Dying Light 2 Mistress Sword Secret Weapon Location

let's talk about what the Mistress Sword is in the game and how you can obtain it. There's a fair amount of technicality involved concerning its retrieval, but considering you follow the instructions perfectly, you'll get to it in no time. 

Just getting started with this freshly released survival horror FPS? You’d be surprised to know that secrets and easter eggs are prevalent in spades within Dying Light 2. There’s a swath of different items waiting to be collected as you slash, kick, and hammer your way through the terrors and cut-throat politics in Villedor and Central Loop. If there’s one commodity that you need to be aware of when starting, it’s definitely the Dying Light 2 Mistress Sword secret weapon.

Key Highlights

To obtain the Mistress Sword Secret Weapon:

  1. Go to the Doom Arena inside the VNC Tower.
  2. Collect and place the 5 black ducks in the altar rooms to light up the center room.
  3. Start the Hanger Challenge to obtain the blueprints for the sword, which will reveal the exact location to retrieve the Mistress Weapon.

You can also obtain the Mistress Sword Secret Weapon even if you don’t complete the Hanger challenge.

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Mistress Sword Secret Weapon

Finding the secret sword Dying Light 2
Mistress Sword Secret Weapon

The Mistress Sword in Dying Light 2 appears to be an easter egg and not a functional weapon in the traditional sense. It’s essentially a reference to the Legend of Zelda series and doesn’t deal any damage to zombies or human enemies. The weapon description reads, “Be brave and have fun!” which is a reference to Link’s adventures in The Legend of Zelda franchise.

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Here’s how to locate the Mistress Sword in the game:

  1. Collect 5 black-colored ducks with red glowing eyes scattered throughout the game world.
  2. Enter the VNC Tower.
  3. Navigate to the DOOM-styled section within the tower.
  4. Place the collected ducks on five different altars in the room.
  5. Connect the various cables in the room to the right electrical terminals.
  6. Once done, the center of the room will light up, revealing the Mistress Sword hovering in the air.
  7. Start the “Hangar” challenge to obtain the Mistress Sword blueprint during this challenge.

It’s important to note that while the Mistress Sword is an interesting easter egg, it doesn’t serve a practical combat purpose in the game. It’s mainly a fun reference for players to discover. 

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Finding Blueprint In Hangar Challenge

The main objective of the Hangar challenge is to obtain a certain set of ingredients. The arena introduced for this game mode is relatively vast and ridden with zombies. Therefore, finding the Mistress Sword blueprint on your own can get ugly. Use a hack instead and check out the following steps to easily retrieve the Link-inspired weapon without breaking a sweat. 

  1. The first step is to focus your attention on the area to the right side of the screen as soon as the challenge is about to start. Picking out the section where you need to run right off the bat can give definitely give you an edge. The following screenshot depicts the place you should make haste to as soon as you can. 
Finding the Right Hallway
Finding the Right Hallway

2. We cannot post screenshots every step of the way, so you’ll have to make do with the pointers we explain. Once you start venturing toward the area to the right, keep following it until you open up to a whole new section. An excellent tip to be aware of here is that you’ll encounter a Spitter, confirming that you had gone in the right direction. Now, enter the doorway on the right-hand side and keep following it. 

Entering the Correct Doorway
Entering the Correct Doorway

3. Following the doorway on the right, as explained in the previous step, will lead you to a curvy platform that’s more suggestive of a zigzag shape. You’ll have to take the entrance to the left here, as shown below. 

Taking the Entrance to the Left
Taking the Entrance to the Left

4. You’re going to encounter an exploding enemy here. Give the ill-fated goon a whiff of the Ka Doom Shotgun and see it disappear. Right alongside the location of the foe, you’ll find a crate and the Mistress Sword blueprint on top. Be quick to grab it, and you still might have enough time to complete the challenge altogether. 

Dying Light 2 Mistress Sword Secret Weapon Located
Mistress Sword Secret Weapon Location

You’ll get the Mistress Sword secret weapon even if you do not complete the Hangar challenge successfully. That’s the beauty of it. Continue getting out to the outside world and crafting the unique machete from your in-game menu. You should have it in your hands in no time, given the presence of the required spare part. 

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