Dying Light 2: Finger Gun Location, Stats & Blueprint

Our step-by-step Left Finger Of gloVa or finger gun blueprint in Dying Light 2 guide mentions how to obtain this unique weapon in the game.

Dying Light 2 features combat that provides you with many options for ranged combat, as there are a lot of unique weapons in the game, such as Mistress sword, Doom Shotgun, and more. One such weapon is the Finger gun, also called the Left Finger Of gloVa. Getting the Finger gun in Dying Light 2 is recommended because it is an excellent ranged weapon. To get this unique weapon in your inventory, you must first find its Blueprint, which is well hidden in the game. The player is required to make a lot of effort to get the Blueprint. However, the steps in our guide will make it easier for you to locate it.

Key Highlights

  • Dying Light 2 has many ranged weapons to choose from, and one unique and excellent weapon is the Left Finger Of gloVa.
  • This weapon is very high in damage and somewhat of an easter egg that the developers added.
  • You can obtain this weapon by finding its blueprint and then crafting it.
  • Having a grappling hook is a must to get the blueprint, and you can get the grapple hook by completing story missions.
  • Obtaining this weapon requires a lot of work and patience, but it is worth it as it is considered one of the best ranged-weapons in the game.

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Finger Gun In Dying Light 2

Finger Gun Dying Light 2
The Left Finger of Glova

The Finger gun is a small portable gun that can be worn on the finger. The weapon is unique, and it gives Aiden’s hand a cool look while attacking. Although small in size, the Left Finger Of gloVa can pack a great punch with its serious damage. You can deal immense damage while also taking down your enemies in style. The Finger Gun is one of the best weapons in the game. It’s worth making an effort to get this amazing weapon. Even though the game features some of the best bows, the finger gun as a ranged weapon gives combat a new touch.

Left Finger Of gloVa stats

Finger gun damage
Finger Gun stats

Dying Light 2 features some of the absurd item entries such Broomstick, Hoverboard, and now this Left Finger of gloVa. There is even a secret bicycle that requires a workaround to ride in the game.

The Finger gun has a base damage of 80. The base damage is greater than many other ranged weapons in the game. You would need about 369 scraps to craft it, so you would need a lot of scraps to craft it. Still, it’s worth making an effort to gather the scraps required to craft it, as the Left Finger Of gloVa is a highly lethal weapon that will aid you a lot in combat. You can get the scraps by either buying them or farming for them. Using the Finger gun in Dying Light 2 is recommended as it’s one of the most damaging ranged weapons.

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Left Finger Of gloVa Usage

The Finger gun is an extremely effective ranged weapon that can make combat much easier and more interesting for you. The Left Finger of Glova can only be used 16 times, so use it cautiously. After the 16 uses, you must craft it again to use it as a weapon again. Since the Left Finger Of gloVa in Dying Light 2 takes a lot of effort to craft, it’s only recommended to use during bosses. In addition, you may use it during situations that require you to face tougher enemies. 

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Getting Left Finger Of gloVa In Dying Light 2

To get the Finger gun, you must first gather its blueprint to craft it. A detailed location of where the infamous Left Finger of Glova is stored is given below.

Left Finger Of gloVa Location

Finger gun location
VNC building rooftop

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Before you attempt to get the blueprint for the Left Finger of Glova, it’s recommended to progress through the story enough to get a grapplehook; the grapplehook will make it much easier for you to reach the location of the Left Finger Of gloVa. Moreover, the grapplehook will also help you get the safe zone at the VNC building that may prove helpful to you. So, now let’s get that Finger gun in Dying Light 2.

The blueprint can be found near Garrison, and it’s located in a smaller tower situated near the VNC building. You might want to unlock the safe zone at the VNC building. The Garrison territory can be found in the northern part of the map. 

The first thing you need to do is get to the top of the VNC building. You can use the elevator located inside to get to the top. Remember that the blueprint will be found in a smaller building near the VNC building. You need to go to the roof of the VNC building so you can easily jump from the top of the building to get to the helipad of the smaller building.

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Finger gun building dying light 2
Getting to the Finger gun building

Get to the corner of the roof and jump. Now use your paraglider to go glide. Watch out for the Paraglider gauge, you must reach the small tower before it depletes. So, glide carefully and efficiently. When near the building, land on the helipad. Now you have reached the building where the blueprint is located.

Unlocking the Left Finger Of gloVa Blueprint

Finger gun puzzle dying light 2
Power cables puzzle

Now it’s time to get the blueprint for the Finger gun in Dying Light 2. You would be required to connect a few of the power cables in the same way they are connected in the power stations. To get your blueprint, this is an essential step to unlock it as you won’t be able to get it unless you solve this puzzle.

Now you must pick up a power cable and drop down a small plank placed on the side of the rooftop. While Aiden is taking a fall, keep holding the forward button down so Aiden will fall in a room through the window instead of the ground. So, this step must be done carefully. If you hold the roll button, it will protect Aiden from fall damage.

Jump down another window and connect the cable to the socket situated in that room. Next, take the cable from this room, connect it to the power source, drop down two rooms below, and connect it to the socket. Now pick up the cable from this room, connect it to the generator and move out of the room.

Jump through the corner of the balcony and use your grapplehook to land safely on the grass. Use the grapplehook to jump once more and connect the final cable. Now open the door beside and be ready for some action! Once you have taken down the enemy, rest in a bed located in a room full of teddy bears. After that, you will be able to grab the blueprint under the techland poster.

Finger gun blueprint location
Blueprint location


Though it takes a lot of work to get the blueprint of the Left Finger Of gloVa in Dying Light 2, getting this strong ranged weapon is recommended, you can take out your enemies in style with its amazing damaging potential. Following the steps in this guide will make it much easier for you to get the desired blueprint. The Left Finger of Glova takes a lot of scraps to craft, so use it wisely during the tough battles you will face in the game.

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