide range of different weapons. All of them are different in their own way, and as you level up, you can get your hands on more powerful weapons. There also exist some secret weapons in the game that are extremely powerful, such as the Enso Katana. However, unlike the prequel, you can’t really repair your weapons and keep them in your inventory forever. Instead, you can only add mods to them to increase their durability, such as charms. And today, we are going to write down a Dying Light 2 Korek Charm location guide, through which you’ll be able to get your hands on the best weapon mod. 

Key Highlights
  • Korek Charm in Dying Light 2 can be used to increase the overall durability of the weapons
  • You can locate the Korek Charm by going through different locations. Get on top of the VNC Tower and try to find the building with a big radio antenna
  • Find all three electrical terminals in the area, take out their wires, and connect them to the Electrical outlets, which will open the door to the developers’ room.
  • You can get the Korek Charm inside the developer room.
  •  Keep on sitting on different colored sofas until you see a small electric blast. The Korek Charm blueprint will appear in front of you.

Dying Light 2 Korek Charm Location

The first thing you need to do is make your way to the VNC Tower. For those who don’t know, this is the tallest building in Dying Light 2, and you will be able to spot it from far away. It is also the very building that you access in the mission Broadcast. 

Dying Light 2 Korek Charm
VNC Tower Location

What you need to do is go to the top of the VNC Tower. While during the mission, you had to grapple your way to the top, which was time-consuming; you could use the elevator this time. But the elevator is a little slow as well, and it can get pretty annoying if you keep on dying while making your way to the Developer Room. Climbing on top can be made an easy process if you purchase some of the best skills in Dying Light 2.

After you have reached the top, look southwest of the building. You’ll be able to see a building a few meters away with a big radio antenna on top of it. Use your glider to head to the top of this building. You’ll also find a Military Airdrop at the top.

Soutwest Building
Southwest Building

1st Electric Terminal

Then, look around for an Electric Terminal and take out the wire from it. Here comes the annoying and challenging part. You will need to take this cable down the building, and you will then have to take two more cables to the floors below you.

Dying Light 2 Korek Charm
1st Electrical Terminal

For the first cable, you will need to jump from the plank leaning off from the roof. You will need to grapple to the floor below you instantly and once you’re inside, connect the cable to the 1st Electric Outlet. 

2nd Electric Terminal

Then, turn around and look for the 2nd Electric Terminal. Pull the cable out of it and then again jump below. This time, you’ll need to go down four floors down instead of two. You’ll need to be extremely careful here as I got killed a couple of times by falling; because of that, I had to come to the top of the VNC tower and make my way to this room, again and again, something that wasted a lot of time. Follow as I have mentioned here, and you will get the Korek Charm in Dying Light 2 without much trouble.  

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Electrical Terminal
2nd Electric Terminal

After you successfully manage to make your way to the fourth floor below you, connect the power cord to the 2nd Electric Outlet. 

3rd Electric Terminal

Then, turn around once again and look for the 3rd Electric Terminal. For this one, go to the right side and jump below. Make sure to use the Grappling Hook before landing, as you’ll die from the jump. You will need to jump one more time below, after which you’ll be able to locate the 3rd and final Electric Outlet.

Dying Light 2 Korek Charm
3rd Electric Terminal

After you connect the power cord to it, a door right next to it will open. This is the developer room.

How To Get The Korek Charm

Inside the developer room, you will come across a room with a couple of seating places. Make sure to follow the correct order to sit,

1- Sit on the orange cushion that will be on your right.

1st Seat

2- Sit on the little cushion that is exactly in front of the TV.

Dying Light 2 Korek Charm
2nd Seat

3- Sit on the green chair that you will find right beside the coffee table.

3rd Seat
3rd Seat

4- Sit on the second orange cushion, which is right across the first one.

4th Seat
4th Seat

Keep on sitting here until you see a small electric blast. The Korek Charm blueprint will then appear in front of you. 

Dying Light 2 Korek Charm
Korek Charm Blueprint

What Does Korek Charm Do?

You get the luxury to apply a total of three mods to a weapon, and each one increases 50 durability points. However, if the weapon’s durability hits zero after you have fully customized it, you won’t be able to apply any other mod to it. In other words, you’ll need to say goodbye to the weapon. In any case, here are a few best weapon mods in Dying Light 2 to apply to your favorite weapons and keep on using them longer.  

However, some of you don’t know that Techland has added a hidden charm in the game that is a little difficult to get. However, the trouble is worth it as the charm can increase the durability points of a weapon by 500. We’re talking about the Korek Charm, a weapon that can be found in the Developer Room.

Out of all the hidden stuff in Dying Light 2, the Developer Room is by far my favorite one. This is because Techland was pretty creative with it. Not only is it difficult to access, but you also won’t be able to get your hands on the stuff hidden inside it without solving puzzles. And in our Dying Light 2 Korek Charm location guide, I’m going to explain how you can get your hands on this weapon-saving charm.

Hidden Weapon

Techland hides some of the best easter eggs, weapons, and more in plain sight. Like this hidden weapon we have mentioned below, the modders recently discovered that players could ride a bicycle in the game. Yes, Techland removed the secret bike but kept the unused asset’s resource in the Dying Light 2’s game files.

Anyways, moving on, our Dying Light 2 Korek Charm location guide would be incomplete without talking about another amazing thing inside the Developer Room. Instead of leaving the place, make sure to head to the second room as well to get another hidden item. Inside the room, there is another little room with a bed and a couple of teddy bears on top of it.

Teddy Bear
The Bed

Sit on the bed and wait for the teddy bears to appear one by one. It will take some time for all of them to appear, so be patient. If you get up at any moment, then the process will be put on hold. In the end, a Techland poster will appear on the wall, followed by the blueprint from the Left Finger of gloVA. This is a hidden weapon that you can craft by using Scraps. 

Dying Light 2 Korek Charm
Left Finger of gloVA


As you can judge for yourself, getting the Korek Charm in Dying Light 2 is definitely a time taking and difficult process. I died a lot of times while making my way to the 2nd and 3rd Electric Outlet, and I had to spend a lot of time on the task because of it. However, if you managed to get everything done right on the first try, it will hardly take 8-12 minutes to complete the entire process.

In any case, the Korek Charm is definitely something worth getting. It can be heartbreaking to see your favorite weapon breaking even after you have applied different mods to it, especially if it’s a rare weapon. But with the Korek Charm, you can keep the weapon in your inventory forever. When your weapon’s durability goes down with the Korek Charm attached, you can replace it with another charm and then apply the Korek Charm again to increase the durability. You won’t ever have to worry about losing your weapon, thanks to this. 

That was all regarding our Dying Light 2 Korek Charm location guide. We hope that it will help you get your hands on this legendary weapon charm.

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