Dying Light 2: How To Unlock Doom Weapon

Don't miss out on one of the best easter eggs in the game and learn how to unlock Doom weapon in Dying Light 2 using this in-depth guide.

This guide mentions how to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2, including all the relevant details you may want to know about. Take it from us—you won’t be returning to ordinary shotguns (which are also rare) from here on out.

Key Takeaways
  • Dying Light offers many unique weapons, including the powerful Doom Weapon (Ka Doom Shotgun).
  • It boasts high damage and long-term benefits.
  • To obtain it, complete the Hangar Challenge, which involves collecting five black ducks in different locations, placing them in the Altar room in the Doom Arena, and connecting wire terminals.
  • Start the Hangar Challenge, pause the game, select Quit, then restart to unlock the Doom Weapon.

Doom Weapon In Dying Light 2 

Doom Weapon in Dying Light 2
Doom Weapon in Dying Light 2

The Doom weapon, known as the “Ka Doom Shotgun” in Dying Light 2, is distinct from other weapons like swords, machetes, hammers, maces, crossbows, and bows. It is renowned for its versatility, effectiveness, and high damage against the undead. Also, you do not have to worry about repairing the weapon in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 incorporates an Easter egg from a different universe, adding to the game’s firepower arsenal for facing Villedor’s horrors. However, obtaining the Ka Doom Shotgun isn’t straightforward. You must collect specific items across the map and reach the VNC tower.

The Ka Doom Shotgun stands out due to its remarkable damage. It deals a base total of 1993 damage with a perfectly aimed shot, a clever nod to the release year of the original DOOM game on MS-DOS in 1993.

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Ka Doom Shotgun Fire Effect
Ka Doom Shotgun Fire Effect

We’ve covered most of the ground surrounding this plus-size buff, so it’s only logical to explain how to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2 now.

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Obtaining Ka Doom Shotgun

Currently, there’s no legitimate way to acquire the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2. Players worldwide are using an exploit to obtain the Ka Doom Shotgun. Official crafting or loot chest options are unavailable, making future success uncertain. Developers may patch these exploits to maintain fairness.

Collect five black ducks in different game areas to unlock the DOOM easter egg level. Then, head to the VNC Tower, descend in the elevator and follow the path to the DOOM arena. Here, you can initiate the “Hangar” challenge and acquire the Ka Doom Shotgun.

Collecting Five Black-Colored Ducks

The first step is the longest. You need to unlock a specific map area to obtain the Doom weapon. Complete the “Broadcast” story mission to get 3000 Combat and Parkour XP, Hi-Tech hatchet, and other items. Ensure you reach this stage before pursuing the Ka Doom Shotgun. Search for glowing Easter eggs underwater and on land to locate the ducks.

To find the first duck, head to the VNC Tower in the Garrison area, marked on the world map. It’s in a “Survivor” territory.

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First Black Duck VNC Tower
VNC Tower for First Black Duck

Enter the VNC Tower through the front entrance, go right, and take the second elevator labeled “VNC Tower roof.” Upon reaching the roof, go to the right side and locate an overhang. Jump down to the lower platform, using the paraglider if needed.

Once on the lower level, find a collectible Safe Code. in the “Collectibles” menu. The code is hinted as “IF U 5 5 5 THEN I’M…” and the combination is 666. Locate the nearby safe, enter the code, and retrieve the first black duck with red glowing eyes inside.

safe code First Black Duck
First Black Duck Found

The second black duck is relatively easy to find. It’s on top of a water hydrant in the “Lower Dam Ayre” area.

Second Black Duck Dying Light 2
Second Black Duck Location

This one will even have a cowboy hat on top but with the same red glow from its eyes.

Second Black Duck near river
Second Black Duck Found

The third black duck will be present in “The Wharf” area, which, depending on your choices, is part of the Peacekeeper territory. It’s also not difficult to get to this duck, but you’ll have to tread in the right direction consistently.

map Location Third Black Duck
Third Black Duck Location

After arriving at the right location, find three ropes for traversal. The GRE anomaly arena is for nighttime battles, so visit during the day for an advantage. This arena leads to a boss fight against a Revenant.

Now, moving on, once you’ve used the ropes to reach the target area, head straight until you reach the barricade’s end. Jump onto a container, then onto the reinforced fence. Following the directions, you’ll spot a submerged car from the fence’s top.

Insider water third black duck
Jumping in the Right Direction

You must dive right in and get to the car’s trunk. The truck needs to be lockpicked, but its difficulty is deemed “Easy,” so you probably won’t have to struggle here. As soon as you pop open the trunk, the third black duck will be present right inside, accompanied by four skulls that resemble the whole theme of DOOM. 

Third Black Duck Dying Light 2
Third Black Duck Found

The fourth black duck is the easiest to grab. It’s located in the “Houndfield” area, as pinpointed by the map cursor below. Note that this is located in one corner of the map, so if you’re further away from the section, you’ll need to go for a long run. 

Map Location Fourth Black Duck
Fourth Black Duck Location

As soon as you’ve reached the location, find a swamp area surrounded by “THV Chemicals.” You’ll find the fourth black duck right in the middle of it. Don’t stay in the affected chemical area for too long, though, as your in-game Immunity will start taking a big hit that way. Pull out as soon as you’ve collected the black duck. 

Fourth Black Duck Dying Light 2
Fourth Black Duck Found

This brings us to collect the fifth and final black duck to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2. This one is present west of the main Garrison area. Upon reaching the location shown on the map below, you’ll encounter a large wall with a busted army vehicle in one of the entrances in the wall. 

Map Location Fifth Black Duck
Fifth Black Duck Location

Jump on the vehicle and climb up the wall behind you now. Once done, you must jump on the fence, protruding upward strategically, and make your way to the look-out area at the front. As soon as you’ve climbed aboard, the fifth black duck will sit on top of a small table with two large cans.

Fifth Black Duck Dying Light 2
Fifth Black Duck Found

Great going so far! You’ve successfully collected the five black ducks and can now proceed to the next part for unlocking the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2.

Accessing the DOOM Arena Through the VNC Tower

  1. Once you’ve collected all five black ducks, head to the DOOM area via the VNC Tower.
  2. Enter the tower through the main entrance, go down the hallway, and take the second elevator to the basement.
  3. Inside the basement, follow a red cable from the elevator to an underwater passage.
  4. Proceed straight underwater until you reach an unlockable gate.
  5. Open it and continue swimming to find a staircase leading out of the water.
  6. Beyond the half-opened door, walk down the hallway to reach another elevator.
  7. Select “Level 0” to access the DOOM arena.

With this, you’ve completed the second step to unlock the DOOM weapon in Dying Light 2. Continue to the next section to progress in this guide.

Placing Ducks On Altars

Upon reaching the DOOM arena, place the five black ducks on separate altars. This activates the terminals and now return to the staircase area to plan your next move. Access the left terminal, remove its cable, and connect it to the one directly opposite.

Connecting Cables to Terminals 

First, disconnect the cable from the terminal next to the one you just connected. Repeat this process for the terminals opposite each other. Remember to move to the terminal opposite where you retrieved the cable. Following these instructions unlocks the Hangar challenge. After the last terminal, a shotgun, the Ka Doom Shotgun, appears in the middle of the room.

How to Unlock Doom Weapon Dying Light 2
Doom Weapon Challenge

Quit the Game In the Middle of the Hangar Challenge

The final part of how to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2 is nothing but painlessly straightforward. All you have to do is start the challenge and quit the game in the middle of it. However, before you plunge right in, there’s one important point that you have to be aware of. Before starting the challenge, you need to empty your equipped accessory slots.

The Dying Light 2 community has discovered this exploit. You won’t get the Ka Doom Shotgun if you quit the game in the middle of the challenge. The following is what your inventory should look like before starting the challenge. 

Unlocking Doom Weapon Dying Light 2
Empty the Accessory Slots

When you start the game next, you’ll be pleased to know that the Ka Doom Shotgun has been unlocked. Go to your inventory and find all of your present accessories. The Doom weapon will also be sitting there.

Ka Doom Shotgun Weapon Dying Light 2
Ka Doom Shotgun Unlocked


Dying Light 2 just made landfall in the month of leap year and is measuring up to be outright amazing. From skipping about the streets of zombie-infested Central Loop on a secret bicycle to sporting the best weapon mods in the game, traversing across rooftops with many weapons in hand has never been more fun. 

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In this guide, we’ve talked about how to unlock the Doom weapon in Dying Light 2, so here’s hoping that you’ve learned something from the write-up. Do let us know down in the comments section if you were able to snatch the Ka Doom Shotgun or not. 

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