Guide: How to Unlock Doom Weapon In Dying Light 2

Don't miss out on one of the best easter eggs in the game and learn how to unlock Doom weapon in Dying Light 2 using this in-depth guide.

Just got a sniff of an amazing weapon in this tip-top zombie parkour thriller? You got that right. Techland’s latest take on a playground filled with mutated baddies is packing a heavy punch in terms of easter eggs, best weapons, and secrets. This guide mentiones how to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2, including all the relevant details you may want to know about. Take it from us—you won’t be going back to ordinary shotguns (which are rare as well) from here on out.

Key Highlights
  • Dying Light has many types of weapons in the game to choose from, and one unique weapon is the Doom Weapon which is also known as “Ka Doom Shotgun.”
  • This weapon has a high damage rate and causes immense benefits in the long run.
  • You can obtain this weapon by unlocking and completing the Hanger Challenge.
  • Collecting the five black ducks presented in different locations, Enter the Doom Arena, place the ducks in the Altar room, and connect all the wire terminals will unlock this challenge.
  • The final part includes starting the hanger challenge, open the pause menu of the game and select Quite. When you start the game again, the Doom Weapon will be unlocked.

Doom Weapon In Dying Light 2 

Doom Weapon in Dying Light 2
Doom Weapon in Dying Light 2

Out of all the different categories of weapons in the game, including swords, machetes, hammers, maces, crossbows, and bows, the Doom weapon is a class apart. It actually goes by the name of “Ka Doom Shotgun” which is more or less a humorous interpretation of the Pump Shotgun in the DOOM franchise. It’s famous for its versatility, effectiveness, and, of course, the level of damage it inflicts to the undead. Also, you do not have to worry about repairing the weapon in Dying Light 2.

Techland, as cheeky as ever, has brought in another easter egg from a completely different universe in Dying Light 2, and we’re honestly glad they did. You’re going to need all the firepower you can get your hands on to brave Villedor and the horror it houses. However, unlike most other obtainable weapons in the survival FPS, the Ka Doom Shotgun isn’t the one to grab by ordinary means. 

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First off, you’ll need to navigate to different parts of the map to collect certain collectibles and then make your way to the VNC tower. We’ll go over this in detail in the next section, but the gist of it is that the procedure is fairly involved. Fret not, though, since you’ll be given step-by-step instructions on how to nail the objective and get yourself one of the best easter eggs in the game, hands down. 

One facet about all this that pays attention to detail like no other scenario is the damage of the Ka Doom Shotgun. Have you noticed the attack power it employs? A base total of 1993 damage is dealt to the enemies with a perfectly registered shot. The part that’s about paying attention to detail is that 1993 is the release date of the original DOOM game that launched on MS-DOS, which is basically Microsoft Disk Operating System.    

The Ka Doom Shotgun, as the name depicts, is an accessory-type item that can be equipped on the player’s left hand. If you’re playing Dying Light 2 on the Xbox Series X|S, you’ll press the Left Trigger (LT) to use the weapon and fire with it. In a similar context, the weapon produces a special effect whenever you use it. 

As you can comprehend from the screenshot below, a smoky circular ring manifests upon firing the Ka Doom Shotgun. It is particularly unique, and no other projectile-based weapon in the game pulls off something like that. 

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Ka Doom Shotgun Fire Effect
Ka Doom Shotgun Fire Effect

We’ve covered most of the ground surrounding this plus-size buff, so it’s only logical to explain how to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2 now. The following section is going to talk about just that, so let’s dive right in.  

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Obtaining Ka Doom Shotgun

Unfortunately, there is no legitimate method of acquiring the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2 at present. Players from all across the globe have been using a specific exploit to permanently retrieve the Ka Doom Shotgun. With that said, there’s a lack of an official way to either craft this weapon or find it in a loot chest. That is why we cannot guarantee if the forthcoming instructions will work at a later stage for you.

There’s always the impending threat of developers fixing exploits like these to keep things fair for everyone. Therefore, the time is nigh to get yourself the Ka Doom Shotgun straight away at the time of writing. Otherwise, you might miss out on an exceedingly effective, not to mention an overly powerful weapon in Dying Light 2. 

The DOOM easter egg level is unlocked by collecting five black ducks scattered out across different parts of the game world. Once you tick off this prerequisite, the next task is to make your way to the VNC Tower in the game, enter the elevator, dive underground, and follow the pathway to reach the DOOM arena. This is where you will be able to start a challenge called “Hangar” and ultimately retrieve the Ka Doom Shotgun. 

The paragraph above was the summary of how to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2. We’re going to break the whole process down into multiple sections so that you can obtain the Ka Doom Shotgun painlessly on your console or PC. Let’s delve into the first part of the operation now. 

Collecting Five Black-Colored Ducks

The first part of this four-way process is perhaps the lengthiest one. It’s not difficult, by any means, but you will need to have unlocked a certain area of the map to continue from here on out and unlock the Doom weapon. To be specific, the “Broadcast” story mission has to be completed for the best results. Just so you know, you get 3000 Combat and Parkour XP, a hatchet called Hi-Tech, and a couple of other items right after that mission.

Make sure that you’ve advanced up to that stage before going for the Ka Doom Shotgun. As for the ducks that you’ll have to find, the glowing easter eggs will be found underwater, on land, and just about everywhere else, so let’s see how you can get the better of them below.

To find the first duck, you will need to get into the VNC Tower. If you don’t know where that is, the following area on the world map should point you in the right direction. Do remember that this is the Garrison area and is a “Survivor” territory. 

First Black Duck VNC Tower
VNC Tower for First Black Duck

Get started by entering the VNC Tower from the front entrance. As soon as you step in, go a little further ahead and then take the area to the right. You will be met with a hallway with two elevators at the end of it. Get into the second elevator that’s closer to the wall. Once you’re inside, pick the button that says “VNC Tower roof.” You should now be getting straight to the roof of this building. 

As soon as you’re up there, find an outward protrusion to the right side of the roof. Walk up to the end of this protrusion and notice how there’s an opening down below. You will now have to time your jump correctly as you take off and descend onto the lower platform. If you don’t make it on your first attempt, no worries. Keep trying until you get the jump right. If you still can’t make it, using the paraglider may help.

Right after you’ve landed on the lower level, you will find a collectible Safe Code. Open the item from the “Collectibles” section present in the in-game menu to find the passcode you need to unlock the forthcoming safe. The description of the Safe Code will say, “IF U 5 5 5 THEN I’M…” This is a hint for the correct key combination of the safe, which is 666. The next step is to find the safe closer to the area that leads you outside. Enter the combination, and you’ll find the first black duck with red glowing eyes right inside. 

safe code First Black Duck
First Black Duck Found

The second black duck is relatively easy to find. It’s present on top of a water hydrant in the “Lower Dam Ayre” area. The following cursor pinpoints the exact area where you’ll find this evil-meaning duck.  

Second Black Duck Dying Light 2
Second Black Duck Location

This one will even have a cowboy hat on top, but with the same red glow coming out of its eyes. Grab it straight away and continue to the next duck.

Second Black Duck near river
Second Black Duck Found

The third black duck will be present in “The Wharf” area, which, depending on the choices you make, is part of the Peacekeeper territory. It’s not difficult to get to this duck as well, but you’ll have to tread in the right direction consistently. First off, get to the location shown on the map below to get started. 

map Location Third Black Duck
Third Black Duck Location

As soon as you’re in the right place, you’ll find a set of three ropes that will allow you to get across from one area to the next. Time your jumps to make it to the other section. Now, this is where you’ll find a GRE anomaly arena as well that’s specified to be fought during the nighttime. Therefore, make sure you go here during the day and make the process easier for you. A GRE anomaly is a boss fight more or less that sets you up to kill a Revenant. 

Coming back to the topic at hand, once you’ve used the ropes to get to the designated section, keep on going straight until you get to the other end of the barricade. Jump on top of a container, and then get yourself on top of the reinforced fence. If you’ve followed the directions correctly up until now, then you’ll see the following car immersed underwater when you’re on the top of the fence. 

Insider water third black duck
Jumping in the Right Direction

You now have to dive right in and get to the trunk of the car. The truck needs to be lockpicked, but its difficulty is deemed “Easy,” so you probably won’t have to struggle here. As soon as you pop open the trunk, the third black duck will be present right inside, accompanied by four skulls that resemble the whole theme of DOOM. 

Third Black Duck Dying Light 2
Third Black Duck Found

The fourth black duck is the easiest to grab. It’s located in the “Houndfield” area as pinpointed by the map curser below. Do note that this is located in one corner of the map, so if you’re further away from the section, you’ll need to go for a long run. 

Map Location Fourth Black Duck
Fourth Black Duck Location

As soon as you’ve reached the location, find a swamp area that’s surrounded by “THV Chemicals.” You’ll find the fourth black duck right in the middle of it. Don’t stay in the affected chemical area for too long, though, as your in-game Immunity will start taking a big hit that way. Pull out as soon as you’ve collected the black duck. 

Fourth Black Duck Dying Light 2
Fourth Black Duck Found

This brings us to collect the fifth and final black duck to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2. This one is present west of the main Garrison area. Upon reaching the location shown on the map below, you’ll encounter a large wall with a busted army vehicle in one of the entrances in the wall. 

Map Location Fifth Black Duck
Fifth Black Duck Location

Jump on the vehicle and climb up the wall behind you now. Once done, you will have to jump on the fence protruding upward strategically and make your way to the look-out area at the front. As soon as you’ve climbed aboard, the fifth black duck will be sitting on top of a small table with two large cans and a bunch of other eerie items. 

Fifth Black Duck Dying Light 2
Fifth Black Duck Found

Great going so far! You’ve successfully collected the five black ducks and can now proceed to the next part for unlocking the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2.

Accessing the DOOM Arena Through the VNC Tower

Once you’ve got all of the five black ducks in the bag, you can now finally get to the DOOM area through the VNC Tower. You already know where the latter is, being one of the most important landmarks in the game, so reach the area to get started. It’s vividly apparent as the tallest building in Dying Light 2, so you’ll barely have any trouble going there. 

Now that you’re in the VNC Tower take the first entrance, go down the hallway on the right, and enter the second elevator. You will have to go all the way down to the “Basement” area of the Tower to find the special DOOM arena. When you arrive, you’ll observe a red cable as soon as you get out of the elevator. Following that cable will lead you to an underwater passageway. 

Keep going straight while you’re submerged underwater. You’ll soon find an unlockable gate. Open it up and keep swimming straight ahead until you find a stairway leading up and out of the water. You’ll now find a half-opened door in front of you. Go past it and stroll down the hallway to find another elevator. Here, you will have to select “Level 0” to get to the sinister DOOM arena.  

You’ve now covered the second part of unlocking the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2. It’s time to get to the next section and further this guide.

Placing Ducks On Altars

Now that you’ve arrived at the DOOM arena, the first step is to place the five black ducks that you’ve collected ever so strenuously across five different altars present in the room. Placing a duck on each altar will make the terminal behind it operable, which is something that we need to take care of next. After getting all the ducks in position, go back to the staircase area where you first entered the room. 

Doing this will give you a good vantage point on what to do now and allow you to plan your next move. Get started by accessing the first terminal on the left and taking its cable out. Connect it to the terminal placed exactly opposite the first terminal.

Connecting Cables to Terminals 

Once that’s done, take the cable out of the terminal right beside the one that you just connected the cable of the previous terminal to. You now have to repeat the same thing. Move your camera to the area of the two terminals present alongside each other exactly opposite the terminal that you’ve just got your cable from right now. Therefore, get to the terminal, connect the cable, and take off the cable right beside this terminal for the next step. 

Do the same thing one more time. Find the terminal opposite your current position. Head over to it, connect the cable and take off the cable from the terminal right beside it. Repeat the process until all of the terminals have been dealt with. Just remember that you will need to go to the terminal opposite the one where you get the cable from. By following these instructions carefully, you’ll complete the puzzle in no time.

As soon as you’re done with the last terminal, you’ll hear a fire lighting up in the middle of the room, and with it, a floating shotgun in the air, which is otherwise the Ka Doom Shotgun. Awesome stuff so far! You’ve successfully unlocked the Hangar challenge. 

How to Unlock Doom Weapon Dying Light 2
Doom Weapon Challenge

Quit the Game In the Middle of the Hangar Challenge

The final part of how to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2 is nothing but painlessly straightforward. All you have to do is start the challenge and quit the game in the middle of it. However, before you plunge right in, there’s one important point that you have to be aware of. Prior to starting the challenge, you need to empty your equipped accessory slots. Therefore, you’ll get in the challenge with nothing in your left hand. 

The Dying Light 2 community has discovered this exploit. If you quit the game in the middle of the challenge, you won’t get the Ka Doom Shotgun. The following is what your inventory should look like before getting started with the challenge. 

Unlocking Doom Weapon Dying Light 2
Empty the Accessory Slots

Once done, start the Hangar challenge. It’s a good idea to acquire the Mistress Sword blueprint as well in this area before pulling the plug for the best results. As soon as you’ve had your fill with the Hangar challenge, open the pause menu of the game, and select “Quite.” Confirm your selection and return back to the main menu. 

Quit Challenge to get Doom Weapon Dying Light 2
Quitting the Game

When you start the game next, you’ll be pleased to know that the Ka Doom Shotgun has been unlocked. Go to your inventory, and find all of your present accessories. The Doom weapon will be sitting there as well, waiting for you to wreak havoc with it in Villedor. Become the Doomslayer reincarnated, hands down. 

Ka Doom Shotgun Weapon Dying Light 2
Ka Doom Shotgun Unlocked


Dying Light 2 just made landfall in the month of leap year and is measuring up to be outright amazing. From skipping about the streets of zombie-infested Central Loop on a secret bicycle to sporting the best weapon mods in the game, traversing across rooftops with a multitude of weapons in hand has never been more fun. 

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Dying Light 2 would be a hefty upgrade if we were to compare it with the original title. It’s bigger, better, and features even more ways to enjoy yourself on the fly. Since the game’s release is still fresh, there’s a lot that we still don’t know about it in terms of hidden weaponry and other easter eggs except for the Dying Light 2 Doom weapon. Without any further ado, then, let’s talk about this bad boy and how you can obtain it in the game.

In this guide, we’ve talked about how to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2, so here’s hoping that you’ve learned something from the write-up. Do let us know down in the comments section if you were able to snatch the Ka Doom Shotgun or not. 

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