The 10 Best Dying Light 2 Weapons [Expert’s Opinion]

These are the Best Weapons In Dying Light 2, with a guide on how to get them; alongside statistics, types, bonuses, and features.

Dying Light 2 is out now for everyone to enjoy. Techland has done a remarkable job of creating a fantastic sequel to the 2015 Dying Light. Just like the prequel, you get the luxury of choosing from a wide range of different weapons that can help you take down your enemies. And through our best weapons guide, we will help you select the right weapons for your journey.

I’ve summarized the weapons and where you can find them in Dying Light 2:

Weapon NameTypeLocation
LazarusKnuckle DustersA long process which has been discussed in detail
The Boom StickStick- Complete the Renegades Side Quest
- Craft it by buying its blueprint
Rush Artifact BowBowPurchase it from a trader
Bad Gal SwordSwordIn Loot Boxes
Paper ClipBowInside a room that you will come across during the Shoe Mission
PK CrossbowBowGive peacekeeper the control of the 4 Facilities
Shoe lace MacheteMacheteAs a reward after the completion of the Now Or Never Quest
Heavy Duty AxeAxeAfter completion of X-13
TorchLong MaceUnder a specific place on the map under the sea inside a crate
Enso KatanaLong SwordFind it in Airdrops

Lazarus (Knuckledusters)  

Type Knuckle Dusters
Location Follow the long process and get this weapon as a reward from Aitor
Description This weapon can deal an extra amount of damage
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The second pair of claws that I would like to mention in our guide is the Lazaur Kuncledusters claws. Compared to the previously mentioned ones, these ones are capable of dealing more damage and also have a special connection attached to them.

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons

Getting these claws is a time-consuming process. Furthermore, you’ll need to be careful with the choices you make to get them.

Down the road, on the Peacekeeper’s ship, you’ll see Aitor being carried on a stretcher because of his injuries. After the cutscene, a new sidequest will be unlocked named “Aitor.” Track the sidequest and head over to the doctor treating Aitor to inquire about his health. You will get to learn that a certain type of herb will be needed to heal him.

During your search for the herb, you’ll come across a healer who will tell you about the location of the herbs and will tell you to give only the “small petals” to Aitor as the long ones will kill him. After you get back to Aitor and give him the petals, he will get saved. Then, during a side quest called The Black Widow, you’ll meet Aitor once again, who will give you the Lazarus Kuncleduster Claws as a reward. 

The Boomstick

Type Stick
Location Finish the side quest ‘Renegades’ to get this weapon
Description A mini-shotgun-type weapon can be used in crucial situations for targeting enemies in a single-hit
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Next up, we have the Boomstick. This is a special weapon that you can acquire in the game through different methods. Its power can be seen from the fact that it can take down a target in a single shot. However, there is a big downside to this weapon. After you use the Boomstick once, the weapon will break, and you will not be able to use it anymore. This means that you should save this mini-shotgun-type weapon for only critical situations. 

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons

There are two methods of acquiring the Boomstick in the game. The first one involves completing the Renegades side quest; at the end, you’ll get the Boomstick as a reward. The second method is purchasing the blueprints of the Boomstick from the Trader at the Pk Floating Fortress base. By getting the blueprint, you’ll be able to craft a new Boomstick after it breaks. 

Rust Artifact Bow 

Type Bow
Location Bought it from the traders
Description It can deal double the amount of damage, as well as take down the opponents with two to three arrows
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The Rust bow is yet another fantastic bow among the best weapons in Dying Light 2 that can serve as an excellent ranged weapon. Compared to the Pipe Bow that we mentioned earlier, this one is better than it in almost every way. The damage it deals is nearly double that, meaning that you can take down your target with only two to three arrows with this bow. However, this is just for regular enemies. Stronger enemies will require you to insert more arrows into their heads. 

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons
Rust Artifact Bow

The Rust bow can’t be acquired until you cross the middle of the game. After that, you’ll be able to purchase it from a Trader.


Bad Gal Sword 

Type Sword
Location Found in the Loot Boxes
Description This weapon can enhance 15% damage at day time, a 13% damage bonus on low health and a 14% damage bonus on low stamina
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The Bad Gal sword is yet another weapon that quickly became one of my favorite weapons to use in the game. This is because it’s fast and does a good amount of damage with each hit. We all know how useful swords are against enemies, and the Bad Gal sword is just amazing. It has three bonuses attached to it. The first one increases the damage by 15% during the day, the second one provides you with a 13% damage bonus when you’re low on health, and the third one grants a 14% damage bonus when you’re low on stamina.

You can also apply different mods to it to make this weapon even more powerful. For instance, I applied the Fire mod to it, which allowed me to set my enemies on fire after a couple of shots. 

Bad Gal Sword

Just like some of the other weapons in the game, you will be able to find this weapon inside Loot Boxes. I managed to find it inside a Loot Box that I came across before I started the Let’s Waltz quest. 

Paper Clip

Type Bow
Location Found inside the lawan’s apartment in the Shoe Mission quest
Description A weapon that can work flawlessly against regular and strong enemies
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Out of all the bows present in the game, the Paper Clip bow is easily the strongest one. Compared to the Pipe bow and Rust bow, this one deals the most damage. Once you get to use this bow, you won’t be able to go back to the previous ones. This is because the Paper Clip bow is the only bow that is capable of taking down regular enemies with a single shot to the head and only two shots to the body.

Even against strong enemies, the bow works flawlessly. Just like the other two bows, this one can also use special arrows. And when you use Exploding Arrows with this one, you will be able to take down large groups of enemies quickly. However, keep in mind that you’ll be attracting enemies to your location with the sound you’ll be making, so make sure you’re prepared for the threat. 

DL2 Best Bow
Paper Clip

The Paper Clip bow can be acquired during The Shoe mission. While playing, you’ll come across a GRE Inhabitor Container. Right next to it, you’ll find a room, and you will be able to find the Paper Clip bow inside this room. 

PK Crossbow

Type Bow
Location By giving the 4 Facilities control to the Peacekeeper will get you this weapon
Description An extremely strong weapon that can deal extra damage with each hit
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While the Paper Clip is the best bow in the game, the PK Crossbow is the best-ranged weapon in Dying Light 2. This is a one-of-a-kind weapon that you come across in the game, and it can do wonders if in the right hands. Just like the other ranged weapons in the game, it has no mods slots, meaning that it cannot be further customized or upgraded in any way.

However, there is no need for you to upgrade the weapon anyway, as the PK Crossbow is already extremely strong. The damage dealt with each hit is extremely high. Furthermore, the weapon is quick as well. All of this has earned it a spot in our guide. 

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons
PK Crossbow

Unlike bows, the PK Crossbow uses bolts as its ammunition, and there are different types of bolts available. You have Fire Bolts that can set the enemies on fire, Electric Bolts that can give them a shock, and so on. However, my favorite ones are the Impact Bolts, as they can send your target flying after they get hit. These are useful in situations when you want to knock enemies off a roof. Furthermore, you can also use this to send them flying on traps that you can find in your surroundings. 

While acquiring the PK Crossbow in the game isn’t a difficult task, it is a time-consuming process. This is because to get it, you will need to give control of four Facilities to the Peacekeepers. After you give the fourth Facility, the weapon will automatically become available in your inventory, and you’ll acquire the blueprints for its special bolts as well.

Shoelace Machete Artifact 1h Machete

Type Machete
Location Finish the Now Or Never Quest for getting this weapon as a reward
Description This weapon can enhance 7% damage dealt against human enemies, 7% damage on power attacks and 12% damage boost on full health
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The Shoelace Machete is easily one of the strongest weapons you can get your hands on in Dying Light 2. With this weapon, you can take down your targets in only a single hit. It’s fast, powerful, and can help you out in multiple situations.

The best part is that it comes with three amazing added effects. The first one can increase the amount of damage it deals by 7% when you’re fighting against humans. The second one increases the damage of all power attacks by 7%. And as for the third one, it gives a 12% damage boost to the weapon when your health is full. Overall, the Shoelace Machete is a powerful weapon that you can trust even against a group of enemies. 

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons
Shoelace Machete

You won’t be getting your hands on this weapon until the very late stages of the game. This is because you will get it as a reward for completing the Now or Never quest, which is the 2nd last story quest of the game. In this quest, you will need to confront Williams and ask him about Waltz’s location. While you’ll be getting this weapon late in the game, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth getting. This is because the final story mission will put you in tough spots, and having such a weapon in your arsenal will help you stay on your feet. 

Heavy Duty Axe

Type Axe
Location Finish the X-13 to get this weapon
Description A weapon with three bonuses including a 5% low stamina damage bonus, 24% stance meter damage and 22% damage increase against the infected
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Now, it comes down to a pretty, extremely powerful weapon. Out of all the weapons I found in Dying Light 2, this one has the highest damage output in the game. Although this is a weapon you won’t get until you finish the game, it will help you clear the rest of whatever’s left on the map. We’re talking about the Heavy-Duty, an Artifact Long Axe that can help you destroy your opponent quickly. Its extreme power is what makes it an ideal weapon to use against powerful opponents.

Keep in mind that you’ll be using a lot of stamina while using this weapon, so you’ll need to make every hit worth it. The weapon also comes with three bonus effects: a 5% low stamina damage bonus, a 22% increase in damage while fighting against the infected, and a 24% stance meter damage.

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons
Heavy Duty

To get this powerful weapon, you will need to beat the game. This is because you’ll get it as a reward for completing the final story mission called X13. During this mission, you will need to find Waltz and then fight him. The final fight is divided into four parts, but you will be able to deal with him easily if you have weapons such as the Shoelace Machete in your arsenal. After you finish the mission, the Heavy Duty Axe will automatically be added to your inventory. 

Torch Unique Long Mace 

Type Long Mace
Location Located on a specific area on the map
Description A weapon that can take down opponents with single-hit
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If I had to name one weapon that saved my life multiple times in Dying Light 2, then it was the Torch. I was unable to find any weapon that was more powerful than it. This weapon even helped me take down some tough enemies with only a single hit.

All I needed to do was swing this weapon in the direction of the target, and it handled the rest. The damage output of this weapon is massive, and it can help you out in almost any situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re facing a single enemy or a group of enemies at once; the Torch will not let you down. You can pretty much judge for yourself why the weapon is listed in our Best Dying Light 2 weapons guide. 

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons

To get the Torch in Dying Light 2, you will need to make it all your way to the other corner of the map. There, you will come across an airdrop that has sunk to the bottom of the sea. I have marked the exact location of the airdrop in the image below. 

After you have made your way to the bottom of the sea, you will find a crate that you’ll need to unlock. Keep in mind that the unlock difficulty of this crate is marked as “Very Hard,” so you will need to be quick as you’ll be running out of breath as well. After you have unlocked the crate, the Torch will be waiting for you to pick it up. 

One important thing to keep in mind here is that you might end up finding some other weapon in this crate. Some players have reported that they found the Enso Katana in this crate, a weapon that is almost as powerful as this weapon. However, no matter which weapon you find, it will help an extremely powerful weapon that you can use from the start till the end of the game. But make sure to save it only for critical moments as the weapon can break after heavy use. 

Enso Katana

Type Long Sword
Location This weapon can be found in the Airdrops
Description A weapon with three bonuses including 7% health regeneration, 22% stance meter damage and 17% damage increase when fighting against the infected
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At the time of writing, the strongest weapon that existed in Dying Light 2 was the Enso Katana. If you’re looking for something that can help you take on almost any enemy, even the huge ones, then you definitely need to get the Knso Katana. The amount of damage it deals is the highest among all the weapons present in Dying Light 2. It also comes with three bonuses, which include 7% health regeneration on a perfect block, a 22% stance meter damage, and a 17% increase in damage when fighting against the infected.

All of this makes the Enso Katana the best weapon in Dying Light 2. No matter where you go, if you have the Enso Katana in your arsenal, then there is no need to fear any enemy. You can even jump into a Dark Zone with this weapon in your hand, and it will help you clear the swarm of enemies in an instant. And if you managed to get the right mods attached to it, then even Waltz will fear you. 

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons
Enso Katana

Unfortunately, there isn’t any specific way of getting the Enso Katana in the game. You can only try your luck by finding it in Airdrops. Just like the Torch, this one will also randomly pop up in an Airdrop instead of some other weapon. We suggest you first start with the Sunken Airdrop, as some players found it there. But if you don’t, then it will be wise to continue the search for it. This is because going from one crate to another will seem like a time-consuming task. The trouble will be worth it, considering you’ll get a weapon that will solve almost every problem of yours in Dying Light 2. 

This marks the end of our Dying Light 2’s best weapons guide. We hope that it will help you acquire the right type of weapons in the game. Keep in mind that you will find weapons other than these ones as you explore more parts of the game. Before you leave, make sure to check out the best Dying Light weapons and the best Bows in Dying Light as well. 

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